Renamon is a character from Digimon. She appeared on One Minute Melee where she fought her rival Lucario and she fought Lucario again in an episode of Death Battle.

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Renamon is an Animal-type Digimon who lived a life of conflict in the Digital World until she came to the real world and became partnered to Rika Makino after the girl obtained a D-Power and desired a strong Digimon to fight for her. Though she originally saw humans as a need to digivolve while Rika believe Digimon exist to fight, their relation a bit distant, Renamon and her human partner eventually became very good friends to the point that they would face anything as equals

Death Battle Info (Official)


  • Height: 6'2" | 187 cm
  • Digimon Attribute: Data
  • Rookie Level Digimon
  • Habitats: Valleys
  • High attack & speed
  • Often highly intelligent
  • Well-known Tamers:
    • Rika Nonaka, Yuma Kagura


  • Palm Strike
  • Power Paw
    • Ghost flames
    • Can create attacking copies
  • Swift Strike
  • Super Chop
  • Spin Kick
  • Rapid Kick
    • Quickly strikes multiple times
  • Kohenkyo
    • Shrouds self in opponent's appearance
  • Diamond Storm
    • Powerful strike of blades & wind
    • Increases attack


  • Effortlessly moves faster than eyesight
  • Fought on par with Allomon, a Champion
  • Survived battle with IceDevimon
  • Killed multiple Armor Level Digimon in single strikes
  • Sliced a missile with an axe! Like a BOSS!
  • Survived falling down a skyscraper
  • Can make good bread

Death Battle Info (Fanon)

Unlike most rookie Digimon, Renamon is as tall as a human child. She is always calm, cool, and collected in any situation, rarely losing her composure in a fight.

  • Rookie Level
  • Close Range: Power Paw
  • Mid Range: Diamond Storm
  • Special: Kohenkyo (mirror guise),
  • Digivolution to Kyubimon
    • Biomerge Warp Digivolution to Sakuyamon (Merge with Rika)


  • Champion Level
  • Close Range: Headbutt, Kodengeki
  • Mid Range: Fox Tail Inferno, Koshugeki, Dragon Wheel
  • Digivolution to Taomon


  • Ultimate Level
  • Weapon: Talisman of Light calligraphy brush
  • Close Range: Brush Stroke, Brush Strike
  • Any Range: Thousand Spells, Talisman Star, Talisman Spell


  • Mega Level
  • Weapon: Kongou Shakujou staff
  • Mid Range:, Amethyst Wind, Twin Blades of Beauty and of Truth, Thunder Kick, Flaming Fox
  • Long Range: Spirit Strike
  • Special: Amethyst Mandala, Crystal Sphere, Fox Drive, Fox Card, Mode Change to Miko Mode


  • Requires a partner (Rika) to Digivolve.
    • Biomerge Warp puts Rika at risk as well.
  • Taking too much damage will cause Renamon to revert to a previous and weaker form.
  • Glass Cannon: has few defensive options


  • While considered female; Renamon herself admits that Digimon are technically genderless.

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