Honorable father, though you are imprisoned among the stars, I bring you news that will set free your soul. I, your humble daughter, Karai, discovered the lair of your most hated enemies and led a full Foot attack force against them. Utterly defeated, all they could was flee. Donatello and the rat we left destroyed at the bottom of the river. Michelangelo tried to burrow his way into safety, but he could not dig deep enough to escape my wrath. And Raphael was blown to smithereens in the turtles' own Battle Shell. All that remains is Leonardo, father, and once I find him, then you will truly and forever be avenged!
~ Karai

Karai is a character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle media franchise. She is Shredder's ultimate ninja and adopted, traitorous daughter.

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