Rodan (PS4)

Rodan is a kaiju from the series of the same name. He also appears in the Godzilla series of movies.

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Rodan is a Pteranodon that lived deep underground and was mutated from exposure to radiation and grew to gigantic size. Orignally there were two Rodans, a male and a female, both being mates.As the two monsters prepare to hibernate by returning to their nest in Mount Aso, Japan's defense force performs a last-ditch effort to defeat the Rodans by bombarding the active volcano, triggering an eruption, as one of the monsters burnt in the lava, its mate joined it in death, diving into the lava.

Some years after, the male Rodan reemerged from Mount Aso and came face to face with his first oppoenet:Godzilla.The two monsters battled each other for our until Mothra intervened, asking for their assistance to defeat the space dragon King Ghidorah. When they rejected to help to continue fighting each other, both Godzilla and Rodan where inspired when they saw Mothra take on King Ghidorah,rushng in to join her in battle, eventually fending of King Ghidorah, eventually leading to the three of them being strong allies.

Rodan has appeared numerous times along Godzilla as one of his most loyal allies and even an adaptive brother to Godzilla's son Baby Godzilla, helping to defend the Earth from evil invaders and malice kaiju.

Rodan would eventually gain a new form as Fire Rodan after absorbing radiation from Godzilla, giving him new abilities to make him more of a threat.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: 50m (Showa), 70m (Heisei), 100m (2004)
  • Wingspan: 120 meters (Showa), 150 meters (Heisei), 200 meters (2004)
  • Weight: 15,000 tons (Showa), 16,000 tons (Heisei), 30,000 tons (2004)
  • Japanese name: Radon
  • One of fastest kaiju in the Godzilla Universe


  • Flight at massively hypersonic and faster
  • Shockwaves from his wings
  • Hurricane Wings
  • Beak strong enough to crush boulders
  • Sharp Talons
  • Wind Breath
  • Chest Spikes
  • Lift large boulders
  • Fire Rodan
    • Uranium Heat Beam
  • When exposed to certain space crystals, is able to turn into his Critical Mass form.

Strength & Feats

  • Able lift Godzilla who weighs several times heavier than Rodan
  • Can shrug of hits from Godzilla's Atomic Beam and King Ghidorah's Gravity Beams multiple times
  • Can recover from being set on fire from the Kilaak ship, the Fire Dragon
  • Tanked several Plasma Grenades from Mechagodzilla II that are powerful enough to bring down Godzilla with one shot
  • Faster than Battra and Mothra is Heisei, so more than Mach 220
  • Can fly/pierce through Magita's hide
  • Killed the Trilopod Anguirus
  • Fended off Gigan with Anguirus
    • Destroying Gigan's Visor with his Chest Spikes


  • Burnt to death in lava, in his first film.
  • Can be easily mind controlled by more intelligent beings.
  • Was defeated by Godzilla numerous times.
  • His wings can be shredded by opponents like Gigan and Varan.
  • Wings can be entangled in Kumonga's webbing.



Rodan is part of Toho's Big Five, the other 4 are Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah and MechaGodzilla