Guarded by Neptune, planet of the deep blue sea. I'm the soldier of affinity, Sailor Neptune!
~ Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune is one of the Sailor Senshi of the Sailor Moon media franchise.

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In a previous life, Sailor Neptune was the princess of the planet Neptune which alongside her fellow Sailor Guardians of the outer planets to deal with threats from beyond the Solar System. Some time after the fall of Silver Millennium, she was reborn as Michiru Kaioh, who regained memories of her past life and attended Infinity Academy to investigate the strange events occurring in its halls. She met Harkua Tenoh out of consequence, falling in love with her while scaring her by revealing her to be a Sailor Guardian yet to have awaken. While Michiru did not want Haruka to become involved and live a peaceful life, Sailor Neptune got a partner in Sailor Uranus as the two became Daimon hunters. The two initially did not want to fight with the other Sailor Guardians and considered Sailor Moon too soft to answer to, but eventually become allies to them.

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  • She and Sailor Uranus are only Sailor Guardians to physically battle Sailor Galaxia.


  • Got defeated by Sailor Moon alongside Neptune in two-on-one combat to test her worth to be their leader.