Shadow (Forces)

I am Shadow the Hedgehog! The Ultimate Life Form!
~ Shadow introducing himself to Vegeta

Many years ago, Professor Gerald Robotnik endowed me with the power of Chaos Control, a normal creature like yourself doesn't stand a chance against me.
~ Shadow to Sonic in Shadow Knows

Oh my God, I'm glowing! Why am I glowing?!
~ Shadow`s Last words in Shadow VS Mewtwo

I am Shadow the Hedgehog. I am the union of ideals dark and benign but ultimately built in the name of love. I am the Ultimate Life Form. I am the protector of Mobius. Run home to your master and tell him. This is who I am.
~ Shadow

All Hail Shadow! Heroes rise again! Obliterating everything that's not your friend! Nothing can stop you now, No ghosts to bring you down! When there's nothing left to lose, You win!
~ All Hail Shadow

I hear no, see no evil. Black writing on the wall.

Unleashed a million faces. And one by one they fall.

Black-hearted evil. Brave-hearted hero.

I am all, I am all, I am.

~ I Am

Shadow the Hedgehog is the arch-rival of Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. He previously fought Vegeta in the 12th episode of Death Battle, Vegeta VS Shadow. He later fought Mewtwo in the 63rd episode of Death Battle, Mewtwo VS Shadow and then fought Vegeta again in a bonus episode of One Minute Melee.

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Battles Royale

With Rouge

With Sonic the Hedgehog

Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 14
  • Losses: 6
  • Draws: 1

Possible Opponents

​With Sonic


He was built by Professor Gerald Robotnik as the Ultimate Life Form from Black Arm DNA. Although he is a powerhouse, his initial purpose was to have genes to cure the deathly ill, specifically Gerald's granddaughter Maria. But before Shadow was able to be shared to the world, Maria was tragically killed. After that, Shadow tried to destroy the world, but eventually saved it instead.

Death Battle Info (Vegeta VS Shadow)


  • Height: 3'3"
  • Weight: 77 lbs.
  • Bio-Engineered Ultimate Life Form
  • Nearly Indestructible
  • Hypersonic Speeds
  • Martial Arts Skills

Chaos Force

  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Spear
  • Chaos Blast
  • Other Energy-Based Attacks
  • Can be used to defend, heal, fly, & warp

Inhibitor Rings

  • Restricts Chaos Power
  • Maintains Precision Control
  • When removed, his powers increase exponentially
  • When removed, his stamina drops quickly

Super Form

  • 1000% Power Increase
  • Automatic Flight
  • Unlimited Endurance
  • Invincible
  • Duration based on a time limit

Death Battle Info (Mewtwo VS Shadow)


  • Height: 3' 3"|100cm
  • Weight: 77.2lbs|35kg
  • Bio-Engineered Ultimate Lifeform
  • Possesses Black Arms DNA
  • Agent of G.U.N.'s Team Dark
  • Officially likes "nothing"
  • Ambidextrous
  • Somehow often mistaken for Sonic
  • Edgelord

Powers & Arsenal

  • Hover Boots
  • Spin Dash
  • Super Speed
  • Heightened Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Chaos Powers
    • Chaos Control
    • Chaos Spear
    • Chaos Blast
    • Spear of Light
    • Shadow Heal

Super Shadow

  • Massive power increase
  • Unlimited chaos powers
  • Automatic flight
  • Unlimited endurance
  • Nearly invincible
  • Form duration limited by time
    • Average duration: 50 seconds
  • Can access full power when Inhibitor Rings are removed
  • Requires 7 Chaos Emeralds to form


  • Survived falling to earth from space
  • Teleported the Black Comet
  • Has bested Sonic in combat
  • Froze time around an entire planet
  • Can skydive without a parachute
  • Survived an attack from Mephiles
  • Defeated Black Doom, Black Death, Metal Sonic, Solaris, & Final Hazard
  • Took out an entire Metarex Fleet

Death Battle Info (Fanon)


  • Knows how to play Basketball [1]


  • Superhuman speed on par with Sonic's
  • Longevity

Chaos Powers

  • Chaos Control
    • Positive Chaos energy used to manipulate or warp time and space
    • Allows the user to teleport.
      • The distance Shadow can travel depends on how much Chaos energy he uses.
    • In combat Chaos control can be used both offensively and defensively
    • Is performed when Shadow uses a Chaos Emerald or if he builds up a positive Chaos Aura
      • Hero Shadow can fly long distances
    • Shadow Heal
      • Shadow uses Chaos Control Energy to gradually heal himself
      • Shadow needs to concentrate to perform this heal; making him vulnerable while performing it
  • Chaos Spear
    • Channels raw Chaos energy into a form of electricity shaped like a spear shaped energy construct
    • Can be adjusted to be potent enough to incapacitate or inflict serious damage on an opponent
  • Hero Shadow and Dark/Chaos Shadow
    • Shadow's chaos energy peaks; making his body temporarily flow with either positive or negative power
    • Nigh invincibility
    • Gives all his guns unlimited ammo
    • Is fueled by Shadow's actions; performing sins and assisting villains fuel his negative chaos energy, while acts of heroism fuel positive energy.
    • Chaos Blast
      • Unleashes a huge explosion of negative Chaos energy
      • Damages anyone and anything caught within it's radius
    • Can be achieved by removing Inhibitor Rings


  • Hover boots
    • The primary source of Shadow's speed
    • Allows Shadow to hover in place; although its flying capabilities are limited
  • Flash Shot
  • Gatling Gun
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Vacuum
  • Heavy Shot
  • Pistol
  • Semi-Auto Rifle
  • Black Sword
  • Dark Hammer
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Bazooka
  • Egg Bazooka
  • Laser Rifle
  • 4-Shot RPG
  • 8-Shot RPG
  • RPG
  • Big Worm Shooter
  • Heal Cannon
    • Heals allies (but not Shadow himself)
    • Can revive humans from near death
  • Satellite Gun
    • A lock-on device that triggers a Satellite Laser to strike from space
  • Samurai Blade
    • Can fire an unlimited amount of energy blasts
  • Egg Vacuum
    • Instantly kills small opponents by sucking them into the gun
    • The gun will pop once it is full; which creates rings
  • Omochao Gun
    • Fires Omochao heads that ricochet chaotically
  • Shadow Gun
    • Shadow's most powerful gun
  • Motorcycle


  • Super Shadow
    • Attained when possessing all seven chaos emeralds
    • True Flight
    • 100% Stat increase
    • Speed on par with Sonic's super form whom can travel 'nearly the speed of light' (according to Smash Bros U)
  • Chaos Boost
    • Accessed with Memory Shards
    • Stat increase


  • Matched Sonic in combat multiple times; occasionally defeating him.
  • Defeated Devil Doom
  • Held back one of Final Mova's heads
  • Despite sustaining injuries previously, he fought on par with the powerhouse Knuckles
  • Tanked hits from Mephiles
  • Alongside Sonic prevented the Space Colony ARK from crashing into Earth
  • Out raced an explosion in only a couple of seconds
  • Strong enough to lift and throw a city bus one handed
  • Froze the entire Earth with Chaos Control
  • Stopped the Black Arms invasion
  • Fought both Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega to a standstill
  • Single-handily took out an entire Metarex fleet
  • Survived a fall from orbit
    • It should be noted that this only happened in the comics. According to the official games; Eggman had a robot rescue Shadow before he landed on Earth.
  • Defeated Eclipse the Darkling, his brother, who was supposely superior to him in every aspect and had the ability to negate his Chaos Powers.
  • As Chaos Shadow killed Black Death, the second ruler of the Black Arms


  • Relatively frail
    • Without Power Ups, Chaos Energy or Super Shadow; Shadow can be harmed by regular knives and bullets.
  • Can only use a majority of his Chaos powers if he is in close proximity to a Chaos Emerald
    • Even with a single emerald he cannot use his Chaos powers to their fullest potential
  • Susceptible to mind control
  • Was fooled by Doctor Eggman to attack Sonic the Hedgehog, with a poorly edited video of Sonic making fun of Shadow (Sonic Boom)
  • Chaos Control lasts only a few seconds
  • Overconfident of himself
  • Was overpowered by Mephiles 
  • Suffers from Amnesia
    • Can become depressed and/or confused by being reminded of Maria
  • Strength feats are inconsistent
  • When he removes his inhibitor rings his stamina decreases significantly
  • Can only remain in his super form for a short period of time
  • His jet-shoes have little traction; meaning Shadow slides when he tries to slow down (Sonic Battle).
  • At times very cocky and arrogant
  • Traumatized by his complex, tragic past
  • Obsessed with Maria
  • Finds it necessary to ride motorcycles for no reason (other than the cool factor).



  • Blaze the Cat was supposed to be Sonic's rival in Sonic Adventure 2, instead of Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Shadow's favorite anime is Kill la Kill (no joke).[1]

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