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I am Shao Kahn! Conqueror of worlds! You will taste no victory.
~ Shao Kahn

Shao Kahn is the main antagonist of the Mortal Kombat video game franchise, and other related media. He previously fought M. Bison in the 27th episode of Death Battle, Shao Kahn VS M. Bison.

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Known as Shao Kahn the Conquerer, he was assigned to the bleak realm of Outworld by the Elder Gods. Instead, he became the chief advisor to the Dragon King Onaga, who planned to take over the realms one at a time. Eventually, he poisoned Onaga, and took the realm of Outworld for his own.

Death Battle Info


  • Full Name: Emperor Shao Kahn the Konqueror
  • Age: Over 10,000 years
  • Height: 218 cm / 7'2"
  • Weight: 181 kg / 400 Ibs
  • Occupation: Emperor of Outworld
  • Former ambassador of Elder Gods
  • Fighting styles: Tai Tsu, Lui He


Wrath Hammer

  • Can be summoned from thin air
  • Far larger than real mauls
  • Requires superhuman strength to wield
  • Sometimes used as throwing weapon

Sword of Shao Kahn

  • Only seen in that crappy TV show


  • Minor telekinesis
  • Brainwashing
  • Teleportation
  • Can summon weapons
  • Creates energy weapons
  • Soul manipulation

Move Set

  • Charging Spikes
  • Upward Shoulder
  • Light Spear
  • Explosive Ball
  • Mystic Choke
  • Emperor's Shield
  • Eye Beams
  • Soulnado

Death Battle Info (Fanon)


  • Can shake the Earth to its very core when battling​ restrained Raiden RaidensTrilogyEnding.jpg
  • Easily dispatched Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade at once
  • Snaped Kung Lao's neck from behind
  • Killed most of the cast in Armageddon, including Onaga, who tried to send him away
  • Successfully killed Blaze
  • Victor of the final battle of Armageddon


  • Arrogant and aggressive to a fault
    • Taunts during battle
  • Defeated by Liu Kang and Raiden



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