Shadow VS Dark Pit
Perfect Life Form vs. The Copy of Truth-Puas
Season 1, Episode 1
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Written by PuasLuisZX
Directed by PuasLuisZX
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Shadow VS Dark Pit is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Sonic the Hedgehog VS Kid Icarus!

Two Anti-heroes enter in Death Battle, can Shadow stop Pit's black-winged doppelgänger?


PuasLuis: Something Deadly And Dark Is In A Lot Of Hearts And Some Lerk Into The Shadows.

OverVictory: This type of these characters are called anti-heroes.

PuasLuis: Shadow, the Ultimate Lifeform.

OverVictory: And Dark Pit, The Copy of Truth. He's Puas and i'm Over.

PuasLuis: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Puas: Built by Prof. Gerald Robotnik with Black Arm alien ADN, Shadow the Hedgehog was created to be the Ultimate Life Form. Despite being a powerful, living weapon, Shadow's initial purpose was to provide genes capable of curing the deathly ill, specifically, Gerald's granddaughter, Maria.

Over: But before Shadow could be shared with the world, tragedy struck.

Puas: That's terrible! We must stop the same cliché argument of most robot histories.

Over: Ahhh, Shadow isn't a type of robot.

Puas: Ahh, forget that please.

Over: Then Shadow went crazy and tried to destroy the Earth for revenge, but he ended up saving the day instead. Shadow can move at hypersonic speeds and survive underwater and in space, like most Sonic character. But Shadow can control The Chaos Forces known like the energy most powerfull in Sonic Universe; a energy obtained on the Chaos Emerald the strongest items in all Sonic Verse.

Puas: With this energy Shadow can use the Chaos Control, a movement that he can manipulate the time to his advantage. And the Emerald Chaos protects the user for time stop, a time paradox, literally completely erases time, they are parallel or not.

Over: Maybe for this Solaris's time manipulation can't affect Sonic, Shadow or Silver in the WORST EVER Sonic game.

Puas puts a photo of Sonic Boom.

Over: FUCK THIS SHIT! Sonic 06 is only one of the worst Sonic Games Ever Created.

Puas: Chaos Blast, Chaos Spear, and others techniques has Shadow like Black Tornado, the user forms a tornado around enemies to weaken them. Chos Spear, the user forms a lightning arrow-head-shaped bolt that is made of chaos energy. Fire Somersault; a fiery somersault that can destroy steel containers.

Over: Gravity Control, Energy Beams, Homing Attack, Jump Dash, Homing Dash, Light Speed Dash and much more moves has Shadow.

Puas: Shadow has the Hover Shoes. Shadow uses his Hover Shoes to keep up with Sonic by making him fly forward at a high speed at a hovering height just above the ground. But in Super Shadow are really useless the shoes.

Over: Also, Shadow wears two Inhibitor Rings, which are stricting his access to the chaos force to maintain control, should he remove them, his power increases immensely, but is somewhat uncontrollable and quickly tires him out.

Puas: But, that is game mechanics. These Inhibitor Rings aren't necessary. Also Shadow can hit the target and return for recover his losing rings.

Shadow: That's not all, I'm full of surprises.

Puas: Shadow is a weapon and firearms combat skills indicated the game Shadow the Hedgehog.

Over: He has guns, Submachine Guns, a Machine Gun, Chain Gun, a grenade launcher, a bazooka, Worm Shooter, a semi-automatic rifle and a Black Barrel.

Puas: This can be possible for the G.U.N. military training and experience.

Over: The best of the Emerald Chaos is the Super Shadow is the pinnacle of his powers, receiving a 1,000% power increase. He can fly, move faster than speed of light, and is totally invincible.

Puas: And have some moves like Chaos Lance, a red bolt of raw chaos energy and a stronger variant of Chaos Spear. Chaos Arrow is a small blue bolt of chaos energy. And Super Sonic Boost, a high powered attack where the users surround themselves in a powerful aura and boost into the foe.

Over: Despite this, Shadow's super form can only last a few minutes. But this time Shadow can use to beat his opponents.

Puas: Shadow hasn't the same point that Sonic, but Shadow can keep with him. Already Shadow defeated guys like Solaris, Silver, and an entery Doctor Eggman's army and more. He is the Ultimate Life Form.

Shadow: I'm Shadow... the Hedgehog.

Dark Pit

Puas: Later of 25 years after Medusa return for revenge of Palutena and Pit who defeated her in the past. And with many plans one of them was create the perfect Pit’s clone. After Pit enter into Pandora’s lab and success Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit Pit broke the Mirror of Truth, but Pit destroys the mirror in the process, resulting in the creation of Dark Pit.

Over: He like a clone, he fight like Pit but more aggressive. He can jumps very highly meters, run at the same time when he shoots, does an aerial roll, flight a highly extreme super speed and in earth can tire when he runs like an ordinary human.

Puas: Game Mechanics, and if you want nerf him is fair that he becomes indestructible for seconds. And about Pit’s flight he needs the help of a god or goodness and is only for five minutes. However After stealing Pandora's powers by running through the remnants of her black-blue flames, Pittoo gains the ability of the Unlimited Power of Flight. And somewhat dark energy charge attack.

Over: Damn it.

Puas: Dark Pit is a very skilled fighter in all kind of close or range combat and very creative and powerful attacks most because for Pit’s training experience like the Arrow Rain, Dive or Sword Swings.

Over: Pit and Dark Pit are like twins and in most situations they show us this connection. But Dark Pit is doom and gloom and Pit is annoyingly cheerful.

Pit: Why are you all doom and gloom all the time, Pittoo?

Dark Pit: I think a better question is why are YOU some annoyingly cheerful?

Pit: I’m not annoying. I’m positive.

Over: Yes true Pitty Pat. Whatever Pittoo has a big arsenal for use. But for good of us Pittoo uses many different weapons, and every weapon has melee and ranged attacks, as well as charged and rapid fire attacks.

Puas: Dark Pit can do homing attacks, and a big arsenal of powers, he can make black holes, reflect barriers, mega lasers, boost his speed, durability or strength, recover his health to more.

Over: He has cool weapons like the First Blade, EZ Cannon, Violet Palm, Ogre Club, Guardian Orbitars, he own staff, Electroshock Arm, Pandora Claws and his favorite the Silver Bow.

Puas: The First Blade is one of the most balanced weapons in Uprising. Since it's a sword, the First Blade is best used for melee attacks. The EZ Cannon is definitely a versatile one. Its shots bounce along ground and with their great homing ability; it's one of the more unpredictable weapons.

Over: The Violet Palm has arguably the best homing capabilities out of all of Dark Pit's weapons and not the worst range, but you don't melee too well you're only using your hand. He looks like a stupid or amazing. The Ogre Club produces slow shots with limited homing ability, but it compensates for this weakness with strong melee attacks.

Puas: The Guardian Orbitatars operates more so for defense rather offense with their charged shots putting up barriers to protect Pit from ranged attacks. The Electroshock Arm are the shortest when it comes to range with none of the shots even reaching 30.0m, but they have very powerful melee attacks to make up for it. And regardless of its stats, it will always possess the ability to inflict paralysis on enemies.

Over: The Pandora Claws increase Dark Pit's speed more than any other weapon, which helps to make up for having some shorter range when compared to the others. And fire blue, is a wonderful weapon.

Puas: Dark Pit Staff has the longest range out of all the categories and works well for sniper shot. Also his striking strength is strong enough for destroy a small mountain. And finally the Silver Bow, and it is the only bow with shots that lose strength over distance instead of gaining strength. It is the prototype for the Palutena Bow.

Over: Dark Pit is much more aggressive and most of his experience is lacked, and if he fights versus a character that can absorb the Unlimited Flight he will lose it forever.

Puas: Dark Pit is smarter than Pit, he threw a FUCKING GIANT ROBOT with a kick, just one kick. Defeated Pandora twice, helped Pit to defeat Hades, survive the Lightning Chariot who moves Massively Faster than Light and defeat Pit in Light vs. Dark and in Super Smash Bros for Wii U.

Over: Also confirmed in Super Smash Bros for Wii U Dark Pit is an officer of the Force of Nature in few years. Very well for him.

Puas: Dark Pit showed us be... The Copy of Truth.

Dark Pit: Anyone who wants to die, step right up!

Pre-Death Battle

Puas: Alright the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.

OverVictory: BUT FIRST, Let's check the lastest fight created by ParaGoomba348 Excalibur vs. Nightmare or Zero VS Meta Knight by Chesknight!

Both: Now it's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Puas shows lectors that Sonic The Hedgehog character Shadow has the Home Advantage.

Dark Pit vs. Shadow Near to Start- Puas

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A Doctor Eggman area (Stage of the match)

A black-robed angel is flying in the sky, there is the angel sees a black hedgehog emerging from the explosion of a forest. Later he receives telepathic call from a girl called Viridi, goodness of the nature, and her message was “Dark Pit, did you find a black hedgehog that is ruining the nature?” “I exactly watch one Viridi” replay the black-robed angel called Dark Pit.

“Very Nice, now DESTROY this human experiment” said Viridi and Dark Pit shaking his head as if to say yes, he propels itself through the air to land.

Shadow holding two guns and leaving the forest on fire and head of one of Dr. Eggman’s robots is surprised for three arrows fired from Dark Pit’s bow, but Shadow elusive jumping and tells: “Who are you for attack me of surprise?”

“Dark Pit, officer of Force of Nature, and is time for stop your actions” Dark Pit reply when he holds blades together as a bow, then pulls them apart.

(Cues Throw It All Away)

“Maybe, you are just a joke, let’s finish this fast” said Shadow.


Shadow shoots with his guns to Dark Pit many times, but at the time that the barrage of bullets is near to the target. Dark Pit spin his silver bow instead, hitting multiple times and ending in an upwards swipe for destroy the entire barrage of bullets. But overhead Dark Pit the hedgehog does a diagonal stall then fall kick hitting the angel in black send it to air.

“Chaos Control” said Shadow and the time is lower, he jumps near to him and a backwards roundhouse took Dark Pit, but at the time of fall Dark Pit he quickly stands up and a leaping triple slash to the sky do him for attack Shadow trying to land.

Dark Pit fires a purplish-black arrow from his bow angled up hitting the black hedgehog. Shadow chances of weapon to a Machine Gun and shoots but Dark Pit uses his Guardian Orbitars to create energy shields on front reflecting Machine Guns bullets and hitting the Machine and explode two seconds later throwing Shadow.

Shadow runs near to Dark Pit and he does a homing attack; Dark Pit looking the attack he protects himself crossing his bow and when Shadow’s attack connected Dark Pit’s bow he counters Shadow with a kick in his leg.

Shadow was far and for stay close to his target he does a light speed dash but Dark Pit watching it he dodges moving in another direction dodging the attack successful but Shadow stopped and next he manipulates Gravity doing harder Dark Pit moving and is stroke for the another light speed dash losing his balance and falls.

Shadow grabs his semi-automatic rifle and pointing the fallen angel's head told him: “That’s your end”. But the fallen angel reply “Watch out” to Shadow and he brings out his Electroshock Arm and charges forward, powerfully uppercutting Shadow.

(Cues Dark Pit's theme)

“Now it’s my turn to attack” Dark Pit ups in mid of air, decides flight and with his EX Cannon shoots many times Shadow. Shadow kicks all the cannonballs and spring with Hover Shoes, and flight for battle versus Dark Pit in air.

Dark Pit surrounds himself with energy and performs a powerful midair charge and with his first blade he fires many times for hit Shadow and successful he hits the black blur. But Shadow near to Dark Pit starts attacking with his guns and shoots a rain of bullets but Dark Pit dodges every bullet.

Shadow with a sword starts attacking Pittoo but he broke it with a sword clash and the second swipe connected Shadow hurting him and next both started charging a massive attack Shadow a green energy ball and Dark Pit a charged First Blade attack and….


Both energy powers clashed and both anti-heroes are hurt, Shadow and Dark Pit started flying at the top of the stage. Dark Pit decides walk in Eggman’s skyscraper and shoots with continues fire Shadow.


Shadow stops time and teleport in Dark Pit’s front, Shadow kicks Dark Pit’s chest and he is falling into a pit.

The time returns of normal and Dark Pit flies at high speed for strike with the First Blade’s tip Shadow very aggressive but the black blur teleports dodging every attack. Dark Pit thinks “And if every teleports are for a chain?” He traps Shadow and strikes.

“You are a tough rival” told Shadow to Dark Pit. Dark Pit swipes a blade below him and strikes Shadow. Dark Pit flight down a does an aerial roll for attack Shadow and spins his bow above him like helicopter blades but the Project Shadow with Chaos Control can dodges the attack and “Chaos Blast” said Shadow.

“Gash” said the winged in black. Dark Pit flies at high speeds and escapes that attack, but an explosion appears in the clouds. And Shadow in air said “That was easy” thinking that he wins the battle. But Dark Pit pulls out his namesake weapon and fires an extremely long range and powerful laser.


Shadow receives the impact and falls. But he stops the time and charges an energy beam.

(Crisis City - Modern Sonic)

Dark Pit was hit for an energy beam and falls but Dark Pit decides going fast enough for finish the mission. Near to Shadow he decides launch a mega laser, but Shadow uses Chaos Control again for dodge it but misses. “What? How can this be possible?” said Shadow. Dark Pit performs several melee strikes with his bow and Shadow is very tired.

Shadow curls up into a spiky ball, performs a short hop, and then starts rolling towards the opponent at high speed but Dark Pit flip kicks upwards, before correcting himself and kicking again. Shadow is in midair Dark Pit flies too high and kicks Shadow’s head; in the air, Dark Pit uses the bow's special attack and causes arrows to rain down on one of the platforms hitting Shadow and when the black hedgehog crash in a mountain the mountain explode for the attack.

“That hedgehog is hard for beat Dark Pit” said Viridi in a telepathic call. “No problems except for that these Emeralds, maybe have cosmic powers. If no Shadow will be killed too fast” told Pittoo to Viridi. “Great, beat now him” says Viridi. The telepathic call is out and Dark Pit goes to mountain and lands to ground.

(Stage Changed) A Sonic mountain but destroyed

(Cues This Machine)

Shadow stand ups but Dark Pit brutally attacks him. Dark Pit slashes many times Shadow with Pandora Claws. But Shadow forms a tornado around Pittoo, he teleports in front of him and kicks him for launch a grenade. And an explosion appears and rocks are falling; Shadow jumps every rock for escape and forms a lightning arrow-head-shaped bolt hitting Dark Pit.

“Pretty done” says Shadow and walk alone. But Dark Pit protects himself with a big energy shield and the rocks are pulverizing making dust. Shadow watching this decides fires the black-robed angel with a Black Barrel. A barrel height bullet has shot very fast but the Pit's doppelgänger reflects the bullet with the power Reflect Mirror and even faster the shoot returns in Shadow and a big explosion appears.

(Music Ends)

“Mission Complete” says Viridi. Dark Pit reply “No, he isn’t dead” “What? How this can be possible?” questioned Viridi. But the earth is in a magnitude and Shadow appears on the magnitude surprising Dark Pit and Viridi.

(Cues His World)

“You have... no idea... WHO YOU'RE DEALING WITH!” Says Shadow and he leaps up in mid-air and surrounds himself with all seven Chaos Emeralds.

“What's this?” questioned Dark Pit. “No this out of control” said Viridi.

After he taps into the power of the seven Emeralds, he turns from a black to a yellow lime colored hedgehog with a bright glow and aura with invincible godlike powers, becoming Super Shadow.

“Behold the true power I possess!” says Super Shadow.

“This is a big destruction machine. And his power is amazing, but can Dark Pit keep with it” said Viridi. “No teleports me Viridi, I must beat him NOW” says Dark Pit. But he receives a tackle but stills with energy for continue. And Super Shadow decides finish with a red bolt of raw chaos energy, Dark Pit recovers his health and blocked that attack with his guardian orbitars reflecting but Super Shadow is immune for every attack and tackles Dark Pit, Dark Pit jumps for dodge and returns flying.

Dark Pit fires three arrows from his bow, but is useless for damage Super Shadow. “Let’s finish this” said Super Shadow. Dark Pit tried to escape for every attack of Shadow but vainly and Super Shadow tackles and a yellow aura in his shoes appears and attacks many times.

Dark Pit falls for that and screws it. “Dark Pit” shouts Viridi and Dark Pit uses a power more for help him.



(Music End)

In the land is looked Dark Pit’s body collapsed. “Sorry Dark Pit. I can’t save you” said Viridi. Super Shadow heard a girl voice.

(Cues Viridi, Goddess of Nature)

But disappears the body and the original is flying with many strategies now. Super Shadow looks him and goes to fast for finish it but Dark Pit tends his wounds in a hot spring near of the mountain and uses the power invincible for seconds when Shadow charges a small blue bolt of chaos energy.

Dark Pit resists it for the power, flight and fires three arrows from his bow. Super Shadow does a high powered attack where the users surround themselves in a powerful aura and boost into Dark Pit, but nothing.

“Who he turns invincible?” said Shadow. Viridi answers “You will not understand angel’s powers. You are dead” “Who is she?” questioned Super Shadow.

Shadow's Super form wears off and Dark Pit answered angry “Now is time for destroy you" Shadow tried to uses again his emeralds but Dark Pit does a running slash downwards with his bow and throws the seven emeralds.

Dark Pit spins his bow horizontally in front of him, slashing foes multiple times before launching them diagonally. And with his Electroshock Arm he launches a magnetic field for grabs him.


Dark Pit shoots Shadow's head with his own staff killing him, and in mid-air he decapitates his neck finishing with Shadow life.

Dark Pit thrusts his weapon, crosses his arms and says: “Can't help but feel sorry for ya!”

“Good, but how a human can create a life form? And the huge power of emeralds? However get these emeralds for not fail in wrong hands.” says Viridi. Dark Pit grabs the seven emeralds of the grounds and the angel is teleported with the emeralds.



(Cues Dark Pit-Looped)

Over: Well, looks like the Copy of Truth takes the Perfect Life Form

Puas: This I call a close one. Dark Pit’s weapons, powers and his unlimited flight make Shadow’s Chaos emeralds powers and equipment a tough fight. But the problem is done when we compared every single feat.

Over: Shadow controls perfectly mach number, also he naturally is faster than Sonic which is confirmed that moves faster than light, but Shadow only was faster in Adventure 02 and in this game Sonic only was light speed with Light speed shoes, which Shadow can’t keep.

Puas: Dark Pit in the other hand he can match Phosphora’s naturally speed which is lightning but Pit showed that he can go faster than lightning in most situations. Also Pit resists shoot to the other place of the Universe and return in few seconds to Skyworld driving the Lightning Chariot. So Pit’s reflexes are Massively Faster than Light.

Over: Shadow isn’t a clone which Dark Pit is one so we can’t use the same calculations in Shadow. Also Dark Pit is stronger. Shadow can destroy every Dr. Eggman ships, robots and more. Dark Pit can do the same only with a kick. Pittoo kicks and destroy a fucking robot something that Pit can’t do even with the Three Sacred Treasures.

Puas: Shadow was created for resist everything. Let's see Shadow resists the falling of the space to ground, which Pit only can resist the falling of the Everest Mount the highest mountain of the world. Dark Pit is smarter than Pit; in everything; also he maybe can understand Chaos Emerald’s powers and this isn't a surprise he understood how Hades create his army.

Over: But the decisive factor is Super Shadow, which can be counter for powers, and Dark Pit is able to react faster than Super Shadow’s speed. Even if Shadow has the power necessary the time will be his most weakness.

Puas: And Dark Pit confronts Gravity and Time Manipulations attacks. Shadow is just screwed here.

Over: Maybe the blur can beat the pit, but if this turns in black this is over.

Puas: The winner is Dark Pit.
Dark Pit Winner



Sonic the Hedgehog VS Kid Icarus. Which darker counterpart of the hero will prevail?

Shadow VS Dark Pit
Ow the Edge VS Pitoo
Season 2, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date October 8, 2017
Written by TheMetallicBlur
Directed by TheMetallicBlur
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E-102 Gamma VS E-123 Omega Rouge VS Cammy


Wiz: Evil twins. The only foe who masifests the hero's darker side.

Boomstick: they're basically you but evil.

Wiz: Like Shadow, the Black Blur.

Boomstick: And Dark Pit, the fallen angel.

Wiz: I'm Wizard and he's Boomstick and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a death battle.


( Cue ~ - This Machine - Sonic Heroes)

Wiz: Fifty years ago, a man by the name of Gerald Robotnik dreamed of creating a creature who could cure diseases. Specifically speaking, Neuro-Immune Defiency Syndrome; a disease his granddaughter, Maria, had.

Boomstick: So when he tried making a monster on his own, he created the Biolizard, an absolute failure.

Wiz: The Biolizard was a major problem, He required a life-support system to stay alive, his growth rate was too fast, he had a primitive mind, and was too weak to walk so he had to crawl. He was so unruly that he caused trouble on the ARK, leading to his abandonment.

Boomstick: So after that mistake, Gerald looked for help. And guess who he turned to, the leader of the Black Arms known as Black Doom.

Wiz: Black Doom offered to give his DNA as long as his prototype got the seven emeralds for him. When Gerald agreed, Black Doom gave his DNA and Gerald created the Ultimate Lifeform.

Boomstick: Shadow the Hedgehog.

Wiz: During his time on the ARK, Shadow had started to bond with Maria and considered her his first friend. But then tragedy struck.

Boomstick: G.U.N barged in, put Shadow in a stasis pod, and killed Maria in front of his own eyes. That's pretty harsh.

Wiz: After that, he remained in his stasis pod for 50 years until he was woken up by Gerald's grandson, Dr. Eggman.

Boomstick: Dr. Eggman used him and Rouge the Bat to collect the Chaos Emeralds.

Wiz: Because Shadow was in stasis for so long, he had lost memory of his past. This resulted in the reason why Shadow followed Eggman. But he later started to remember Maria. Maria asked Shadow to make a promise to her.

Boomstick: Afterwards, he realized that what he wasn't honoring her wishes and decided to change his ways.

Wiz: Maria's wish was for Shadow was to bring happiness to the people of Earth. And he does this the only way he knows how: By fighting evil, of course.

( Cue ~ Battle Highway - Sonic Battle)

Boomstick: And he's got the moves to do it. One of his coolest moves is Chaos Spear, a move where Shadow shoots lightning-fast bolts of chaos energy at his enemies.

Wiz: But one of his signature moves is Chaos Control, a move where Shadow is able to either teleport himself, other things, and freeze time. It's also the core basis for his many other moves, such as his strongest move known as Chaos Blast, a move where Shadow unleashes an explosion of Chaos energy that decimates anything around him.

Boomstick: One of these moves that stem from Chaos Control is Shadow Guard, a move where Shadow creates a forcefield made of Chaos Energy.

Wiz: He also has Roaming Chaos, where he summons distorted space onto the ground and explodes when they touch the ground, similar to a landmine.

Boomstick: But he's not all about Chaos. His Sonic Boost allows him to envelope himself in a red energy to bash his foes, similar to Sonic's Sonic Boost.

Wiz: He's also got the Black Tornado, where Shadow generates a tornado that leaves the opponent dizzy.

Boomstick: He's also got the Spin Kick, where he spins at 360 degree angle and creates a vortex while his Hover Shoes spew out small flames. By following up with two other Spin Kicks to use a move called Tornado. Wait, isn't that just a Black Tornado ripoff?

Wiz: Not really. In fact, in some ways, it's better. Each sweep grows stronger and wider, making a small tornado that sucks in enemies and renders projectiles useless.

Cue ~ Diablon Boss Battle - Shadow the Hedgehog)

Boomstick: Only a true fighter could have such powerful moves. He's defeated Black Doom, Biolizard, Mephiles the Dark, Silver, and Sonic, even when Sonic had help from the Diablon, a robot mech piloted by the Commander of G.U.N

Wiz: He's strong enough to flip buses and slabs of concrete with one hand, fast enough to keep up with Sonic's running speed, and tough enough to survive atmospheric re-entry. But while he's the Ultimate Lifeform, he's not the perfect lifeform. He's quite arrogant to a fault. Also, while his Inhibitor Rings do limit him, he can take them off to increase his power at the expense of stamina.

Boomstick: But when it comes to space-time manipulation, who cares about arrogance and stamina?

Wiz: Not at all a problem for the Ultimate Lifeform.

Shadow: If the world chooses to become my enemy.. I will fight like I always have!

Dark Pit

( Cue ~ Dark Pit's theme - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.)

Wiz: Evil counterparts are caused by many things. DNA transferring, science experiment gone wrong, and just having the same look and abilities.

Boomstick: But one of the more popular ways are through clones, in this case: Dark Pit.

Wiz: Before we get to how Dark Pit was created, we need to understand the events that led up to Dark Pit's creation. in these circumstances, Pit and Palutena located the Labyrinth of Deceit and had to arrive there.

Boomstick: After they got past Pandora's tricks, Palutena found a place for Pit to land and after he got past the Labyrinth, he went to confront Pandora, the Ghastly ripoff.

Wiz: Why are you calling everything a ripoff?

Boomstick: I calls em' as I sees em'.

Wiz: Anyways, after the battle with Pandora, Pit proceeded to shatter the Mirror of Truth, thus resulting in...

Pit runs and shatters the mirror with his foot, creating Dark Pit.

Wiz: Dark Pit.

Boomstick: After Dark Pit was created, he in his own words...

Dark Pit: Just making sure Pandora's powers don't go to waste.

Wiz: At first Dark Pit wanted nothing more than to destroy Pit since he felt Pit was his ripoff. But once Pit's soul was sealed inside a ring, yes, that actually happened, Dark Pit fell into a coma for three years.

Boomstick: I've always wondered what's it's like to be an inanimate object.

Wiz: Why would you wonder that of all things? Then again, you thought licking Glacius down to his body was a good idea. Let's also not forget the Baby Cannon idea.

Boomstick: Shut up, Wiz!

Wiz: Anyways, after Dark Pit woke up from his coma, he realized that he and Pit had some sort of special connection.

Boomstick: Afterwards, they teamed up to save Palutena's soul, stop the Chaos Kin, and basically take down Hades. wait a second, this guy sounds a lot like Shadow.

Wiz: Really?

Boomstick: Yeah, the fact that they were both created, their need to beat their rival at first, and not liking the good or bad in their universes as neutral antiheroes

Wiz: If anything, Dark Pit is more likely based off of Pit's "fallen angel" palette swap from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Boomstick: So this guy is the combination of Shadow and a palette swap? That's pretty stupid.

Wiz: Well, Nintendo's idea of Dark Pit might be stupid. Might. But the character certainly isn't. As a copy of Pit, Dark Pit possesses as much, if not, more skill than the actual original.

( Cue ~ Wrath of the Reset Bomb - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U)

Boomstick: He can dodge, melee, shoot, and use all sorts of weapons.

Wiz: One of his signature weapons is his Silver Bow. This Bow is able to shoot light arrows with great homing ability at the opponent. But it can be split into two swords. But what the Silver Bow makes up for in great homing ability, it's sorely lacking in great melee attacks.

Boomstick: Next, there's the First Blade. With it, Dark Pit is able slash at anything that comes in his way.

Wiz: Then there's the EZ Cannon. It shoots energy shots one at a time that explode on impact and its bouncing shots have great homing ability.

Boomstick: I think I found the most beautiful weapon in the Kid Icarus universe.

Wiz: Well, if you like that, you'll love the Violet Palm. When equipped onto the user, it transfers itself onto the user's arm so that they can shoot big rainbow orbs.

Boomstick: Forget the EZ Cannon, this rules!

Wiz: But despite their great homing skills, they're severely lacking in great range and shot cancellation value.

Boomstick: Huh?

Wiz: Shot cancellation in the Kid Icarus universe is when two shots collide, determining what shots cancel each other out.

Boomstick: Oh.

Wiz: He also has the Ogre Club, a strong but slow powerful club covered with spikes.

Boomstick: It's like Nintendo made all my favorite weapons and gave em' to this guy. I wanna be Dark Pit now!

Wiz: Well if you were Dark Pit, you'd love using the Dark Pit Staff. Despite its name, Dark Pit uses it less like a staff and more like a sniper rifle that shoots lasers.

Boomstick: Now I really wanna be Dark Pit!

Wiz: Well, the weapon does deal great pain at long range and the projectiles are pretty quick. However, they have weak melee capabilities. Unsurprising considering the fact that he doesn't really use it as a staff. But that hasn't stopped him from taking out several Underworld troops, kicking the Gatekeeper, taking out the Chaos Kin alongside Pit, harming Hades, and often fighting Pit to a standstill. But while he is smarter than Pit, he tends to have a more aggressive approach which can either be used against him or used to help others indirectly.

Boomstick: Plus, he's pretty arrogant, considering himself to be the original Pit. Also, he can't fly naturally and can only fly via outside help. But considering his awesome weapons, he's more than a threat to anyone who stands in his way.

Pit: I am Pit! Servant to the goddess of light!

Dark Pit: And I am Dark Pit! Servant to no other but myself!

Pit and Dark Pit: And together, we will rain death upon you!

Pre-Death Battle

Wiz: Alright! The combatants are set! Let's end this deabte once and for all!


Death Battle

( Cue ~ Silence of the Moon - Kid Icarus: Uprising)

Shadow was skating on his Hover Shoes and stopped because there were robots in the way, but Shadow ran and kicked a rocket launcher out of one of the robots' hands. shadow then shot rockets at the robots, blowing them all up.

Shadow: Sometimes, it's almost too easy.

Shadow looked at his hand and typed the code and opened the door.

Shadow: It's mine!

However, as he said this, Dark Pit came down from the vent on the ceiling. Shadow then aimed his Rocket Launcher at Dark Pit

Shadow: Who are you and who are you working for?

Dark Pit: One, I'm Dark Pit. And two, I'm here alone. Now I'll take that emerald off your hands now.

Shadow: Over my dead body.

Dark Pit: That can be arranged.

Shadow fired a rocket at Dark Pit, but Dark Pit fired an arrow from his Silver Bow and destroyed the rocket and the rocket launcher, causing Shadow to wave his hand in pain.

Shadow: Ow! You're gonna pay for that!

Shadow readied his fists and Dark Pit split his Silver Bow into swords. The door behind them closed.


( Cue ~ Westopolis - Shadow the Hegdehog)

Shadow ran towards Dark Pit and punched him in the head and knocked him into the door. Dark Pit got back up and started shooting arrows at Shadow, but Shadow dodged them and started to use the Spin Kick. Shadow then used two more Spin Kicks and created a Tornado. Dark Pit started firing more arrows, but they were neutralized and Dark Pit starts to get sucked up into the Tornado and starts taking damage. The torndao dissipates and Shadow launches Chaos Spear.

Shadow: Chaos Spear!

Dark Pit: Chaos what? (*grunts)

Dark Pit is knocked back by the Chaos Spear. Dark Pit brings out the Ogre Club and tries to hit Shadow, but shadow constantly dodges and hops behind him and kicked his leg and then roundhouse kicked his head into a wall.

Shadow: Give up. You're outclassed.

Dark Pit: Try outclassing this!

( Cue ~ Chaos Vortex - Kid Icarus: Uprising)

Dark Pit brought out the Violet Orb and equipped it onto his arm.

Shadow: What's up with your arm?

Dark Pit: Why don't you find out?

Dark Pit fired a rainbow orb at Shadow, but Shadow destroyed it using Chaos Spear.

Shadow: Chaos Spear!

Two Spears survived and hit Dark Pit. Pitoo brought out the EZ Cannon and started shooting balls of energy at Shadow, but Shadow blocked it using Shadow Guard. Dark Pit brought out the First Blade and tried to break the forcefield and started wailing the blade on it. Shadow deactivated the barrier and used the Sonic Boost and tackled Dark Pit into a wall.

Shadow: Had enough?

Dark Pit: Not even a little.

Dark Pit brought out the Dark Pit Staff and started to shoot Shadow, causing great damage.

Shadow: It's not over yet! Chaos Control!

( Cue ~ All Hail Shadow - Sonic the Hegehog (2006))

Shadow froze time with Chaos Control. He later fired Chaos Spear and then ran towards Pitoo using the Sonic Boost. Shadow went back to his place and resumed time knocking Pitoo backwards from the Chaos Spear and forward due to the Sonic Boost. shadow then uppercuted Dark Pit up, ran back, jumped up forward and punched Dark Pit down and slowed his descent with his Hover Shoes. Shadow removed his Inhibitor Rings, jumped onto a wall and hopped onto another side of the wall and lunged in and stuck out his fist, punching Dark Pit into a wall. Shadow used Chaos Blast and obliterated Dark Pit.

Shadow: Chaos Blast!

Shadow walked away slowly from the explosion. Dark Pit's wings came out of the rubble and Shadow looked down on the wings.

Shadow: Pathetic.

Shadow put on his rings and contacted Omega.

Shadow: Omega, do you have the Emerald yet?

Omega: I got it a long time ago. Where I am is just very far away from where you are.



( Cue ~ I Am... All of Me - Shadow the Hedgehog)

Boomstick: Whoa! Shack another one up for the black hedgehog, talk about awesome!

Wiz: Despite Dark Pit's superior intelligence, arsenal, and levelheadedness. Shadow's speed, durability, and Chaos Powers resulted in Dark Pit's demise.

Boomstick: While both character can be considered faster than light, Dark Pit can only reach those speeds with outside help.

Wiz: Dark Pit may have been more strategic, but Shadow's faced way better strategists like Black Doom, who has commanded an entire alien species for 2,000 years. Dark Pit's never shown this level of strategy.

Boomstick: And when it comes to their rivals, Dark Pit's usually seen losing to or stalemating Pit, but Shadow was able to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog in battle. Oh, but Wizard, Dark Pit could just figure out how to use Chaos Control in battle against Shadow because Sonic was able to use with a fake emerald!

Wiz: That may be true but that wouldn't actually happen in a fight. This is because since Dark Pit's not as adept with Chaos Control, he would first need to use the Chaos Emerald and in order to use it, he would need it in his hand, and considering Shadow's indomitable will, Dark Pit nagging the Emerald from Shadow's hand is as possible as Sonic being willing to walk instead of run.

Boomstick: Looks like Dark Pit will forever be in the shadows.

Wiz: The winner is Shadow the Hedgehog


  • Shadow VS Dark Pit, E-102 Gamma VS E-123 Omega, and Rouge VS Cammy all take place in the same base at the same time.