Pac-Man: [Comes up to the door and knocks.] Knock knock.
Inky: Who's there?
Pac-Man: Chomp.
Inky: Chomp who?
Pac-Man: Chomp you! [Opens the door.]

~ Pac-Man (TV Series), The Pac-Man in the Moon

Pac-Man is the head mascot of Namco, and the protagonist of the Pac-Man media franchise. He previously fought Kirby in an episode of One Minute Melee.

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  • Aliases: Paccums, Paccy, Super Pac-Man, Pac, The Pacster
  • Age: 37 (2017) 13-14 in Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures
  • Occupation: Student, Professor/Teacher, Protector of Power Pellet Forest, Local protector from ghosts
  • Affiliation: Pac-Family (Mrs. Pac-Man, Pac-Junior and Pac-Baby), PPS (Power Pellet Security)
  • Likes: Food, eating, eating ghosts, Ms. Pac-Man, his family, go-karting, football and golf



  • Can jump rather high, able to easily leap over ghosts and other obstacles
  • Can easily smash open barrels, crates, treasure chests, etc
  • Can beat up a horde of monsters twice his size with his bare hands/fists
  • Can smash large robots into pieces
  • Rather quick, often out running or out maneuvering ghosts
  • Can run down multiple city blocks in seconds without getting tired
  • Can dodge electricity and lasers
  • Rather athletic: Has participated in sports such as football and competed in Olympic events
  • Can fall down from buildings/great heights and shake it off
  • Can keep going after getting hit by cannonballs pointblank
  • Can keep going after having an underwater mine and explosive torpedoes go off in his face
  • While injured: Survived a fall from a cliff and trekked through harsh winter cold while carrying a large sack of toys
  • Light toon force: Can reform/get back up after being cartoonishly flattened
  • Light toon force: Can somehow beat ghosts to their hiding spaces by randomly appearing in them
  • Can survive in space despite the lack of any breathing/space equipment
  • Can fly by following/chomping a trail of pellets through the air
  • Body is noticeably kind of bouncy/rubbery like a rubber ball
  • Can make his arms and legs disappear to allow him to bounce and roll around easier
  • Can actually stretch his tongue to scoop up large amounts of food at once
  • Can stretch his tongue and wrap up several ghosts at once before swallowing them whole
  • Can seemingluy pull out objects out of nowhere (Hammer Space?)


  • Can eat ghosts and spit/burp out their eyes
  • Can eat ectoplasm
  • Can actually eat ghosts without needing a Power Pellet (Power Pellets just make it easier)
  • Can home in on ghosts and chomp them one after another
  • Can even swallow ghosts twice his size whole
  • Can cartoonishly stretch his maw wide enough to eat five ghosts in one bite
  • Is nearly a bottomless pit: Can eat an entire city's worth of food in one day
  • Has an iron stomach: Can eat even the grossest foods from the nether world without getting sick
  • Has even eaten OTHER PAC-MEN on one occasion
  • Can possibly swallow another Pac-Worlder whole if he wanted
  • Can regain health after eating ghosts or food in general
  • Can't eat enemies who are on fire (they hurt/burn his mouth)
  • CAN get full, it just takes a LOT of food to do so (and he can easily clear himself up for more via burping)

Fighting Style

  • Often throws punches on the ground and kicks in the air
  • Can do a mid-air flip kick to hit enemies above
  • Flip kick can also knockback enemy projectiles
  • Also attacks by smashing his head into foes
  • Can turn into just a ball with a mouth to focus on biting targets
  • Can create short tractor rays to capture/pull in enemies and grab them
  • Can somehow pull old arcade versions of the ghosts and slam them into enemies to send them flying
  • Can become a better hand-to-hand fighter upon ingesting the "Kung Fu Berry"
  • Can actually turn ghosts blue or stun enemies by scaring them


  • Was trained to fight ghosts by the "Pac-Master", former hero of Pac-Land
  • Has outwitted ghosts on many occasions
  • Usually able to see through disguises or other forms ghosts may take
  • Good at leading enemies into traps when they're chasing him
  • Good at navigating through mazes (including ones riddled with booby traps and other hazards)
  • Has disguised himself as Ms. Pac-Man in order to confuse/get the drop on enemies

Butt Bounce

  • Can ground pound and land butt-first into the ground/enemy
  • Usually bounces him back up into the air like a rubber ball
  • Can gain momentum and bounce higher to get to harder to reach areas
  • Can be used to bust open treasure chests, smash crystals, or flatten/crush smaller enemies under him
  • If done four times in a row, it can create a powerful shock wave that damages nearby grounded enemies

Rev Roll

  • Launches himself towards the enemy rolling like a wheel and dealing damage
  • Can run in place to build momentum before launching himself to launch faster/further
  • Can be used to go up hills and off ramps to get to places faster
  • Can be used to help out run enemies in pursuit
  • Can be used to bust open crates, barrels, and treasure chests

Weapons/Gear/Power Ups

Power Pellet

  • Upon consumption, all ghosts turn blue and start blinking
  • They also become much slower
  • Ghosts become vulnerable and are unable to attack/damage Pac-Man
  • Makes it easier for Pac-Man to eat/consume them
  • Effect only lasts a few seconds

Super Pellet

  • Allows Pac-Man to become Super Pac-Man

Super Pac-Man

  • Can turn into this form upon consuming a "Super Pellet"
  • Can eat through doors to access new areas
  • Gains the power of flight and becomes nearly invincible
  • Also becomes physically stronger
  • Only lasts for a few seconds

Red Ribbon Power Pellet

  • Increases Pac-Man's running speed
  • Pac-Man runs leaving a trail of light behind him
  • Can be used to circle around enemies and make a ring of light
  • Ring of light will close up around enemies and explode
  • Useful for dealing with a whole group of enemies

Electro-Shock Power Pellet

  • Allows Pac-Man to shoot electricity from his hands
  • Can be used to damage or stun enemies momentarily
  • Can easily blow up/short circuit robots


Magic Boots

  • Gifted from the Fairy Queen
  • Allow Pac-Man the ability to jump repeatedly while in mid-air


  • Can be used to smash through logs, trees, rocks, and other obstructions
  • Can crush large fruits into juice/mush with just one swing
  • Can be used to smash ghosts into nothing but floating eyes
  • Can be used as a bludgeoning weapon in general

Fire Ball

  • Can shoot quick fire balls from his mouth
  • Can shoot a large barrage at them at enemies


  • Allows Pac-Man to swim/dive underwater
  • Allows for him to hold his breath without limit


  • Can latch onto ceilings
  • Can shorten to pull Pac-Man upward
  • Can elongate to lower Pac-Man down
  • Can be used to get around via swinging place to place

Space Board

  • A flying piece of machinery that allows for space travel
  • Can fire small energy bolts from the front of it
  • Good for maneuvering around large hordes of enemies and projectiles

Mokujin Robot

  • A robotic body that Pac-Man can pilot during battle
  • Uses it to keep up with fighters from Street Fighter and Tekken
  • Can give devastating punches and kicks
  • Can take a lot of damage before going down
  • Pac-Man himself can jump out and attack the foe while the robot body holds them down
  • Can fire a powerful laser beam from the eyes on the chest

Armored Helmet

  • Makes Pac-Man heavier and slower
  • Allows him to sink underwater
  • Allows him to tank projectiles such as speeding arrows
  • Helps Pac-Man smash through metal by rolling into it
  • Allows Pac-Man to be unaffected by heavy winds

Magic Pen

  • Can be used to seal up enemies who are living drawings/made out of ink into books/paper
  • Can be used to draw circles with mouths that come to life act as other Pac-Mans
  • Pac-Man drawings can also eat ghosts
  • Drawings are mindless and go in a straight line, only turning when they hit an wall/obstruction
  • Can create a temporary wall by drawing a straight line


  • Can shoot rays of energy that stun ghosts
  • Can blow ghosts into ectoplasmic hoop leaving them a floating pair of eyes
  • Also good for blasting through robots


  • Allows Pac-Man to hover through the air to get from place to place
  • Can be folded up and stored away

Berry Dispenser

  • Stores all kinds of berries to use from the "Tree of Life"
  • Berries have all kinds of effects
  • However, most of them are only temporary
  • Berries are limited and eventually run out

Power Berries/Other Forms

Power Berries

  • Give Pac-Wordlers different abilities/powers upon being consumed
  • Can be rold apart from different colors
  • Usually stashed in Pac-Man's Berry Dispenser

Ice Pac-Man

  • Obtained from eating an Ice Berry (Cyan)
  • Can extend a hose out of his mouth to blast enemies with blasts of ice to freeze them
  • Can fire out one giant ice beam blast to freeze up multiple enemies in a row
  • Able to eat enemies who are on fire without getting burned
  • Can freeze water
  • Can be used to freeze/cool down lava in seconds
  • Can freeze ghosts

Fire Pac-Man

  • Obtained upon eating a Fire Berry (Red-Orange)
  • Can shoot large fire balls from his mouth
  • Fire balls can stun enemies upon contact
  • Can generate fire under his feet to allow him to glide
  • Can charge up to shoot a larger more devastating blast
  • Becomes fire proof
  • Can melt through ice

Metal Pac-Man

  • Obtained upon eating a Titanium Berry (Metallic)
  • Can dispense a large magnet from his mouth that pulls in ghosts
  • Can walk up/stick to metal surfaces
  • Can also dispense a large drill from his mouth to smash through large stones

Chameleon Pac-Man

  • Obtained upon eating a Chameleon Berry (Glowing Green)
  • Can camouflage himself to blend into his environment
  • Can become temporarily invisible to avoid detection
  • Also gains a long stretchy tongue
  • Tongue can be used to ensnare and slurp up ghosts
  • Tongue can be used to swing from poles
  • Tongue can help him sling-shot his body to get to places
  • Can charge up to perform a powerful tongue lashing
  • Does so by lashing his tongue incredibly fast in multiple directions, whipping all nearby enemies

Granite Ball Pac-Man

  • Obtained upon eating a Boulder Berry (Stone-Grey with Black markings
  • Turns into a large heavy rolling boulder
  • Can break through stone walls
  • Nearly indestructible
  • While slow, he can perform a rolling dash to accelerate
  • Can also jump up and slam down to break through the ground and stun nearby enemies

Rubber Pac-Man

  • Obtained upon eating the Rubber Berry (Yellow)
  • Becomes made of rubber and able to bounce very high
  • Can bounce from wall to wall
  • Can stick to surfaces to slowly slide down them or stop bouncing
  • Can also perform a powerful ground pound
  • Becomes faster and harder to catch
  • Harder to maneuver due to lack of arms/legs

Spin Pac-Man

  • Obtained upon eating a Spin Berry (Glowing bright yellow)
  • Can create a powerful vortex via inhaling to suck up ghosts
  • Can spin fast enough to enable flight
  • Bottom half becomes a spinning top which spins fast enough to enable flight
  • Can quickly dash while spinning to get from place to place
  • Can actually obtain this form without using a berry

Balloon Pac-Man

  • Obtained upon consuming an Inflate Berry (Purple with a pink swirl)
  • Inflates Pac-Man into a large living balloon
  • Gets around by releasing air from his mouth
  • Can also release all the air at once with a "Turbo Charged Fart"


  • Obtained upon eating a Pac-Zilla Berry (Grey with glowing green stripes)
  • Becomes giant
  • Also gains an increase in physical strength
  • Can eat enemy projectiles (such as missiles) and spit them back all at once
  • Form only lasts for 10 minutes or less


  • One of the first and most iconic video game characters ever made
  • Has defeated and devoured countless ghosts
  • Constantly thwarted Mezmaron and his ghosts from stealing power pellets
  • Once helped save Christmas by helping to rescue Santa and get him back on track with his deliveries
  • Defeated an entire armada of aliens and their mother ship, "King Galaxian"
  • Once saved his family from Toc-Man, an evil giant robot impersonator who tried to steal his identity
  • Retrieved the five golden fruit and defeated the ancient evil spirit "Spooky"
  • Took down the rock star ghost known as "Glovis", rescued his family, and undid his curse after his arms/legs were taken from him
  • Actually joined forces with the ghosts to take on a mad genius known as "Erwin" and saved both the ghost realm and real world
  • Has traveled through time avoiding dinosaurs, mummies, knights, and other enemies until made his way back to the present (twice)
  • Took down the gum-gum monster and the Ghost-Witch and saved the city from a ghost invasion
  • Has thwarted Betrayus and the forces of the nether world numerous times
  • Fought against the cast of Tekken and Street Fighter and actually ate the mysterious box known as "Pandora", gaining it's power and becoming a giant who terrorized an entire city
  • Went up against other video game heroes like Mega Man, Sonic, and Mario in the Super Smash Bros series


  • Thinks with his stomach: Can be baited with/distracted by food
  • Berry dispenser can get lost, taken away, or destroyed, making Pac-Man unable to access/use anymore berries
  • Some times eats the wrong power berry since some of them look similar
  • Some Pac-Berries are useless during combat
  • Most of his power ups are only temporary (Some of which only last a few seconds most)
  • Despite his ability to eat ghosts, he himself can get possessed if he's not careful
  • Ice/Cold based attacks can slow him down or leave him unable to defend himself (Unless he's Ice or Fire Pac-Man)
  • Can't eat enemies who are on fire (Unless he's Ice or Fire Pac-Man)
  • Can get paralyzed, weak, and weary after being chomped by ghosts
  • Can make some REALLY corny puns while in battle
  • Ghost (when not eating power pellets)
  • Adam Sandler


  • This Pac-Man is composite, using feats/abilities from various incarnations from his various video game appearances to his television incarnations (such as the 1980's cartoon and Ghostly Adventures).