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ROCKY VS PUNCH OUT! Which Underdog boxer coming from america will win! Will the Italian Stallion knock out Little Mac or will The Bruiser from the Bronx prove everybody wrong!


W. Why do humans fight?B. Because It's Awesome That's why!W. Fighting is a great way to relieve stress I find, it can also get you a pretty good life if you go the distance!

B. And these two went that distance! Becoming Famous and beloved by all.

W. Little Mac the Bruiser from the Bronx!

B. And Rocky Balboa the Italian Stallion!

W. Before we start, we are going to use Composite Rocky but not Little Mac It was the fairest option since a composite Mac can fight on bar with Master Hand! A composite Rocky however just makes this fight all the more fair.

B. He's Wiz and i'm Boomstick!

W. And it's our job, to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... A Death Battle!


W. Born to a Catholic Italian-American family Robert "Rocky" Balboa set out to be the next best boxer like his idol ironically named Rocky Marciano.

B. Rocky's life didn't take off quickly as the only way for him to get money was to fight in clubs but even then he didn't get paid much.

W. So to get extra cash Rocky became a collector for a loan shark named Tony Gazzo

B. Jesus imagine this guy coming to you and breaking your thumbs!

W. Rocky then got the opportunity of a life time as he was invited to fight against the heavy-weight champion of the world Apallo Creed!

B. This guy was like the Captain America of boxing! Well until he d...

W. Boomstick were not their yet.

B. After days of convincing he finally excepted the challenge by Apallo starting his career! Seriously why did it take him so long i would of excepted instantly.

W. And that's why you would die like your dad.


W. (chuckling) Well, Rocky did lose the match this fight sky rocketed his career hell they had a rematch where he actually won.

B. Rocky had fought many amazing boxers such as Apallo Creed,Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago! Ivan actually killed Apallo.

W. Rocky couldn't do this on his own as he has an old boxing champion Micky Goldmill. As time flew Micky trained Rocky into the best Boxer he could achieve from then on Rocky was destined for greatness and later beat Apollo and earned the Championship Belt with even tutorship from Creed himself.

B. Rocky is a left handed fighter (AKA Southpaw) This can make an opponent confused!

W. Rocky is very strong! He's often lifting big weights, logs, and giant meat! He can lift and toss people, knock out Ivan Drago and even knocked out Bronze Statue of himself!

B. Wait...WHAT!!!

W. Rocky was taught to be quick on his feet by Apollo Creed, giving him the ability to dodge and weave around his opponents with ease, and he was even fast enough to outrun a horde of kids, and run up a mountain in a short time!

B. How did it take us so long to say that Rocky Balboa is a very durable Wiz!

W. I was just about to get to that point, Rocky can take hits from boxers in the face like it was nothing for round after round.

B. This has been the case for every opponent including Ivan Drago remember that guy we were talking about earlier.

W. Mind you Ivan Drago can punch with a pressure of 2045 psi, or about 14.1 MPa! Being able to shrug off attacks with that amount of power is impossible as that amount of force would punch someone's head clean off it's shoulders.

B. Lemme guess he is not perfect.

W. Well you're right as he can get tired out if put through enough pressure, and he's just a man at the end of the day.

B. Also like Peter Griffin he is a complete idiot as he can't read that well.

W. Well either way it doesn't matter how smart he is he's still a very determined boxer who has the eye of the Tiger!

("What did you say to the kid? It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. Get up!") 

Little Mac

W. Not much is known about Little Mac other than the fact that he had come from Brooklyn and at the age of 19 he had joined the World Video Boxing Association or W.V.B.A

B. My god his origin story is more mysterious then the identity of Mysterion!

W. You do know that Mysterion is Kenny right!

B. WHAT!!!!!!

W. Anyway Mac had become the champion of the W.V.B.A in just 1 year!

B. That sounds impossible in real life!

W. Mac had beaten fighter after fighter from Glass Joe to Mr Sandman until he finally retired after fighting Donkey Kong

B. Wait What!

W. Mac is an amazing fighter he is able to beat Piston Hondo who is able to run faster than a bullet train!

B. A bullet train is able to go at 200 miles per hour!

W. Also he was able to beat Mr Sandman who is able to destroy a building,A common misconception is that Mr sandman destroyed the building in one punch but you can see he changed hands while punching the building this debunks the theory no problem.

B. That isn't all Mac can do as he can turn into his strongest form Giga Mac!

W. This form allows Mac to get more stars just by taunting.

B. When Mac gets three stars he can knock anybody down onto the ground no matter how much health the opponent has!

W. Little Mac does have his down falls as he can only take so much punishment before he goes down and when he gets knocked down three times he is out for good!

B. Still with these weaknesses he is the best boxer in Punch Out!

(Samus looks at Little Mac and, surprised by his height, compares them as a joke. Little Mac gets pissed and his K.O. meter maxes out. He promptly sends Samus flying with a single punch and K.O.s her.)



W. Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all!

B. Let's Get Ready to Rumble!