James Heller
F**k off. I hate computers
~ James Heller

James Heller is the main protagonist of the video game, Prototype 2.

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Death Battle Info

  • Superhuman Strength
    • Capable of casually throwing, lifting, destroying vehicles, helicopters and tanks
    • Should be somewhat comparable to old Alex Mercer, who lift 80 tons.
    • Stronger since he consumed what's left of Alex which contributed to the destruction of all Infected in Manhattan.
  • Superhuman Speed
    • Should at least be comparable to prime Alex Mercer, who kept up with an 81.6 UH-60 Blackhawk (81.6 m/s) while going through traffic, weakened.
    • Casually outpace enhanced human reaction time, which easily reacts to Walkers who kept up with Alex.
    • Keep up with Roland, an ordinary Evolved, who makes light streaks with his tendrils' glow and a sonic boom.
    • Can jump to the lowest level of clouds (2km), roughly around Mach 5.5 since Heller was on a satellite tower on a low-level building.
    • Faster since he consumed what's left of Alex which contributed to the destruction of all Infected in Manhattan
  • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Kept up with Alex Mercer who can catch him with his Whipfist and preventing him from leaving.
    • Faster since he consumed what's left of Alex which contributed to the destruction of all Infected in Manhattan.
  • Superhuman Durability
    • Strong enough to only have a major burn on the left side of his body after being cut open and weakened, without learning how to consume yet.
    • Become literally bulletproof
    • It takes thermobaric helicopters and tanks that can destroy all of Brooklyn Island in around less than 20 minutes to harm him. At least thermobaric weapons that destroys biomass-reinforced buildings.
    • Comparable to old Mercer, who survived a point blank nuke of around 5 times the Little Boy dropped in Hiroshima in ocean(At least Multi-City Block Level to Town Level) and possibly the same in the open air since it can possibly destroy New York(Possibly City Level)
    • More durable since he consumed what's left of Alex which contributed to the destruction of all Infected in Manhattan.
  • Glide: Able to 'lighten' his body to glide...somehow
  • Air-Dash: He is capable of using his legs to push himself in mid-air, able to change his direction anywhere.
  • Extremely Fast Cellular Healing Factor: Should be comparable to Mercer, whose Healing Factor allows him to regenerate from multiple fatal wounds and even rebuild back a new body with a small amount of biomass and a crow. The Supreme Hunter even healed an entire arm with just a foot-size puddle of biomass in mere seconds.
  • Consuming: The name may seem suitable but, it's basically Life-Steal through molding of flesh into biomass for patching up wounds like bandages and increases capabilities beyond limits like DBZ Ki, only not energy but, more chemical potent similar to Deathstroke and the serum injected to him. James consumes his enemies for health and for his evolution, evolving his limits to go further beyond.
  • Shape-Shift: Capable of shifting his biomass into variable skins that he consumed. It's possible that he can replicate the technology of the Blackwatch soldiers or just stuff them in his body. Basically, he's naked since the 'clothes' he's wearing is his own skin. James was fast enough to shape-shift his entire skin before the Commander turned around.
  • Fashion biomass in his body to make his own weapons
    • Claws: Long, lethal talon-like claws that is used to tear down flesh, bones and other body parts, even Infected of any level. He can also plunge one arm to create a ground-spike from the floor from afar.
    • Hammerfists: Alex shifts his biomass to his arms, thus giving him larger and deadlier giant bowling ball-like arms. It reduces his fighting speed yet, in exchange, he is given far greater strength than previously. Able to one-shot elbow drop a tank and do massive damage to his enemies. He can further increase his power output by shifting more to create more density and strength, growing one arm's size yet, reduces his combat speed further.
    • Whipfist: James can extend his arm to a whip-like feature with blades as edges to kill enemies from afar. It can even sweep away enemy crows.
    • Blade: His right arm grows into a giant blade, allowing him to slice many with ease, destroy tanks like nothing and is best suited for many enemies, due to its decent speed and incredible power
    • Tendrils: Heller's arms extends to affect enemies by leaving a small biomass to rip enemies' body apart. It also does the same as Musclemass since it could rip a modified tank apart faster and easier than regularly.
    • Shield: Creates a body-size shield of biomass that blocks out bullets. It became much stronger and faster to deploy in Prototype 2.
  • Thermal Vision: Heller can detect infrared heat, allowing him to locate enemies through walls and so.
  • Infected Vision: Similar to Thermal Vision, Mercer can use this to detect the viruses, diseases and other biohazard things in bodies, allowing him to locate enemies that are infected.
  • 'Hunting'/Sonar Pulse: A sonar seeking vision that allows him to 'ping' his preys and guide him to hunt them down by a city-wide scale.
  • Devastators: By having immense amount of biomass that goes beyond his 'limit'(Game mechanics), he can do abilities that kills off his enemies like tearing through paper. Tendril Barrage is basically shooting out hundreds of tendrils in a near omni-directional way, Graveyard Spikes plunged into the ground and comes out as ground-spikes and Critical Pain that shoots out a large tendril that is supported by a shockwave. A Tendril Barrage can destroy everything of Times Square and is much better in Prototype 2(James was able to destroy a whole group of Blackwatch, including tanks and helicopters and super soldiers, surrounding him in a football arena in one Devastator when he first got it) (James was able to surround the whole of Manhattan, killing off thousands of Walkers and City-Block Infected with a sum of his and Mercer's biomass after an immense battle).
  • Infected Creator: Somewhat like a Devastator yet, it affects mainly on life-forms. Taking around 2 seconds, he is able to infect most of Manhattan(again) by forming red mist to the area in Penn Station.
  • Hive Mind: Allows him to link into the minds of the Infected and became the new focus of the Hive Mind and can control his own troops.
  • Adaptive Parkour: Not really much of an ability but, Alex can overcome many possible obstacles with ease, able to adapt to the challenges ahead of him to run up walls, able to change his direction in mid-air.
  • Bio-Bomb: A power to turn humans or zombies or any types of life-forms into, well, bombs that works just like the Tendrils technique known as the Black Hole. Heller stabs people with the self-moving tendrils which extends out of the body and pulls in debris, vehicles or other humans to crush the victim.
  • Mutation Awards: Passive abilities to aid Heller in battle. Mutations seemed to be formed by consuming the grown virus from most Infected and Evolved while collecting intel on Heller's biological weakness(Field Ops and BlackBoxes are...'questionable'?).
    • Offensive: Passive enhancements that increases the damage, strength and power of Heller such as Death From Above, Melee Expert and Rocket Arm.
    • Defensive: Helps increase the durability(Hard Boiled) and defense of Heller with his own skin(Bulletproof) and his other defense systems such as his shields(Shields up, Impaler).
    • Locomotion: Helps improve his speed and the acceleration, agility and travelling around New York such as God Speed, Cheetah(which may be improved even further because of Flash-Step) and Jet Propulsion.
    • Predator: Enhance his skills in stealth(Inconspicuous) and inprove his regeneration through consumption(Protein Boost).
    • Power Specialist: Heller's powers will grow more efficient in both tactical and lethal ways such as Evenful Horizon, Jungle Cat, Go Ballistic and Spiked Punch.
  • Flash-Step: After consuming Mercer, James probably could do the same as him by improving his Mutation Award "Cheetah" and do a Flash-Step.
  • Resistance:
    • High Resistance to high temperatures: Takes thermobaric weapons to harm him.
    • High Resistance to high Sub-Zero temperatures: Went for a dive in the sea of Antartica and felt nothing from the cold temperature.
    • Resistance to Gravity Increase: Bulletdives all the way down to Empire State and stands like nothing ever happened since his body structure is very different compared to humans.
  • Parasite and Anti-Virus Adaptability: Elizabeth was capable of resisting to the effect of the Parasite and Alex soon formed an adapting immunity to the Bloodtox(A known weakness to the Blacklight and Redlight Viruses). Heller should be capable of that same adaptability
  • Immunity:
    • Diseases: The Mercer virus should help him with that, obviously.
    • Poison: The Blacklight virus should help him.
    • Radar: Should be just like Mercer which no Military unit can ever scan for since he was said to be 'Security Nightmare'.
  • Discharging Electricity: Through his fight with Cross, Alex was able to discharge the electricity in his body since he wasn't affect much by the after-effects of the electrocution, mainly not being stunned. James should be capable of that as well.
  • Adrenaline Surge: James' most useful ability of survival. It allows him temporary invulnerability from any attack that could have killed him in one shot. It also gives him access to a single Devastator. If people think that Alex Mercer only survived the nuke with the Adrenaline Surge, that's wrong, considering the nuke is a continuous incineration as an explosion. Besides, the ability is only for a few seconds and the nuke was longer than that period of time. Since James consumed Alex, he should have this ability
  • DLC Powers(Non-Canon):
    • Air Time: An ability that allows James to glide forever
    • Shockwave: A shockwave that can be created when Heller charges a jump. Powerful enough to make even tanks and military vehicles flung into the air
    • Warp Vortex: An electrical vortex would be created if James throws or kicks an object. Strong enough to suck in even tanks and military vehicles
    • Viral Infector Grenade Launcher: A grenade launcher that functions similar to the Infected Creator, only to infect victims amd turn them into specific Infected
    • Thermobaric Boomstick: A powerful anti-tank missile launcher with missiles infused in thermobaric power, strong enough to take down a Goliath in 3-4 hits
    • Medusa's Wrath: Heller's most powerful DLC in the game, capable of disintegrating people, oneshoting any Infected (Brawlers, Juggernauts, Goliaths or even Alex, since ZEUS keeps gaining more health bars per cutscene in the final fight). It is easily City Level+ or even beyond that attack potency

Most powers of James' can be directed to Alex Mercer , considering he consumed him and gained his powers.