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The Queen of Demons vs The King of Heroes! Which OP Magical Ruler will win this duel of Sorcery?


KR: A king or queen are only set to rule, or that's what is said.

AK211: But to those two, A King Or a Queen are born to fight.

KR: Gilgamesh, The King of Heroes.

AK211: And Morrigan Aensland, The Queen of The Makai Underworld. He's KR and i'm AK211!

KR: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win...A Death Battle

Morrigan Aensland


Tier: At least Multi-Solar System Level, likely Galaxy Level

Name: Morrigan Aensland

Origin: Darkstalkers

Gender: Female

Age: Over 300 years old (Born in 1678)

Classification: Succubus, Makai noble, Class-S Darkstalker

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Can make her wings separate from her to form a cloud of bats, Duplication (creates a clone to double-team opponents), Can cross universes (Crosses from Makai to the human realm and vice-versa with no effort), Intangibility, Can absorb the Souls/Power of her opponents

KR: The Succubus are one of many races living in the demonic realm of Makai. And one born in this particular lot holds tremendous power, this particular individual is the beautiful Morrigan.

AK211: Wow! She’s hot! Look at her! Now that’s a woman right there! Morrigan was born 1968 Scotland and was later adopted by Belial of the Aensland Clan, one of the rulers of Makai because he saw great potential and amazing power in her. Not to mention a sexy and smoking hot body to boot!

KR: But Belial foresaw the dangers of the powers residing in Morrigan's body. So he sealed away part of her power, one-third in himself and one-third in a pocket dimension, which eventually became a being of its own, a succubus named Lilith.

AK211: Another cutie after my own heart. Seriously she’s like Morrigan’s loli version.

KR: She is. Anyway, she found her life in the Aensland castle dull, and being a fun-loving succubus she visits the human world secretly many times to look for some kind of entertainment, mainly seducing male victims.

AK211: She pretty much messes around with men, as she devours their dreams while they are sleeping, as what a succubus would do, as she could never find this sort of nourishment anywhere in the Makai realm and fed off as much as she could, so much better than Freddy Kruger showing up in your dreams.

KR: She also preys on men’s soul through their sexual tendencies.

AK211: Hehehe…. I’m willing to be preyed by her if given the chance.

KR: Unless you’re willing to go insane, then be my guest… As when a succubus feeds on their victim, the victim then slowly losses their mind until they become insane.

AK211: I’be willing to give up half a brain to get her under my pants. Hehehehe…..

KR: You’re an idiot AK211…. Anyway…. Morrigan doesn’t do this for her own selfish reasons. She does so because it is crucial for her own survival. As the succubus race is dependent on feeding on humans. If she doesn’t feed within three days, she dies.

AK211: She can always depend on me KR!

KR: Like your ex-wife?

AK211: That’s another story KR….

K211: Sigh…. Never mind….

Boomstick: Okay! After messing with many men in the human world she was drawn to a strange power one night by an evil fire alien overlord by the name of Pyron. Of course she encountered him in battle, but her ultimately victory went to Demitri Maximoff instead, her lover/rival sometimes. Lucky bastard…

KR: She later returned to the demon world and 16 years passed, and Belial passed away. Morrigan then received a portion of her sealed power from Belial and became the head of the Aensland Clan and ruler of Makai. After this Demitri Maximoff always challenged her, but she just shrugged it off every time he issued a challenge.

AK211: Hahaha suck it Demitri! That’s what happens when you steal the spotlight. Hehehe, she is rightfully the ruler of Makai, but she keep’s avoiding her responsibilities and continues her life like before. Although she is the queen of the succubus, she doesn’t really care about her kind and always do as she pleases, carefree, confident, playful and fun, I definitely like her.

KR: Even though her own race is on brink of extinction! Ahem… Morrigan has a variety of moves she can use against her opponent. She can reshape her wings into tentacles, spikes, and blades when attacking her enemies, she can also uses her wings to shield herself from oncoming attacks. Her hair is also strong and can also be used as a weapon.

AK211: She can use her wings and hair to do some kinky stuff? She’s my kind of woman!

KR: How many kinds of women are you into anyway?

AK211: A lot KR…. A lot…. Hehehehe…..

KR: Whatever AK211…..

AK211: Her wings can also be separated from her, and form into a cloud of bats. How does it do that? During her dashing moves, her wings can be like a rocket booster to boost and give off a visible thrust called Valkyrie Turn and follows it up with an attack using her wings to form into a drill called Shell Kick which pierces her enemy. Aside from that she also uses her wings to do a shuryuken move called: Shadow Blade, where she wraps one of her wings around her arm, and does a rising like uppercut at her enemy which sends them sky high. Also she can use an attack called Splash Libido where she morphs her wings into arrow like spears to pierce her opponent. Speaking of Libido my Di-----

KR (Cuts AK211off short): A-As a succubus she can drain the energy of her opponent through her Soul Drain move, she can also use a move called Deep Crescendo an attack that turns her heels into a blade that slashes her opponents.

AK211: Morrigan also knows how to do ninjutsu! She has a move called Astral Vision which duplicates herself to attack her enemy dealing twice the damage. She can also unleash a barrage of combos with her clone called Darkness Illusion, in which she quickly grabs hold and have fun with you. She comes with a bonus too! A threesome is always possible with her!

KR (Ignoring AK211): She also uses her wings for a grab attack, called the Vector Drain, in which she grabs her enemy and takes them to the air and downward spiral slams them to the ground dealing major damage.

AK211: She also mastered a few soul base techniques such as the Soul Kiss where as the name implies, she can take her opponents soul… with a kiss. She can kiss me all she wants KR! I’ll give her my French kiss move that she’ll never forget. Hehehe…

KR: Bad idea AK211. For if she kisses her opponent for too long they die. Though certain opponents like Demitri Maximoff can withstand such a fatal kiss.

AK211: I promise you KR, I can withstand such a kiss.

KR: Doubt it. She can also channel her own ki energy, which she calls Soul Fist: her best known attack which is a blast of ki from her fists. If she uses it with regular power, it will appear as a large glowing yellow bat and sometimes it will appear as a beam with a ghostly skull.

AK211: She also uses her ki with her wings to do a Finishing Shower a move that creates missiles from her wings and launch them towards her opponent! Hmm… speaking of showers… I need one right now, after thinking of Succubus, Morrigan, and----

KR: AK211?! Get back on track!

AK211: Oh! Ahem! Right! But what my favorite move on Morrigan is her Soul Eraser. A big gun so much like a cannon that she uses to destroy her opponents soul as the name implies. Look at that thing! Every time she fires that makes me wonderful pants feeling….

KR: After a while Morrigan encounters Lilith the two then, battle and Morrigan comes out on top.

AK211: Hehehehe….. Of course Morrigan's on top, she pretty much takes the lead, as she is pretty experienced in that. Hehehehe, she also has better proportions than Lilith. Especially her smoking hot T&A. (Drool…..)

KR: (Hits AK211in the head with his mechanical arm)

AK211: Ow!!!

KR: (Sarcastically) Whoops, my mechanical arm malfunctioned.

AK211: One of these days KR, your mechanical arm will end up in a dumpster.

KR: Moving on, after she defeats Lilith the two then merge and Morrigan finally recovered her long sealed power. Making her more powerful and-----

AK211 (Cuts KR off short): So… how did they merge exactly? Did they have like sex or something?

KR: Uh. She just embraced and accepts Lilith to be one with her, and that’s that.

AK211: Wait?! What?!!!That’s bull!…. Where’s the fun in that? They should have just had sex. Like a succubus would do. Now that would be hot. (Drool……)

KR: What’s with you today?

AK211: I don’t know… I….I think….I’m in love!

KR: Hang in there AK211! Don’t let it get to you!

AK211: Must…..resist…..urge…. from….temptation…… I give up KR! Morrigan take me!!! I’m all yours!!!

KR: Rocket Punch! (Uses his mechanical arm to knock out AK211)

AK211 (Loud Thud, AK211 falls on the ground unconscious): Uhhhh....

KR: Ooops…! My hand slipped.…..

KR: Ahem… As I was saying, after merging with Lilith this makes Morrigan pretty powerful. She gains an additional move called the Silhoutte Blade, where she creates multiple Lilith clones that uses all of Lilith's Shining Blade attack, and in her Darkness Illusion special, Lilith sometimes appears instead of the mirror image of Morrigan.

KR: She is considered as one of the strongest in the Darkstalkers universe. She is rank as an S+ Class Darkstalker, which means she’s pretty darn strong. She has superhuman strength, as it only takes one-shot from her to destroy Huitzels, which I kid you not, powerful robots that defends against the supernatural mainly against Darkstalkers. She also has the durability and endurance of a Darkstalker, which means she heals fast and is durable enough to survive being burned, being freeze to death as well as endure some energy based attacks, electrocuted and even cut to pieces. She even fought Demitri Maximoff in battle a few times.

KR: She also has a superhuman reaction speed where she can turn into a shadow-like figure that moves pretty fast, she even travels frequently between the Makai and Human realm with ease without using the “Gate”, and in Marvel vs Capcom 3, Morrigan outclass Iron Man in terms of flying, while turning herself into tiny bats avoiding Iron Mans attacks in the process, she seems to be able to teleport too. The more she feeds, the stronger she becomes, without any defined limit. She is quite athletic and flexible too.

KR: Morrigan is indeed a powerful succubus, but she does have flaws and limits, such as she loves to fight but doesn’t take fighting seriously, can struggle against male opponents, is a terrible strategist, always goes head-burst into fights, and some of her attacks take time to charge, so she can be left wide open for enemy attacks. She can also be overconfident and careless at times and even once lost a battle against Demitri Maximoff.

KR: Her fate is not known, though in other games, particularly Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, hints that she did, to some degree, finally accepted her role as the Queen Succubus of the Makai Realm.

KR: Although Morrigan may look like an antagonist, she is not really evil, as she never kills her victims, only draining their energy to the point where they end up unconscious. In fact, she is the protagonist of the series and is strangely friendly and approachable despite her devilish and lustful looks. If you ever see her in the human world she’s just out to satisfy her own pleasure and have a good time as the fun loving Queen Succubus of the Makai Realm.

AK211 (weakly): Morrigan..... Uhhhhh.....

"Living an eternity where nothing ever changes.. that's more terrifying than death itself, don't you think?"



Tier: At least Large Mountain Level, up to at least Large Island Level with the Gate of Babylon, Island Level with Merodach. At least Large Island Level with Enuma Elish, Planet Level with a full power Enuma Elish, Large Star Level to Multi-Solar System Level with Awakened Ea. | Galaxy Level, Possibly Universe Level, potentially Multiverse Level

Key: Base | Unsealed Power

Name: Archer, Gilgamesh, King of Heroes

Origin: Fate/stay night

Age: Unknown (Summoned in his prime as an adult, though he possesses all the experience that he did in life, and spent 10 years incarnated in the world)

Gender: Male

Classification: Archer-class Servant

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight (Possesses a Noble Phantasm that allows him to levitate off the ground and take flight faster than any modern magi), possesses the prototype forms of every Noble Phantasm and all other things created by human hands and can fire them from portals, supernatural luck in collecting and maintaining wealth, minor Mind Manipulation with Charisma, Electricity Manipulation with Auto-Defensors, Energy Projection with various Noble Phantasms, Forcefield Creation, Homing Attacks, Ice Manipulation, Invisibility with Ring of Invisibility, Regeneration, Immortality, and/or Magic Negation with various Noble Phantasms, Clairvoyance and Precognition with Sha Nagba Imuru (Allows him to instantly discern great truths, such as the identity of another Servant and their Noble Phantasms, can see the possibilities of parallel worlds, predicting the future and knowing exactly what to do), Soul Manipulation (All Servants can consume souls to replenish their magical energy), can create a dislocation in space-time that specializes in destroying "worlds"and shows the "Truth" of creation using Ea, Intangibility and Invisibility in spirit form (Lost once he became incarnated by the mud of the Grail), Immunity to conventional weapons, Resistance to Magic (Increased further by his armor, includes effects such as Petrification, Spatial Manipulation, and Mind Manipulation), Spatial Manipulation, and Time Manipulation (Is unaffected by the space-time dislocation created through the use of Enuma Elish and was unhindered by the collapse of Rider's Reality Marble), possesses incredibly strong willpower (Not even All the World's Evil can corrupt his ego, and was in fact completely ineffective, allowing him to fight back even when consumed and digested by Sakura), Regeneration (Mid-Low; all Servants have regenerative capabilities) | All previous abilities, along with Resistance to Matter Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Reality Warping, Causality Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Power Nullification and Illusion Creation, Time Paradox Immunity (After obtaining the power of the Root of the Beginning, BB, who is able to manipulate space-time, causality, probability, information, gravity, life, death, minds, senses, powers, and souls through her usage of Potnia Theron, was unable to affect Gilgamesh due to being opposed by a power of equal potency)

KR: In the distant realm known as the world of Fate, a.k.a. the Nasuverse, historical figures are brought to life to fight each other in a war for an artifact known as the Holy Grail.

AK211: You’ve got Greek mythological characters like Hercules, Irish legends like Cu Chulainn, and even a female King Arthur. But perhaps the most dangerous figure of them all is the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh!

KR: Before he became the famed and feared servant of the Grail War, Gilgamesh was a ruler of Mesopotamia, born of a goddess and a king. For a good part of his life, Gilgamesh was a successful ruler, providing a great many contributions to his people.

AK211: Buuut then all that power got to his head and he became a dick to his people. Their solution? Turn to the gods and pray for a miracle. And that miracle came…as a hairy cave dude named Enkidu.

KR: Enkidu would come to make Gilgamesh see the error of his ways, and soon, the two would become the best of friends, going on various adventures together.

AK211: Until the goddess Ishtar offered him marriage and he refused, and he and Enkidu killed this giant bull thing that she summoned. The gods were naturally ticked off by this, and killed Enkidu in return.

KR: Upon Enkidu’s death, Gilgamesh would fall into a state of deep depression, and would eventually seek out immortality for himself.

AK211: He was kinda doomed to fail, but kudos to him for trying. At least he became the hero of a legendary epic.

KR: However, since this is Fate, Gilgamesh was revived, summoned into the Holy Grail War as an Archer-class Servant.

AK211: And from there he became the hammiest dickhead Fate has ever known!! His sheer arrogance will make Ganondorf or DIO explode in utter embarrassment. I mean, the dude thinks every shiny pointy thingy and every not so shiny human belongs to him!

KR: Believe it or not, Gilgamesh’s arrogance is actually very well justified. For an Archer, Gilgamesh’s stats are pretty high. He’s pretty strong, though not at the same level as Servants like Berserker and Saber.

AK211: He’s also pretty fast, and with his mythic formal wear, he can travel faster than light! I mean what in the actual hell?!

KR: And despite his lanky frame, Gilgamesh is deceptively tough. He’s able to laugh off a beating from Saber/Artoria, who mind you had the full power of Excalibur by her side. He also tanked a low-powered blast from his own weapon, which at full power can destroy the world.

AK211: And he got stabbed in the face once, and it sure as hell didn’t kill him!

KR: Gilgamesh is an excellent strategist and manipulator, able to trick Kirei Kotomine into killing his own mentor and basically winning the Grail War through his sheer manipulation alone.

AK211: The dude’s also got a lot of weapons, and he knows to some extent how to wield ‘em all.

KR: And of course, Gilgamesh is also arrogant…extremely so. He believes that no one is above him, and that everything in the world belongs to him. However, he will not hesitate to give respect to someone if he finds them worthy.

AK211: With that out of the way, let’s discuss how Gilgamesh kicks ass—with his Noble Phantasms! These babies are the weapons of a Servant, and Gilgamesh has…quite a lot of them, actually. With his signature Gate of Babylon, he’s got a nigh-infinite storehouse of shiny blades and spears and just about everything that’s sharp and pointy and lethal!

KR: Some of the weapons stored within the Gate are the indestructible Durandal, the cursed Gae Bolg, the wyrmkilling Gram, the immortal-killing Harpe, his own set of armor, and so much more.

AK211: When he wants to stop his foes from moving, Gil busts out Enkidu, the Chains of Heaven. This long chain is so powerful, it can even bind gods!

KR: Named after Gilgamesh’s deceased friend, Enkidu’s nature is being able to bind beings with divinity, and the more divinity the target has, the tighter the chains become.

AK211: He’s also got Vimana, which is A F*CKING SPACESHIPPPPPP!!! Created by the Hindu deities, this baby can break the laws of physics with its speed, and it’s filled to the brim with guns, nukes, and plenty more weapons of mass destruction!

KR: Gilgamesh also has the weapon known as Enki: Sword of the End. A multiform blade, Enki literally contains the power to flood the world as it did in the biblical Great Flood, though it can only do this at full power, and that power must be achieved within a minimum of seven days.

AK211: When it’s charged up, though, it turns to a bow that fires off a tracer arrow on the ground to serve as a guide for Gil’s ultimate attack with Enki!

KR: There are many Noble Phantasms contained within the Gate of Babylon, but none of them can possibly stack up to Gilgamesh’s most iconic and powerful sword: Ea, the Sword of Rupture.

AK211: What makes this Gurren Lagann sword so OP, you ask? At full power, it’s said to be able to destroy the entire planet, and return it to its initial, hellish state! How does it do it, you ask? With its ultimate technique, Enuma Elish, it’ll turn into a vacuum that sucks in every surrounding gas, and then it unleashes a blast powerful enough to rend space-time and destroy the planet! Damn, Gilgamesh has potential. A lot of it.

KR: Gilgamesh also comes with a handful of passive skills to aid him further. With Golden Rule, he is basically destined to amass a pile of fortunes and treasures, and he has access to the money he needs to purchase whatever he needs, without ever running out of supply.

AK211: He’s got some epic Charisma, too! I mean, LOOK AT THE GUY!! Do you not see that he transcends the very concept of popularity itself?!

KR: Servants typically vanish without their Masters, but Gilgamesh is a special case. Thanks to Independent Action, he is able to remain in the world for as long as he likes without a Master.

AK211: You know those treasure magnet power-ups in platformers? Gilgamesh has one…on steroids! With Collector, he’s able to draw rare and powerful items to his person, which is probs why he’s got a sh*tton of weapons in his magic vault!

KR: We still have yet to explain the Awakened Ea.

AK211: Huh?

KR: Awakened Ea is Ea at full power. Ea, at its strongest, is described as being capable of weaving all stars into creation together as one, Not to mention that Gilgamesh used it to destroy a dimension with countless stars within it.

AK211: Now we're done?

KR: You think this is it for Gilgamesh? No. In Fate/Extra, he was one of Hakuno Kirishima's Servants alongside, Saber Nero, Archer, and Tamamao-No-Mae. There, he was capable of destroying the Moon Cell, making it collapse on him, his master and Kiara Sessyoin. Kiara, with only a part of her Noble Phantasm, can grow several time larger than the planet, and use the planet for...ahem, Masturbation.

AK211: WTF?!

KR: Also, Kiara is superior to BB, who has full control of the Moon Cell, which is Galaxy-Sized, and was capable of sealing the Universal-Sized Kingprotea. Kiara herself is described as a pocket universe herself, and Gilgamesh was capable of easily and casually defeating her. Meaning that Gilgamesh is vastly superior to BB, Kiara, and Kingprotea.

AK211: WOW!!! TOO COOL, BRO!!!!!

KR: With his title, abilities, and treasures, Gilgamesh obviously has a good number of achievements to his name. He ended the age of Gods by, well…killing them all, and in a previous Grail War, he was easily able to defeat every other Servant.

AK211: And you know the manly Rider from Fate/Zero? You know, the one with a literal army behind his back? Yeah, Gilgamesh stomped ‘em all to the ground and even destroyed Iskandar’s pocket dimension!

KR: He’s casually defeated the Saber-class Servant Artoria Pendragon; maintained his will against the corruptive nature of the Grail; ended the rest of the lives of Berserker/Heracles, Defeated Kiara, who can grow several times larger than the planet and is described to be a pocket universe in herself, making him superior to both BB and Kingprotea and making him one of the greatest villains to ever grace the Nasuverse.

AK211: But he will never be like Hajun from Kajiri Kamui Kagura.

KR: However, Gilgamesh holds fatal flaws. For one, he’s extremely, extremely arrogant to a massive fault, which often leads him to severely underestimating his foe (though he can respect his foe if they earn it) and hold back. And his massive pride may often cause him do reckless things.

AK211: And he’s got a sh*tload of weapons? Yeah, that’s impressive…until you realize that Gil didn’t really take the time to master them all! But if Gil can just keep his massive ego in check, then he’d become a much more formidable force than he is now. I mean, the dude’s got a planet-busting, space-time-cutting sword, for God’s sakes!

KR: With all of this, Gilgamesh hasn't earned the title of King Of Heroes for nothing. Challenging Fate's favourite charater...well, your asking for a carnage.

“Hero of Justice”? A world where no one is hurt? Don’t be absurd. “Humanity” is the name for an animal that cannot find joy in life without sacrifice"


KR: Alright. The Combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all!

AK211: It's Time For A Death Battle!

Death Battle

"Ugh...Where am i?"

Those were the words of a rather beautiful woman with bat wings and a green revealing jumpsuit with fur lining the collar of the suit.

Morrigan Aensland woke up with a headache, looking at her surroundings to see a rather destroyed area. There was nothing but destroyed debris and parts of destroyed buildings. It's as if a war was made here.

Morrigan shook her head, trying to remember what happened before now.

"Oh, that's right. I absorbed Lillith before everything went to black" Morrigan said before looking around her to find out where she is. She then sighed as she realized that she don't know anything about her surroundings.

"Well, time to stroll around" She said before her wings became bigger and flew to the sky to see her surroundings.

Meanwhile, on another part in the same area.

A man with red eyes, golden hair, earings and armor looked at his surroundings with a rather calm expression. He then snorted in annoyance.

The last thing that Gilgamesh can remember was beating the shit out of Kiara Sessyion with his Enuma Elish, effectively collapsing the entire Moon Cell on both him and her. Everything went to black after that, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself in this war zone-like area.

"This is starting to get annoying" Gilgamesh said, rather annoyed. He then continued walking, with the only sound that was echoing in the area being the sound of his foot steps on the ground.

He then caught something from the corner of his eyes. A woman with bat wings flying in midair, and she was literally the stunning figure.

But knowing who was Gilgamesh, he didn't care about the looks. Hell, he thought that Arturia Pendragon was way prettier than her.

"Why? Beacuse she is mine!" Were his thoughts.

Morrigan noticed the man clad in golden armor. She then flew in front of him and stood about 10 meters away from him.

"I take it that you were the one who sent me here-I, Gilgamesh-The King Of Heroes?" Gilgamesh was the first one to speak, making Morrigan smile in response.

"My, My. Aren't you so rushy? But to answer your question, no. I'm just like you here, i was sent here against my will. But, you human what a laughable title. The King Of Heroes? You think that by just wearing a fancy armor which was brought by your mama to you on your birthday that you would become some sort of a warrior?" Morrigan said before laughing lightly.

Gilgamesh's reaction? This literally made a vein pop on his forehead.

"Who are you to say this to me, pathetic trash of a woman?" Gilgamesh asked between his gritted teeth, which only made Morrigan laugh more before stopping after a couple of seconds, and looked at Gilgamesh, still smiling

"I'm not a normal woman, i'm a Succubus, Goldie. I'm the ruler of the Underworld, Morrigan Aensland" Morrigan introduced herself, making Gilgamesh scoff at this.

"Hmph. I really see nothing like that on you. I will tell you what, You and i can battle to the death, My title against yours. That is, if your not gonna chicken up" Gilgamesh said making Morrigan smile even more.

"I don't mind, but don't cry to your mama in the after life" She said before maintaining her fighting stance, with Gilgamesh only standing with his arms crossed in front of his opponent as golden glowing circular gates appeared behind his back, with tips of swords and spears appearing from them.

Let The Royal Battle Begin!

Fight by tendothegamer-db80zxc

In an instant, The weapons from the Gate of Babylon were all hurled at Morrigan like bullets. the Queen of The Makai realm began to dodge and maneuver around the various kinds of blades while reaching for Gilgamesh. Said person noticed this, and pulled out a double-edged sword with a beautiful golden cross handle, and rushed at Morrigan, all while the Gate of Babylon was unleashing its seemingly limitless weapons on the succubus.

Once they were near each other, Morrigan transformed her wings into a sword and swung her body to block Gilgamesh's Durandel from hurting her. She then pushed him from her, and her leg turned into that of a long black axe, before delivering a roundhouse kick to Gilgamesh, aiming to cleave his head in half, but Gilgamesh saw through this, and bent his back to dodge the decapitating hit that would have chopped his head off. Gilgamesh then clapped his fingers, making several portals appear around him and Morrigan. Several large spears appeared around them. Morrigan noticed this, and morphed her wings into that of a spherical shield, with Gilgamseh calling a series of golden disks from the Gate of Babylon which began to surround him. The spears were then fired at hypersonic speeds at both the King of Heroes and the Queen of the Makai Realm, with each spear being deflected or broken upon making contact with Morrigan's shield or Gilgamesh's Auto Defenders' lightning bolts. When the barrage of spears stopped, Morrigan dispelled her barrier, making it return to its wings from. But she was caught off guard with Gilgamesh's Auto Defenders firing lightning bolts at her. She then proceeded to fly into the sky, dodging the bolts of lightning fired from the Auto Defenders. Gilgamesh just smirked arrogantly at her.

"Come on! Is that all you got? I thought that the Queen of the Underworld was stronger than that!" Gilgamesh called for Morrigan, making said succubus glare at him.

"Don't push on my nerves, Goldie" Morrigan said, making Gilgamesh growl in anger at the nick name that was given to him.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT, BITCH!" He roared in anger before a portal opened behind him. Gilgamesh reached for it, and his hand phased through it. He then retracted his hand and in it was a golden drill. He then pointed it to the sky. The golden drill spun before unleashing several bullets like a machine gun at Morrigan, who had difficulty dodging both lightning and bullets at the same time. Gilgamesh smirked once more at this, before another portal appeared behind him, and out of it came a red spear that had a spring-like frame on its staff. He then caught it with his free hand, before throwing it a Morrigan, who noticed it and tilted her head to avoid it.

"Hah! Is that all you have? Lightning, bullets, and a mere spear? How pathetic, Goldie" She said, but she noticed Gilgamesh's smirk never leaving his face.

Suddenly, she gasped before coughing blood, feeling sharp pain in her chest, particularly her heart. She then looked at the source, only for her eyes to widen upon seeing Gae Bolg, the cursed spear which she had just dodged, sticking to her heart. This moment of distraction gave Gilgamesh the chance to pummel Morrigan with lightning bolts from the Auto Defenders and bullets from his golden drill. The barrage continued for a couple of minutes with Gilgamesh's arrogant smirk never leaving him. After the barrage was finished, Morrigan fell from the sky to the ground with a 'thud', battered and wounded. Gilgamesh saw his downed opponent, with the smoke rising from her body. Gilgamesh just scoffed at her.

"You were a fool for fighting me, bitch, and a weak one to begin with" He said before his Auto Defenders and golden drill returned to the Gate of Babylon. He then turned around, about to leave and continue looking at his surroundings once more. However, his Sha Naqba Imuru kicked in, forcing him to jump to his side to avoid an energy ball from behind. He then looked with bored and narrowed eyes at the source of the energy ball, only to see Morrigan looking at him with her hands extended. She was bruised and battered, but pretty much alive.

"Haah...I'm not going so easy, Goldie. You have to do better than that" Morrigan said.

"And your quite impressive actually. But far from being my equal. I shall dispose of you right here. Get ready for round two!" Gilgamesh said before several portals of the Gate of Babylon appeared behind him. He then put his hand in one of them, extracting a beautiful chinese halberd. He then maintained a fighting stance while smirking at Morrigan, with the Gate of Babylon behind him ready to unleash another barrage of weapons towards the King of Heroes' enemies.

The battle had just begun.

Gilgamesh charged at Morrigan, who morphed her wing into a sword before attaching it to her arm, and charged as well. At the same time, the Gate of Babylon sent its barrage of blades towards the Queen of the Underworld. Gilgamesh swung Hotengeki at Morrigan, but she hopped above it. She then had to jump again to dodge a sword from the Gate of Babylon, which gave Gilgamesh the chance to whack Morrigan with the staff of his halberd, knocking her off the air, and making her open to have multiple blades hit her, but she managed to morph her wings into a spherical shield to protect herself from being screwed up by blades. Gilgamesh saw this and smirked, before stabbing forward, plugging Hotengeki at Morrigan's shield. He then rose it up, and begun twirling it around, above his head. Inside the sphere, Morrigan's face had become green, her eyes rolling comically and a hand was on her mouth to stop herself from throwing up. Gilgamesh then begun slamming Morrigan on the ground, creating small craters on the ground. He then spun it again above his head before throwing both the spherical shield and the halberd towards a building, making a huge hole in it. Gilgamesh then flicked his wrist, and multiple swords and spears shot out from the Gate of Babylon towards the hole in the building where Morrigan was flung into. The barrage made the entire building crumble slowly before being completely destroyed, effectively falling on Morrigan.

Collapsing building by nathanthemanthemhfan-dbvyts9

Gilgamesh looked at the remains of the destroyed building. He scoffed before turning around and waving his hand above his shoulder.

"Bah. What a disappointing finish" Gilgamesh said before beginning to walk away, but again Sha Naqba Imuru kicked in, and forced Gilgamesh to turn around to see multiple black tendrils with arrow heads bursting out of the rubble and aiming for him.

Gilgamesh sighed before lazily pointing his opened palm towards the tendrils.

"Rho Aias" He lazily said before seven sakura petals appeared in front of the King of Heroes. Each petal made a large purple spherical layer in front of Gilgamesh. The black tendrils charged at the petals, struggling against the barriers, however it stopped after a couple of seconds worth of struggling against the barrier, but it didn't even graze the first layer. The tendrils then retracted to the debris, and morphed into hands, which started to push the rocks that were formed out of the destruction of the building, and out of the debris came Morrigan, battered and brusied with the wound on her chest still bleeding. Gilgamesh saw his weakened opponent and sighed in disappointment.

"Your really annoying. You know that?" Gilgamesh lazily said making Morrigan grit her teeth in anger, before her wings morphed into multiple rocket launchers, all aimed at the King of Heroes, who just yawned with a hand on his mouth and his eyes closed. He then looked at Morrigan with a lazy look.

"You just don't learn, do you?" He asked before multiple portals of the Gate of Babylon appeared behind Gilgamesh, with the tips of multiple swords and spears appearing from them.

Morrigan fired several rockets from her wings, with Gilgamesh commanding the weapons from the Gate of Babylon to charge towards the missiles. The blades and rockets collided, nullifying one another with no one gaining the advantage on the other. Gilgamesh then sneakingly phased his hand through one of the portals, and retracted it. Nothing seemed to be in his hand, but he seemed to be gripping on something. He then smirked before throwing the 'thing' in his hand towards Morrigan, who was busy fending off against the seemingly limitless amounts of blades. She then gasped as she felt something piercing her left wing. She looked at her wing and found nothing, but she could swear that there was some sort of a sword impaling her wing.

She was distracted by this from the barrage of blades aimed at her. Morrigan looked in front of her with cold sweat running down her face. She couldn't form her barrier due to her injured wing. She then made her other wing form into energy as it surrounded her fist, which was aimed at the blades in front of her.

"Soul Fist!" She exclaimed, firing a ball of energy in the shape of a golden skull towards the blades of the Gate of Babylon. The blades disappeared in a pile of ash once it made contact with Morrigan's energy ball, and was literally heading towards Gilgamesh, who was shocked that his opponent was still standing. The King of Heroes gritted his teeth before he summoned numerous shields from the Gate of Babylon that floated between him and the energy ball. The energy ball exploded upon contact with the shields, effectively halting it. Gilgamesh dismissed the shields, and glared at Morrigan, who was literally finished from pulling the invisible sword that was impaled in her left wing. She then glared at Gilgamesh.

"Your starting to piss me off, Goldie. No more fooling around" Morrigan said before several clones of her appeared, surrounding Gilgamesh in a giant circle. Gilgamesh just stood without even showing any sign of worry. Morrigan smirked at him.

"It's time to end this, Goldie!"

"I was about to say that!"

With this being exclaimed, Morrigan's clones charged at the King of Heroes, who flicked his wrist rather casually, making several portals appear and shot several spears and swords at the clones. Each clone that was in front of the weapons which got impaled disappeared in a puff of smoke. Gilgamesh then saw multiple clones, about 20, managed to maneuver through the massacre of blades caused by the Gate of Babylon, and jumped at him like a bunch of wolves attacking their prey. Gilgamesh just smirked, before pulling a sword out of one of the portals. Said sword was a double-edged sword which was entirely made out of ice save for the hilt, which was normal. Gilgamesh then spun around with the sword in his grip, flash-freezing the 20 clones, and making them fall on the ground and shatter to pieces of ice. Morrigan was extremely shocked by this. or whatever he was, was dominating her in every single way. She gritted her teeth, seemingly out of tricks...

Then, she got an idea.

Gilgamesh just smirked arrogantly at his opponent. The sword of ice returning to the portal of the Gate of Babylon.

"Hah. Is that all you got? If you have something left to entertain me before i take your life, then do it now" Gilgamesh said, before he saw Morrigan taking off to the sky.

"Catch me if you can!" Morrigan said before taking off to the sky. Gilgamesh growled in annoyance at this.

"She is really getting on my nerves" He said before a rather large portal of the Gate of Babylon opened, and out of it came a large green futuristic spaceship. Gilgamesh touched its frame and smirked.

"Vimana...I missed you baby" He said before jumping on top of the ship and opening the door of the pilot. He entered it, closed the door and the ship took off to the sky in rather astonishing speeds.

Meanwhile, With Morrigan

"If i attacked him from the sky, i will have more advantages since he can't reach me without throwing his weapons. I will have the advantage for sure" Morrigan said while smiling.

"Oi! Why are you talking to yourself, Batty?"

Recognizing the voice, Morrigan's looked behind her to see a giant green spaceship with Gilgamesh piloting it.

Morrigan's eyes were literally larger than dinner plates by now.

"WHAT THE HELL?! OF ALL OF THE THINGS YOU CAN PULL OUT OF THOSE PORTALS, YOU HAVE A SPACE SHIP?!" Morrigan yelled at Gilgamesh, who just smirked at her.

"I figured you would be surprised, but now is not the time to be surprised, It's time to die!" Gilgamesh said before pushing a button on the top of the handles, making the cannons on the ship fire laser beams and rockets towards Morrigan, who began to dodge and maneuver around the attacks. The chase kept on going until they reached a mountain. Gilgamesh smirked before clapping his fingers together, and portals of the Gate of Babylon appeared around the ship. The portals fired swords and spears at Morrigan, who didn't notice them before they impaled her back and wings at the top of the mountain. Morrigan tilted her head behind her, having been pinned on her stomach. She saw Vimana on top of the mountain and her, before opening a small door in its bottom. Gilgamesh smirked before pressing a button on the ship's board as a Tsar Bomb fell from it towards the pinned Morrigan.

"Oh Shi-"

"Pop goes the batty!"


The bomb collided with the top of the mountain, causing a large explosion, and effectively making a hole on the top of the mountain, illuminating the pitch black night before dispersing. Gilgamesh then landed with the ship, and hopped out of it. He then retracted it to the Gate of Babylon, and looked at his handywork with a smirk while folding both his arms.

"And that makes you learn not to mess with me-Gilgamesh-The King of Heroes" Gilgamesh said before turning around, and was about to walk away until...

"Soul Fist!"

...Sha Naqba Imuru kicked again, forcing Gilgamesh to dodge an energy ball from the top of the mountain. He then looked in front of him and narrowed his eyes to see Morrigan on the pulverized top of the mountain. But she was in a rather pitful state, with several bruises and wounds all around her body.

"I...won't go...down...that easy...Goldie..." She said between pants. While Gilgamesh didn't hear her considering the distance between them, he just growled in annoyance at this. Why she wouldn't die?

Gilgamesh then flicked his wrist again, and a portal appeared to his side. He was about to phase his hand through it when suddenly...

"Oh no you don't. Soul Fist!" She said, unleashing an energy ball which was much larger than the previous one. The ball traveled towards Gilgamesh, who just looked at it with a bored look as it engulfed him.


The explosion resembled that of a nuclear bomb, taking down most of the region Gilgamesh was standing on. Morrigan smiled at her work. Thinking that she was done, she was about to fly away, unitl...

"Oi, Batty! Where do you think your going?"

Hearing the voice, Morrigan looked at its source with her eyes widened, she then glared at the smokescreen resulted from the collision of her attack with the ground...

...And out of the smokescreen came Gilgamesh, but he was more different. The upper part of his armor disappeared completely, leaving only the lower part that covered his waist and legs. Several red line-like tattoos were imprinted on his rather toned chest, travelling from his shoulders to the upper part of his hip. In his right had was a sword with a golden handle which resembled some sort of a key, and a dark red blade with black lines travelling around its length. The blade itself was rather weird as it looked like a primordial drill in shape. In his left hand was a long chain wrapped around his arm, with its end being a blue pointy tip. Gilgamesh's blonde hair rested on its sides instead of being spiky, with his smirk never leaving him.

Gilgamesh full power by nathanthemanthemhfan-dbp7ii3

"What the...?" Morrigan muttered. She was shocked to feel the immense power radiating from Gilgamesh's 'sword', it was something unbelieveable. It was as if Demitri had made his second appearance.

No, scratch that. This guy was leagues above Demitri. He would literally screw Demitri out of existence.

Faster than the blink of an eye, Gilgamesh disappeared out of sight. Morrigan was quite shocked by this.

Her instincts suddenly kicked in, forcing her to dodge a swing from Gilgamesh's Enkidu. Morrigan created around 100 clones of herself. Each one of them had its fist aimed at the King of Heroes with energy swirling around it.

"Soul Fist!" The clones yelled firing multiple energy balls in the shape of bats at Gilgamesh, who just swung Enkidu around him, destroying the multiple balls of energy rather casually, and leaving Morrigan in a shocked state. Gilgamesh then disappeared in the blink of an eye again, and appeared above Morrigan in the sky. Morrigan didn't have time to react as Gilgamesh slammed the hilt of Ea, The Sword of Rupture at her head, sending her rocketing towards the mountain once more, and creating another crater in the process. Morrigan shakily stood on her feet. Tears appearing on her eyes, not only because of the hard beating that she is getting, but also due to the fact that the fear of death was reaching her. She then heard a clang of chains, and looked up to see Gilgamesh raising Enkidu to the sky.

"CRYING IS FOR CHILDREN, NOT FOR WARRIORS!" Gilgamesh exclaimed before roaring and swinging Enkidu at the mountain and the succubus. Morrigan's eyes widened in horror as the chain made contact with the mountain.

Tumblr nes9fuqm511sa11jco1 500

The mountain, which seemed to be a mountain, was actually a sleeping volcano, and Gilgamesh had woke it up with his numerous assaults. The hit with the chain caused the volcano to erupt and destroy its surroundings in a large explosion accompined with the shockwave resulted from said explosion. Luckily for Gilgamesh, it didn't reach him due to the fact that he was flying in the air. The King of Heroes grinned at his work.

"I guess i didn't need my most valuable treasure after all, but to think that this bitch would force me to take it out. Worthless piece of trash" Gilgamesh said before he was about to shut down all his powers-

"I'm not done yet, Goldie!"

-until he heard the voice of the Queen of the Makai Realm, making him eyes widen in shock and disbelief that she was still alive after all of this. Gilgamesh looked at the source of the voice, which was the plum of flames resulted from the previous explosion. He then looked to see Morrigan, but she was in a case which was way worse than previously. Now, all of her clothes were completely gone, leaving her bruised and bloodied skin exposed to the world, and only her wings was what remained on her.

Morrigan panted at Gilgamesh, who had just landed his feet on the ground, and was literally steaming.

"That's it! Time for the final blow!" Gilgamesh yelled, before raising Ea above his head. Red energy began to swirl around the Noble Phantasm at a slow rate with the blade itself rotating at the same pace, before it started to increase in the speed of rotation, and the energy swirling around the blade now resembled a furious hurricane with the space being literally torn apart with each time the blade's rotation becomes faster and stronger and the ground-No, the Earth was literally shaking. Morrigan saw this, and steeled herself, wiping the tears on the corner of her eyes, and sniffing the mucus in her nose back. Her wings then glowed furiously, before transforming into a large cannon, which was roughly the size of a large steel bar. Morrigan aimed her cannon at Gilgamesh, with the cannon glowing furiously with green energy. Both king and queen ready for the last attack that would destroy the entire planet, if not the entire universe.

And just as Gilgamesh pointed the Sword of Rupture at the Queen of the Makai Realm, Both exclaimed at the top of their lungs.

Enuma elish by nathanthemanthemhfan-dbp7iko



The two attacks clashed together. The Star of Creation that shows the 'Truth' collided with a large wave of energy generated from the cannon of the Queen of the Makai Realm.

And destruction. Nothing but pure, unadulterated destruction. As the energy of the Soul Eraser and the star of creation that was Enuma Elish clashed, there ensued nothing but destruction as the very fabric of the planet was being torn apart at the seams. The surface of the planet was cracking away, chunks of crust crumbling into dust and whatever oceans covering the planet evaporating in half a second. Any and all signs of native life, if there were any, were incinerated by the full fury of Soul Eraser and Enuma Elish.

And then...

Exploding planet by nathanthemanthemhfan-dbp7imj

The entire planet, and the entire universe, was consumed in a mighty explosion, not even the smallest of galaxies were even spared from the wrath of the explosion resulted from the clash between Enuma Elish and Soul Eraser.

And all was reduced to whiteness...Nothing survived...Not even a single being to witness the unimaginable destruction...

Except for one person.







...Gilgamesh's eyes opened.

He had done it.

He proved himself to be the strongest, the greatest, the rightful heir to the throne of the king.

Morrigan was indeed impressive, with her powers, skill and immense willpower that could rival his own, but all that mattered was that he won, and proved himself to be the strongest of the strongest.

But in the end, it all resulted in the destruction of the entire universe. There was nothing, nothing at all.

Gilgamesh just smiled at this, before closing his eyes.

"Oh well. I will travel to another universe, and i will show them that i'm the most powerful. But first thing's first. Time to take a well-earned nap"

Those were the last thoughts of the King of Heroes before he closed his eyes and exhaustion immediately took his tool on him and he begun snoring lightly.

A well-earned break...For a true king...

K o 3 by ximortalpantzftwx-dbp1oct

Post-Fight Analysis

AK211: Oh...Ow...

KR: Morrigan did have lots of hax attacks and at the beginning, she did have the speed advantage, but that's all that she had to her.

AK211: Gilgamesh trumped Morrigan in every single category. I mean, it's not like Morrigan can defeat someone who can casually stomp a guy who controls the device that can destroy the entire universe!

KR: In addition, Morrigan's Soul Kiss and soul hacking abilities would be useless, since Gilgamesh had fought BB, who is one of the lots of characters that has an enormous amounts of hax abilities, and due to having a superior power potency than her, Gilgamesh was completely unaffected by it.

AK211: Gilgamesh's arsenal had also guaranteed his win. Gae Bolg would leave Morrigan's wounds open, the Auto Defenders would protect Gil from Morrigan's attacks shile shooting her at the same time, Enkidu would restrain Morrigan due to her being a magical creature, and last, but not least: ENUMA ELISH!

KR: We have to remind you that Gilgamesh's Enuma Elish could casually destroy the world. And Awakened Ea can destroy multiple star systems in one hit. Not to mention when Gilgamesh enters full power, he becomes, stronger, faster, and greater than everything he was previously. A testament to this is when he casually destroyed the entire Moon Cell using Enuma Elish, making it slam towards Kiara Sessyion and outright be destroyed. Not to mention that at this time, Kiara absorbed all of BB's powers, who can control the Moon Cell that can make a chain reaction to theoretically destroy the entire universe before rebuilding it from scratch. This makes BB, and in turn Kiara, 4-D. And Gilgamesh literally one shot her, which makes him 5-D, or Multiversal.

AK211: In the end, Morrigan has just got Elish-ed from the throne.

Gilgamesh Winner Pic

KR: The Winner is Gilgamesh.