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Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is the father of the Griffin family from Family Guy.

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Death Battle Info


  • Age: 42
  • For the first few years of meg's life he thought she was a house cat
  • Favorite Song: Surfin' Bird
  • Favorite Movie: Road House
  • Had an Afair with a Cardboard cut out
  • predicted that Twinkies could survive the end of the world
  • Friends with death
  • Seriously Had sex with a Surfin' Bird Record


  • The PeterMobile
  • The PeterDactyl
  • The PeterCopter
  • The PeterBlimp
  • The Peter-Rang
  • A Literal Can of Whoop Ass
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • PaTuket Patriot Beer
  • Suit made out of solid Gold
  • Pistol
  • Surfin' Bird Records
  • Tank
  • Knight Armor
  • Lance
  • BaseBall Bat
  • Shrinking Gun
  • Moutain Climbing Gear
  • Bottles Filled with Horse Semen
  • Whip
  • Rubbing Alcohal
  • Razor Blade hair Comb
  • Razor Blade Fan
  • Machine Gun
  • Bunker Busten mega Ultra Super Bomb
  • Grenade
  • Scuba Gear
  • M80 Fire Crackers
  • Mr. Zucchini Head
  • Axe
  • RPG
  • Ancient Haunted Idian Skull
  • Remote Activated Explosives
  • Wonder Twin Ring
  • Mech Suit


  • Can Freeze Frame in mid-Air
  • Shapeshifting
  • Actually knows how to preform Hadokens and Shroiukens
  • Once Every one he Touched Turned into Robin Williams [1]
  • Insane Durability
  • Some Times he dosent React to pain at all
  • Can Fart Fire
  • Extemely Fast for his Size
  • Had his Own Gravitational pull [2]
  • incredible Singing Voice
  • An Incredible Fighter
  • Road House
  • Has his Own Theme Music (Cannot be Turned off)
  • Lost his hand, then regrew it near-instantaneously
    • Said hand grew an entire body, becoming an evil clone [3]


  • Temporarily joined the New England Patriots; being one of their best players.
  • Pushed a Car of a Cliff
  • Survived Point Blank Explosions
  • Survived a beating from a group of deer with baseball bats
  • Survived two logs Smashing his Head Flat
  • Survived being crush by a piano
  • Stole the Worlds Best Joke (Geuss What? Chicken Butt)
  • Survived Getting Mauled by a Moutain Lion
  • Beat the Giant chicken multiple times
  • Survived being Struck By Lightning
  • Survived Getting his head cut off
  • Took about 60 Tranquilizer Darts and still kept going
  • Got Death a Girlfriend
  • Fought Lois to a Stand Still
  • Opened up a Church/Religion revolved around Happy Days
  • Survived getting crushed by a bus [4]
  • Survived getting shot in the head twice [5] [6]
  • Surprisingly a great piano player when drunk.

Weaknesses and Faults

  • He's Below Retarded
  • Has been Easily knocked out before
  • Easily overwhelmed by Liam Neeson [7]
  • Was Once raped by a Breeding Bull
    • As a Strawberry he was raped by a worm
  • Once bought Volcano Insurance; he lives in Roadisland
  • Spinach doesn't help [8]


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