James Heller
F**k off. I hate computers
~ James Heller

James Heller is the main protagonist of the video game, Prototype 2.

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Death Battle Info

Basic Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Glide
  • Air-Dash
  • Extremely Fast Molecular Healing Factor
  • Consuming
  • Shape-Shift
  • Fashion biomass in his body to make his own weapons
    • Claws
    • Hammerfists
    • Whipfist
    • Blade
    • Tendrils
    • Shield/Juggernaut Shields
  • Thermal Vision
  • Infected Vision
  • 'Hunting'/Sonar/'Radar' Pulse
  • Devastators
  • Infected Creator
  • Hive Mind
  • Adaptive Parkour
  • Bio-Bomb
  • Mutation Awards
    • Offensive
    • Defensive
    • Locomotion
    • Predator
    • Power Specialist
  • Flash-Step
  • Resistance:
    • High Resistance to high temperatures
    • High Resistance to cold temperatures
    • High Resistance to Impact
    • Extremely High Resistance to Thermal Radiation
    • Extremely High Resistance to Mind Control
    • Resistance to Molecular-weakening
  • Parasite and Anti-Virus Adaptability
  • Immunity:
    • Diseases
    • Poison
    • Soul
    • Sonar/'Radar'
  • Electricity Manipulation
  • Adrenaline Surge
  • DLC Powers(Non-Canon):
    • Air Time
    • Shockwave
    • Warp Vortex
    • Viral Infector Grenade Launcher
    • Thermobaric Boomstick
    • Medusa's Wrath

For more details, all other powers of James' can be directed to Alex Mercer , considering he consumed him and gained his powers.


  • "What you've created, Mercer...I. Will. END."
  • "Red Crown, be advised..I'm not in f**king Blackwatch!" -James about to confront Alex
  • "I've heard you talking. I've seen your weird virus s**t. But I haven't seen nothing that'll make me believe you over THEM." -Heller arguing with Alex
  • "Lookie here. We got ourselves a VIP. Gonna need access to that room if I'm gonna pick his brains about Rooks." -James infiltrating base
  • "Say you're sorry!" -Consuming Dr. Shaffeld
  • "You wanna know what happens when you put people in a room with a monster? I'LL SHOW YOU!" -James muilating anyone sick enough to hurt begging innocents
  • "Then I'll consider you as an appetiser." -Consuming Dr Bellamy
  • "I'll show you 'cleared hot'!" -Saving Father Guerra
  • "I know. I was one of them." -Remembering being cut open by Dr Koenig
  • "Take my DNA, I'll take yours!" -Consuming Dr Burk
  • "Sure it is...Until I eat your brains." -James about to consume Commander
  • "All this...for a stupid meeting." -James killing off Infected in Green Zone
  • "Alright, there you are! Not so tough now are ya, Riley?! Where's your sedatives and your plate glassed windows, huh?! WHERE'S YOUR CLOSET FULL OF ZOMBIES NOW!?!" -James tearing down Riley's units.
  • "Let's have a moment of silence for Project Orion." -Successful in stopping Orion Revival Project
  • "Get over here, I'll give you the condensed version." -James chasing Evolved Thief
  • "Hmm..peace and quiet. Riiight." -James entering lair
  • "B**tch, can't wait to beat you to death with this fat bastard's bloody limbs." -James changing opponent to Juggernaut from Roland
  • "BOOM! Don't forget to write..." -James groundpounding a group of Blackwatch
  • "You can't kill me. You can't kill me, motherf**ker. Alright, let's see if that goes both ways." -James' third encounter with Alex
  • "Now I know you're just trying to make me mad." -James final fight with Mercer
  • "I'm going to enjoy watching you die." -James killing Alex.