Taste defeat!
~ Master Xehanort

Master Xehanort is a major character in the Kingdom Hearts video game series, as well as being one of the main antagonists throughout the entire franchise.

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Death Battle Info

Originally from Destiny Islands, Xehanort became an apprentice to a Keyblade Master alongside his friend Eraqus and learned of the epic Keyblade War. Xehanort's desire to know more of the event led to him planning to recreate the legendary sword that the Keyblades were modeled after: The χ-blade. Xehanort formulated a scheme to create it by using his former apprentice Ventus and his personified darkness Vanitas. But as he grew old, learning a means to divide his will among thirteen bodies, Xehanort attempted to cheat death by transferring his heart into the body of Eraqus' apprentice Terra. Though Terra manages to resist by transferring part of himself into his Keyblade armor, Xehanort revealed a series of back-up plans through his incarnations Ansem and Xemnas that accumulated in the time displaced versions of himself known as the 13 Seekers of Darkness.

Young Xehanort

  • Keyblade, Etereal Blades
  • Close Range: Wild Arcanum, Finish, Guard Impact
  • Mid Range: Whip Wave, Zero Shot, Spear Orbs, Collision Magnet
  • Long Range: Sonic attack
  • Special: Teleport Lock, Time Reversal, Flash Liner, Vanish, Raging Storm, Mega Flare, Meteor, Doom, Renewal Barrier, Wild Dance of Twin Blades (clones)
  • Skills: Time manipulation

No Heart

  • Keyblade (Keyblade Glider mode)
  • Close Range:, One-two punch-Three-four kick, Upward slash,
  • Mid Range: Kick wave,
  • Long Range: Dark volley, Dark Firaga Burst
  • Special: Keyblade summon/barrage
  • Skill: Corridor of darkness

Master Xehanort

  • Luxus's Keyblade
  • Close Range: Blizzard
  • Mid Range: Blizzard, Thunder, Quake
  • Long Range: Dark Volley
  • Special: Keyblade summon/barrage, Teleport Lock
  • Skill: Heart transfer, Corridor of darkness

In a fight, Xehanort will keep a distance, with access to wide-ranged magic spells such as Blizzard and Thunder. Master Xehanort can also cast a powerful earth spell, causing a huge piece of land to rise under his opponents. All of his attacks, including magic-based ones, can be dodged with the right timing. Xehanort's most dangerous attacks are his Keyblade spiral and teleport combo attack.


Original form of Ansem and Xemnas.

  • Luxus Keyblade
  • Skills: Guardian summoning


  • He is always a few steps ahead of his enemies, having back-up plans in back-up plans.