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Robbie Rotten Vs Wario is the Breeky battle.


Lazy Town Vs Super Mario! Which Lazy Do-er would win in a Death Battle!


Wiz: For every great hero, there's always an evil counterpart, who is usually not as good looking or strong, like these two.

Boomstick: Robbie Rotten, Lazytown's Number One Villain.

Wiz: And Wario, the Greedy Biker.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick, and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who'd win a Death Battle?


Once there was a town where there was a town where everyone was Lazy untill two strangers came along. They made the town more active and made them eat more healthy vegetables. All the towns people were now more responsible, except for one and that was Robbie Rotten. Robbie is a Lazy-doer who wishes to turn the town back into its Lazy form. Robbie can teleport and break the fourth wall (sounds familiar am I right?) but he also has his own inventions. He has a device that can turn anyone younger or even into a sperm. He also has a device called the Memory Zapper 3000, which can erase anyone's memory's. Robbie also survived blasting himself to the moon in five seconds and survived. Robbie's height is 6,2 and weight 180 Ibs so it much of took a lot of strength to blast himself to the moon so that means it must if taken 40 megatons of force. Though Robbie may be smart he isn't stong as in he is not good in combat. Overall Robbie's a genius and will lead his foes into many traps


In the Mushroom Kingdom, a lot of people hate Mario, and one of these people is Wario. During Mario Land 2, Wario took over Mario's castle while he was away, but things didn't go so well in the end as he got his ass kicked badly and thrown out. Despite being fat, Wario is a surprisingly strong fighter. His Dash Attack is a powerful arm charge capable of destroying brick, and he can also perform the Butt Slam, where he slams his butt on anything below him. He can also performing various grappling moves like the Wild Swing Ding or the Piledriver. He also can bite his opponent with Chomp, can summon a motorcycle called the Wario Bike. This Bike can be re-spawned if destroyed, and he can also throw its tires as projectiles if his bike is destroyed also. He can perform the Corkscrew, where he spins like a cyclone through the air, and with the Wario Waft, he can launch his opponent far away with his farts depending on how long he charged it. He can also turn into Wario Man by eating Garlic, where he is invincible and can fly around. Wario is a very strong warrior, but he is kinda dumb, and is also very lazy. But overall, Wario is not to be underestimated.


Alright the combatants are set, time to end this once and for all. It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Rotten Wario Combatants Set

A pipe opened up and out came Wario. He found himself in Lazy Town. He then jumped out of the pipe and walked and looked around but when all of a sudden he stepped on a button and he was sent into the Underground


Wario then landed in Robbie's lair

Robbie: I finally caught you Sp- WAIT YOU'RE NOT HIM!

Wario: What?

Robbie then jumped at Wario

Robbie: For your punishment, DEATH! HAAHAHAHAA!

Wario the grids his fist and stand into a fighting pose. Robbie then laughed and instead, he landed in a goofy fighting pose.


IMG 2681

Wario performs his Dash Attack, but Robbie quickly moves out the way. Wario sees his misses, but before he can do anything, Robbie Rotten punches him in the noise and kicks him, knocking Wario backwards.

Wario: Ooh, that hurt!

Wario performs his Butt Smash, causing an earthquake that breaks a lot of stuff in Robbie's lair.

Robbie: What are you doing?!

Wario laughes and performs Chomp, biting Robbie multiple times before slamming him into the ground. Wario then performs the Wild Swing Ding, grabbing Robbie by the legs and throwing him into a pipe that leads to the surface. Wario quickly jumps into the pipe after him.

When they both reach land, Robbie Rotten puts a net over the pipe and hides behind a tree. As Wario comes out, he gets caught in the net as Robbie starts laughing at him, only for Wario to rip it apart in rage.

Wario: Alright, buster, no more mister nice guy!

Robbie: I agree!

Before Robbie can do anything, Wario unleashes a Wario Waft, blurring up the entire area and knocking Robbie backwards. Robbie gets up, but is unable to see anything. Wario chuckles and performs his Dash Attack, hitting Robbie in the chest and knocking him down. Wario then grabs Robbie and Piledrives him into the floor.

Wario: Waha! I'm Number One!

Robbie: No, I'm Number One!

Robbie Rotten kicks Wario, knocking Wario backwards. However, Robbie had placed a banana peel straight where Wario was, causing Wario to slip and hit the floor. Robbie Rotten then places the Memory Zapper 3000 nearby.

Wario: Where are you, coward!

Wario gets on his Bike and starts driving around. He drives past the Memory Zapper 3000 looking for Robbie. He eventually finds the Villain Number One and hits him with his bike, knocking Robbie away. Robbie gets up, only for Wario to punch him twice in the face and Butt Smash him into the floor.

Wario: Any last words, sucker?

Robbie: I'm not dying today! I have to ruin Sportacus's birthday!

Robbie pulls out the Littleizer 3000 and zaps Wario, turning Wario into an embryo. Robbie Rotten then grabs the embryo and kicks it away, causing it to smash against a wall and break.


Robbie: Haha! I'm always Number One!


Well, that was taken a bit to far. Anywho, Wario may be stronger then Robbie but besides that, Robbie overpowers Wario. His Littleizer 3000 gave him the upper vantage plus his moon feat. Robbie may haven't won before but he has gone extremely close by doing so unlike Wario (Canon Version). Looks like Wario has his last "Wa". The Winner is Robbie Rotten

Winner is Robbie Rotten

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