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Bring it!
~ Jackson Briggs

Jackson Briggs (A.K.A Jax Briggs for short) is a character from NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat series.

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Jax possesses a lifetime of military experience and discipline, utilizing rutheless brutality and focus in combat. He also has a tremendous degree of physical strength, such that he is one of the Earth's strongest humans even without the aid of his signature metal arms.

  • Can shoot energy waves
  • Can shake the Earth with one punch
  • Skilled grappler
  • Not afraid to use missiles, flashbangs and machine guns in melee combat
  • Can turn into a giant
  • Can grapple and smash a foe so hard that their limbs are stripped to the bone.


  • One of The Strongest Human/Earthrealmers in Mortal Kombat History.
  • Defeated The Original Black Dragon clan members (Tremor, No Face, Tasia, Jarek and Kano)
  • Disfigured Kano's face so badly that he needed a metal plate replacement.
  • Killed Hsu Hao, a Red Dragon clan member.
  • Defeated Motaro and a giant Outworld Beast in the MK Annilation Movie.
  • Defeated Baraka, Sheeva, Jade, and Johnny Cage in MK9
  • Defeated Revenant Kitana, Revanant Kung Lao, Revanant Sindel and Revanant Liu Kang.
  • Knocked out Quan Chi with a single uppercut.
  • Defeated a group of ninjas with a lamp instead of his arms (Animated Series)



  • In Episode 3 of Death Battle Cast, Jax was the subject of the episode's community battle. Specifically, fans were asked to discuss who would win in an arm-wrestling match between Jax and Nathan Spencer of Bionic Commando.