Kratos VS Dante
Kratos VS Dante
Season 1, Episode 6 (PuasLuisZX), 2 (Dbfan and critic)
Vital statistics
Air date March 14th
Written by PuasLuisZX and Dbfan and critic
Directed by PuasLuisZX and Dbfan and critic.
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Kratos VS Dante is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


God of War VS Devil May Cry!

Two badass, will fight in the Death. Can Kratos kill like a god or Dante will kill a god?


Wiz: There's no doubt. People love a badass. And when you're a badass, you need to have multiple weapons.

Boomstick: And kill demons. Lots and lots of demons. Like Kratos, the God of War.

Wiz: Or Dante, The second Son of Sparda.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.



(Cues Rage of Sparda)

Wiz: Kratos trained by Spartans and he is the strongest for this group, but when the people was in problem Ares would give him the strenght to protect his people. He was the server of Ares, the God of War as the champion warrior

Boomstick: But like Ares is a son of b(beep) he trick Kratos for kill his own family. And their ashes are now in Kratos body.

Wiz: He has cool weapons like the Blades of Exile, are the third and latest set of chained blades wielded by Kratos, given to him by the ghost of Athena at the beginning of God of War III. These blades were the first pair of chained blades that Kratos used in the God Of War series.

Boomstick: The Golden Fleece is a golden armelt, a attack that reflects projectiles and can defense the user. The Bow of Apollo is one of the best long weapons, he can charge and shoot rapid fire arrows.




(Cues Dante MVC3 Theme)

Wiz: A long time ago there was a demon named Sparda, who abandoned demons to defend humans, he also eventually fell in love with a human named Eva, they eventualy had 2 children.

Boomstick: Vergil and Dante the most badaas devil hunter of all time.

Wiz: Before  that Dante and his younger brother Vergil were happy with his family Heck his mother gave him and his brother one half of an amulet however Eventually, his father Sparda died and then on his eight birth day.

Boomstick: The Fire Nation Attacked.

Wiz: What no demons came and killed his mother.

Boomstick: Oh that sucks too.

Wiz: But Dante survived beliving his brother Vergil to be dead alone in the world he was somehow able to survive and then start his own buisness Devil May Cry.

Boomstick: Well that kinda depressing and awsome.

Wiz: Some time after he opened Devil May Cry a mystirous man showed up inviting him to a "Party" which turned out to be a huge fight that had him fighting up a tower of demons. 

Boomstick: Yeah and remeber that brother who Dante thought was dead well hes alive and Dante and Vergil fought and well Dante lost and got stabed.

Wiz: Yeah and Dante surived and then fought horde after horde of demons, winning getting stronger getting more wepons and even getting a new form. 

Boomstick: Devil Trigger this form gives him a strenght speed and reflex boost for a limited time of course. Dante eventually rematched Virgil and this time he won.

Wiz: After that Dante Eventually found and beat Mundus the person responcable for well his family spliting up. After that hes been Gaining strenght ever since he beat 2 more powerfull demons with out going Devil Trigger. 

Boomstick: And gained a new form Majin Devil Trigger.

Wiz: Yes Majin Devil Trigger is easly comparable to Dantes Sparda Devil Trigger a one time form but still.

Boomstick: Sad part is he can only use it near death.

Wiz: He also has a lot of weapons. 

Boomstick: Yes and all his weapons are awsome as well first off theres his own personal sword Rebelion which is a giant ass claymore then theres His own personal guns Ebony and Ivory. Which are 2 guns that never run out of ammo since he channles his magic into them.

Wiz: But it does not stop there there is cerberus a 3 sided Ice Ninchaku, Agni and Reguna 2 swords.  

Boomstick: Scimitars.

Wiz: What ever anyways they are uniqly shaped and can be used in tones of combo attacks. 

Boomstick: theres beowulf a pair of gautlets and grivouses, Nevan an electrict guatar that can also turn into a scyth, and other fire arms include artemis it can Fire sevral shots at one time at ether one or meny enemys its shots are able to stun enemys as well and can even lock on the down side IT has a slow reload time, then theres his shot gun Or cayot-a its powerfull at closer ranges Duh, Then theres spiral a huge Rifle that fires high penetration-type bullets it also has a long reload time, Theres Gilgamesh A pair of gautlet and a mask Lucifer a metal backpack that can be used to creat infenent swords used To Teach sex ed as well as blow up concreat and anything that happens to be in dantes way, theres also pandora it has 666 forms but sadly dante can only use 7 sadly theres PF013 Epidemic A bowgun PF124 hatred a rocket  launcher PF 262 Jealousy a mini gun PF 398 Revenge a laser cannon PF422 grief A boomerang pf 592 argument A MOBILE MISSILE BATTERY WHAT THE ***L but anyways finaly Pandoras final form is PF 666 omen where he opens the breif case and a light comes out which breakes any guard and constantly damages enemys.

Wiz: It does not stop there Theres alastor, A lightning sword, Ifrit Flame gautlets, A grenade gun a gun that fires well grenades, Nightmare-B a gun that uses devil trigger energy to charge up Several green Lasers that can INFLICT MASSIVE DAMAGE.

Boomstick: And where still not done at all theres Vendetta a short but powerfull blade, Merciless a Long But weak Rapier  2 submachine guns  and a missle launcher. He brifly weilded his brothers sword yamato but reliquished it to nero so we wont be adding it.

Wiz: Dante has perfected several Styles to help him when he uses these wide and diverse weapons theres Trickster, Swordmaster, gunslinger, Royal guard, quick silver, And finally doppleganger. Trickster Focuses on quick dodges of enemys attacks. He dashes all over the place with a reguler dash that he can use up to 3 timeshis  and then there is air trick Dante dissapers in the blink of an eye with quick high speed movements.  

Boomstick: So he's basicly telaporting.

Wiz: Pretty Much.

Boomstick: Swordmaster lets him use Devils arms to there maximum potental and Gunslinger lets him obviously use his guns to there max potental.

Wiz: Then theres royal guard it lets him block his enemys attacks to minimulize the damage ,

It also has royal guard a block that if timed right blocks out all the damage he takes from the move he blockes, while blocking in royal guard style he can absorbe all damage he blocks and return it back to his opponent and even certain moves make him invicable while the combo is happening.

Boomstick: He also has Quick silver which well it lets him slow time down 1000 times or more its normal speed at the cost of draning his Devil Trigger Gauge.

Wiz: And doppleganger lets him create a clone of him self with the weapon he is weilding sadly he cant go Devil Trigger using this style and it drains his devil trigger gauge. 

Boomstick: Now he's not invicable, he takes nothing seirously and will hold back on enemys that are weaker then him and as well his Devil Trigger Gauge is limited but just because he has these weaknesses does not mean he can't kick the aas of sevral demons.

Wiz: But when hes taking a fight seirously run and pray he is not fighting you. 

Dante: "This partys getting crazy LETS ROCK"


Dante VS Kratos- Fight Scene

Dante is walking in a castle and see Kratos

Kratos: Out, now!

Dante: Oh a bad guy, calm out. But your look angrier that Vergil, LETS FIGHT

(Cues Rage Of Sparta)


A collision of Sword and Dante going fly.

Dante: You're strong. But not smart. He slash Kratos.

Kratos: Where are you?

Dante: Here. Dante slash with rebelion one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Kratos dodge and attacks. Dante dodge all Kratos attacks.

Dante use his ice nunchakus. And attack Kratos. But Ice Nunchakus are broken

Dante: What the fuck?

Kratos grab and throw Dante in a window

Kratos: What happens now? He slash Dante and kick him. Dante use his own personal guns Ebony and Ivory.

Dante: Lets finish this. And shoots Kratos but Kratos is so resistent and broke Dante's guns.

Kratos: Is over. He slash Dante, Dante flight and destroid the door.

Out of the castle.

Dante takes a music with his guitar.

(Cues Dante Theme)

Kratos is out of the Castle and attacks Dante. But he is paralised.

Dante: What happens? You're slow?

Dante slash Kratos. And Kratos can't move. Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen

Kratos used his armor the Golden Fleece and Claws of Hades, but Dante break Claws of Hades.

Dante is teleport.

Dante: Where I am?

He jokes Kratos and attack.

Dante: Slow

(Cues Vergil Theme)

Kratos: I need use the Blade of Olympus.

Dante use his Majin Devil Trigger form.

Dante stole the Blade of Olympus.

Kratos: No

Dante slash Kratos and kill him.


Dante enter again in the castle with his new sword.


Wiz: While Kratos is slightly stronger then Dante, Dante is easly faster.

Boomstick: While Kratos dodges lightning Dante out paces it and Dante also reacts to lightning as well.

Wiz: And once Dante used Devil Trigger or Majin Devil Trigger it was all over for Kratos as Dantes stats increase to beyond what Kratos could ever do.

Boomstick: And the metiors dante tanked from mundus in base form are well atlest small planet busters so Dante takes durability as well

Wiz: Kratos may have a more skilled fighting style it's not like Dante hasn't taken out people like that before.

Boomstick: When it comes down too it this demon just over threw the God of War

Wiz: The winner is Dante

Winner Dante

Next time on Death Battle


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He beat the God of War

But can he beat his other rival

the witch

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