Morrigan Aensland VS Alma Elma in a What if? Episode of Death Battle featuring the sexy and seductive succubus from the Darkstalkers Series: Morrigan Aensland against the Pleasure Queen Succubus of Monster Girl Quest Alma Elma. By Dpool570

Morrigan Aensland VS Alma Elma


Darkstalkers VS Monster Girl Quest! Which Queen Succubus will prevail their fighting prowess and seductiveness?


Wiz: Succubus. A beautiful female demon that visits men at night to have some fun and sucks the life force out of them…

Boomstick:  And I would love these two to suck the life force out of me and have some fun every night. (In bed) Hehehehe…..

Wiz: Morrigan Aensland the---

Boomstick: Sexy Queen Succubus of the Makai Realm!

Wiz: And---

Boomstick: Alma Elma the Heavenly Knight Queen Succubus of Pleasure! Sorry I’m excited!

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills-----

Boomstick: And maybe a few other things…

Wiz: To find out who would win a Death Battle.

Morrigan Aensland

Wiz: The Succubus are one of many races living in the demonic realm of Makai. And one was born in this particular lot holds tremendous power, this particular succubus is the beautiful Morrigan.

Boomstick: Wow! She’s hot! Look at her! Now that’s a woman right there! Ahem… Morrigan was born 1968 Scotland and was later adopted by Belial of the Aensland Clan, one of the rulers of Makai because he saw great potential and amazing power in her. Not to mention a Sexy and a Smoking Hot body to boot!

Wiz: But Belial foresaw the dangers of the powers residing in Morrigan's body. So he sealed away part of her power, one-third in himself and one-third in a pocket dimension, which eventually became a being of its own, a succubus named Lilith.

Boomstick: Another cutie after my own heart. Seriously she’s like Morrigan’s loli version.

Wiz: She found her life in the Aensland castle dull, being a fun loving succubus she visit’s the human world secretly many times to look for some kind of entertainment, mainly seducing male victims.

Boomstick: She pretty much messes around with men, as she devours their dreams while they are sleeping, as what a succubus would do, as she could never find this sort of nourishment anywhere in the Makai realm and fed off as much as she could, so much better than Freddy Kruger showing up in your dreams.

Wiz: She also preys on men’s soul through their sexual tendencies.

Boomstick: Hehehe…. I’m willing to be preyed by her if given the chance.

Wiz: Unless you’re willing to go insane, then be my guest… As when a succubus feeds on their victim, the victim then slowly losses their mind until they become insane.

Boomstick: I’be willing to give up half a brain to get her under my pants. Hehehehe…..

Wiz: You’re an idiot Boomstick…. Anyway…. Morrigan doesn’t do this for her own selfish reasons. She does so because it is crucial for her own survival. As the succubus race is dependent on feeding on humans. If she doesn’t feed within three days, she dies.

Boomstick: She can always depend on me Wiz!

Wiz: Like your ex-wife?

Boomstick: That’s another story Wiz….

Wiz: Sigh…. Never mind….

Boomstick: Okay! After messing with many men in the human world she was drawn to a strange power one night by an evil fire alien overlord by the name of Pyron. Of course she encountered him in battle, but her ultimately victory went to Demitri Maximoff instead, her lover/rival sometimes. Lucky bastard…

Wiz: She later returned to the demon world and 16 years past, Belial pass away, Morrigan then received a portion of her sealed power from Belial and became the head of the Aensland Clan and ruler of Makai. After this Demitri Maximoff always challenged her, but she just shrugged it off every time he issued a challenged.

Boomstick: Hahaha suck it Demitri! That’s what happens when you steal the spotlight. Hehehe, she is rightfully the ruler of Makai, but she keep’s avoiding her responsibilities and continues her life like before. Although she is the queen of the succubus she doesn’t really care about her kind and always do as she pleases, carefree, confident, playful and fun, I definitely like her.

Wiz: Even though her own race is on brink of extinction! Ahem… Morrigan has a variety of moves she can use against her opponent. She can reshape her wings into tentacles, spikes, and blades when attacking her enemies, she can also uses her wings to shield herself from oncoming attacks. Her hair is also strong and can also be used as a weapon.

Boomstick: She can use her wings and hair to do some kinky stuff? She’s my kind of woman!

Wiz: How many kinds of women are you into anyway?

Boomstick: A lot Wiz…. A lot…. Hehehehe…..

Wiz: Whatever Boomstick…..

Boomstick: Her wings can also be separated from her, and form into a cloud of bats. How does it do that? During her dashing moves, her wings can be like a rocket booster to boost and give off a visible thrust called Valkyrie Turn and follows it up with an attack using her wings to form into a drill called Shell Kick which pierces her enemy. Aside from that she also uses her wings to do a shuryuken move called: Shadow Blade, where she wraps one of her wings around her arm, and does a rising like uppercut at her enemy which sends them sky high. Also she can use an attack called Splash Libido where she morphs her wings into arrow like spears to pierce her opponent. Speaking of Libido my Di-----

Wiz (Cuts Boomstick off short): As a succubus she can drain the energy of her opponent through her Soul Drain move, she can also use a move called Deep Crescendo an attack that turns her heels into a blade that slashes her opponents.

Boomstick: Morrigan also knows how to do ninjutsu! She has a move called Astral Vision which duplicates herself to attack her enemy dealing twice the damage. She can also unleash a barrage of combos with her clone called Darkness Illusion, in which she quickly grabs hold and have fun with you. She comes with a bonus too! A threesome is always possible with her!

Wiz (Ignoring Boomstick): She also uses her wings for a grab attack, called the Vector Drain, in which she grabs her enemy and takes them to the air and downward spiral slams them to the ground dealing major damage.

Boomstick: She also mastered a few soul base techniques such as the Soul Kiss where as the name implies, she can take her opponents soul… with a kiss. She can kiss me all she wants Wiz! I’ll give her my French kiss move that she’ll never forget. Hehehe…

Wiz: Bad idea Boomstick. For if she kisses her opponent for too long they die. Though certain opponents like Demitri Maximoff can withstand such a fatal kiss.

Boomstick: I promise you Wiz, I can withstand such a kiss.

Wiz: Doubt it. She can also channel her own ki energy, which she calls: Soul Fist her best known attack which is a blast of ki from her fists. If she uses it with regular power, it will appear as a large glowing yellow bat and sometimes it will appear as a beam with a ghostly skull.

Boomstick: She also uses her ki with her wings to do a Finishing Shower a move that creates missiles from her wings and launch them towards her opponent! Hmm… speaking of showers… I need one right now, after thinking of Succubus, Morrigan, and----

Wiz: Boomstick?! Get back on track!

Boomstick: Oh! Ahem! Right! But what my favorite move on Morrigan is her: Soul Eraser. A big gun so much like a cannon that she uses to destroy her opponents soul as the name implies. Look at that thing! Every time she fires that makes me wonderful pants feeling….

Wiz: After a while Morrigan encounters Lilith the two then, battle and Morrigan comes out on top.

Boomstick: Hehehehe….. Of course Morrigans on top, she pretty much takes the lead, as she is pretty experience in that. Hehehehe, she also has better proportions than Lilith. Especially her smoking hot T&A. (Drool…..)

Wiz: (Hits Boomstick in the head with his mechanical arm)

Boomstick: Ow!!!

Wiz: Whooops, my mechanical arm malfunctioned.

Boomstick: One of these days Wiz, your mechanical arm will end up in a dumpster.

Wiz: Moving on, after she defeats Lilith the two then merge and Morrigan finally recovered her long sealed power. Making her more powerful and-----

Boomstick (Cuts Wiz off short): So… how did they merge exactly? Did they have like sexual intercourse or something?

Wiz: Uh. She just embraced and accepts Lilith to be one with her, and that’s that.

Boomstick: Wait?! What?!!!That’s Bull!…. Where’s the fun in that? They should have just had sex. Like a succubus would do. Now that would be hot. (Drool……)

Wiz: What’s with you today?

Boomstick: I don’t know… I….I think….I’m in love!

Wiz: Hang in there Boomstick! Don’t let it get to you!

Boomstick: Must…..resist…..urge…. from….temptation…… I give up Wiz! Morrigan take me!!! I’m all yours!!!

Wiz: Rocket Punch! (Uses his mechanical arm to knock out Boomstick)

Boomstick: (Loud Thud, Boomstick falls on the ground unconscious)

Wiz: Ooops…! My hand slipped.…..

Wiz: Ahem… As I was saying, after merging with Lilith this makes Morrigan pretty powerful. She gains an additional move called the Silhoutte Blade, where she creates multiple Lilith clones that uses all of Lilith's Shining Blade attack, and in her Darkness Illusion special, Lilith sometimes appears instead of the mirror image of Morrigan.

Wiz: She is considered as one of the strongest in the Darkstalkers universe. She is rank as an S+ Class Darkstalker, which means she’s pretty darn strong. She has superhuman strength, as it only takes one-shot from her to destroy Huitzels, which I kid you not, powerful robots that defends against the supernatural mainly against Darkstalkers. She also has the durability and endurance of a Darkstalker, which means she heals fast and is durable enough to survive being burned, being freeze to death as well as endure some energy based attacks, electrocuted and even cut to pieces. She even fought Demitri Maximoff in battle a few times.

Wiz: She also has a superhuman reaction speed where she can turn into a shadow-like figure that moves pretty fast, she even travels frequently between the Makai and Human realm with ease without using the “Gate”, and in Marvel vs Capcom 3, Morrigan outclass Iron Man in terms of flying, while turning herself into tiny bats avoiding Iron Mans attacks in the process, she seems to be able to teleport too. The more she feeds, the stronger she becomes, without any defined limit. She is quite athletic and flexible too.

Wiz: Morrigan is indeed a powerful succubus, but she does have flaws and limits, such as she loves to fight but doesn’t take fighting seriously, can struggle against male opponents, is a terrible strategist, always goes head-burst into fights, and some of her attacks take time to charge, so she can be left wide open for enemy attacks. She can also be overconfident and careless at times and even once lost a battle against Demitri Maximoff.

Wiz: Her fate is not known, though in other games, particularly Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, hints that she did, to some degree, finally accepted her role as the Queen Succubus of the Makai Realm.

Wiz: Although Morrigan may look like an antagonist, she is not really evil, as she never kills her victims, only draining their energy to the point where they end up unconscious. In fact, she is the protagonist of the series and is strangely friendly and approachable despite her devilish and lustful looks. If you ever see her in the human world she’s just out to satisfy her own pleasure and have a good time as the fun loving Queen Succubus of the Makai Realm.

Morrigan Aensland: You’re so sweet…. I’ll take away your body and soul now.

Alma Elma

(Warning! contains major spoilers)

Wiz: Ah. The Monster Girls, some are cute but violent, some are beautiful but are sadistic, and many of them are very seductive by nature that any men surrender’s on the spot upon seeing them. And one them, stands above the rest these are the----

Boomstick: Famous Succubus! Monster Girls that mastered the ways in pleasing men. Using their sexy body as a weapon and are expert in the knowledge of seduction skills. (Shivers) Just looking at them makes me want to give in to temptation…

Wiz: Not again… (Readies his robotic arm)

Boomstick: Don’t ever do that again! Wiz! I totally got it under control this time.

Wiz: …..Okay? Anyway, Their Queen is none other than Alma Elma.

Boomstick: What kind of name is that?! Morrigan’s probably way better than her, in terms of proportions…

Wiz: (Shows a picture of Alma Elma to Boomstick)

Boomstick: Holycow!!! She’s hot too! Her knockers are even way bigger than Morrigan!

Wiz: Yes, indeed Boomstick. As the Queen Succubus, she is the most powerful of her kind and is well-endowed. She even participated in the battle royale for the title of Monster Lord, but was the first to be eliminated due to forfeiting early on, simply because “she had enough fun”. Though in a Deathbattle, it is not allowed.

Boomstick: Aw….Bummer. She could have won the title of Monster Lord.

Wiz: That she could Boomstick. And after the tournament, she became one of the Heavenly Knights under the Monster Lord Alipheese the Sixteenth or simply known as Alice the Sixteenth.

Boomstick: Even though she’s the Queen of the Succubus, she doesn’t seem to have any interest on leading them. Man what a waste. Imagine, leading a group of women, who can satisfy you, in amazingly ways possible. The things I could do…Bwahahaha!!!

Wiz: Uh… Boomstick you’re doing it again.

Boomstick: Doing what? Wiz?

Wiz: Sigh…. Nevermind….Alice even states that she doubts Alma Elma “gives a damn about her kind’s prosperity”. Where she didn’t show up when her fellow succubus desperately needs a leader in Succubus Village.

Boomstick: Wait?! What did you just say?! There exists a village full of Succubus and they desperately need a leader?

Wiz: Uh, yeah, Boomstick.

Boomstick: That’s seems like paradise to me! And I’m leader material! I should totally apply for village leader, like right now!

Wiz: Wait! We’re still in middle of-----

Boomstick: I’m going Wiz! Don’t try to stop me! Paradise! Here I Come!


---------------------------------------------3 hours and 30 minutes later--------------------------------------------------


Boomstick: No more………Even though I’m a livestock, I still need energy…….I’m exhausted…….

Wiz: You’re back. What happened?

Boomstick: I barely escape the village…. The village does lives up to its name though. I get a taste of what Heaven feels like…. Hehehehe….Next time I’ll be sure to prepare and be ready when I go back there.

Wiz: Err….. You would know. Despite being irresponsible to her kind, she fiercely respects and acknowledges the powers of the Monster Lord, though she sometimes willingly exploits loopholes in Alice’s orders to pursue her own pleasures.

Boomstick: Ah….Pleasure… Anyway, when Alma Elma was young she was chastised by her mother for her immense physical strength. Talk about strength! She was already full of it when she was born!

Wiz: Because of her immense strength trait, she is considered a failure as a “proud succubus”. And as a result, Alma Elma tried hard to distance herself from violence as much as possible.

Boomstick: That pretty much is known of her past, besides the fact that she’s awesome!

Wiz: Right you are Boomstick. Alma Elma is a master of the wind, able to adjust her speed more so that it’s more like a blur and after-image of her when she moves. Her speed is incredible, almost no one can catch her. And as a Heavenly Knight she is capable of teleportation and presumably telepathy. And upon her debut in Monster Girl Quest she creates and maintains a storm between the continents Ilias and Sentora, to prevent heroes from entering and trade from both regions.

Boomstick: But the fake hero Luka stops her. Due to having the Poseidon’s Bell, that negates the storm. And after that Alma Elma warps into the fray, making her first appearance in the game. Hooooobooooy look at them melons! And is that a tattoo?!

Wiz: Uh… don’t stare at them for too long Boomstick. Or else you might be tempted again.

Boomstick: What? I was distracted.

Wiz: ……..anyway she fights the fake hero Luka and even giving him a handicap, limiting only her tail to attack, not with hands, feet, nor magic.

Boomstick: But when Luka uses his Demon Skull Beheading Technique she swiftly catches Luka’s blade with her hands, breaking her handicap and forfeiting the battle. She then leaves like teleported. And guess what… She’s not even fighting seriously at that time! Because if she did, well… Luka would be defeated easily, then raped and then be devour or killed. This chick is pretty dangerous! Note to self: Be sure not to get on her bad side.

Wiz: Very wise Boomstick! As she loves to fight and to entertain her fans, although she always laid back and doesn’t take her fights seriously, nonetheless she is the undisputed champion of Grand Noah’s Coliseum, under her pseudonym “Kyuba”, also known as “Strong Mysterious Girl” to the fans and spectators, as every time she participated, no one was able to beat her.

Boomstick: Until she faces Luka again in the coliseum, this time she doesn’t give him any handicaps. Luka uses his Wind Protection, but to no avail. He couldn’t even land a hit on Alma! She then teaches Luka that he has to play with the wind, not force it to become his tool. With that, he adapts the Playful Wind which dodges Alma’s attacks, but he still can’t hit her, which ends up in a stalemate. Thus she forfeits again, making Luka the victor, but before she leaves, she kisses Luka on the cheek and disappeared. Lucky bastard….

Wiz: She met Luka the third time after he arrives at the Monster Lords Castle, where Luka faces the four Heavenly Knights and Alma Elma being his first opponent.

Boomstick: At this point, Luka has Undine and learns the Serene Mind Technique, which dodges all sorts of attacks. Curious at this new skill, Alma dared Luka to use this Technique against her speed, but….when Luka uses this technique, it is still no match for her speed. Alma still hits him. Damn!!! What speed! No wonder her victims couldn’t last long!

Wiz: ……anyhow, Luka improved his Playful Wind in the fight and turned it into Devastating Gale which guarantees to dodge attacks. He then dodges Alma’s attacks and finally lands a hit on Alma. So Alma yet again surrenders to Luka, only to be stopped by him saying: “She hasn’t ever fought seriously, and if he’s giving it his all, it won’t mean anything if she doesn’t do it too.” She grants his wish, and then strips and-----

Boomstick: (Nosebleed)

Wiz: (Hands over a tissue to Boomstick)

Boomstick: Now its official! I’m going back at the Succubus Village when this is over! And perhaps visit Alma Elma at the Monster Lords Castle to have some fun. Hehehehe….

Wiz (Ignoring Boomstick): Let’s continue to where we left off. Luka manage to hold his own and win against the queen succubus. And even manage to miraculously defeat the Four Heavenly Knights and the Monster Lord.

Boomstick: I doubt it. The Heavenly Knights and the Monster lord must have let him win on purpose. Anyway his victory was short lived however, as it turns out that Goddess Ilias was the mastermind behind the burning of the city of Remina which means she’s evil. She then raided the Monster Lords Castle with an army of angels! Valkyries, Cupids, Chimeras, you name it! And the next generation of monsters which Promestein built to counter the Heavenly Knights! What a turn of events.

Wiz: Well said Boomstick. And among these next gen of monsters is Hainuwele a harpy android specifically modified to exploit the weaknesses and counter Alma Elma.

Boomstick: Which means Hainuwele kicks Alma Elma’s butt during their first encounter. Kinda unfair if you think about it, being recently beaten by Luka and caught off guard by a swarm invasion of angels and chimeras!

Wiz: But that aside, Alma Elma still has her own hidden weapons against Hainuwele. And has a winning streak against Granberia. She easily dominates Granberia due to her seductive nature and pleasure skills in which Granberia is prone of.

Boomstick: I would gladly be the referee to that match… Hehehehe every time she defeats Granberia, it just ends up in sex. (Drool) 

Wiz: That’s because she’s a succubus.

Boomstick: Damn right! She is. And a good one at that, this hidden weapon that she mentioned is actually Martial Arts! And when she faces Hainuwele in the tower she unleashes this hidden side of her, her violent side that is. Hainuwele is completely caught off guard as Alma Elma takes full force when attacking, thus killing Hainuwele in the worst violent ways using Martial Arts. Never underestimate this Kung-fu Succubus.

Wiz: Alma Elma hides this technique well because it will disqualify her as a Queen Succubus of using Martial Arts in a brutal way, because it’s considered as a sin in the way of the succubus. Pondering that her mother is disgrace by her.

Boomstick: I have to disagree with you on this one Wiz.  This violent technique helped the Fake Hero Luka in his fight against Goddess Ilias which I kid you not, is pretty tough to beat! The Queen Succubus was the first of the Heavenly Knights to arrive in heaven. Her power is clearly underestimated by Ilias when the Goddess uses her Tentacle Blast, much to the Goddess surprise the Queen Succubus counters this with a powerful knuckle sandwich! Leaving both Luka and Alice also surprised. Well I’m not surprised, seeing how Alma Elma loves to fight in the freaking coliseum! I mean come on! What are you gonna do exactly in a coliseum? Besides fighting?

Wiz: Uh… Boomstick (Whispers about the Grand Noah’s coliseum way of fighting)

Boomstick: Oooooooooooooh………………..

Wiz: Ahem… After the defeat of the Goddess, peace finally came. And Alma Elma continuously appears at the Coliseum. Entertaining her fans and awaits those foolish enough to face her.

Boomstick: And one of these foolish victims is the fake hero Luka, where the Queen Succubus offers Luka to have a friendly bout with her in the tournament. Of course if Luka participates, its game over, although he meets her in the final round, but losses to her, due to his predictable and straight forward movements, resulting in Alma Elma raping him. Bastard!!! Why can’t it be me!!! Alright! That does it! I’m gonna add Luka into my Shoot to Kill list along with likes of Wiz, Ichika Orimura, Kazuto Hongou, Shidou Itsuka, that Makoto from schooldays and some harem/eroge protagonists!

Wiz: Hey?!...... Ahem….As a lewd Monster, her only enjoyment in life is playing with her victim. Once she catches a victim, she tries to finish them off using a wide variety of methods. Using seduction skills like her Tail Massage where she uses her tail for a normal attack. Tail Mucus where sticky wet mucus flows out from her tail and can be use to splash and covered her enemies with them. Tail Roll is where she coils her tail around her enemy’s body and binds them.

Boomstick: She can also use a move called Bound Tail Massage pretty much like Tail Roll where she binds her opponent, restricting them of movement and uses her tail to rub her opponent’s pleasure points, but follows it up with a move called either Tail Suck or Tail Drain which guarantees a one hit KO. I’d watch out for that tail if I were you.

Wiz: She also uses her hands for pleasure attacks such as her Melty Hand in which she seductively caress her opponent’s body until they give in to temptation, Sweet Blow where she kisses and licks her opponents soft spot, feeling pleasure in the process, Succubatic Footwork where she uses her feet to please her opponent….okay. She also has a move called Trap Hold where she tightly hugs her opponent to the extent that they became arouse, and follows up with another one hit KO called Succubus Arts where she either caress your sweet spots up front or from your behind.

Boomstick: She has a lot of pleasure attacks. Wish she test it on me. Hehehehe.  She has a attack called Sweet Fell---, err you know the rest, Tail Caress where she hits you with them and well….caress you. The Ancient Succubus Way: Snake: uses her fingers like a snake to pleasure her opponents, the Romanus Teri Spirit is when she uses her mouth and tongue….wish she tries that on me…. and the Melo Sophie Tellus which, she uses her big melons to give satisfaction to her opponents. But her Succubus Ceremony is where she grabs her enemy from behind and caresses their soft spots! (Shivers) The Meltic Kiss is a kiss that can trigger a trance effect damaging her opponent in the process. Her Tail Bind is pretty much the same as her Bound Tail Massage where she follows it up with Tail Drain: Reterra which damages her enemy three times, the Succubus Hold is where she pin’s you down, jumps on top of you and tightly embraces you. Oh man! Any man would want a woman to do that to him…Ahem… in this hold she either uses her Queens Drain which is impossible to break free from leading to a one hit KO, or she either uses her Five Step Vagi----Hel--oh god! This is my favorite pleasure move of all! Where she slowly makes you feel ecstasy up to five freaking times! Until you ascend to heaven! You be a goddamn stallion if you even made up all the way to fifth! Ah….. What a good way to die…..

Wiz: Uh… Boomstick you okay?

Boomstick: A okay Wizard! A okay!

Wiz: As you say so Boomstick, Alma Elma is a force to be reckoned with in hand-to-hand combat as she is surprisingly skilled in Martial Arts though she only uses this skill at a rudimentary level unless absolutely necessary.

Boomstick: And when it’s absolutely necessary, be ready to experience a whole new level of pain! She will use a move called Flying Knee, which she lightly jumps forward, aiming her knee at her opponent. A Roundhouse Kick, where she spins with a powerful roundhouse kick directly towards her opponent hitting them for a decent amount of damage, Diamond Plated Fist where she slams her fist so hard on her opponent, which probably hurts a lot. Lightning Arm Crush is a grapple attack that uses her opponents own momentum against them and throws them to the ground. Dragon Knee is when Alma jumps forward as fast as lightning, slamming her knee into her opponent’s body, a move that can kill dragons! Hmm …… Maybe I should learn this technique, pretty useful when I’m out hunting dragons!

Wiz: She has a counterattack called the Knockout Palm, a martial arts counterattack that Alma uses to catch her opponents body parts and jams her palm into their said body parts dealing massive damage. Take caution when attacking her using your punches, kicks, head and any part of your body. And her most violent moves are: The Killing Flow which is a martial arts leg attack that she uses when she jumps forward and stomps on her enemy’s body parts, shattering their bones, and her Violent Stomp as the name implies, she stomp so hard into her opponent leaving their bones shattered. And her Palm of Pure Violence is a Martial Arts fist attack that uses her full strength and spirit on the blow, dealing massive damage.

Boomstick: And let’s not forget about her wind magic! She can use this great element for attacks like her Shamsir where she summons a squall of wind blades to hit her enemies, she can also use the wind to her advantage as she can use it to create a barrier to protect her from attacks and increases her speed, in which she pretty much parry’s and dodges all attacks. Up to the point where she becomes untouchable! And she also has two equipment piece called Lilith’s Attire which is totally different from Lilith’s attire in Darkstalkers. And Immoral Glory which has a cool name! And probably is her…..….cape, brooch? Anyway….once she takes this two-piece off-------- (sees Alma Elma naked) Nosebleed)

Wiz: I’ll take it from here Boomstick. Until she takes off her clothes, she isn't fighting seriously, but when she does, she’ll fight you as the Queen Succubus, unleashing all of her pleasure skills. This also releases an overwhelming aroma that fills the air, and every part of her body is a lethal sexual weapon that can bring any man to their knees in mere moments. No man can resist her.

Wiz: Of course her abilities aren't limited to just men. Alma Elma can even bring females to mind breaking ecstasy in moments, as seen when she pleasures her fellow Heavenly Knight Granberia, after she lost to the Queen Succubus in a match.

Boomstick: Hot!!! Damn!!! Women too! She swings that way huh? She’s literally a Bi!

Wiz: But with all these dangerous and pleasure skills, she is not perfect. As she is a moody woman and is easy to hate, and all she cares about is her own pleasure, although she loves to fight in front of an audience, she easily forfeit battles on whims, and has a tendency to not fight seriously which can be her downfall, she also restricts herself from using her true martial arts skill, because she dislike violence. And she’s also pretty lazy, not doing her obligations as Queen Succubus to her kind.

Boomstick: And she doesn’t even gives a damn about it! She’s the Walking Obscenity for crying out loud! She’ll make you drown in pleasure and once she turns hostile she’ll either kill you, or straight up devour you! There is a reason why she is called the Queen Succubus of Pleasure.

Alma Elma: Struggle as much as you can, and let me enjoy myself. After we finish playing, I’ll be sure to suck you dry.


Pre Battle Morrigan & Alma

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, let’s end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It’s time for a Sexy and Seductive Death Battle!

Death Battle

In the Grand Noah Coliseum, The Heavenly Knight, Queen Succubus appears and awaits the Hero Luka on the finals to face her.

Announcer: And her she is, The Undefeated Champion of the Coliseum. The Walking Obscenity Kyuba!

The Crowd cheers for their champion.

Alma Elma: Ah… fighting Luka chan again hehehe. I’ll show him a hellish pleasure, this time

She then sexually licks her index finger and winks at the crowd.

The crowd was aroused, shouted and cheers for her.

Alma Elma: It feels good in front of an audience.

The announcer then announces her opponent in the finals.

Announcer: And the surprised challenger---

Alma Elma: Finally! Luka chan….

Announcer: She---

Alma Elma (wondering in surprise): She???

Announcer: easily dominates her opponents, even the Hero Luka was caught off guard by her beauty and lost to her in the semi-finals. Proving that: Every rose has its thorn.

Alma Elma: Ara? Beauty?

Announcer: With an exquisite body that makes men tremble. The Queen Succubus---

Alma Elma: Wait?! What?!

Announcer: Morrigan Aensland!

Morrigan arrives in the arena in the form of tiny bats, opposite side to Alma.  And then reforms back to her lascivious body.

The Crowd cheers for the appearance of a beautiful woman.

Morrigan: Mmmm… You must be Kyuba, the Undefeated Champion of this Coliseum that I’ve heard so much about. You look….delicious…

Alma Elma: Ara? And you, likewise… Teeheehee… The announcer wasn’t lying when he announces that a beautiful challenger defeated Luka-chan.

Morrigan (chuckles): Why thank you. The same can be said about you….Hm..? Luka-chan..??? Ah..! You mean that cute boy? Teehee… I gave him a kiss he could never forget (Winks at Alma)

Alma Elma:  Wait you what?! The title of Queen Succubus I can tolerate… but giving Luka-chan a kiss he can never forget?! Teehee…. I’m the one who’s supposed to give him that. (A strong wind blows into the coliseum)

Morrigan (giggles):  You also like kissing I see…This should be fun. Let’s see which of us deserves to wear the title of Queen Succubus better.

Morrigan gets into a fighting stance.

Alma Elma (chuckles): Couldn’t have said so better myself. Be prepared Morri-chan I’m going to make you climax likes there’s no tomorrow.

Alma Elma smiles at Morrigan with a powerful gust of wind by her side.

The crowd roars with excitement as the fight between two Queen Succubus is about to start!


Morrigan takes no time and attacks Alma with a barrage of punches, kicks and her hair. Alma parry’s Morrigans attacks, till they take it up to mid-air.

Morrigan (Still unloading a barrage of attacks): Stand still would you?!

Alma Elma (Still parrying): Having a hard time hitting little old me?

Morrigan: (What incredible speed, if that’s the case then I’ll surprise her with this next move)

Morrigan’s suddenly turned her wings into jet-like boosters which amazes the crowds and leaves Alma wondering.

Alma Elma: Ara?

Morrigan: Valkyrie Turn!

Morrigan quickly dash towards Alma and upon reaching her she unleashes another of her moves.

Morrigan: (Heh!) Shell Kick!

Morrigan drills her in the stomach, which makes her falls to the ground.

The Crowd cheers for the surprise challenger for having the first strike.

Alma Elma: (Quickly gets up from the fall and dust herself off, feeling a bit of pain) Ugh… that was strange, she manage to land a hit on me. 

As Alma is talking to herself, Morrigan unleashes her famous attack.

Morrigan: Soul Fist!

Alma then notices a golden bat heading her way, which she easily dodges as Morrigan continues firing her Soul Fists at Alma, until she takes the offensive.

Alma Elma: (Alright! Enough dodging around. My turn)

Alma while dodging retaliates when she quickly uses Shamsir on the attacking Morrigan.

Morrigan was caught off guard and wasn’t able to block in time, and as a result, she was hit by a squall of wind blades. In which she slightly falls back a little, with little pain.

Morrigan: (So…she can use wind magic huh, better take note of that) Didn’t expect her to fight back at the moment though.

Just as Morrigan was about to counterattack, Alma Elma came out of nowhere and suddenly grabs Morrigan with her tail (Tail Roll).

Morrigan: Huh?!

The Audience of the coliseum wildly shouts as the champ captured the challenger with her tail.

Alma Elma: Looks like I caught me a feisty succubus.

Morrigan (Struggles): Get off me!

Alma Elma: It’s useless to resist. Just enjoy the pleasure…

As Alma Elma finished her talk, she uses the tip of her tail (Bound Tail Massage) to slowly touch Morrigans body parts.

Morrigan (Shivers): Eek!!! What are you doing?!

Alma Elma: What do you think? I’m pleasuring you…

Morrigan (Feeling a bit aroused): (What’s this uneasy feeling inside of me? Is this pleasure? No! I can’t give in. I have to fight back!)

Morrigan is still struggling to break free from Alma Elma’s tail.

Alma Elma: No use resisting.

Alma then tightens her tail around Morrigan and continues to caress her (Bound Tail Massage).

Morrigan: No way!

Morrigan then suddenly morphs her wings like arrows (Splash Libido) and pierce Alma’s tail. In which Alma let’s go of her victim.

Alma Elma (Feeling a bit of pain): Ouch! What do think you’re doing?!

Morrigan (breathing hard): Breaking away from you!

Alma Elma: (So… she was able to turn her wings and feet into weapons huh…better watch out for those.) Didn’t you feel a slightest bit of pleasure?

Morrigan: (So that’s how she defeats her opponents, she pleasures them first and makes them give in to temptation…then strikes the finishing blow… I got to be careful from now on.) So that’s the way you fight huh? Okay then.

Morrigan takes one deep breath and readies herself.

Morrigan: Get ready! Because I won’t be holding back!

Morrigan gets back into her fighting stance.

Alma Elma licks her wounded tail and the audience gets hyped up and cheers for her.

Alma Elma: There’s a lot more where that came from (Alma Elma winks at Morrigan)                                                                                                                   

After Alma Elma winked, Morrigan unloads Alma with a combo of punches and kicks. Alma evades them all with ease and waits for an opening to attack. Morrigan was left wide open. When she tries to execute an axe kick (Literary an AXE kick) towards Alma, the latter sees the opening and used this opportunity to execute one of her rudimentary martial arts technique. She quickly uses her Roundhouse kick towards Morrigan, in which Morrigan manages to block the attack using her wings as a shield in which she was taken aback.

Morrigan: (That attack just now… What strength… If I didn’t quickly shield myself from that attack, I might have been really hurt.)

Alma Elma: (So she can also use her wings to shield herself from attacks… this is getting interesting…) So…what else can you do with that wing of yours?

Morrigan (Giggles): Funny you should ask. I was about to show you.

Alma Elma: Surprised me.

Morrigan: Can you dodge this?

Morrigan then spreads her wings and lunch a swarm of missiles (Finishing Shower) heading towards Alma Elma.

Alma Elma: Arara?

As the missiles was about to hit Alma, she promptly creates a barrier of wind using her wind magic, which shields her from the incoming missiles. After the impact she disperses her wind barrier, only to be grabbed and was taken in the air (Vector Drain start) by Morrigan.

Morrigan Giggles as she quickly uses her Valkyrie Turn after her Finishing Shower, to get close to Alma Elma to delivered her high in the air and do smashing move towards the ground, as the Crowd looks up to them high in the sky. When she grabbed Alma Elma with her, Alma uses this perfect chance to use another of her pleasure attack.

Alma Elma: Let’s continue to where we left off, shall we?

Alma uses her tail again (Tail Roll) and coils around Morrigan to which, she then tightens. But Morrigan never loses her grip of Alma.

Alma Elma: Ara? Never letting go I see… if that’s how you want to play, then I’m game.

Alma then slithers her fingers like a snake (Ancient Succubus Way: Snake) three times to Morrigans sweet spots.

Morrigan: Eegh… ugh! (Resist! Morrigan! You must resist!)

Morrigan endures her attacks and still continues her hold on Alma.

Alma Elma: How much more can you endure??? Let’s find out…

Alma uses one of her hands (Melty Hand) to gently caressed Morrigans body, making her shiver.

Morrigan (Feeling arouse): Stop… Kwah, don’t touch me there!

Just as Morrigan feels quite aroused, she suddenly turns herself upside down, along with Alma Elma.

Morrigan (Aroused): Fall!

Morrigan begins to turn 360 degrees nonstop, spiraling over and over until both of them hit impact on the ground, leaving the coliseum into a puff of dust. (Vector Drain finish)

The audience of the coliseum had a worried expression on their faces for both the champion and the challenger, and gets up on their seats, only for their expression to change from grief to excitement.

As the puff of dust vanish in the coliseum. Instead of Morrigan on top, because she’s the one who executed the attack, she was in the bottom, and on top of her is Alma Elma. The crowd roars with excitement as they witness these display.

Alma Elma: Don’t you just love having many people witness you making love?

Morrigan (Breaths heavily with a bit of pain and aroused): How did you? Get off of me!

Alma Elma: Ara? Didn’t you notice that I flip you in the last second? You took most of the impact Morri-chanIt’s like you were my cushion in the fall. I’m amazed you were still alive, after that dangerous move of yours.

Morrigan (Breathes heavily, feels a bit pain and aroused): So that’s why I’m at the bottom…

Alma Elma (Uses her tail (Tail Massage and Tail Caress) to slowly touch and caress Morrigan): Don’t think anymore Morri-chan Just feel…

The crowd anticipates this moment…

Morrigan: (This is bad! I got to act fast!)

Morrigan thinks a way to end Alma Elma with one fatal move. And she just had the right move that can turn the tides in her favor.

Morrigan: Taste this!

Morrigan unleashes her attack on Alma.

Morrigan: Soul Kiss!

She puts her mouth towards Alma Elma and she kissed her.

Alma Elma: Mmmm?!

The coliseum was filled with shouts of happiness as the crowd witnessed a Queen Succubus kissing another Queen Succubus in the most lustful ways. This event has been engraved in their thoughts, for as long as they lived.

Morrigan (Still kissing Alma): (Alright! That caught her off guard, now to end this! Completely suck her out of her soul and---mmmph???!)

Just as Morrigan was about to finish her fatal kiss, she was suddenly paralyzed.

Alma Elma (Recently used Meltic Kiss): Taking the initiative are we? Let me return the favor.

Alma then kisses back Morrigan (Sweet Blow) filling her up with pleasure…

Morrigan: Aaah…aah…mmm… (How was she able to break free from my Soul Kiss?! If she keeps this up, then I’m as good as gone. I have to get away from her somehow…)

Morrigan manages to gather all of her strength back and turns herself into tiny bats and escaped Alma’s hold. She then reforms back to her body a few meters away from Alma Elma.

Alma Elma (Feels unsatisfied and gets back up): Aw… and we were almost at the good part…

Morrigan (heavy gasping):  (I was almost at my limit…lucky I break free from her in the last second)

As Morrigan was gasping her breath, Alma stretches out her body and starts to speak.

Alma Elma: I already had a lot of fun today. Morri-chan But I grew bored if you keep escaping my… holds. Teehee… So I surrender.

And with a gust of wind, Alma vanishes. Then in the next moment, Morrigan feels Alma’s soft lips press against her cheeks.

Alma Elma: Until next time.

After the kiss she disappears (Teleports)

Morrigan: Wait---!

Just as Morrigan reacted, the crowds cheer for her as the victor!

Morrigan: (Damn! I let her escaped! I cannot let it end this way…)

Announcer: Well… That was unexpected… as we didn’t see a climatic finished but nonetheless it was still a splendid match! And we have ourselves a new champi---

Morrigan: Not yet… We still have some unfinished business.

As Morrigan finished her statement, she then disperses into clouds of bats and vanished (Teleported). Both the announcer and the audience where left, speechless to why Morrigan, suddenly vanish from the coliseum as well.

Announcer: Uh…. well…since there’s no winner, let’s just get on with the program and continue unto the next match.

The halls of the Monster Lords castle where three of the Heavenly Knights were. Alma Elma teleports back there.

Alma Elma: I’m back!!!

Granberia: Where have you been? We were looking all over for you.

Alma Elma: Aw… you’re so sweet GranberryDid you miss me already?

Granberia (Blusing): What?! No! The Monster Lord summons us (sulking).

Erubetie: Alipheese wants to have a meeting regarding her upcoming marriage.

Alma Elma: Arara? And I haven’t even played with Luka-chan yet.

Tamamo: So that’s where you been? Are you planning to steal our Monster Lords fiancé again? Because if you are---

Alma Elma (Giggles): Don’t worry. I’ll return him afterwards once I’m done examining him.

Tamamo sighs.

Tamamo: You will get yourself into a lot of trouble if you always messed with her… affairs.

Alma Elma: Aw… come now, at least I’m honest about it. After all, I’m not the only one who, wants to get a taste of Luka-chan. Right…?

A moment of silent pass as Tamamo, Erubetie and Granberia all blushed when Alma Elma comments about their feelings towards the Hero Luka.

Tamamo: Anyway… aren’t you going to introduced us to your friend over there?

Alma Elma: Ara?

Just as Tamamo tells her, Alma then turns around and sees Morrigan, to which she is surprised to see.

Morrigan: I finally caught up to you… No use escaping now.

Granberia: Friend of yours?

Alma Elma: (So she is able to teleport as well. She’s full of surprises…) Err… Kind of?

Erubetie: If she’s not, then she’s an enemy.

Erubetie becomes hostile and gets into an offensive stance.

Granberia: (She seems strong…I can’t waste this chance!) Wait! Erubetie! Allow me this is perfect opportunity to test my new skills against her.

Granberia unleashes her broad sword and points it towards Morrigan, to which Morrigan then speaks.

Morrigan: I still have some unfinished business with her.

She points towards Alma Elma.

Alma Elma: My, I didn’t know you were the persistent type Morri-chan Teehee..

Morrigan: After a match like that, who wouldn't be?

Tamamo: I see… you were out picking fights again. Sighs…

Granberia: It seems you are already occupied, a shame then.

Erubetie: ………………………………

Granberia sheaths her sword back and Erubetie silently gets back to her normal self.

Tamamo (Sighs): I’ll talk to the Monster Lord to cancel our meeting for today. I still have some planning and preparations to do anyway.

Tamamo (uses telepathy): (So just finish off what you have started already… And please minimize the damage on the Monster Lords Castle, while you’re at it.)

Alma Elma (using telepathy): I’ll try.

And with that, Tamamo vanishes (Teleports).

Erubetie: ………………………………………..

Without saying a word, Erubetie disappears (Teleports) after Tamamo.

Granberia (using telepathy): (Be careful with this one, She’s very strong, I sensed a powerful aura within her. Don’t let your guard down.)

Alma Elma: (using telepathy): (Aw… are you really that worried about me, Granberry? )

Granberia (using telepathy): (Wha?! Stupid! (Blush) As if!!! Fine! I don’t care. Do what you want. I’m leaving.)

Granberia pouts and teleported away, leaving the two Queen Succubus in the Monster Lords Castle halls.

Alma Elma (Chuckles): That’s what I like about you Granberry

Morrigan (Giggles): I’m glad they’re gone. Otherwise I have to kill them.

Alma Elma (She laughs a little): Morri-chan, you don’t have any idea why were called the Heavenly Knights. 

Powerful winds blow around Alma Elma.

Morrigan: Finally….

Morrigan once again gets into her fighting stance, and surprisingly unleashes her Valkyrie Turn towards Alma.

Alma Elma: Ara?

Morrigan: You’re a bad one. Astral Vision!

Morrigan duplicates a clone of herself. And attacks Alma Elma to which she dodges most of the attacks until Morrigan’s clone dissipates. Alma then, sees an opening for another attack. Alma smiles and delivers a quick Knee kick.

Alma Elma: Hya! (Executes Flying Knee)

She aims at Morrigans face. Upon impact, Morrigan takes a serious blow and falls to the ground unconscious. Alma Elma then uses this chance for another pleasure attack. She uses her tail (Tail Caress) on the downed Morrigan, touching her, slowly pleasuring her. Morrigan cheeks blushes a bit, and when Alma saw her blush, Alma’s heart skips a beat.

Alma Elma: Alright time to finish you off.

As she says this, Alma uses her tail to grab (Tail Bind) and pleases (Tail Drain Reterra) Morrigan in all sorts of places, as she also uses her tongue (Romanus Teri Spirit) and breast (Melo Sophie Tellus) in the process.

Alma Elma: Come now Morri-chan You can’t hold it forever. Just give in already…

Morrigan (aroused): (This feeling… I… want…. to be…. Drowned in it….)

As Morrigan was about to succumb to pleasure, she hears a voice.

Mysterious Voice: Sis! I know you can hear me! Don’t give in! Fight back!

Morrigan: This voice……. Lilith…..

Lilith: Hang in there Sis!

In a flash of light, something or rather someone emerges from the ground to where Morrigan and Alma Elma were.

Lilith: Leave my Sister alone!

Lilith emerges with her wings wide spread from the ground (Silhouette Blade) and knocks Alma Elma away from Morrigan. Lilith then goes to Morrigan side.

Lilith: Sis! Snap out of it!

Morrigan: Ugh… Lilith?

Lilith: I only have a short amount of time, so let’s make this worthwhile.

Morrigan understand and nods. Lilith then helps Morrigan back up. At this time Alma Elma who was injured in the attack, was getting up and was dusting off her clothes and cape which has been lightly shredded by Lilith’s attack.

Lilith: Are you ready sis?

Morrigan: Of course!

Then both of them rush off towards Alma Elma.

Alma Elma (Surprised to see Lilith): Arara?

Lilith was the first to attack Alma but Alma manages to parry, she was then caught by Morrigan’s attack.

Morrigan: Let’s get closer. Soul Drain!

Morrigan unleashes her soul fist attack, but instead of a bat form it has a shape of a golden skull, which directly hits Alma Elma, knocking her off. The golden skull then reshapes into tiny orbs and goes back to Morrigan recovering a portion of her health.

Morrigan: Ah…! It feels nice…

After recovering a portion of her health, both the Aensland sisters headed towards the wounded Heavenly Knight. The Heavenly Knight then continues to evade the sisters assault, until one of the sisters manages to land a hit on her.

Morrigan: You’ve been very naughty. (Executes Darkness Illusion)

Both the sisters gang up on the Heavenly Knight, hitting her in all sorts of places while taunting her.

Morrigan: Does it hurt?

Lilith: Does it feel good?

Morrigan: You like it? Don’t you?

Lilith: Do you feel pleasure?

Morrigan: How does that feel?

After Morrigan’s last taunt, both the Aensland sisters delivered a final axe kick to the Heavenly Knight, sending her collapsing to the ground, both the sisters then descends to where the Heavenly Knight laid and with a final winked, Lilith merges back to her sister.

Morrigan: Did you enjoy it? Hehehe…

Alma Elma (feeling pain, faltering she gets back up): No… I can go for more…

Morrigan: Alright… time to end this… once and for all.

As Morrigan finished her statement, her wings transformed into a large canon (Soul Eraser) that is seemingly impossible for any person to wield, and points it directly at Alma Elma.

Morrigan: Your soul is mine

Morrigan unleashes her most devastating attack (Soul Eraser) towards Alma Elma and destroys a large portion of the Monster Lords castle.

Meanwhile a small shadow was wandering within the halls of the Monster Lord Castle, it was revealed to be the shadow of an Imp Monster Girl.

Imp: Wah! This castle sure is huge! I can’t seem to get bored wandering around in here.

A flash of light then shines at the halls of the Monster Lord Castle.

Imp: Huh? What’s that light? It’s seems to be coming closer…towards me---

As the Imp was talking, the light then approaches her.

Imp: Wha??? Kyaa! Help me!!!

As the Imp starts to run away, the devastating beam slams into her, along with her scream.

Somewhere in the Monsters Lords Castle presumably the Throne Room

Granberia: Huh? Did you hear that? It sounded like millions of voices cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced…

Erubetie: …..You’re probably just hearing things........

Back to where Morrigan and Alma Elma were fighting.

Morrigan finished firing her Soul Eraser at Alma Elma. Not a single trace remains of the Heavenly Knight, and upon seeing this she reforms her canon back into her wings.

Morrigan (Takes a deep breath): Phew… I guess… I overdid it.

Familiar Voice: Think again.

Her eyes broaden as she hears the familiar voice, and instantly turns around and sees Alma Elma, unscathed. Her mouth was wide open and she becomes speechless for three seconds.

Morrigan: Wha…? Hah… How in Jedah’s name?! Are you still alive?!

Alma Elma (Giggles): Did you forget that I move fast. Morri-chan

Morrigan face palm’s herself and sighs.

Morrigan (Scratches her head): It’s been bugging me for awhile, but… would you stop dodging?! And attack more often!

Alma Elma: Teehee. If I do that, I’m afraid I will have to kill. You don’t want me to get violent on you now right?

Alma Elma winks at Morrigan.

Morrigan (Irritated): Humph… Show me this….. Violent side of yours, and I ‘be more than happy to return the favor.

Alma Elma: Okay…if you insist…

Alma Elma takes a deep breath, then the wind around her suddenly changed into gale, her red eyes glows, her mind in a serene state and her pose becomes a stance like that of a martial artist. She then uses Shamsir on Morrigan to which Morrigan blocks using her wings. Using her speed, Alma then closes in to deliver a powerful knuckle sandwich to Morrigan.

Alma Elma: My fist taste it! (Diamond Plated Fist)

Morrigan was taken aback. Luckily she still shields herself from the impact, and only takes minor damage.

Morrigan: Finally! You’re being serious!

Alma Elma: This is what you ask for isn’t it?

Morrigan quickly morphs her foot and uses her Deep Crescendo for a one hit attack on Alma, only for her to hit Alma’s after-image. She quickly looks around for her enemy. Morrigan then manages spot the incoming shadow towards her from above. She evades Alma’s attack (Killing Flow) in time and takes flight into the air, Alma then pursues her. The fight takes into the air as Alma catches up to Morrigan in no time and then traded blows. Morrigan punches Alma only to be countered (Knockout Palm) by Alma, as she catches Morrigan’s right arm and punches them with enough force that her bones breaks, Morrigans screams with agony, then turns into a cloud of bats to get some distance between her and Alma. Healing her injuries in the process, Alma Elma sees Morrigan escaping, then brings her palm up her chin and blows. A powerful wind blasts into the bats knocking them off, Morrigan then reshapes back to her succubus body. Alma dashes off towards Morrigan, as she is near, Morrigan then suddenly wraps her left arm with her wings and does a rising attack on Alma Elma.

Morrigan: Shadow Blade!

She hits her, knocking Alma Elma off in a distance. Morrigan then uses Valkyrie Turn towards Alma Elma. As she is near to deliver yet another Shadow Blade, Morrigan is grabbed (Lightning Arm Crush) by Alma Elma on the left arm and uses Morrigan’s own momentum against her and throws her hard like a lightning bolt that strikes the ground. Leaving a huge crater and a puff of dust.

As the dust clears, Morrigan was lying there, coughing up blood with a broken right arm still, and an injured body.

Morrigan (coughing up blood): You’re full of surprises aren’t you?

Alma Elma: You’re the one who showed me first, I just returned the favor.

But Morrigan still have some fight within her. She then fires up Soul Drain using her left arm in hopes of draining Alma’s life force to recover hers. But Alma quickly creates a barrier of wind to block the attack. As Alma blocks her attack, Morrigan moves away like a shadow from the crater and executes another Darkness Illusion to Alma.

Morrigan: I’m gonna end this!

This time instead of Lilith appearing Morrigan’s double appeared, she gives Alma a whacking of attacks, Alma's clothes and cape were shredded in the process. As the final blow was about struck, Alma like a leaf in the wind, avoided the cutting finale. After Morrigan finished with her combo, her clone vanished, and it was Alma’s turn to retaliate. She uses her Dragon Knee as she moves like lighting and slams her knee into Morrigans chest leaving her more into an injured state. But nonetheless Morrigan still has some life in here as she yet again uses her Finishing Shower.

Morrigan (spitting blood): Dodge this!

As Morrigan unleashes a swarm of missiles towards her enemy, while destroying some pillars, columns and structures in the process, Alma Elma swiftly avoided, moves, sidesteps and flies out of the way, leaving after-images of herself, while readying another attack in the process,a sticky wet mucus flows out of her tail (Tail Mucus). When she’s near Morrigan, she then sprays the mucus at Morrigan’s face. As Morrigan was blinded by her mucus, Alma Elma delivers fatal blows (Palms of Pure Violence) to Morrigan's body.

Alma Elma: With my very heart and soul! (Executes Palms of Pure Violence)

With all her strength and spirit left, she slams her palm many times unto Morrigan, leaving her lying on the floor, broken bones, but still breathing slowly healing.

Morrigan (barely breathing): So that is the power of the Queen Succubus…

Alma Elma: No… This isn’t the power of Queen Succubus… It’s just mere violence…

As Alma Elma was about to deliver the final blow (Violent Stomp) to Morrigan's skull, an idea pops into her head.

Alma Elma (Lustful): Why don’t I show you the real power of the Queen Succubus?

Morrigan: Huh?

Alma Elma (grabbing her own tail): How about I give you a taste of heaven before you die?

The mouth at the end of her tail opens extremely wide.

Morrigan: What in the?!

Alma Elma: I really like you Morri-chan So instead of killing you physically, I will swallow you whole, melting you slowly like syrup inside my tail, until you become one with me

Morrigan: Eek! Stop!!!

Alma Elma: No~~pe! Hehe… experienced the Ultimate Pleasure

Her tail then swallows Morrigan’s body whole in one bite. Morrigan feels warm and sticky inside Alma’s tail, while slowly being forced deeper inside of her. Morrigan struggles desperately as the walls closes in inside of Alma’s tail until she is unable to move no more.

Morrigan: I still have some strength left… but this feeling…. It’s almost like… my…body…feels… warm inside… I……..I……..I……….

Morrigan feels a strange feeling, almost like ecstasy as warm fluid covers her entire body. Morrigan gasp while feeling entranced, slowly absorbed by Alma Elma. She slowly drowns herself with pleasure, finally giving in and becomes a prisoner of desire. Morrigan stopped struggling while Alma Elma takes her time eating her up, even though she is slowly being digested, she can’t help being pleasured inside, climaxing many times, until her consciousness starts to fade. Finally giving her body and soul to Alma Elma, she becomes one with her.

Alma Elma: This is the fate of the one who challenges the Queen Succubus. You were satisfied being able to taste such pleasure at the end of your life weren’t you? Goodbye, Morri-chan…



Boomstick: That………………was……..…………….freaking……………HOT!!! Show it again! Show it again!

Wiz: This was a surprisingly close match. As both Queen Succubus are pretty good at what they do, Morrigan can use soul based attacks while Alma Elma controls the wind.

Boomstick: Both are strong and are tough enough to survived deadly blows.

Wiz: Morrigan is full of surprises, but that can’t be said to Alma Elma either.

Boomstick: Morrigan may be able to turn her wings and feet into lethal weapons, but Alma Elma can also use her own body as a weapon too! (Drool)

Wiz: Oh no… What Boomstick meant was that… Alma Elma can use martial arts as a weapon, and is pretty adept in it.

Boomstick: Aside from using martial arts, she literally uses her body! The way she uses her pleasure attacks on her enemy! And let me tell you…her attacks aren’t just limited to us men. Her pleasure attacks are also effective on women too!

Wiz: That’s right, although she usually prefers men, she is also into women, as seen after she defeated her fellow heavenly knight Granberia, who can to slice a mountain in half. And Morrigan doesn't have any resistance to pleasure attacks.

Boomstick: Also Alma Elma has a winning streak against Granberia! As Morrigan only won once against Demitri Maximoff many times they fight each other.

Wiz: Both are capable of teleportation. Morrigan is pretty fast in terms of speed, but Alma Elma is much much way faster.

Boomstick: Hell yeah! She is! Even the spirit of the wind Sylph acknowledges and is afraid of her monstrous speed!

Wiz: As Morrigan is able turn into a shadow and moves like one, Alma Elma leaves after-images of herself when she moves, so much like teleported. Morrigan just can’t keep up with her. 

Boomstick: Sure Morrigan has the deadlier attacks, but what can she do, if she can’t hit her target with them? And let’s not forget that Alma Elma is the Undisputed Champion in the Grand Noah coliseum which means she has years of fighting experience and has never lost a match.

Wiz: Combined that with, martial arts, pleasure attacks, wind magic, immeasurable speed and lewd attitude. It’s only a matter of time before Morrigan gives in to pleasure and submits herself to Alma Elma.

Boomstick: Looks like it was Alma Elma that suck Morrigans soul and made her climax at the end.

Alma Winner
Wiz: The winner is Alma Elma.
Who do you think should win?

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