Ridley Smash Ultimate
Kill as much as you want! Have fun!
~ Ridley

Ridley is the main antagonist of the video game series, Metroid, and the arch-nemesis of Samus Aran. Despite looking like a feral space dragon; he's actually an intelligent space-pirate general.

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  • Wins: 2
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Ridley's history is fairly unknown, but it is safe to say he made his way up the Ranks of the designated military until he became the leader of the Space Pirates.

When he was conducting a Raid on the Star Colony K-2L. During the raid, he met a little girl named Samus Aran, who he would have a large history with. Being the naive little girl she was, she went up to him and asked to Befriend him. Ridley promptly decided to kill her in return, despite saying she was cute Before this could happen, however, Samus' mother jumped in the way, while Samus' father destroyed the supplies he and his Pirates were searching for, but was killed.

Ridley did not know that this event would make his archenemy, and would eventually cost him his life. Several times.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: Around 12-13 feet tall
  • Weight: Unknown, probably around a Metric Ton
  • Age: Around 100 or so.
  • Leader of the Space Pirates
  • Too big for Smash not anymore
  • Samus' Archenemy


  • Plasma Breath
    • Is not actually Fire
    • Very hot
  • Fire Breath
    • Can breath Fire as well.
  • Flight
    • Allows him to fly at Hypersonic speeds
    • Can be used as Weapons
    • Wing size varies
  • Tail
    • Can be extended
    • Used as a Weapon
    • Can also be used to bounce like Tigger the Tiger
  • Intellect
    • Cunning
    • Able to control an Army successfully for years.
    • Scientific Knowledge
  • Bloodlust
  • Claws and Jaws

Superhuman Strength and Durability

  • Can effortlessly Survive in 950x Gravity
    • At least 86,100 Metric Tons
  • Regeneration
    • Can heal Damage well, but not severe injuries.
    • Can heal far quicker by eating the flesh of Organisms.
    • Regeneration goes into overdrive with Phazon.
  • Skin Pigment Manipulation
    • Can use this to harden his skin and increases his strength, durability and speed
    • Can use this to also Camouflage


  • Lifted and threw at least 81,600 Metric tonnes with ease.
  • Samus Aran's Archenemy
    • Is one of the few individuals to stop the normally fearless Samus cold in her tracks
  • Responsible for the genocide of the Chozo civilisation on Zebes
  • Destroyed a Mountain casually in 960x Gravity
  • Died on multiple occasions, but always came back.
  • Tanked multiple attacks from Samus' plasma cannon
  • Known as the God of Death for a Reason.
  • Survived disintegration from Phazan
  • Able to react fast enough to dodge plasma shots from Samus while charging at her full speed even at point blank range and exhausted from a previous fight
  • Can easily out-speed Samus in her Zero Suit and even in some Power Suits, who moves Mach 4.9 in 960x Gravity in the Zero Suit.


  • Overconfident
  • Despite his cunning, he is extremely blood-thirsty
  • Extremely arrogant
  • Has unintentionally created his greatest rival
  • Healing factor has limits
  • Defeated by Samus every time.
  • Killed by Samus.