Men cower at the power in my pinky / My thumb is number one on every list! But if you're not convinced that I'm invincible / put me to the test / I'd love to lay this rivalry to rest!
~ Jafar singing, The Return of Jafar

Jafar is the main antagonist of Disney's movies, Aladdin and The Return of Jafar.

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[Disney’s Aladdin] Not much is known about Jafar’s early life. He first became known as the Royal Vizier to the Sultan of Agrabah. Though he had a number of agents, his only “friend” was Iago, a talking parrot, who served Jafar, but kept his intelligence a secret.

Jafar was a normal human who was not content with his place in life, and dreamed of becoming more powerful. To that end, he began collecting magical artifacts, and legends that would lead him to more and better artifacts. The best artifact that he gained was a staff with a cobra’s head, which he could use to hypnotize and manipulate the Sultan.

Legends pointed him to a “Cave of Wonders,” which contained many wonderful things, the greatest of which was a genie’s lamp. Jafar manipulated a petty thief named Aladdin into enter the cave, but Aladdin discovered the genie himself, and began using it for his own benefit. Eventually Jafar sent Iago to steal the lamp, and the genie became Jafar’s servant instead.

Jafar’s first wish from the genie was that he become Agrabah’s Sultan. However, when he did not get the obeisance that he desired, he made his second wish that he become the most powerful sorcerer in the world. He then began a reign of terror in Agrabah, holding the entire city in a magical police state.

Aladdin eventually came back to try to steal the genie’s lamp back again, but Jafar defeated him through the power of his magic. However, just when Jafar had won, Aladdin pointed out that Jafar was not the most powerful one around, because the genie was more powerful still. Not realizing that he was being manipulated by Aladdin, Jafar made his third and final wish – that he become a genie himself.

After his wish was granted, Jafar found out that he was now bound to a lamp of his own, and as such a servant to whoever controlled the lamp. Jafar was pulled into the lamp, taking the parrot Iogo with him. Aladdin and the original genie took Jafar’s lamp, and secreted it in another Cave of Wonders.

[The Return of Jafar] Some time later, Jafar’s lamp was found by the incompetent thief, Abis Mal, and Jafar was bound to serve him. However, Abis Mal was easily bullied by the powerful Jafar, and Jafar ordered him to take him back to Agrabah, where he could get his revenge. In the course of gaining his revenge, Jafar was betrayed by Iago, and his lamp fell into molten lava, melting the lamp, and destroying Jafar.

[Hercules and the Arabian Night] During this television episode, Jafar is released from the Underworld by Hades, so that he can fight Hercules. Jafar is no longer a genie, but maintains his sorcerous power. He was given a new staff to maintain his existence, but when Hercules breaks it, he is returned to the Underworld.

[Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge] In this video game, Jafar’s ghost is summoned by his twin sister, Nasira, and she works to restore him to life. Though disembodied, Jafar tangles with Aladdin, throwing boulders at him, but is defeated again.

[Other video games] Jafar appeared in a number of video games, usually in the form of Sorcerer Jafar.

[Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier] This play tells the story of Ja’far, a royal vizier bent on bettering his city. In spite of having his dreams taken from him by an incompetent Sultan and his corrupt administration, he works for the betterment of the people. The Sultan’s daughter is selfish and provokes a war, even as she dallies with a horny trickster named Aladdin.

Now facing a war with the Kingdom of Pixar, Ja’far has stolen a magic lamp that commands a Djinn. Making himself first the Sultan, and then a sorcerer, and finally a Djinn himself. He saves the city, but finds himself locked in a cave or wonders. However, just when he seems to have lost everything, he finds that he has gained...everything.

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Powers and Abilities

Normal Jafar

Initially Jafar’s only powers were his persuasiveness, and his ability to scheme. He used a low-level magical stone in his Python Staff to hypnotize people, though it appears that this only worked on slow-witted subjects, like the Sultan.

Sorcerer Jafar

The Genie had granted Jafar’s wish to become “the most powerful sorcerer in the world.” As such, he gained the following powers:

  • Animation – He can animate objects and make them move on their own, as well as move people like puppets. He was powerful enough to make a tower fly off to a cold and distant mountain range.