Sir Daniel Fortesque
I'll show you!
~ Sir Daniel Fortesque

Sir Daniel Fortesque is the main protagonist of MediEvil.

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  • Age: Mid-thirties (technically over 600 years)
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Occupation: Knight


  • Small Sword
    • Standard close ranged weapon
  • Broad Sword
    • Stronger than the Small Sword and has a wider range
    • Can be enchanted temporarily to deal more damage
  • Magic Sword
    • Second strongest sword in Daniel's inventory
    • Pretty much a permanently enchanted broadsword
  • Woden's Brand
    • Strongest sword Daniel has
    • Can kill a shadow demon in two hits
  • Club
    • Easily smashes rocks and weak walls
    • Can be set on fire to burn opponents
    • Wears down with usage
  • Hammer
    • As strong as the club but never wears down
    • Can be charged up to unleash a ground shockwave
  • Throwing Daggers
    • Long ranged projectiles
    • Carries around 250
  • Axe
    • Can be used as a melee weapon or be thrown at enemies
    • Always returns after being thrown
  • Chicken Drumsticks
    • Can be thrown at weak enemies to turn into food Daniel can eat for health
    • Carries around 30
  • Crossbow
    • Arrows it fires are stronger than the daggers
    • Fires arrows at a quick rapid speed
    • Can ricochet arrows off walls
    • Carries 200 arrows
  • Longbow
    • Fires slower but stronger than the crossbow
    • Carries around 200 arrows
  • Flaming Longbow
    • Stronger than the longbow
    • Can cause a burning effect on enemies
    • Carries around 100 flaming arrows
  • Magic Longbow
    • Strongest longbow Daniel has
    • Carries around 50 magic arrows
  • Spear
    • Most powerful projectile Daniel has
    • Carries around 30
  • Lightning
    • Can kill multiple enemies when charged, will only aim for one enemy if not carved
  • Golden Chalice
    • Fires several souls which will home onto enemies
  • Pistol
    • Must be reloaded after six shots
    • Has 200 bullets
  • Blunderbuss
    • Fires strong shots
    • Slow firing rate
  • Cane Stick
    • Close ranged weapon used for quick thrusts
    • Can be charged up to fire a three pronged wave that snakes on the ground towards enemies
  • Arm
    • Weakest close ranged weapon
    • Can be thrown at enemies
    • Will return after being thrown
  • Gatling Gun
    • Rapid firing and powerful
    • Carries a lot of ammo


  • Copper Shield
    • Weakest of all shields
  • Silver Shield
    • Second strongest of all shields
  • Gold Shield
    • The strongest of all three shields
    • Can also absorb projectiles
  • All shields allow for the daring dash move


  • Dragon Armor
    • Immunity to fire
    • Ability to breathe fire
    • Can change between normal armor and dragon armor at any time
    • Can't use weapons or shields when worn
  • Super Armor
    • Gives Daniel extra health
    • Also acts like a extra life of sorts


  • Dan-hand
    • Allows Daniel to reach small spaces
    • Can explode into a gas that stuns opponents
  • Dankenstein
    • Used to duel robots in boxing
    • Can loose limbs after being damaged to a point, while they can be recovered if all limbs are lost the Dankenstein looses it's usefulness

Anubis Stone

  • Allows Daniel to summon an army composed of his comrades from the Battle of Gallowmere
  • Daniel can also use it to heal his comrades at the cost of his health
  • Daniel can also use it to drain the life force of his opponents


  • Lead the Battle of Gallowmere
  • Defeated Zarok and other foes like Lord Palethorn and The Ripper
  • Solved The Jack of the Green's riddles and maze
  • Redeemed himself for his past failures and earned a place in the Hall of Heroes
  • Fought huge creatures like a skeleton dinosaur, elephant bots, and more
  • Traveled back in time
  • Fought against Colonel Radec


  • Projectile weapons (except the axe and arm) run out over time
  • Shields break over time
  • Can't use weapons or shields while wearing the Dragon Armor
  • Woden's Brand cannot be used with a shield
  • Dankenstein can loose it's limbs after taking damage
  • While he can heal his army he must sacrifice his own health to do so



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