Robin Battle Royale is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.



Wiz: Robin, The Boy Wonder

Boomstick: He's had many incarnations, kinda like Link, Hero of stuff.....

Wiz: First being Dick Grayson, Ex Circuis Acrobatic.

Boomstick: Secondly, Jason Todd, the Violent Robin.

Wiz: Next, Tim Drake, the-

Boomstick: Replacement of Dicky, and Damian Wayne, Son of the Batman.

Wiz: For fair assesment we won't be using there Solo acts, only their Robin versions. That means no Red Hood, Nightwing, or Red Robin.

Boomstick: Isn't that an actual bird?

Wiz: Yes, but it's also Tim Drake after he retired as Robin.

Boomstick: Whatever. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skill to see who would win a Death Battle Royale.....

Dick Grayson

Wiz: Richard "Dick" Greyson was once the youngest member of the Flying Greyson, Circuis Acrobatics/Trapeze Arists, and lived peacefully there.

Boomstick: That is until.... I forget.

Wiz:until his family's circus act got killed by a crime boss named Zuko by-

Boomstick:sience when is airbender?!

Wiz:it's not like that at all,anyways he poised the net effectively killing his family

Boomstick:sience then he's been adopted by Bruce Wayne and as batman solve ing his family's murder eventually dick found batman and the caped crusader reveled who he was and sience then dick was robin

Wiz:well technecly batman had a hard time accepting this but he eventuly gave in

Boomstick but why would batman give in?

Wiz:I don't know but I do know is that as robin dick was taught in every thing that batman knows so he is a expert martial artist and a keen strategist

Boomstick:on his trusty utility belt he has some smoke pelites a few bat arranges and two tonfa like sticks but his time in the circus is what gives him an edge so being a circus act means that he is pretty athletic

Wiz:he also Cary's a grapple to zoom anywhere that he desires tho he does have a weakness he is stuborness being a flaw and that fact that he acts childish but none compare to the feats that he has acoplish like beating superman and batman with the help of superboy

Boomstick:once he and a bonch of other sidekicks defeated the ENTIRE justice league so be we're of this boy wonder

batman:what does the R stand for

dick grayson looking at Alfred then looking back at batman:robin

Jason Todd

Wiz:Jason todd how he became robin is well strange

Boomstick:well it can't be like dick

Wiz:he became robin after steeling some tire off the batmobile any who he lived in a very bad part of Gotham considering that Gotham is a city over ran by crime

Boomstick:you would think that steeling tires off the batmoblie would be a tought thing to do not unless batman FORGOT TO ASLO REPLACE THE HUDCAPS

Wiz:It turns out that Jason was put in a school for troubled youths and he ernd his medel as robin by helping batman apprehend a group of thieves

Boomstick:turns out that Jason only had 6 months of training before he got to were the robin costume but dispute this he has none of the athletic properties that dick Greyson has tho how he fights crime is something the hulk should do channeling is rage

Wiz:His mother was a drug addict and his dad was in prison but when he got out he didn't return to his wife or Jason

Boomstick:it turns out that his biological father was killed by two face and Jason nearly killed him back but he didn't much to batmans liking Jason carrys some batarangs a electric wing a knife

Wiz:he is also a master of martial arts and swordplay some tasers once he has even gathers up all of gothams gangs and once even escaped black gate prison

Boomstick:so beware of this violent boy wonder

Jason Todd:Whoohoo you guys are hanging a party!?

Tim Drake

Damian Wayne

Deathstroke: go ahead finish me you know you want to its what you were trained to do its what you,re grandfather would do its what i,ll do

Damian wayne: I am my fathers son i am robin


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