Punisher vs. Red Hood
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Written by Ahomeschoolingroudon & Nkstjoa
Directed by Ahomeschoolingroudon
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Punisher vs. Red Hood is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Marvel VS DC! The Punisher takes on the Red Hood in a violent and bloody brawl with no mercy! Can Frank hold his own against Batman's former pupil turned anti-hero?


Boomstick: Know how superheroes go by the old, squeaky-clean tradition of no killing? Well these two say, "Screw that!"

Wiz: These ruthless anti-heroes take the law into their own hands, dishing out their own violent and brutal brand of justice.

Boomstick: Frank Castle, the Punisher .

Wiz: And Jason Todd, the Red Hood. For this match-up, there'll be no Franken-Castle, no venom, no divine essence, and no All-Blades.

Boomstick: Just a gun, knife, and fist fight to the brutal end... just the way these two love to work. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick...

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: There are many vigilantes throughout the Marvel universe who defend the streets, from the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to Daredevil, the man without fear.

Boomstick: But there's one so scary that even the most hardened criminals shake in their boots thinking about him... the Punisher.

Wiz: But before he was the scourge of the underworld, he was simply a man born and raised in Queen's named Frank Castiglione.

Boomstick: Wait, I thought his name was Frank Castle.

Wiz: It is, but Castiglione was his original last name. See, Frank enlisted in the Marine Corps, quickly rose to the rank of Captain, and served in Vietnam for four years and three terms... the last of which he illegally entered by changing his name.

Boomstick: Frank CASTLE was a decorated soldier with everything from the Medal of Honor to the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Well the time finally came home for him to come home to his wife Maria, as well as his daughter Lisa and his son Frank Jr. One day, they decided to fly kites in Central Park when his entire life just crashed and burned before him.

Wiz: The four of them had just happened upon a mob murder. Fearing potential witnesses to their crime, the mobsters responsible fired at them, and Frank was the only survivor of the shooting.

Boomstick: He went to testify his case in court, but was denied due to the police basically being on the Mafia's payroll.

Wiz: With his family's murder unanswered and the law failing him, Frank abandoned his former career as a Marine and vowed to spend the rest of his life avenging his family. He began to wage a one-man war against crime as the Punisher.

Boomstick: Wonder where the white skull fits into all this. Well with all the training and expertise mastered in his time as a marine, as well as guerrilla warfare tactics, detective skills, and willingness to use whatever methods necessary, he became pretty notorious right off the bat. And unlike, say, the amazing Spider-Man, he almost always prefers to kill criminals.

Wiz: He's mastered various martial arts, ranging from Karate and Jujutsu to Sambo, Krav Maga, and even Ninjitsu. He's also skilled in the use of knives, and carries multiple on his person at a time, including the Gerber Mark 2 and Ka-Bar.

Boomstick: But it's not secret that as one of the best snipers in his class, he's proficient with just about any firearm he can get his hands on. Handguns, machine guns, shotguns... any gun is amazing in his hands, really. Well some of his favorites are his M60 rifle with a grenade launcher attachment, dual Uzi 9mm, and Remington Derringer pistol.

Wiz: He further enhances his arsenal with zoom, reflex and night vision scopes, sound and flash suppressors, and various specialty rounds, ranging from non-lethal "mercy bullets" to adamantium-tipped. The Punisher's uniform has gone through many variations over the years, from a full-on suit, to everyday clothing and leather jackets, camouflaged fatigues...

Boomstick: And that one time he wore a suit inspired by Captain America...

Wiz: But all of them share his trademark white skull, whose teeth are actually compartments that store more ammunition. He sometimes wears kevlar vests and chest plates to protect against firearms.

Boomstick: From his first meeting with the web-head onward, Punisher has more than cemented his terrifying reputation. He's thrown off eight attackers at once, managed to block a throw from Captain America's shield, and took down a gang of 42 people in one sitting.

Wiz: Taking down entire gangs of armed goons is basically clockwork to Frank at this point and he's also managed to hold his ground against some of Marvel's seasoned heroes, including Black Widow, Bucky Barnes, and Moon Knight.

Boomstick: And that's not counting some baddies like Bullseye, Barracuda, and even the electrical supervillain Electro. He killed one of the Vulture's, as well as the massive body-building Russian... twice. The second time, he was revived and upgraded to the point where even Spidey had trouble fighting him.

Wiz: He's pretty resourceful when the occasion calls for it and his strategies have even allowed him to survive encounters with the Wolverine.

Boomstick: And then there was that time where ol' Wolvie teamed up with Spider-Man and Daredevil to take him down. After the trap was sprung, he took the clawed mutant out with an RPG, tricked Spidey into thinking he was trapped in a room filled with explosives when they were actually fakes, and when he and the man without fear were falling out of a building, he left Matt Murdock with two dislocated arms.

Wiz: But his most impressive physical characteristic of all is his incredibly high pain tolerance. He's managed to walk off falls from a few stories, car crashes, getting blasted by an old Iron Man suit, and once when being struck by two tazers at once, he still managed the strength necessary to pull out and fire his weapons.

Boomstick: We could do this all day, really. He's been fine after a rifle butt breaking on his head, caught a piece of glass in his hands before breaking it himself, kept fighting after losing a rib to a shotgun blast, and, I kid you not, took shrapnel from a claymore INTENTIONALLY just to give himself weapons inside his own flesh for later. Is pain just a suggestion for him?

Wiz: Frank even refuses to take painkillers, believing their ability to dull pain isn't worth the risk of dulling his senses.

Boomstick: No doubt about it, Frank Castle's the Rocky Balboa of the Marvel universe. No matter how much of a beating he takes, he'll keep going and going even when he's completely outclassed.

Wiz: However, despite being a former marine, Frank's mental state has been shown to deteriorate multiple times over the years. He can become quite sadistic in regards to how he deals out justice to his enemies, and he's aged considerably since the Vietnam War.

Boomstick: Yeah, I don't think old age is going to be much of a problem for a guy who is basically an unstoppable criminal killing machine.

Wiz: In spite of his resistance to pain, he's still a non-superpowered human and has been killed a few times.

Boomstick: He died at the hands of Wolverine's son Daken, his Ultimate universe counterpart, and once while the world was about to end, he took on a terrorist group called the Black Dawn before succumbing to gunshot wounds... though naturally, he took them down with him.

Wiz: In a world filled with superhumans, monsters, and immortal gods, it's no wonder that criminals everywhere fear the Punisher most of all.

Punisher: This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive. It is an emotional response. No. Not vengeance. Punishment.

Red Hood

Wiz: While Batman is one of the most feared heroes in the DC universe, he didn't accomplish everything alone.

Boomstick: That's where you get your Batgirl's, Batwomen, and of course your Robin's. Bat's very first sidekick was Dick Grayson, the circus performer-turned-orphan. Then the day came where he decided to leave the nest and became his own crime-fighter Nightwing.

Wiz: This left a void for some time until one night when Batman stumbled upon a boy trying to steal the Batmobile's tires.

Boomstick: NO ONE steals Batman's tires and gets away with it! Well this orphan was Jason Todd, whose adopted mother was an addict that died of an overdose and whose birth pappy worked for Two-Face before being killed by the acid-scarred criminal.

Wiz: Fearing that young Jason would go down the wrong path, Batman adopted him and by the age of 12, he would become the 2nd Robin.

Boomstick: Things worked out pretty well, except this Robin was incredibly impulsive, often using his rage and excessive force to subdue criminals. Eventually, he grew so reckless that Batman had to put him on the sideline.

Wiz: But upon discovering a hunch as to his birth mother's whereabouts, Jason headed to the Middle East where he did find her...

Boomstick: ...only to find that the Joker was also in the neighborhood. Jason told Batman the Clown Prince's plans, and the Dark Knight went off to stop a truck of Joker Venom while the 2nd Robin went after his mother. Naturally it was a trap and he was in the Joker's clutches, beaten with a crowbar, and left with a bomb. Batman raced back as fast as he could and...


Wiz: It was the first time that one of his young wards had died in duty. An event that would haunt Batman for years to come.

Boomstick: I know what I'd be thinking if I were him. "I know! I'll just adopt another one!" Jason Todd would be dead for some time until...

Wiz: Superboy-Prime punched the walls of reality, bringing Jason back to life...

Boomstick: WHAT?!

Wiz: However, he was physically weak and soon went into a coma. It was then that he was found by Talia al Ghul, who spent years trying to restore Jason to full health. When her father considered him a lost cause, she resorted to immersing Jason in the Lazarus Pit.

Boomstick: Oh yeah, that magical bathtub of youth that restores people's youth.

Wiz: Sure enough, it worked and Jason Todd was fully restored. Feeling bitter about his death being unavenged, he traveled the globe to train like his old mentor and donned an identity once used by the Joker himself: the Red Hood.

Boomstick: His martial arts prowess includes the likes of Karate, Aikido, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, Savate, and Ninjutsu. His fighting style focuses on brutality, speed, and strength. He's trained under many masters aside from Bats, he's been mentored by the likes of Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva, and Ducra, a 3,000 year old lady.

Wiz: He carries multiple tools on his person, including gas and flashbang grenades, a grapnel gun, wrist-mounted lasers, shurikens, sticky explosives, bolas, and a knife and a taser.

Boomstick: But he definitely prefers to get lethal and his favorite way of dishing out are his custom dual handguns. These babies can be fired rapidly, can use various rounds including armor-piercing, and can even be electrified to add an extra spark to his pistol whip.

Wiz: Aside from them, he's proficient with most firearms, from assault weapons and sniper rifles to RPG's. His use of armor has been somewhat mixed, including a basic jacket and t-shirt, as well as old Nightwing suits. Some of his higher-end uniforms are bullet-proof and include a built-in taser to get foes off of him when needed.

Boomstick: But then there's his trademark red helmet. Aside from covering his entire head, it's highly durable, and comes with a built-in radio, night vision, and a breathalyzer.

Wiz: Upon removing the helmet, he can actually detonate the headpiece for a surprise explosion.

Boomstick: Sure hope he never accidentally presses that button when he's wearing it. That would be just the most embarrassing way to go out.

Wiz: One attribute Jason kept from his time as a Robin was his agility and acrobatics. He can traverse Gotham City and other locations from the rooftops with ease and can jump and climb the side of buildings quickly. While his resurfacing started off small, Red Hood managed to work his way up from Gotham City and beyond and cleaned up come crime along the way. He's managed to flip Suzie Sue over, who weighs 600 lbs, kicked the door off an airplane, and defeated the likes of the third Robin, Tim Drake, and Catwoman.

Boomstick: Speaking of multiple attackers, he's defeated a large group of Talons, Man-Bat's trained by Shiva, took down Mr. Freeze and a Talon at once, immobilized the Teen Titans, and one time took down an entire SWAT team with nothing but a shower pole while in the buck nude.

Wiz: Even without his armor and gear, he is still quite formidable. He's evasive enough to dodge gunfire from multiple directions at once, is highly resistant to mind control and paralytic toxins, can break out of chains, and after taking a blow from Frankenstein that knocked him into a concrete wall, he got right back up ready to fight.

Boomstick: He's managed to found his own team of vigilantes... outlaws, if you will... and became a mentor to Scarlet. And besides being able to be stealthy when the time calls for it, he's also not too shabby at finding sneaky people, like knowing Cassandra Cain was sneaking behind him and being able to track down Batgirl in South America while she was covering her tracks.

Wiz: Red Hood has even stalemated the likes of Ravager in combat, stood up to Green Arrow and Ra's al Ghul in sword combat, can fight while blinded, and once defeated his former mentor Lady Shiva in one blow...

Boomstick: With a move she taught him herself. "Hey, I'm gonna teach you this cool move that you can use to defeat me. Great plan."

Wiz: Jason is considered the best student of the All-Caste and his skills have earned the respect of Talia, who has considered Jason as a potential head for the League of Assassins. In spite of this, he's still a mortal man and even with all his training, he still has yet to prove himself as Batman's equal.

Boomstick: His helmet may be tough, but weapons with special metals like the knives used by the Talons can pierce it. Plus, it's arguable whether or not his resurrection may have made him mentally unstable, leading to his more lethal methods in the first place.

Red Hood: Oh, you got to talking with Ra's, huh? But does it make it easier for you to think that my little dip in his fountain of youth turned me rapid? Or is this just the real me?

Wiz: The jury's still out on that matter, but he has had moments of rage in the past and he's sometimes needed the help of Batman and colleagues to survive, including the time he and Scarlet were nearly killed by the assassin Flamingo.

Boomstick: As far as the Bat Family is concerned, the Red Hood is the one member criminals hope they never cross.

Tyler Bramford: Then you know who's got my back. You know who I answer to.

Chico: Sure. The Red Hood. So at the expense of your very wide butt...

Chico lights a molotov cocktail.

Chico: ...we're sending your boss a message.

Just as Chico is about to throw the molotov cocktail at Tyler, the bottle is shot, lighting Chico on fire as his partner watches in terror.

Red Hood: Okay.

Chico's partner looks over at Red Hood, who leaps onto the top of a car.

Red Hood: What's the message?



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