The Raving Rabbid is a psychopathic, comical rabbit that first starred in the Rayman series, then have starred in its own spin-off game series like Rabbids Go Home; and they even have a cartoon series that is launched on Nickelodeon U.S.

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  • Height: 2 feet
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Small alien creatures as rabbits
  • Mentally unstable


  • Burps are strong enough to produce lightning and send cars flying and damage trees and buildings. Some burps are large enough to be visible from space [1].
    • Able to knock buildings down in one punch
  • Can carry cows
  • Are able to carry airplanes
  • Carried bubble beds and still jumped like they were on the moon
  • Built the Egyptian pyramids
  • Knocked off a single engine turbine with only a few whacks from a shopping cart


  • Can survive an explosion which sent them to the moon
  • Able to survive at high altitudes (nearing space and probably higher)
  • Can withstand hits from trophies, giant sodas, and even an anvil
  • Can survive a fall from a skyscraper
  • Able to survive torture from lightning
  • Can hit watermelons very hard with their heads without feeling pain
  • They even survived the Ice Age and Dinosaur Extinction


Toilet Paper

  • Blinds opponents and makes it difficult for them to move
  • Rabbids can wrap it around their enemies so fast, the enemy doesn't notices until it is too late


  • Used as a melee weapon or as a gun
  • The Rabbid's main weapon
  • Used alongside the Plunger Gun they can fire plungers at people, making them temporarily blind until they take out the plunger
  • They can even charge a shot for more damage

Shopping Cart

  • The Rabbids found it one day, with a few upgrades made it absolutely indestructible
  • It is strong enough with a few slams, can rip off a jet turbine
  • Combined with the "BWAAAH!!!" attack, can stun enemies
  • Can produce a speed boost by drifting, or by hitting a electrified boost panel
  • Can bend the laws of physics and can collect an infinite amount of things

Engine Turbine

  • Can suck up and rip anyone who gets in the way
  • Stolen from an active airplane
  • Can be controlled from the Rabbids


  • Can stun people
  • Breaks glass
  • Knocks out dogs
  • Literally scares the clothing off of people


  • "BWAAAH" becomes louder for serious damage
  • Health increases
  • Speed and Strength becomes higher


  • Able to carry incredibly heavy objects such as hospital beds, cows, planes
  • It's "BWAAAH!" shout can stun people, and inflates hazmat suits until they burst
  • Can survive in space
  • One somehow got stuck in a Wii Remote
  • Can easily blend in with cityfolk
  • Accomplished the goal and built a pile of garbage to the moon
  • Invaded and even conquered the world
  • Able to steal UFOs
  • Joined with Mario and his co. in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
    • WHY Rayman DIDN'T APPEAR IN? WHY? WHY!!!???


  • Really stupid
  • Not really strategic
  • Crazy
  • Lazy
  • Not too genius
  • Usually fight against each other
  • Curiosity can get the better of them


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