Clarity of thought before rashness of action.
~ Shockwave

Shockwave is the cycloptic, cold, and logical Decepticon in the Transformers franchise.

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Shockwave has been referred to as "a computer on legs." This is not far from the truth. Logic rules Shockwave's thought processes and is the source of his every inspiration. He sees emotion as a weakness and a distraction. His cold and calculating modus operandi is supported by his frightening and exceptionally powerful form.

Shockwave is possibly even more powerful than Megatron. Perhaps logic may one day dictate that the time to replace Megatron's flawed, emotion-fueled rule is at hand. After all, the only logical choice for Decepticon leader would be Shockwave himself.

Death Battle Info

  • Homeworld: Cybertron
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliation: Decepticons (Nemesis Crew, Action Masters); formerly Cybertronian Senate (G1 IDW comics)
  • Occupation: Military Commander, Scientist


  • Magnetic impulse defuser barrel

Action Master

  • Turbo rifle


  • Master Combatant
  • Genius-level Intellect
  • Expertise in almost all known forms of science
  • Master Tactician
  • Expert Leader


G1 Marvel Comic

  • Usurped leadership of the Decepticons from Megatron
  • Singlehandedly defeated Optimus Prime, Bluestreak, Ironhide, Huffer, and Mirage with one blast in gun mode
  • Used the Creation Matrix within Optimus Prime to create Jetfire and the Constructicons

IDW G1 Comics

  • Enacted and almost succeeded in a master plan involving modified types of Energon, and as a result: feed Cyebrtron with Energon forever, and collapse all of reality into a single point (Cybertron)

Regeneration One

  • Became integrated with the Ark's computer for a time
  • Became one of the only remaining Decepticons


  • Created the Dinobots, Predacons, Predaking, and the second Omega Lock
  • Invented the Cortical Psychic Patch
  • Went toe to toe with Ultra Magnus
  • Overwhelmed Wheeljack and Bulkhead
  • Survived the collapse of a Space Bridge while also suffering damage to his optic
  • Held his own against Smokescreen and Bumblebee simultaneously
  • Tanked a huge explosion
  • Survived an onslaught by a horde of Terrorcon Predacons


  • Was loyal to Megatron and a comparatively weak to his other incarnations in the G1 Sunbow cartoon
  • His sense of logic can be used against him




Fistfight is the "droid" partner to Shockwave. A sadistic little bugger, when he's not serving as a heavy-artillery "lightning rifle" for Shockwave, he's carefully dissecting late-model cars.

Death Battle Info

  • Homeworld: Cybertron
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliation: Decepticons



Transformers Dark of the Moon- The Score-11- Shockwave's Revenge- Steve Jablonsky02:02

Transformers Dark of the Moon- The Score-11- Shockwave's Revenge- Steve Jablonsky

Super badass theme


  • Before he became a Decepticon, Shockwave started as one of the only non-corrupt members of the Senate of Cybertron in the IDW comics - as well as a student of the then MIA Jhiaxus, only to be brainwashed and given a new form with his signature head, which molded him into what he is now.

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