Jack Cayman
Who wants a piece of the champ?!
~ Jack Cayman

Jack Cayman is the main protagonist of both the MadWorld and Anarchy Reigns video game series.

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  • Age: 42
  • Height: 1.93 m / 6'4
  • Weight: 140 Kg / 307 lbs.
  • Victor of multiple DeathWatch Games

Powers & Skills

  • Brutal strength durability and endurance
  • Expert on weapons improvising
  • Surprisingly smart, despite be a psychotic killing machine.
  • Skilled mechanic

Chainsaw Arm

  • Mechanical right arm
  • Possesses a retractable chainsaw
  • Commonly used for slicing mooks in half
  • Limited amount of energy, though it does recharge over time.
  • Doesn't give him a lot of point in Death Watch if he overuses it
  • Upgraded with two chainsaws that retract out (Anarchy Reigns canon)

Other Weapons

  • Spear
    • Can be use as a stabbing weapon, and even be used as a man-made propeller
  • Spiked Baseball Bat
    • Great as a bludgeon weapon
    • Strong enough to send human flying with a single swing
  • Twin Blades
    • Capable of slicing off limbs, and decapitating mooks with their spines intact
  • Dual Chainsaw
    • Twice as big as Jack Cayman
    • Capable of ripping his victims to shreds
  • Katana
    • Powerful sword
    • Capable of slicing limbs off with a slash or two.
  • Whatever else he can get his hand on
  • Whatever the environment has to offer.


  • Jack's main means of transportation
  • Very durable
  • Commonly used to ram into other vehicles


  • Killed countless amount of mooks, including punks, ninjas, zombies, armored soldiers, and even aliens.
  • Strong enough to push back two metal containers
  • Chainsaw's tough enough to slice a train in half horizontally
  • Killed other killers include;
    • An alien in a giant mech
    • A pack of werewolves
    • A Frankenstein monster
    • A clone of himself
    • A cyborg Nazi with wind turbines for arms
    • A vampire with an awesome rack
    • The #1 ranked killer
    • And a few others.
  • Apparently won three Death Watch competition, before the events of Death Watch.
  • Fast enough to dodge a helicopter being hurled towards him.
  • Fast enough to dodge a lightning fast kick.
  • Very diverse and clever on how to kill others in the most gruesome, and most violent of ways.
    • Commonly uses the bosses main weapon as the main method to kill them.
  • Figured out how Death Watch forces others to kill each other, and those who're involved
  • Strong enough to snap a man in half
  • Killed four armed men before they could get a chance to shoot.


  • Not very fast
  • Doesn't like helping people. He only likes to kill them