It's-a me, Mario!
~ Mario in Super Mario 64

"Welcome, welcome new galaxy!"
~ Mario saying welcome in Super Mario Galaxy.

Mario is the Mushroom Kingdom hero and head mascot of Nintendo. He previously fought Sonic the Hedgehog in the 13th episode of Death Battle, Mario VS Sonic. He also previously fought against his younger brother, Luigi in a episode of DBX and went up against Sonic again in an episode of One Minute Melee.

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Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 30
  • Losses: 8
  • Draws: 2

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As Dr. Mario

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Mario was one of the Star Children who would grow up to do phenomenal tasks. He's a plumber, but often is forced to defend the Mushroom Kingdom from the tyrannical Bowser and rescue Princess Peach with the help of occasional allies like his steed Yoshi and his brother Luigi.

Death Battle Info (Official)


  • Height: 5'1"
  • Can Jump Over 20 Feet
  • High Stamina
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Skilled Combatant

Fire Flower

  • Grants Pyrokinesis
  • Can Create & Manipulate Fire
  • Bouncing Fireballs
  • Ends After Absorbing 1 Deadly Blow

Frog Suit

  • Increases Jump Height
  • Increases Swimming Speed
  • Can Breathe Underwater
  • Resists Water Currents for Better Control
  • Looks Absolutely Ridiculous!

Cape Feather

  • Wears a Yellow Cape
  • Can Fly for Unprecedented Amounts of Time
  • Can Deflect Projectiles
  • Razor-Sharp Edge

Metal Cap

  • Becomes Living Metal
  • Nearly Indestructible
  • Incredibly Heavy
  • Power Increase
  • Speed and Maneuverability Remain Unchanged


  • Invulnerable
  • Increases Speed
  • Instantly Kills Foes
  • Short Time Limit


  • Stored in Mario's Pocket
  • Can Crush Practically Anything
  • Smaller Hammers can be Thrown

Mega Mushroom

  • Mario Grows Giant
  • Invulnerable
  • Can Smash Through Almost Any Obstacle
  • Lasts for a Short Time

Death Battle Info (Fanon)


  • 5' 11" according to Nintendo
    • (this height varies however: in Mario Odyssey he's about half as tall as a fully grown adult)
  • From Brooklyn....maybe?
  • One of the seven 'Star Children'
  • Former Plumber
  • Possesses knowledge of a LOT of different careers, some of which require degrees
  • Master of Plumbing
  • If your princess is in trouble you can call him on the double

Natural Abilities

  • Jumping: Mario's original name "Jumpman" is accurate, as Mario's lowest jumps clock in at almost 10 feet. Some of his highest jumps come from Super Mario Sunshine, as when he jumps out of the sewer he launches himself many feet in to the air, covering the distance of the sewer pipe itself, and then more feet once he reaches the outside of it. Mario can use his jumps to stomp on enemies using both his own strength and his weight in order to attack his opponents.
    • Spin Jump: Allows Mario to jump on some harmful objects such as spikes and not get hurt. A newer variation of this introduced in Super Mario Sunshine loses the original ability that protects Mario from damage, but gives him much higher instant jump height and makes him at least slightly more floaty in the air. Other uses include being able to clear fog, spin downwards extremely fast using the Drill Spin technique that does more damage, and even to attack in mid-air.
    • Other Jumping Techniques: Mario can also perform the Triple Jump, the Long Jump, the Backflip, the Somersault, and the Power Squat Jump which give him even greater mobility in addition to easier platforming.
  • Ground Pound: Mario spins once mid-air and then slams downward in a curled-up position. This is stronger than a normal jump.
  • Fire Manipulation: Despite needing a Fire Flower to use fire in some games, Mario has shown many times to be able to shoot fire in different ways without a Fire Flower in other games. ( [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], etc.)


  • Mario's usual weapon is his Hammer that he can shrink to store in his pocket and increase its size to it being nearly as big or even bigger than himself.
  • Mario can equip badges that give him special powers. For example, the ulti-free badge gives him an infinite amount of all the Bros. Items from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and the Spike Badge gives him the ability to touch spikes and not get hurt.
  • Mario also has a magic 'Plumber's Snake' in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show that he got while saving the kingdom of Cramalot, it can be used either as a Whip, or as a non-fatal Sword

Equipment and Tools

  • Various Hammers
  • F.L.U.D.D: Watering machine that sprays water from its nozzle and acts like a jetpack
  • Battle Cards: Various effects
  • Various karts
  • Boomerang
  • Various caps
  • POW Block
  • P-Balloon
  • Spin Drill
  • Shells
  • Various Blasters
  • Items such as Mushrooms and Candies from the RPGs


  • Boomerang Mario: Using the Boomerang Flower, Mario dresses up like a Boomerang Bro and can summon a boomerang to defeat enemies, destroy projectiles, and collect items from a distance. He can only throw one boomerang at a time however, though
  • Cape Mario: Equipping a cape after using the Cape Feather, Mario can fly through the air, deflect projectiles, descend more slowly, divebomb at an opponent, divebomb at the ground to cause an earthquake, and spin around like a top to strike enemies with his cape.
  • Cat Mario: Using a Super Bell, Mario puts on a cat suit that allows him to run quickly on all fours and scale walls while clawing at opponents.
  • Cloud Mario: Using the Cloud Flower, Mario can jump higher while making cloud platforms and step over them. His power can be canceled out by water.
  • Fire Mario: Using the Fire Flower, Mario can create and manipulate fireballs.
  • Flying Squirrel Mario: Using a Super Acorn, Mario dons a flying squirrel costume and can glide, stick to walls, spin jump higher, and give him a large mid-air boost upwards.
  • Gold Mario: Using the Gold Flower, Mario turns gold-skin while able to create and manipulate fireballs that turn those they hit into coins.
  • Ice Mario: Using the Ice Flower, Mario can create and manipulate iceballs.
  • Raccoon Mario: Using the Super Leaf, Mario can fly after reaching enough speed and hover downward, though a P-Wing will boost Mario's abilities to fly indefinitely. However, in the ending of Super Mario 3D Land, a regular Super Leaf gave Mario indefinite flight.
  • Bee Mario: Using a Bee Mushroom, Mario gains a bee-like outfit while able to temporarily fly, climb honeycombs and walk on flower petals and clouds. This form can be canceled by water.
  • Boo Mario: Using a Boo Mushroom, Mario can turn into a Boo with the same powers as the ghosts themselves.
  • Mega Mario: Using the Mega Mushroom, Mario can enlarge into an invincible obstacle-smashing giant for a short time. Mario is powerful enough to destroy entire levels by rampaging through them and instantly kill Bowser with a stomp. The time limit ranges from 25 seconds in games like Super Mario 3D World and New Super Mario Bros. DS to 1 minute in games like Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.
  • Propeller Mario: Using the Propeller Mushroom, Mario gains a propeller helmet that lets him fly upwards. He can spin downwards and attack like a drill at high speeds as well.
  • Rock Mario: Using a Rock Mushoom, Mario is encased in a boulder that allows him to spin around and crush enemies at high speeds.
  • Spring Mario: Using a Spring Mushroom, Mario is encased in a spring coil that allows him to jump even higher.
  • Bunny Mario: Putting on the Bunny Hood, Mario is able to run faster, jump higher, and flutter in midair.
  • Superball Mario: When Mario uses a Superball Flower, he gains the ability to shoot harmful bouncing superballs to attack enemies.
  • Mini Mario: Mario is reduced to a smaller size that allows him to run on water and go through small passages. However, he is weaker and less durable in this form but he still maintains enough strength to harm enemies with his ground pound.
  • Frog Mario: Putting on the Frog Suit, Mario can swim underwater more effectively without needing to breathe. But Mario's movement on land is limited to jumping.
  • Hammer Mario: Putting on a Hammer Suit, Mario gets the powers of the Hammer Brothers with an infinite supply of hammers. Mario's shell he gains in this form is actually fireproof.
  • Metal Mario: Putting on the Metal Cap, Mario become metal-skinned and nearly invincible. Upon his feats is withstanding strong winds, underwater currents. But while his speed is unaffected, the downside is that he can be injured by a fall and he can sink easily (Though Mario has used the latter as an advantage.)
  • Penguin Mario: Putting on the Penguin Suit, Mario can swim underwater more effectively, slide on his belly for faster travel when he is on ice, have better traction when on ice, and create and manipulate iceballs.
  • Shell Mario: Putting on the Blue Shell, Mario can swim fast, dodge attacks, and slide through enemies.
  • Tanooki Mario: Putting on a Tanooki Suit, Mario becames a version of Raccoon Mario than can temporary transform into a stone statue.
  • Wing Mario: Putting on the Wing Cap, Mario can temporarily fly with a slow descent.
  • Star Mario: Through the use of a Super Star, Mario becomes enveloped in a flashing rainbow aura, giving him invulnerability, added speed, and enough power to one-shot basic enemies just by touching them. It can also be stacked on to other Power-Ups. It has a time limit of around 20 seconds however.
  • Rainbow Mario: The same as his Star Mario form, but gained through the use of a Rainbow Star.


  • Every time a new world destroying threat appears in an RPG, Mario always prevails.
  • Defeated Bowser frequently.
    • Normally rescues Princess Peach each time after defeating Bowser.
  • Has defeated literally thousands of different types of enemies.
    • Has defeated the entire Koopa Troop multiple times despite being significantly outnumbered.
    • Defeated an animate steak [7]
  • At least 100 occupations in his resume [8]
    • A professional athlete; dominating in tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, baseball, and more.
  • Has become one of the most iconic and recognizable video game characters of all time.





  • Most Power-Ups can be lost after getting hit, though it is up to interpretation whether it takes one simple hit or a fatal hit for the Power-Ups to go away.
  • Invincibility Power-Ups have time limits.
  • Can only equip one badge at a time
  • Apparently is hostile if ever overshadowed by Luigi. [9]
  • Not everything can be Captured by Cappy. Most bosses (including those about the same size as Mario) cannot be captured at all. Though considering it is a boss fight and many other creatures larger than Mario like T-Rex's can be captured, this could just be game mechanics.
    • Mario cannot Capture something that is already wearing a hat, though he has been able to knock them off with cap throws.
    • Cappy cannot hold larger transformations such as T-Rex's for long.


  • Despite rescuing Peach multiple times, has failed many times in preventing her capture in the first place.
  • OneShotted by Bowser's finger (during their first duel outside of the games) [10]
  • Has been kidnapped by DK, Bowser and King Boo.
  • Has been killed by Dimentio and literally sent to hell in Super Paper Mario.

Alternate Versions

Paper Mario

Movie Mario


  • Full Name: Mario Mario
  • Age: Around his late 30's or in his 40's
  • Residence: Brooklyn
  • Occupation: Plumber

Tools, Weapons, Vehicles and Equipment

  • Meant for plumbing, but I'm pretty sure it hits HARD
  • If it somehow happens that Mario's gotta do plumbing in a fight, it'll come in handy
Mario's Van
  • Mario's trademark vehicle
  • Pretty sure it hurts if it runs into you
  • Allows for transportation
Thwomp Stompers
  • Shoes given to Mario and Luigi, by Big Bertha
  • Allows Mario to leap dozens of meters into the air
  • Can fire Bullet Bills
Bullet Bills
  • Explosive missile
  • Fired from Thwomp Stompers
  • Yes, you read this right, Mario owns a f*cking flamethrower
Flame Gun
  • Variation of the Flamethrower
  • Shoots fireballs
  • Remote bomb
  • Walks a distance before exploding
  • Has to be wound up
De-Evolution Gun
  • Shoots out rays of energy
  • De-evolves victims
  • Long range


  • Ended President Koopa's tirannical rule over Dinohattan
  • Prevented the merger of two universes
  • Turned the King back to normal
  • Despite the film's critical reviews, spawned a fan website and fan-made sequel comic
  • Raised Luigi like he was his actual father
  • Managed to hide from Goombas despite being in plain sight


  • Despite his endurance and durability, has little to almost no superhuman physical characteristics at all



  • Donkey Kong (Mario's first game) was supposed to be a Popeye game; Pauline as Olive, DK as Bluto and Mario as Popeye.
  • Mario's iconic voice actor, Charles Martinet, almost wasn't Mario. His audition was last-minute and improvised. Charles didn't know anything about videogames at that time.
  • While Mario is officially human; Nintendo jokes that Mario is a subspecies called 'homo-nintendonus'.
  • Nintendo officially bought the rights to Super Hornio Brothers I and II; pornographic parodies of Mario. Nintendo did this to stop all future sales of the film indefinitely. Despite this censorship, VHS copies were sold before the acquisition. These two films are some of the rarest films in the world.


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