Sinnoh Trio Royale

Sinnoh Legendary Battle Royale

Sinnoh Legendary Pokemon Battle Royale is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Legendary Pokemon! The Famous Legendaries of Sinnoh engage in a Reality Bending Pokemon Battle!


Akihiro: Pokemon.A popular franchise that has been known for many years.

Pit: They already have like 7 GENERATIONS!

Akihiro: Yeah,beside that,like Palkia the space Pokemon

Pit: Dialga,the time Pokemon

Akihiro: And Giratina,the Distortion pokemon.He is Pit and I'm Akihiro and it's our job to analyze their armor,weapons,and skill to find out who would win a death battle




Pre-DB and Special Thanks!


It was a normal day in the Distortion world.And the Pokemon who was controlling the Distortion world was Giratina.The Pokemon that got banished into the Distortion world.It was pretty normal in the Distorion world.Like any other day in it....

....Until There was 2 legendary Pokemon from the Sinnoh region from Spear piller came into the Distortion world.The legendary Pokemon that came to the Distortion world was Palkia,the space Pokemon,and Dialga,the time Pokemon.They came to the Distortion world to the portal that took them to the Distortion world.They looked around in the Distortion world only to see the Pokemon that got banished to it,Giratina.

When they got towards Giratina,the space Pokemon and the time Pokemon roared at the Pokemon that got banished by Arceus to the other Dimension.And what did Giratina did back?Giratina roared an earsplitting roar back to the space pokemon,Palkia and the time pokemon,Dialga.They only knew 2 things....

One was that either Dialga would win,Giratina would win,or Palkia would win.The second thing they knew was that things were going to get brutal and intense in this battle....Or not


Giratina used shadow claw!

Giratina slashed Dialga,the time Pokemon with Giratina's shadowy claws. The hit Giratina did was a critical hit.

It's a critical hit!

The hit Giratina made had a heavy critical hit that Dialga flew backwards a bit before he was preparing for another attack. The 2 legendary pokemon did not know what attack that he was charging up.

Dialga used dragon pulse!

Without retaliation,Dialga unleashed a beam of dragon energy at Palkia.However,Palkia avoided the attack and charged up another attack.Where was Palkia going to launch it?At Dialga!



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Pit belongs to Nintendo

Akihiro belongs to Supersaiyan2link