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Princess Peach (Fortune Street)
Listen, everyone. Let's bake a delicious cake... For Mario.
~ Peach telling Toads to bake a cake for Mario after he saved her in Super Mario 64

Princess Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom from the Mario series. She previously fought Princess Zelda in the 20th episode of Death Battle, Zelda VS Peach.

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A descendant of the Toadstool family, Princess Peach is typically your standard meek and helpless princess, which is accurate considering she's been kidnapped many times. However, on her own, she can use her vast arsenal to defeat enemies.

Death Battle Info


  • Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom
  • Favors Technique over Power
  • Classy & Graceful
  • Resourceful & Athletic
  • Generous to a fault
  • Has been playable in 39+ of her 57+ games


  • Tennis Racquet
  • Golf Club
  • Frying Pan
  • Turnips (can be plucked anywhere)
  • Perry the Parasol (can transform to suit terrain; stun enemies)
  • Bombs
  • Super Slap gloves (Increases the power of her normal slap power by quite a bit)
  • War Fan

Heart Power

  • Gives Peach the ability to float
  • Therapy Healing Spell
  • Sleepy Time Spell
  • Vibe Powers
    • Joy: Wind-Powered Flight
    • Gloom: Increases Speed & Damaging Tears
    • Calm: Creates a Healing Bubble
    • Rage: Invulnerability & Increases Weight)
    • Mega Strike Empress Peach
    • Telekinesis

Miscellaneous abilities

  • Ground Pound
    • Peach does a mid air somersault and pounds down on to the ground
    • Can be used underwater
  • Long Jump
    • Peach launches forward with her hands behind her back
  • Spin Jump
    • Peach spins around on the ground and jumps up very high
  • Roll
    • Peach crouches and spins forward on the ground
    • Smashes crates

Power Ups

  • Boomerang Peach: After using a Boomerang Flower, Peach dons a shell and a helmet and gains the ability to throw an infinite amount of boomerangs. The boomerangs always come back unless they break. The boomerangs can grab things while they are spinning as well.
  • Fire Peach: Uses a Fire Flower to gain the ability to shoot fireballs, her dress turned white and red.
  • Tanooki Peach: Lets Peach spin around and hit enemies with a tanooki tail, and she can also float longer by kicking her legs in the air
  • Star Peach: Makes Peach faster and invincible for a short amount of time
  • Cat Peach: Uses a Super Bell to don a pink-furred catsuit that allows her to scale walls and run on all fours to deliver scratch attacks.
  • Mega Peach: Uses a Mega Mushroom to increase her size to become an invincible obstacle-smashing giant for a short-time.
  • Shell Peach: If Peach gets a shell, she can turn it pink and climb inside it. She can spin around and bump in to walls just like a Koopa Troopa. After spinning for a while she pops out of the shell and gets dizzy for 3 seconds


  • Eager to Assist in Battle whenever she can
  • Once saved the Mario Bros. from Bowser single-handedly
  • Survived every Mario Party
  • Threw Bowser through the roof of her castle and all the way across the Mushroom Kingdom to a forest in front of Bowsers castle using telekinesis
  • Bakes really great cakes


  • Can Never avoid a kidnapping
  • Awful Employer



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