Smoke VS Fulgore
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Season 1, Episode 8
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Air date Original Air Date: August 27, 2014

Re-Air/Adopted Date: July 9, 2015

Written by Derpurple & ImagoDesattrolante
Directed by Derpurple & ImagoDesattrolante
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Smoke VS Fulgore is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


It's Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct again!

Robots are always common in fighting games, but none have been more deadly or mysterious as Smoke and Fulgore.


(Cue Invader - Jim Johnston)

Wiz: Robots, mechanical beings made with artificial intelligence to aid the every day lives or jobs of human beings.

Boomstick: Or to kick ass! Like the Ninja Robot Cyborg-Smoke!

Wiz: And UltraTech's ultimate champion and creation: Fulgore.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And its our jobs to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win... A Death Battle.


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Done by Derpurple

(NOTE: Composite Smoke will be used, meaning that feats in the Alternate Timeline -MK 2011 to MK X- will be used as well but Cyborg Smoke shall be mainly used in the fight).

Wiz: Somewhere in the northern most parts of Asia, there exists a secret clan of assassins and thieves known as the Lin Kuei. This group has existed for centuries and thrives on the evil intention of the people who pay for their services. Its warriors are chosen at birth to be raised apart from the workings of day to day civilization and are stripped of their former lives.

Boomstick: Only the clan knows their existence. Each of them posses certain skills and abilities that set them apart from normal men. These abilities are passed on from generation to generation and honed throughout the experiences of life. Certain Lin Kuei warriors possess supernatural abilities including those that commune with nature.

Wiz: One of these Lin Kuei warriors was Tomas Vrbada, or most notably known as Smoke, a ninja assassin of the Lin Kuei and one of the many who were placed into the Lin Kuei's Cyborg initiative. Originating from Prague, Tomas Vrbada was recruited by the Lin Kuei for his impressive ability to escape capture.

Boomstick: Smoke is able to transform into a wisp of smoke, his talent has proved useful on countless missions. But poor Smoke had no memory of his childhood and so his only family is the Lin Kuei, more specifically the younger Sub-Zero, who is like a brother to him.

Wiz: It has been Smoke's hope that through the Lin Kuei he will discover his past as well as the origin of his power. And then he got turned into a cyborg and things started escalating from that point on. Smoke, now turned into unit LK-7T2, was the third prototype cyber-ninja built by the Lin Kuei. The first two being Cyrax and Sektor.

Boomstick: But unlike the two other cyborgs, Smoke appears to specialize in stealth and speed. Smoke is seen using smoke-related attacks, such as causing his opponent to cough as well as teleporting. In later appearances, due to Smoke's cybernetic "upgrades", his body appears to effectively be made out of smoke, or at least his nanomachines emulate the appearance of it.

Wiz: He's also been seen to mind control people using a gaseous mist that he inserts into people. Whatever the case, due to further modifications made on his body by Noob Saibot, he has become a demon nonetheless. But however, he's not only a cyborg-ninja demon, he's an enenra.

Boomstick: A what? An eneren?

Wiz: No an enenra, a demonic creature composed entirely of smoke and vapor. As such, he is able to not only actively utilize his namesake as an extensive weapon, but he is also able to morph his entire body into a cloud of vapor, allowing him to move swiftly around his opponent as well as escape from enemies or potential captors. As shown in his Fatalities, his smoke also emits extreme levels of heat.

Boomstick: Speaking of fatalities, Smoke has several, ranging from ripping or streching his enemies body parts until they exploded, shoving a bomb down a foe's mouth, jamming his finger into your skull and inserting smoke causing extreme heat to bowl his opponents insides causing their bodies to melt and to blowing up the whole Earth with a series of time bombs.

Wiz: That last one isn't possible and has never been canonically shown within the story of Mortal Kombat by the way. If it were true it would be something akin to a gag feat and an outlier.

Boomstick: Well that wraps up this analysis, now if you don't mind me I'm just gonna have a smoke. Heh.

Wiz: Not one of your best puns...

Boomstick: Shut up and let me smoke in piece!


Done by ImagoDesattrolante

Wiz: UltraTech. One giant mega corporation ruling the world, with nothing to stop it.

Boomstick: As to tighten their already massive grip over the Earth, they planned to build a army of unstoppable of robotic enforcers. With this, they created the already-deadly prototype Fulgore.

Wiz: Fulgore is an absolute beast, being 6'5 feet tall and over 500 pounds of pure steel. And...having a ponytail. That's unique.

Boomstick: Well, he's actually supposed to be based on a knight...a honorable one. A ponytail doesn't really suit that, does it?

Wiz: Before the damn thing was even tested UltraTech had sold MILLIONS of Fulgore units all over the world, and with that, they put it into the Killer Instinct tournament. Slight problem was that Fulgore didn't have a brain or AI, so they went and ripped one out of a previous winner of the tournament, Eagle, and planted it in their robot. Fulgore then drew from Eagle's Okichitaw style, which combines judo, Taekwondo and Hapkido all into one.

Boomstick: With Eagle's experience and skill, Fulgore stomped almost every combatant. Talkin' about him...let's get to his abilities and weapons.

Wiz: With his quad plasma claws, he can slice through solid steel at temperatures over 30,000*F.

Boomstick: Adding to that he has loads of crazy shit like Plasma Storm fireballs, a Reflector for...reflecting, a Cyber Port, cloaking device and even laser eyes for show.

Wiz: When it is needed, Fulgore can use one of his finishers called the "No Mercies".

Boomstick: Whoo. Where is he keeping all that shit? Does he have a shrinking device we missed?

Wiz: Fulgore's amazing power comes from a nuclear reactor hidden deep inside his body. Adding to this he can even overclock this, increasing its charge multiple times.

Boomstick: When he reaches full power, he gains a utterly massive power increase, and is doubled in speed. He also gains his most powerful attack, the Devastation Beam. With all this shit - how does anyone overpower him?

Wiz: He almost IS unstoppable, until Jago came along and wrecked his shit. After that, he got rebuilt, increased in all stats... just to get tag-teamed by Jago and his god-slaying sister. Even then, he's able to casually bust entire buildings - and survive the force equivalent to that, move at speeds breaching on hypersonic -and his power increases immensely with his reactor.

Boomstick: He reasonably shits on Onaga and Shao Kahn in terms of power, y'know. Sign that Fulgore's not one to be fucked with.


Done by ImagoDesattrolante

Random UltraTech Warehouse.


That was the sound of the metal boots of the purple and black cyborg known as Smoke, stepping across the cold, steel ground of the giant industry. The clings of his solid steps penetrated into the dark silence of the place, making it somewhat more bearable for the combat-suited warrior. He was actually looking for an opponent to fight. A worthy one, mind you. It seemed like they were hard to come by these days, most being just normal humans. This time would be different, however.


(Cue Smoke)

Sudden blue flashes emanated from the wall from his left, the structure seemingly being sliced into many different pieces. The flashes of blue suddenly ceased to be, and parts of the wall suddenly fell down in many pieces, little metallic clings coming with it. A large hole had formed from this, Smoke turning his head to look into it...


...To see large, piercing red eyes glowing in a cloud of smoke. A massive form suddenly emerged out of the hole, resembling a large, bulky, humanoid robot-knight with a long, orange ponytail and two, large blue ''claws'' appearing to be made out of plasma. Each heavy step by the being echoed throughout the whole facility, making the entire atmosphere of the place to seem a little more tense. This being was known as Fulgore.


Fulgore slowly stomped towards the cyborg ninja, and got into a combat stance. He surely was not going to let this being out alive. He let out a metallic screech of sorts, and looked at Smoke. The purple ninja got into a sleeker stance, each were about 12 feet away from each-other now. Smoke was interested in seeing how powerful this combatant was, and indeed, he knew he couldn't run. He knew he could win - he would, in his train of thought. Fulgore's was noticeably different.


(Cue Fulgore)

Before Smoke could use his Invisibility technique, Fulgore dashed forward, and immediately blitzed him, sending the cyborg flying back - only for Fulgore to run forward to grab Smoke's ankle in mid-air, and jump up - just to smash the cyborg to the hard floor.


The impact dented the ground, damaging Smoke. Just as Fulgore was about to lunge in for the kill, Smoke appeared to vanish in a grey mist, leaving the larger cyborg confused. And angry. Smoke suddenly appeared behind him, and ran forward to land a solid kick on the massive cyborg's back, nearly toppling his bulk over. Fulgore turned around to slash at Smoke, resulting in the purple ninja vanishing yet again. Then suddenly-


Fulgore was hit in the head point-blank by a kick from Smoke, knocking him back. Smoke then teleported closer to Fulgore, and brought his fist back...


To smash it straight in Fulgore's face! He brought it back again, whilst Fulgore was recoiling...


Stumbling back from the punches, Fulgore was left wide open.To get him closer, Smoke sent out a rope with a kunai tip - it didn't penetrate Fulgore's armor, but instead wrapped around Fulgore's ''neck''. Smoke began to pull the immense weight of the cyborg towards him, pulling his fist back one more time...


Fulgore was literally sent flying through a wall as a result of the punch, ripping through concrete and metal, and landing harshly with a smash. Before Fulgore could get up, Smoke teleported forward to kick him yet again - this time sending the cyborg sliding to another wall. And oh boy, was he pissed. He jumped up in a flash, and looked at Smoke in silent rage. This was about to get a lot more heated.

(Cue Cinder)

Rushing forward in a millisecond, Fulgore slashed his plasma blades across Smoke's chest, leaving a clear cut on his purple armor. Following up nicely, he then stuck both of his plasma claws inside Smoke, and smashed his massive head into the ninja, knocking him back. He then sent a kick into Smoke's chest, cracking the armor. Fulgore then began slicing.







Literally thousands of cuts appeared all over Smoke. A few chunks fell to the ground, emanating small clings as they did so. Fulgore suddenly blitzed forward and smashed his body right into the smaller cyborg, and right through a wall again. Smoke kneed Fulgore in the chest, and threw a powerful punch straight at his head, knocking the immense cyborg back. Just as Smoke was about to kick Fulgore with enough force to level a building, Fulgore straight-out grabbed his ankle and turned right around to throw him into a wall with a giant smash.


Fulgore ran forward, and brought his arm up to slice Smoke straight in half with his plasma claws -


-But Smoke once again vanished, and teleported behind the immense cyborg, and jumped up to kick him right in the back of his head, causing Fulgore to emit a screech and smash the smaller cyborg away with his immense metal arm. Rushing forward again, Fulgore slashed at Smoke with both of his plasma claws - however, Smoke managed to swiftly dodge, and kick the immense frame of Fulgore away. Due to the range, he shot out a Plasma Storm fireball to Smoke. Unable to react in time, it hit him, causing a large explosion that decimated a large portion of the warehouse, knocking them both into the coldness outside.


(Cue ARIA)

The sound of both of their metal bodies hitting the cold grass emanated quietly, but stopped as soon as they rose up. Fulgore overclocked his reactor, bringing him more power for the fight. Smoke didn't expect this at all, and got in a stance again. The cyborg ninja blitzed forward, and punched Fulgore in the chest... with no visible affect. Fulgore swiftly kicked Smoke in the chest in response, sending him flying straight into a rather robust tree - cracking the structure in half. Fulgore fired another Plasma Storm fireball at the area.


(Cue A Soul Can't Be Cut)

This vaporized the remaining parts of the gargantuan tree, but not his destined target, Smoke. In fact, it seemed the cyborg ninja had took to hiding again. Fulgore began searching slowly, with heavy metallic footsteps along the way. He suddenly heard a sound behind him, but before he could turn around - SMASH! He was hit be a rather large tree-trunk that had appeared to have been ripped out of the ground by Smoke. Grabbing his kunai, the smaller cyborg cut off the ponytail of Fulgore - the artificial hairs dropping to the ground. Fulgore was now indeed very pissed, overclocking his reactor more, and slashing through multiple trees in order to find his foe.


Fulgore was hit once again in the back of his metallic head by Smoke. It appeared the swift ninja had been hiding across the trees, looking for a perfect moment to attack. Smoke drew his fist back, then shot it forward with another WHAM, knocking the immense cyborg clean through another tree. As Fulgore got up, he overclocked his reactor once more, coming closer to his limit - his full power. He was pretty damaged, with multiple dents around his metallic body, and parts ripped off - but he still could fight.

(Cue Fulgore)

Smoke reappeared in a cloud of...smoke, once again to kick Fulgore in the chest. It really didn't seem to affect him, at all. Fulgore simply headbutted Smoke away, out of the trees and nearer to the facility. Smoke once again vanished out of sight, leaving Fulgore confused yet again. This time, Smoke silently crept up behind the immense robot, and threw a smoke bomb at him.


This knocked Fulgore away, and blew off pieces of his body. Smoke took this as an opportunity to get up close, and jab his finger in an exposed hole blown open by the bomb. He slowly started to inject white-hot smoke into the body of the giant cyborg. He was slowly getting melted from the inside -

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Done by Derpurple