Jigsaw is the main antagonist of the Saw franchise.

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Death Battle Info

  • Real name: John Kramer
  • Age: 52
  • Occupation: Serial Killer
  • Ironicly Despises Murderers


  • Shotgun Shell Collar
  • Jigsaw Doll (it's Face Explodes)
  • Freezing Chamber
  • Spear Shooter
  • The Seringe pit
  • Ice Block Hangman Electrocution Device
  • Knife Face Chair
  • Those creepy ass video tapes
  • BearTrap Collar
  • The Rack (His personal Favorite)


  • Master of Desption and Disguise
  • Master manipulator
  • Very Very Smart


  • Killed many people
  • Survived being awake threw brain surgery


  • Has an Untreatable type of Cancer
  • Hes old AF
  • More Brains that Brawn
  • Most of his Weapons & inventions Take time to activate or To place
  • Always gives his Victumes a Chance to win

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