Joel vs Rick Grimes
Joel vs. Rick Grimes is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


The Last of us vs. The Walking Dead! The battle of survival in a zombie apocalypse will reach the ultimate battle of the death.


Wiz: The Zombie Apocalypse. A devastating event where Zombies roam the streets, and eat whoever dares to pass by.

Boomstick: But in the heart of the Apocalypse, there's the brutal survivor, struggling to endure and survive.

Wiz: like, Joel, A widower who lost his child and now turned smuggler from The Last of us

Boomstick: And Rick Grimes, father of Carl Grimes and Leader of his survival group.

Wiz: to make this fight fair, these two fighters will have no outside help. so, no help from Ellie for Joel and no allies for Rick Grimes. Also, they will only carry what they're comfortable using with. that is, Joel will only use the weapons he can use in the game while Rick Grimes will use whatever he can use in the show. which is almost any automatic weapon.

Boomstick: Also, to make this fight interesting, i will scatter melee weapons all over the battlefield to make it even more brutal.

Wiz: i'm Wizard and he's boomstick, and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win, a death battle.


Wiz: twenty years after Joel lost his only daughter at the start of the Apocalypse, Joel had become a smuggler, and has been doing his job without caring why or what he's smuggling.

Boomstick: Then came the day he had to smuggle a little girl called Ellie to the resistance group called the fireflies. and wouldn't you know it, she turned out to be infected. kind of made Joel regret not asking beforehand.

Wiz: reluctantly, he did what he was told to do by Marlene,and went on an epic and brutal quest.

Boomstick: Joel may be an old man, but looks can be deceiving. Joel is proficient in hand-to-hand combat skills, melee weapons like shivs, pipes and even MACHETES AND AXES! fuck yeah!

Wiz: Joel is also smart enough to craft weapons and items, but this leaves him wide open for attack while he does so. though in-game, the player can maximize his crafting skills to make it go faster.

Boomstick: but while Joel is smart enough to do that, he's kind of hot-headed.

Wiz: it's true. if Joel is angered, he tends to think of nothing but brutally killing the fool who did it, and at times, can get Joel in deep trouble. it might even kill him.

Boomstick: also, pro tip: if you do ANYTHING to Ellie, run as far away as you can. because you will NOT want this old guy after you. because he will find you, and kill you if necessary.

Wiz: during his quest of guiding Ellie, Joel has shown time and time again that he is quite durable.

Boomstick: he has survived drowning, impaled through the stomach by a re-bar, and even survived encounters with bloaters and clickers. and if you've played the game, you know they don't fuck around. if you go near them, Joel is basically zombie chow.

Wiz: actually, Boomstick. they're not technically zombies. the people who got infected breathed in something called cordyceps.

Boomstick: cory what now?

Wiz: cordyceps is a real life virus, but it only affects insects like ants, and takes control of their brain.

Boomstick: whoa, that sounds scary. i wouldn't want to meet an ant the size of a car, if i were me. which reminds me of a funny incident...-

WIz; moving on. despite us never seeing who trained Joel in using weapons and his fighting skills, Joel has shown that he's quite efficient with using automatic guns and even a flamethrower.

Boomstick. ah, flamethrower. it makes the word: kill it with fire, all the more deadly.

Wiz: Joel is also smart enough to craft bombs, shivs and even molotov cocktails, but during gameplay, Joel needs to collect a certain number amount of items before he's able to craft it.

Boomstick: so, Wiz. i'm gonna ask, what no fanboy of Joel is gonna ask, so i'm gonna do it. what's Joel's biggest weakness?

Wiz: good question. we can't be really sure what his biggest weakness is, but we can assume that he can be pretty sentimental at the worst of times. like the time when Ellie took off, and Joel found her in an empty cabin, and when he was reminded of his deceased daughter, things got sour. he has also shown that he can't let go of the past, and even when he was shown rubbing his watch that he got from Sarah on his birthday, he still hasn't let go of her death.

Boomstick. wow. that's pretty sad for such a badass.

hunter: fuck you man! he told you what you wanted.

Joel: it's ok. i believe him.* swings lead pipe and kills the hunter*

Rick Grimes

Wiz: Rick Grimes was your average day-to-day Sheriff, in whatever city The Walking Dead is supposed to take place in.

Boomstick: but one fateful day changed it all. he woke up in an abandoned hospital and managed to escape with his life intact from walkers. it then turned out that his best friend, Shane, had told his wife, that he was dead, and also had been doing the porky dance with her. ouch.

Wiz: things didn't go well for the so called friendship between Rick and Shane. Rick's own son, Carl started to hang out more with Shane and even started to see him as his father.

Boomstick: eventually, shit hit the fan and both Rick and Shane squared off. Shane managed to win, until later when Shane threatened Rick and eventually got killed. twice. how the fu-

WIz:being a police officer, Rick Grimes have gotten the training of a police officer and has learned to handle several weapons.but his trademark weapon is his trusty revolver. it has stayed with Rick since episode 1 and he has been using it ever since.

Boomstick: Rick Grimes has also survived shit that would kill an ordinary man. he has faced hordes of zombies, humans, and even the dreaded governor himself.... The Governor.

Wiz: Rick Grimes has shown multiple times that he can handle himself in a fight. sure, he lost the 1st round against Shane, but in later seasons, has killed people by himself.

Boomstick: during his fight with the Governor, Rick got his ass kicked. it wasn't until he got saved by that sword chick that got the help he needed. kind of downgrades Rick's manly point there!

Wiz: but even through all that, Rick grimes has shown as well that he's a competent leader and level-headed.

Boomstick: except for the times when he's not, which is like, half of all the times he tries to control his group, and it just goes down hill.

Rick Grimes: i am keeping this group together!


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