Morrigan Aensland vs Kamijou Touma
Season 1, Episode 2
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Written by Muhammedmco
Directed by Zhaoshuais
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To Aru Majutsu No Index vs Darkstalkers. The souls of those two had been ripped off multiple times from their bodies, and despite this, they are still alive. Esper vs Demon. Imagine Breaker vs Succubus. Who will survive with their soul?


Wiz: It's no fact that those two are considered the unluckiest people in the whole world.

Boomstick: Despite their crappy luck, they can survive hell on earth itself.

Wiz: And today, we're putting them in front of each other.

Boomstick: Kamijou Touma, The Imagine Breaker.

Wiz: And Morrigan Aensland, The Ultimate Succubus of the Darkstalkers.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And It's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win...A Death Battle.

Kamijou Touma


Tier: 9-C normally, at least 5-B with Imagine Breaker, possibly Low 2-CUnknown with powers beyond the right hand

Name: Touma Kamijou, Imagine BreakerGod of PestilenceThe One who Purifies God and Slays Demons

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Gender: Male

Age: 16 years old

Classification: Human, Normal High School Student, Level 0 Esper (Technically)

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human, Precognition, nullifies all supernatural powers with Imagine Breaker, skilled street fighter, limited regeneration on right arm (High - Low; has been able to regrow his right arm back after it was severed in multiple occasions).

Wiz: Academy City, a very weird city if you asked us.

Boomstick: You see, this is one of those cities which houses a curriculum which teaches people how to use magic combined with science, to the extent that you can't tell if it's science-fiction or magic. But who cares? The powers in it are freaking awesome!

Wiz: As Boomstick said, the schools in Academy city teaches Magic in conjugation with Science. The students there are called Espers. The Esper levels ranges from 0 to 5, with 0 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

Boomstick: But out of all of those, one had earned the right to be the strongest, despite the fact that he is a Level 0 Esper. His name is... Touma Kamijou.

Wiz: Touma is a rather unimpressive Level 0 esper, yet despite this, he's accomplished so many feats, such as single-handedly saving the world on multiple occasions.

Boomstick: But then you're gonna ask: How is a scrawny 16 year old kid like that the savior of the world? Well, as an esper, he has a powerful weapon, which is by so far the strongest and most haxed weapons ever. It's... the Imagine Breaker... Say Wiz, how do you break imagination?

Wiz: Beats me, Boomstick. Anyway, the Imagine Breaker is a mysterious power which resides in Touma's right arm all of his entire life. It gives him the ability to nullify all forms of magic, esper powers, and other divine abilities. But it also nullifies his luck as well, making him fall in misfortunate events every time.

Boomstick: Yeah. His luck is shitty all the time. But it also allows him to pick up chicks with no effort at all! I mean how awesome is that?!

Wiz: Oh yeah, that. If you don't know what Boomstick's talking about, Touma's Imagine Breaker also nullifies the red string of fate. Long story short, the red string of fate basically tells you if a person is your one true love, but with the Imagine Breaker nullifying it, every girl he meets/saves would be fated to fall in love with him. No fated lover means many flavors to choose from...

Boomstick: Oh-ho that lucky bastard! At this point he has an entire harem of girlfriends, doesn't he?

Wiz: Not quite. You see, to put it in layman's terms, Touma is pretty dense.

Boomstick: Come again?

Wiz: Because of his misfortune and some insecurities, Touma is painfully unaware of the feelings his harem has towards him, even if it's extremely obvious.

Boomstick: That little f#@&ing dumbass! Anyway, Touma not only relies on his Imagine Breaker, he also has another ace up his sleeve: precognition.

Wiz: Precognition is the term used by characters to refer to the skill unconsciously developed by Touma Kamijou through his many battles. He has gotten into so many fights with magicians and espers that he has developed a "sixth sense" unconsciously. This works because his subconscious analyzes and senses his opponent's body language and anomalies their supernatural fields (whether be AIM, magic, or divine) are constantly emitting, and calculates a plan which allows Touma to know where to place his hand at to block it or dodge. However this becomes useless if the information used for his skill is restricted, such as when he fought Rensa, a cyborg able to replicate the powers of all Level 5s l, except that of the #7's.This skill can be more simply described as a "sixth sense" to react to upcoming attacks. But that's not all. During his battle with Aureolus Izzard, Aureolus sliced off his right arm and crushed it, forcing a dragon head to appear from the stump. This is called the Dragon Strike. While at the time Stiyl Magnus stated that the dragon head had merely been an unconscious creation from the alchemist's out of control reality warping powers, Touma still harbored some doubts about the incident. His concerns were proven true when, after once again losing his right arm fighting Mikoto Misaka undergoing the Level 6 Shift, the dragon head appeared again, this time followed by seven more different dragon heads. The dragon heads bit into and tore apart the powerful black sphere that Mikoto had created before disappearing.

Boomstick: Think that's not enough? Then how about the second outcome of his arm being torn?

Wiz: Oh yeah. That one. It's kinda complicated actually. It's called The Invisible Thing. After his arm was severed and absorbed by Fiamma of the Right, Fiamma's next attack that had the power to turn the entire planet to dust was cut in half before reaching Touma, as if there was an invisible right hand stretching from the wound on Touma's shoulder. As the invisible power gathered beyond the wound, Fiamma felt inferior and overshadowed, believing that everything he had paled in comparison to that great power. However, a second power, described by the narration as "Kamijou Touma's own power", appeared above the invisible thing, seemingly opened up a large mouth and swallowed it up. As if a giant mouth was chewing, the air around Touma's shoulder shook before the first power was smashed in an instant. After that, Touma addressed the invisible thing and told it to stay out of the fight, as he would take care of it, just before his right arm regenerated and Touma regained Imagine Breaker. The Invisible Thing appeared once more when Othinus crushed his right hand and charged towards her roaring, though the Magic God easily crushed it, commenting on it not living to her expectations after having produced decent results against Fiamma in WWIII.

Boomstick: This kid had made some insane feats! He defeated Accelerator, the strongest Level 5 Esper, defeated Mikoto Misaka in her Level 6 Shift Form, defeated Fiamma Of The Right, and even defeated Othinus herself!

Wiz: He is also known for one thing: he never gives up. Even if the odds are stacked against him, he will find a way to make those odds win in his favor. He also has a staggering amount of pain tolerance.

Boomstick: The kid took getting his arm chopped off like it was nothing! He even went crazy batshit in the process!!

Wiz: He acted it out. The...the crazy part, I mean.

Boomstick: He has survived explosions which would given regular humans internal damage, gunshots, lightning strikes, great heights.... Anything, really. This is why he's known by another nickname his fandom have given him: Tou-MAN!

Wiz: However, Touma is not without weaknesses. Despite being one of the most powerful characters in the series, Touma is still a normal human. His strength and speed are at most peak-human. Also, Imagine Breaker has clear limitations, such as fighting multiple opponents at the same time, conventional weapons, such as bladed weapons and firearms, or flying opponents. Despite being able to negate more powerful attacks, Imagine Breaker can have issues negating powers that are able to regenerate or are receiving a constant supply of power. He has no formal training, which means he gets defeated by people who train in martial arts, such as Kaori Kanzaki and Motoharu Tsuchimikado.

Boomstick: And as I previously mentioned, his precognition skill can be restricted by opponents with superior control over their involuntary body movements, and it's less efficient when he's not fighting one on one. He also has serious bad luck.

Wiz: But still, once Touma makes his mind on something, he will never back down from it.

'No matter how many times I reach game over and no matter how many times I must pathetically hit continue, I will not stop moving forward.'

Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan Aensland

Tier: At least High 5-A | Unknown. Possibly Low 4-C

Name: Morrigan Aensland

Origin: Darkstalkers

Gender: Female

Age: Over 300 years old (Born in 1678)

Classification: Succubus and a Makai noble

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Holds great hidden power (If she were to be left unguided as a child she would have destroyed herself and the land around her), Can make her wings separate from her to form a cloud of bats, Can cross universes (Crosses from Makai to the human realm and vice-versa with no effort), Has shown Intangibility abilities, Can absorb the Souls/Power of her opponents.

Wiz: The Succubus are one of many races living in the demonic realm of Makai. And one born in this particular lot holds tremendous power, this particular individual is the beautiful Morrigan.

Boomstick: Woah-ho!!! Look at that hot mama!!! Now that’s a woman right there! Morrigan was born 1968 Scotland and was later adopted by Belial of the Aensland Clan, one of the rulers of Makai because he saw great potential and amazing power in her. Not to mention a smoking hot body to boot!

Wiz: But Belial foresaw the dangers of the powers residing in Morrigan's body. So he sealed away part of her power, one-third in himself and one-third in a pocket dimension, which eventually became a being of its own, a succubus named Lilith.

Boomstick: Another cutie after my own heart. Seriously she’s like Morrigan’s loli version.

Wiz: She is. Anyway, she found her life in the Aensland castle dull, and being a fun-loving succubus she visits the human world secretly many times to look for some kind of entertainment, mainly seducing male victims.

Boomstick: She pretty much messes around with men, as she devours their dreams while they are sleeping, as what a succubus would do, as she could never find this sort of nourishment anywhere in the Makai realm and fed off as much as she could, so much better than Freddy Kruger showing up in your dreams.

Wiz: She also preys on men’s soul through their sexual tendencies.

Boomstick: Hehehe…. I’m willing to be preyed by her if given the chance.

Wiz: Unless you’re willing to go insane, then be my guest… As when a succubus feeds on their victim, the victim then slowly losses their mind until they become insane.

'Boomstick: I’d be willing to give up half a brain to get her under my pants. (Creepy laugh).....

Wiz: You’re an idiot Boomstick…. Sigh... Anyway…. Morrigan doesn’t do this for her own selfish reasons. She does so because it is crucial for her own survival, as the succubus race is dependent on feeding on humans. If she doesn’t feed within three days, she dies.

Boomstick: She can always depend on me Wiz!

Wiz: Like your ex-wife?

Boomstick: (Downcast) That’s another story Wiz….

Wiz: Sigh…. Never mind….

Boomstick: After messing with so many men in the human world she was drawn to a strange power one night by an evil fire alien overlord by the name of Pyron. Of course she encountered him in battle, but her ultimate victory went to Demitri Maximoff instead, her lover/rival sometimes. Lucky bastard…

Wiz: She later returned to the demon world and 16 years passed, and Belial passed away. Morrigan then received a portion of her sealed power from Belial and became the head of the Aensland Clan and ruler of Makai. After this Demitri Maximoff always challenged her, but she just shrugged it off every time he issued a challenge.

Boomstick: Hahaha suck it Demitri! That’s what happens when you steal the spotlight. Hehehe, she is rightfully the ruler of Makai, but she keeps avoiding her responsibilities and continues her life like before. Although she is the queen of the succubus, she doesn’t really care about her kind and always do as she pleases, carefree, confident, playful and fun, I definitely like her.

Wiz: Even though her own race is on brink of extinction! Ahem… Morrigan has a variety of moves she can use against her opponent. She can reshape her wings into tentacles, spikes, and blades when attacking her enemies, she can also uses her wings to shield herself from oncoming attacks. Her hair is also strong and can also be used as a weapon.

Boomstick: She can use her wings and hair to do some kinky stuff? She’s my kind of woman!

Wiz: How many kinds of women are you into anyway?

Boomstick: A lot Wiz…. A lot…. Hehehehe…..

Wiz: Whatever Boomstick…..

Boomstick: Her wings can also be separated from her, and form into a cloud of bats. How does it do that? During her dashing moves, her wings can be like a rocket booster to boost and give off a visible thrust called Valkyrie Turn and follows it up with an attack using her wings to form into a drill called Shell Kick which pierces her enemy. Aside from that she also uses her wings to do a shuryuken move called: Shadow Blade, where she wraps one of her wings around her arm, and does a rising like uppercut at her enemy which sends them sky high. Also she can use an attack called Splash Libido where she morphs her wings into arrow like spears to pierce her opponent. Speaking of Libido my d----

Wiz (Cuts Boomstick off short): A-As a succubus she can drain the energy of her opponent through her Soul Drain move, she can also use a move called Deep Crescendo an attack that turns her heels into a blade that slashes her opponents.

Boomstick: Morrigan also knows how to do ninjutsu! She has a move called Astral Vision which duplicates herself to attack her enemy dealing twice the damage. She can also unleash a barrage of combos with her clone called Darkness Illusion, in which she quickly grabs hold and have fun with you. She comes with a bonus too! A threesome is always possible with her!

Wiz (Ignoring Boomstick): She also uses her wings for a grab attack, called the Vector Drain, in which she grabs her enemy and takes them to the air and downward spiral slams them to the ground dealing major damage.

Boomstick: She also mastered a few soul base techniques such as the Soul Kiss where as the name implies, she can take her opponents soul… with a kiss. She can kiss me all she wants Wiz! I’ll give her my French kiss move that she’ll never forget.

Wiz: Bad idea Boomstick. For if she kisses her opponent for too long they die. Though certain opponents like Demitri Maximoff can withstand such a fatal kiss.

Boomstick: I promise you Wiz, I can withstand such a kiss.

Wiz: Doubt it. She can also channel her own ki energy, which she calls Soul Fist: her best known attack which is a blast of ki from her fists. If she uses it with regular power, it will appear as a large glowing yellow bat and sometimes it will appear as a beam with a ghostly skull.

Boomstick: She also uses her ki with her wings to do a Finishing Shower a move that creates missiles from her wings and launch them towards her opponent! Hmm… speaking of showers… I need one right now, after thinking of Succubus, Morrigan, and----

Wiz: Boomstick?! Get back on track!

Boomstick: Oh! Right! But what my favorite move on Morrigan is her Soul Eraser. A big gun so much like a cannon that she uses to destroy her opponents soul as the name implies. Look at that thing! Every time she fires that gives me a wonderful feeling in ma pants….

Wiz: After a while Morrigan encounters Lilith the two then, battle and Morrigan comes out on top.

Boomstick: Hehehehe….. Of course Morrigan's on top, she pretty much takes the lead, as she is pretty experienced in that. Hehehehe, she also has better proportions than Lilith. Especially her smoking hot T&A. (Drool…..)

Wiz: (Hits Boomstick in the head with his mechanical arm)

Boomstick: Ow!!!

Wiz: (Sarcastically) Whoops, my mechanical arm malfunctioned.

Boomstick: One of these days Wiz, your mechanical arm will end up in a dumpster.

Wiz: Moving on, after she defeats Lilith the two then merge and Morrigan finally recovered her long sealed power. Making her more powerful and-----

Boomstick (Cuts Wiz off short): So… how did they merge exactly? Did they have like sex or something?

Wiz: Uh no. She just embraces and accepts Lilith to be one with her, and that’s that.

Boomstick: Wait?! What?!!! That’s bull!…. Where’s the fun in that? They should have just had sex. Like a succubus would do. Now that would be hot.

Wiz: What’s with you today?

Boomstick: I don’t know Wiz… I….I think….I’m in love!

Wiz: Hang in there Boomstick! Don’t let it get to you!

Boomstick: Must…..resist…..urge…. from….temptation…… No, I can't... I give up Wiz! Morrigan take me!!! I’m over here!!! Go ahead and suck me dryyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wiz: Rocket Punch! (Uses his mechanical arm to knock out Boomstick)

Boomstick: (Loud Thud, Boomstick falls on the ground unconscious) Uhhhh....

Wiz: Ooops…! My hand slipped.…..

Wiz: Ahem… As I was saying, after merging with Lilith this makes Morrigan pretty powerful. She gains an additional move called the Silhoutte Blade, where she creates multiple Lilith clones that uses all of Lilith's Shining Blade attack, and in her Darkness Illusion special, Lilith sometimes appears instead of the mirror image of Morrigan.

Wiz: She is considered as one of the strongest in the Darkstalkers universe. She is rank as an S+ Class Darkstalker, which means she’s pretty darn strong. She has superhuman strength, as it only takes one-shot from her to destroy Huitzels, which I kid you not, powerful robots that defends against the supernatural mainly against Darkstalkers. She also has the durability and endurance of a Darkstalker, which means she heals fast and is durable enough to survive being burned, being freeze to death as well as endure some energy based attacks, electrocuted and even cut to pieces. She even fought Demitri Maximoff in battle a few times.

Wiz: She also has a superhuman reaction speed where she can turn into a shadow-like figure that moves pretty fast, she even travels frequently between the Makai and Human realm with ease without using the “Gate”, and in Marvel vs Capcom 3, Morrigan outclass Iron Man in terms of flying, while turning herself into tiny bats avoiding Iron Mans attacks in the process, she seems to be able to teleport too. The more she feeds, the stronger she becomes, without any defined limit. She is quite athletic and flexible too.

Wiz: Morrigan is indeed a powerful succubus, but she does have flaws and limits, such as she loves to fight but doesn’t take fighting seriously, can struggle against male opponents, is a terrible strategist, always goes head-burst into fights, and some of her attacks take time to charge, so she can be left wide open for enemy attacks. She can also be overconfident and careless at times and even once lost a battle against Demitri Maximoff.

Wiz: Her fate is not known, though in other games, particularly Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, hints that she did, to some degree, finally accepted her role as the Queen Succubus of the Makai Realm.

Wiz: Although Morrigan may look like an antagonist, she is not really evil, as she never kills her victims, only draining their energy to the point where they end up unconscious. In fact, she is the protagonist of the series and is strangely friendly and approachable despite her devilish and lustful looks. If you ever see her in the human world she’s just out to satisfy her own pleasure and have a good time as the fun loving Queen Succubus of the Makai Realm.

Boomstick: (weakly) Morrigan..... Uhhhhh.....

'Living an eternity where nothing ever changes.. that's more terrifying than death itself, don't you think?'


Wiz: Alright. The combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's Time For A Death Battle!


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"So this is Academy City?" Morrigan called aloud looking around Academy City.

But why she was even here?


She was here to find a girl called Himegami Aisa, who she had thought to have the blood that would give her the required power to defeat Demitri once and for all.

Now all that she had to do is to look for the academy where she studies at.

After flying, she spotted the large building of the academy in front of her. Smiling, Morrigan flew to the academy.


Touma was holding his school bag and was walking to the academy with his two friends Accelerator and Mikoto Misaka by his side. They were walking silently until Misaka started talking.

"Say, did you two hear about those weird news?" Misaka asked gaining the attention of the two boys.

"You mean about bat-like women who kill people by sucking their blood?" Accelerator asked gaining a nod from Misaka.

"I heard about these news. We better watch out for her," Touma said, "Index and Othinus also heard that, we have discussed her in our class earlier, Aisa was even worried that she may be attracted here by her sealed power. But Index and Othinus said that woman should be a succubus, a kind of evil creature with beautiful outlooking which absorb human's soul. It could be very dangerous, but it's not vampire at all. Connsidering most of my classmates are too weak to fight against a succubus, Othinus just ask them to escape and call for help, if anyone could really see her."

"Meh. Don't worry. She can't lay a finger on-" Accelerator didn't get to finish his phrase as they saw multiple young boys and girls running in the streets. Judging by their uniforms, they were from the academy. Touma and his two friends ran to one of the students.

"What's going on? Why is everyone running?" Misaka asked.

Touma then spots one of his classmates running towards him. "What's wrong," asks Touma in a worried tone.

"She...very strong...caught Aisa...she's biting her...right now..." The student said while trying to catch his breath. Touma, Misaka and Accel looked at each other, before running as fast as they could towards the academy. They arrived at the academy and entered it, and began to run around the classes while looking for Aisa.

"Aisa!" Touma yelled.

They then reached Touma's class, only to find Morrigan holding Aisa with her teeth embedded in her neck with Aisa completely limb in her arms.

Touma lost it, and yelled at Morrigan.

"You! Stop!" Touma yelled gaining Morrigan's attention. She glared at the one who yelled at her, before looking at him and gasped and blushed. She dropped Aisa.

"Ohhhh. So sweet and cute. You're going to be delicious," Morrigan said before licking her lips making Touma glare at her.

"Accelerator, Misaka. Take Aisa and get the hell outta here!" Touma yelled making said two grab Aisa and proceeded to get out of the class room. However Accelerator looked at Touma before speaking.

"You better not die on us, Hero. We'll come back to give you a hand," he said, making Touma nod before he saw Accelerator running with Misaka. Touma then focused at his opponent.

"You're going to be mine, Delicious!" Morrigan yelled before two large bat wings sported from her back, making Touma enter a fighting stance.


Morrigan begun the battle with shifting her wings into bats, and sending them at Touma, who positioned his arms in an 'X' position. This gave Morrigan the time to deliver a kick to Touma's gut, sending him to the wall and creating a human size crater. Morrigan tried to grab Touma, but Touma saw it and slapped her hand off him, but not with his Imagine Breaker arm. Touma took this chance and kicked Morrigan in the face, making her stagger away from him. He then charged at her with his right arm, but Morrigan transformed into a horde of bats before his punch could make contact with her body.

"Right here, Delicious," Touma heard Morrigan's voice behind him and turned around to see what looked like a wing blade around her arm. She charged at Touma.

"Shadow Blade!" She yelled before uppercutting Touma, sending him crashing to the roof. Touma fell on the roof and got up, gritting his teeth in both anger and pain as he clutched his left arm which was drawing blood. Morrigan ascended to the roof and saw Touma before licking her lips seductively.

"My my, what a fiesty spirit you have. I'm going to enjoy this," Morrigan said before her wings morphed into a bow and an arrow.

"Splash Libido!" She called out before two black thin arms appeared from her back around the bow and the arrow, before it shot the arrow. Touma, taking the risk, used his Imagine Breaker and punched the arrow, making it disappear just as it made contact with the arrow.

Needless to say, Morrigan was quite shocked at this.

"That's interesting. You're pretty strong for a cute boy such as yourself," Morrigan said smiling.

"Why were you hurting my friend?" Touma asked still holding his bleeding left arm.

"Will it really matter to you since your going to be mine?" Morrigan seductively asked making Touma look in disgust at her.

"You're really nuts. nottomentionyoukindaremindmeofacertainsomebody," Touma said, whispering the last sentence rather fast.

Morrigan didn't answer, although she wanted to ask what he was whispering about. She flew to him and aimed her foot at Touma, but this time her wings moved and morphed into a green twist-like drill. Touma saw this and positioned his Imagine Breaker in front of him as he couldn't lift his left arm in front of him. Morrigan's drill made contact with Touma's right arm, making him skid back and grit his teeth as tiles of the roof were shattered from the friction of the impact of his feet on the roof tiles. And after a couple of seconds, tje drill on Morrigan's leg suddenly disappeared. Morrigan saw this and jumped away from Touma. She looked at her foot where the drill was, shocked.

'What is this? It's as if something is cancelling my attack in his arm,' she thought.

Her thoughts were snapped back to reality as she saw Touma charging at her with his right arm cocked back ready to aim a punch at her, however she dodged the attack as her other leg morphed into an ax, which Touma didn't see and notice.

"It's over!" Morrigan yelled before raising her ax foot, aiming for Touma and attempting to cleave him into half.

However, and much to her shock, Touma dodged the attack without even seeing it. It was as if he was dodging it out of instinct. Morrigan backed away as she saw that Touma was aiming his fist at her. She stood away a couple of meters away from him and glared at him for the first time ever since the start of their battle.

"Just who the hell are you?" Morrigan asked angrily. Touma smirked seeing the anger visible on her face.

"Me? I'm just a high school student with a load of shitty bad luck. Does that answer your question?" Touma asked.

Morrigan growled before smirking immediately as an exact copy of her appeared beside her. Touma gasped at this, and before he knew it, the two Morrigans charged at him and surrounded him from all directions, blitzing him from every direction as they flew around him at high speeds. Touma just stood there, shielding himself with his right arm. Morrigan took this chance and charged at him, tripping him on the roof and making him fall on his back. She pinned both his arms with hers on the roof's platform. She was above him right now. Touma gasped and blushed heavily upon seeing Morrigan's breasts jiggling above his face. He struggled to break free from the succubus' grasp, but she was was too strong to even shove off. He blushed more as her face was just mere inches from his. He saw her parting her lips aiming for a kiss.

"Now, now. It's going to be alright." She was about to kiss him until...


A voice made Morrigan snap her head up in time to see what looked like a black whip aiming at her. She jumped away from Touma in time to avoid it. The owner of the whip appeared to be Misaka Mikoto herself. She stood beside him, offering him a hand, to which Touma accepted as he stood up.

Morrigan then noticed the tiles of the roof float and aim at her. It then flew at her. She also saw Misaka firing her Railgun at her.

And right before that could happen, a red blur appeared out of Morrigan and blocked Misaka's Railgun, and a white blur passed Morrigan and smashed the tiles aimed at her. The red and white blurs stood beside Morrigan to reveal themselves as Lilith Aensland and Felicia respectively.

"Biribiri, Accelerator. You two arrived," Touma said smiling making Accelerator smirk.

"Well, we can't let you have all the fun by yourself," Accelerator said.

"Hey. Did that bitch tried to kiss you?" Misaka asked. Anger was visible on her face with a bright red blush on her face.

Touma didn't know whether to gasp in fear, sweatdrop or burst out in laughter at her expression.

"Hey. Earth calling Romeo and Juliet. We don't have time for the jealousy game here," Accelerator said.

"Y-Yeah, you're right," Touma said.

"We will talk about this later," Misaka said, cracking her knuckles as the Esper Trio maintained their fighting stances.

"Morrigan, are you alright?" Lilith asked.

"Yes. I'm fine," Morrigan answered.

"We're glad you're okay. Now let's finish them!" Felicia said making the two Succubus nod and maintain their fighting stances as well.

The Esper Trio and the Darkstalkers looked at each other in silence for a couple of seconds, before dashing at each other, or to be more accurate, Touma is the one who charged at the Darkstalkers. Felicia reached him first and delivered a flurry of punches and kicks at him, all evaded with Precognition. Accelerator used his Vector Control to make steel poles levitate and threw them at the Darkstalkers. Lilith saw this and raised her wings to slice the poles. Felicia passed her and aimed for a punch at Misaka, who sidestepped her and electrocuted her using her Railgun, before touching her, sending Electromagnetic pulses over through her body, making the human-cat hybrid scream in pain and agony.

"Felicia!" Morrigan yelled before her wings shot missiles at Misaka, who didn't notice the missiles aimed for her. Accelerator appeared between Morrigan's missiles and Misaka, while grinning like mad. And suddenly, Morrigan's attack was reflected at her and blasted her away in a massive explosion.

"Morrigan!" Lilith yelled at her 'sister'.

Touma took this chance to deliver a solid blow to Lilith using Imagine Breaker. Lilith felt her powers taken away from her and before she knew it, everything went to black for her as she fell unconscious. She then scattered in horde of red bats.

"Well, I think this is-" He didn't get to finish his phrase as he saw Felicia delivering a surprising ax kick to Misaka's gut, sending her flying away and off the roof.

"Misaka!" Touma yelled.

"Hero, focus! I will go check on the third rate and help her! You concentrate on that green haired Succubus bitch!" Accelerator yelled before creating four tornadoes on his back to fly and took off to where Misaka and Felicia were. Touma turned around to face his opponent, who managed to recover in time to face him.

"Now you're really making me angry, Delicious!" Morrigan yelled angerily before her fist glowed bright yellow. Touma braced himself for the worst.

"Soul Fist!" She yelled before shooting a very large energy ball which took the shape of a bright yellow bat at Touma, who just simply punched the glowing bat, making it disperse on contact. However, he was too late noticing Morrigan appearing in front of him, before using her wing as a blade and chopped off Touma's right arm.

"'Gah!" Touma screamed in pain as his right arm fell off and blood was running down from the stump of his arm.

"I figured that your right arm was the reason why i couldn't get near you, but now that it's out of the way, i can enjoy you, Delicious" Morrigan said licking her lips before approaching Touma, however she halted when she saw said person smirk with his hair shadowing his eyes.

"Huh? What are you laughing at?" Morrigan asked confused.

"Nothing actually, but chopping off my right arm was a very bad idea," Touma said.

"What? What do you me-"

She didn't get to finish her sentence as suddenly, something erupted from Touma's shoulder. Morrigan, on instinct, jumped off the roof and high to the sky. She was right to do this as a large dragon head lunged at her while she was in midair.

"I won't give up that easy, Delicious!" Morrigan yelled before a massive cannon-like gun appeared in a flash of green light in her hands. She aimed the cannon at the dragon.

"Soul Eraser!" She yelled before firing at the dragon's head, creating an immense explosion that engulfed the dragon's head and created a large smokescreen. Morrigan looked at the results of her work and smirked, however her smirk immediately vanished when she saw the dragon's head burst out off the smokescreen, followed by 7 other dragon heads. And before she could react or snap out of her shock, one of the dragon heads chomped her, taking half of her body vertically. Morrigan's other half fell limp to the ground, but before it could touch the floor, the other 7 dragon heads gathered around her other body half and greedily ate at it. After several seconds, the dragon heads moved away from the spot they were and resided back to the stump of Touma's chopped right arm before his arm regenerated as if it wasn't cut off in the first place, making him regain Imagine Breaker.

Touma then fell on one knee. He was exhausted from the battle. His opponent was dead without a trace, but he was alive and kicking and that what was more important.

Taking a few deep breaths, Touma stood on his feet and jumped off the roof, and ran to where Misaka and Accelerator were to give them a hand against their opponents.




Wiz: That's reality Boomstick. We must face it no matter what.

Boomstick: But Morrigan... *sniff*... should have won. Why the hell did he win? Wasn't he seduced by her?

Wiz: Well, glad that you asked. For starters, it's no fact that Morrigan outclasses Touma in terms of speed and strength, and possibly some of her soul-based attacks could take down Touma easily, but honestly, Touma outclassed her in every single other category. Also Touma fought another seductive character who is kind of similar to Morrigan.

Boomstick: Well I hate to admit it, but that's true. Morrigan tends to rush headfirst in battle, while Touma is more of a strategist in the battlefield.

Wiz: It also didn't help that Morrigan is reckless and lazy to take the battle seriously, unlike Touma of course.

Boomstick: Not to mention that Imagine Breaker can nullify and negate any attack that Morrigan throws at Touma, rendering most, if not all of her arsenal, useless.

Wiz: Also with Imagine Breaker, Touma's defense and durability rises immensely, compensating his lack of both strength and speed.

Boomstick: Next comes his Precognition. Due to Morrigan's own lazy personality, she won't even bother to look at Touma's hidden ability to unconsciously dodge and feel any attack that is about to land on him.

Wiz: With all of these options out of the question, Morrigan's only advantage was to cut down Touma's right arm, however this would prove futile as well since the powers beyond the right arm still exist, and would rise up in case Touma's arm is cut off.

Boomstick: Not to mention that the Dragon Strike was powerful enough to swallow an attack that could have turned the entire solar system, a.k.a Level 6 Shift Mikoto's Black Sphere and Suicide Bomb, into dust. So something like Morrigan's Soul Eraser would be nothing in front of Dragon Strike. Oh, and by the way, even if Morrigan somehow had a way to counter the Dragon Strike, Touma still has The Invisible Thing, which would allow him to kill Morrigan easily. Not to mention that The Invisible Thing took down Fiamma Of The Right himself, who's capable of going toe to toe with Accelerator himself!

Wiz: At the end of the day, both fighters were so strong, but one had the required strength to take the other down.

Boomstick: I hate to say it, but in the end, Morrigan had just got her dreams broken.

Wiz: The Winner is Touma Kamijou.

Touma: Ugh... Fukou da (Such misfortune)...


Kamijou Touma (Winner)

+More Durable.


+Took the battle seriously from the start.

+Imagine Breaker nullifies all of Morrigan's attacks.

+Precognition helped him to unconsciously avoid any attack that he can't see which comes in contact with him.

+Has more options to kill Morrigan.

+Dragon Strike proved to be an overkill.

- Slower.

-Weaker in terms of strength.

Morrigan Aensland (Loser)


+Stronger in terms of strength.

-Cocky and laid back and doesn't take anything seriously.

-Tends to rush headfirst in battle without much of a thought.

-Imagine Breaker nullifies all of her attacks.

-Precognition allowed Touma to unconsciously dodge surprise attacks.

-Has little to no options to kill Touma.

-Dragon Strike proved to be an overkill.

-Less Durable.

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