My mission is noble, my heart is pure. I have nothing to fear.
~ Jack, from Samurai Jack: Jack and the Warrior Woman

Samurai Jack is the main protagonist of the Cartoon Network television series, Samurai Jack.

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A prince from feudal era Japan, he was the son of an emperor who used an enchanted sword created by the gods to seal away the demon known as Aku. But when Aku was freed and enacted his revenge, the prince was sent to travel the world and undergo a series of training before returning to his ruined homeland to receive his father's sword and end Aku. But before the prince can succeed, Aku creates a time portal that sends the samurai into the hostile and lawless future that Earth has become under Aku's rule. Going by the name of "Jack", the samurai seeks a means to return to his time and end Aku before his reign could have began. But Jack's attempts have been unfruitful for half a century, the pressure of robotic assassins and constant guild-ridden torment making him question if his quest, and life, will ever truly end.

Death Battle Info


  • Name: Real Name Unknown, called "Jack"
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Allies: Scotsman, Ashi
  • Enemies: Numerous, but mainly Aku.
  • Occupation: A Samurai from the Past

Physical Abilities

  • Jack has been trained by masters from around the world in both mental and physical training, mastering various weapons in the process.
    • Received training in the art of the shinobi (ninja), which he has used when infiltrating heavily defended buildings. But as he was trained to use light to his advantage, Jack can reconfigure his kimono into white ninja garb to conceal himself in areas of bright sunlight.
    • Displayed himself as a fast learner, having learned how to flight-like "jump good" technique from an ape tribe.
  • Is able to fight and react at Relativistic speeds
  • Can fight on the Astral Plane
  • Martial Arts master
  • Master Swordsmen 
  • Adept Marskmen
  • Longevity, a side effect of the time spell  


A katana created by the gods Odin, Ra, and Vishnu from the good within Jack's father. Due to its nature, when used by the ideal user, it can deal great damage against beings of pure evil like Aku. Jack is able to call upon his ancestors to greatly enhance his power. The sword also has a unique trait; it cannot be used by evil to slay the innocent. [1]

Other Weapons

  • Laser Pistol
  • Gatling gun
  • Motorcycle
  • Tuning Fork Short Sword: Originally belonged to the robot assassin Scaramouche, it disrupts the chemical make up of what it hits and turns the afflicted item into an explosive.



  • Jack's sword is not as effective on beings who are not evil, though it can still harm innocent beings
  • As a result of 50 years of trying to return to the past, it has made him depressed and plunge deeper into madness 
  • Goes out of his way to help others, which sometimes can end up a trap arranged by an assailant
  • Originally unable to use vehicles.
  • Gradually suffer nightmares of the people from his time.
  • Once got turned into a chicken by a very anti-social wizard. Jack then got placed in a series of bloodsports before he was indirectly restored while his owner got cursed by the same wizard.
  • Had a 50-year long record of zero human fatalities until he was hunted by the Daughters of Aku, accidentally killing one of them on the notion that she was an android like would-be assassins before her and her sisters. Jack eventually overcame the emotional scars that came with taking his first life, sparing Ashi's life while still preferring to kill human opponents as a last resort.
  • Despite overcoming impossible odds and his inner evil, his willpower does have its limits and at one point believing he killed innocent people almost went through with committing suicide
  • Can lash out in rage when frustrated such as when Aku destroyed the last remaining portal and killed innocent rams mutated by the demon 


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