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Sonic the Hedgehog vs The Flash is a What-if death battle featuring Sonic the Hedgehog from the eponymous series and The Flash (Barry Allen) from DC comics. It was abandoned and later adopted by DENSTIFY1.


Sega vs DC Comics! The two fastest characters in all of fiction go head to head in this death battle! Which speedster will prove superior?!



Wiz: Speed, the velocity at which one moves, while some fictional characters are known for their Incredible strength or their Amazing durability, speed is also sometimes the most recognisable trait of a character.

Boomstick: Sonic: The Blue Blurr.

Wiz: And Barry Allen: The Flash.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE.


The Flash


Sonic vs Flash set



Sonic flash running



(Cue: Act 2 Boss if Sonic wins/Cue: Key to the City if Flash wins)

  • If Sonic wins
  • If Flash wins
Who are you rooting for?

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Who do you think will win?

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Am I 2fast4you?

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???: My name, is Wolverine, I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do, isn't very nice.

???: I am Akuma, and I will teach you the meaning of Pain!

Wolverine vs Akuma

note: Thumbnail by DoomFest

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie) VS The Flash
DB-Archie Sonic VS Flash
Season 1, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date January 8th, 2017
Written by Paleomario66
Directed by Paleomario66
Episode guide
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Silver the Hedgehog VS Darth Vader Mario VS Popeye

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie) VS The Flash is a Death Battle created by Paleomario66.


Sonic the Hedgehog VS DC Comics! Can Sonic's most powerful incarnation beat the fastest man alive??


(Cues: Invader )

Wiz: Speed. Some characters are unusually fast, and some have speed that is beyond absurdity.

Boomstick: Archie Sonic, the most OP version of Sonic, from the Archie Comics.

Wiz: And The Flash, the fastest man alive.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win A DEATH BATTLE.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie)

Wiz: Archie Sonic is the OP version of Sonic the Hedgehog that is from the Archie Comics. Like video game Sonic, his trademark ability is his speed. In his early days, he could effortlessly break the sound barrier and even defeat his own shadow in a game of Shadow Boxing, making him FTL.

Boomstick: But that's not even close to how fast Sonic can go at his peak! He once scooped up some water, compressed into a ball, and then threw it in 0.0000000000001 milliseconds, or 100 attoseconds. Sonic could even run across universes through the cosmic interstate in less than a day. There were 1,000 Sonics, and the other universes have different Sonics. So using the distance of 93 billion light years for the universes and using the distance of 148,000 light years for the cosmic interstate and a time frame of 8 hours, Sonic would be going at 68.33912871782888 septillion mph, or 101,904,912,229,411,597.2 times the speed of light! And this is isn't accounting for how Sonic went and met to all the other Sonics.

Wiz: Archie Sonic has a lot of the same techniques as Game Sonic too, including the Spin Dash, and the Figure-Eight Peel-Out. The latter move increases his move increases his speed, strength and even allows him to briefly hover in midair. Sonic with his speed can even become a makeshift tornado, taking down any foes close to him. Sonic can also become a tornado by spinning his arms around, propelling him into the air and defeating anyone caught in his path. When running in place on roads, he can turn it into tar, stopping his enemies in their tracks.

Boomstick: Sonic isn't known for his strength, but he has shown some impressive feats, as seen when he is punching Eggman's robots with brute force, being able to damage the Egg Beater, which was specifically designed to counter and match Sonic's speed and strength, and with the power to lift people and objects that are several times his weight. Sonic, being a hedgehog, additionally also has an ability to dig.

Wiz: Sonic can manipulate Chaos Energy like Shadow, but to a lesser degree. When tapping into the Chaos Force, Sonic is granted chaos powers more powerful than they would normally be, and a wide array of other chaos powers not available to other chaos beings without the direct access to the chaos force. It turns that Sonic is the living embodiment of chaos, due to the mass amounts of Chaos energy he absorbed over time.

Boomstick: Sonic has the power to absorb Power Rings to get boosts of energy during battle. Hell, Sonic has absorbed so many Power Rings, that he had gained increased healing abilities.

Wiz: As a result of this, he possesses the ability to negate negative influences brought on by Chaos energy. With this ability, he was able to absorb energy from the Master Emerald despite its being locked by Finitevus' hex. No even the wizard Merlin Prower could explain how he did it.

Boomstick: Like Game Sonic, when this Sonic gets all 7 Chaos Emeralds, he becomes Super Sonic. As Super Sonic, he is FAR stronger, faster, and more durable than before, alongside the ability to use his Chaos Powers to its fullest, like Chaos Control, allowing him to bend the fabric of the space and time of an entire multiverse at his will.

Wiz: Super Sonic can even overwhelm enemies powered by negative energy via a positive energy aura. Super Sonic is so powerful and fast that his speed is stated to be incalculable, and when clashing with Hyper Knuckles, an entire universe was destroyed. He could even fight a weakened Enerjak avatar, which at its most powerful could wipe out multiple universes.

Boomstick: Even without his super form, Sonic can counter and survive a black hole generator, run across a multiverse twice in less than a day, and survive being flung across over 700,000 light years at MFTL+ speeds!

Wiz: Despite this, Sonic isn't perfect. Like his game counterpart, Sonic is cocky and arrogant, and he is lacking in strength compared to other Sonic characters. Still, with Sonic's crazy power, speed, and durability, he's a step up from his game counterpart.

Sonic: "I won't stop until I've saved everyone you've captured! I'll never stop until I've honored the sacrifices of everyone who's fallen along the way! And I won't be through until I've kicked your flabby behind once and for all! So you just keep pushin' me, doc! I'll push right back!"

The Flash

Wiz: The Flash, the fastest man alive. He is one of the fastest characters in fiction, but before he became the Flash, he was known as Barry Allen. One day when coming home, he found his mother dead, and his father wrongly convicted off the crime. Barry knew his dad was innocent, and in trying to clear him of the crime, he became a forensic scientist for the Central City police.

Boomstick: But, Barry couldn't set him free before he died. This strengthened his will to find the real murderer of his mother.

Wiz: One night, while working in his lab, he got struck by lightning and was knocked into chemicals. For any normal person this would have been fatal, and may have already died from the lightning, but since this is in a comic book, he got the power to run fast. From that point on, he gained a lot of abilities, including insane speeds, becoming The Flash.

Boomstick: Speed isn't the only thing he can do. He has a bunch of other abilities with his new power, including electrokinesis, the power to steal speed from others, accelerated healing, phasing, and vortex creation.

Wiz: The Flash gets all of these powers from the speed force, a separate realm that DC speedsters use as their power source. Although others like Wally West use it, Barry Allen actually created it and generates it.

Boomstick: Hell, he can enter it and bring enemies with him, and use it betterthan any other speedster can, which could allow him to surpass Wally West in speed, who at his peak could go 23,759,448,520,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times the speed of light, and reach Trans-Time velocity via absorbing the kinetic energy of billions of people on Earth!


  • Claimed to have evacuated all citizens of Tokyo in 30 seconds
  • His speed also effects his mind and how he thinks
    • Can process all information around him to the point of precognition (or 'thinking faster' as calls it).
    • Post-Crisis Barry claims himself to be able to process events in less than an attosecond, or 10^-18 seconds. This is REALLY fucking fast.
    • New 52 Barry can perceive what's happening at the level of a femtosecond.
    • Called the JL Watchtower's computers 'slow.' These computers can process 100 quadrillion calculation per second.
    • Learned an alien language in little over a minute.
    • Ran the Speed Force through his mind to calculate an infinite number of possibilities when given Hal's ring.
  • Can travel through time itself with his speed
    • Can't really aim where he's going without the Cosmic Treadmill.
    • Ran through time and outran the Black Racer, aka Death itself.
  • Can dodge punches from and race evenly with Pre-Crisis Superman
  • Runs so incredibly fast that he travels backwards in time, destroys the Anti-Monitor’s anti-matter cannon that would have destroyed the universe, and enters the Speed Force.
    • Note: Wally West - the next Flash - tries to recreate this feat and fails.
  • In his search for the Spectre, Barry searched the entire solar system and beyond in moments and claims to be able to search the entire universe.
  • Assuming he searched every planet at least once (or travelling their diameter), he would be traveling at 11.8 quintillion times the speed of light.
  • Should scale to Wally West.
    • Wally Was able to move at trans-time velocities by absorbing the kinetic energy of billions of people on Earth.
    • Wally out-sped the Gambler's instantaneous movement. FUCKING INSTANTANEOUS MOVEMENT!

Wiz: He has a lot of other feats too. He's fast enough to process in less than an attosecond. 1 attosecond is 10^-18 seconds! He called the JL supercomputers slow, which can process 100 quadrillion calculations per second. In a little over a minute, he learned a whole alien language. His speed is so insane he's kept up with Pre-Crisis Superman, and even time traveled a few times. He even searched the Solar System and beyond in moments in search for Spectre, and claimed to be able to search the entire universe. Assuming this is true, and he searched each planet at least once, he would be traveling 11.8 quintillion times the speed of light.

Boomstick: And for a guy whose that fast, he's actually quite powerful durable. As we know, he survived the event that gave him those powers in the first place. He was once flicked by Superman hard enough to get sent flying into a hot dog stand. Ouch. And this was New 52 Superman, a guy who could bench press the Earth for 5 days straight WITHOUT any sunlight!

Wiz: With the Speed Force, his durability and power are enhanced even more, particularly with the Infinite Mass Punch, where he vibrates at just under light speed, hitting with the power of a White Dwarf Star, and he should scale to Eobard Thawne, who tanked an Infinite Mass Punch, making his peak durability and AP at Star level.

Boomstick: Unfortunately, with all of his crazy speed, the Flash has some crucial flaws.

Wiz: He's rather cocky, often getting in bad situations simply because he's sure he can get out of them. He also tends to rush into situations without thinking them through first. Having a crazy metabolism, he obviously needs to eat a lot of food. His speed can be hindered or nullified by users of time manipulation, those who can somehow sever his connection with the Speed Force, or even breaking his legs. He also is one of DC's most unfortunate victims of bad writing.

Boomstick: Regardless, with crazy speeds like this, its gonna be pretty damn hard to counter it!

Flash: "Life is locomotion... if you're not moving, you're not living. But there comes a time when you've got to stop running away from things... and you've got to start running towards something, you've got to forge ahead. Keep moving. Even if your path isn't lit... trust that you'll find your way."


Sonic (Archie) VS Flash Preview

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all!



Note: This is a follow-up to One Minute Melee: Shadow VS The Flash

In the air, the Flash managed to get out of the condensed Chaos Blast and he landed down on the ground before running towards Shadow and punching him the face, sending him flying for hundreds of feet away into a large building.

Sonic turned and saw this, then faced the Flash, now angry.

Sonic: Hey, man. I'm not sure how you'd feel about this, but I don't tolerate anyone harming my friends.

Flash: Your friends attacked me first! I had to defend myself! I also have been looking for you Sonic! I want to fight you!

Sonic: Well, if its a fight you want, it's a fight, you'll get!

Both combatants ran toward each other, ready for battle.

Sonic (Archie) VS Flash Fight

Sonic and Flash's punches collided, and the former managed to surprise the latter with a combo of punches and kicks. Sonic tried to punch him again, but the Flash easily dodged him. He then proceeded to spin quickly, catching Sonic off guard and knocking him away.

Sonic recovered and charged up a Spin Dash. The Flash ran towards Sonic, ready to punch him. The latter released the Spin Dash, and the two collided, knocking each other back. Sonic was quicker to recover.

Flash got up soon afterwards, then proceeded to rush into Sonic multiple times, trying to overwhelm him with his speed. He was moving so quickly that Sonic couldn't escape. The Flash eventually knocked Sonic away, but he got up quickly.

He ran towards Flash, but the latter grabbed him and stole his speed.

Sonic: What... I.. can't.......move!

Flash: It's over, Sonic!

The Flash then used the Infinite Mass punch to try to finish off Sonic. The force of the punch sent Sonic flying, and the Flash ran after him. Sonic was flying for a few miles, before he recovered mid-air and landed by a forest. He turned, and dodged an attack from the Flash via a back flip.

Flash: (Damn it! How is he this tough? Nothing's worked! I guess I have one last trick!)

He suddenly pulled Sonic into the speed force.

Sonic: Huh? Where are we?

Flash: You're in the speed force. MY speed force. This is the source of my power.

He rushed behind Sonic, and then ran the other way.

Flash: And here, I AM KING!

Sonic turned, but only just before the Flash proceeds to clobber Sonic with his speed, before knocking him away with his punch. The Flash, now with assistance from the speed force, made an even greater Infinite Mass Punch. Sonic took his chance to recover in midair and pull out the Chaos Emeralds.

The Flash smashed into Sonic, but it did nothing.

Flash: WHAT!

Super Sonic grinned, then kicked the Flash away then rushed into him so fast they landed out of the speed force. Sonic teleported behind the Flash, and kicked him in the face, obliterating it.


The Flash's body fell onto the floor, lifeless.


Sonic (Archie) VS Flash KO

Sonic reverted back to normal and scratched his head.

Sonic: Well, sorry I had to do this, Flash, but you deserved it after harming my friends.

Boomstick: And another combatant lost their head. Literally!

Wiz: Yeah. The Flash was MUCH, MUCH faster than Sonic, but Sonic actually beat Flash in most categories, particularly Attack Potency and Durability.

Boomstick: The gap in speed was huge, but Sonic's power and durability could certainly allow him to hold his own. At best, the Flash was Star level+ via the Infinite Mass Punch. Tanking the black hole generator and overpowering it makes base form Sonic Multi-Solar System level.

Wiz: Most of Wally's greatest speed feats come from absorbing kinetic energy from other people, which would be outside help. Also, Sonic has insane speed feats of his own. He once ran so fast that everything else around him was literally frozen. Sonic's water ball throwing feat gives him a reaction time of 100 attoseconds, not too far behind the Flash, so the difference wasn't enough for Flash to win.

Boomstick: Super Sonic made it near-impossible for the Flash to damage him, since Sonic took hits from a weakened Multi-Universal Enerjak avatar with no damage. Flash is only Star level, so Super Sonic is infinitely more powerful than Flash at his peak. He would never even SCATHE him. Hell, his ways of bypassing durability likely won't even work on Super Sonic.

Wiz: And although phasing could possibly affect base form Sonic, his durability is still so high that Flash might not even be able to pull it off.

Boomstick: Looks like the Flash was "too slow"!

Wiz: The winner is Archie Sonic.

Archie Sonic wins


Sonic (WINNER)

+Far more durable

+Far higher AP

+Super Sonic outclasses the Flash



Flash (LOSER)



-Far less durable

-Far inferior AP

-Super Sonic outclasses the Flash


Who are you rooting for?

The poll was created at 12:31 on December 9, 2016, and so far 37 people voted.
Do you agree with the fight?

The poll was created at 18:46 on July 3, 2016, and so far 34 people voted.

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DB-Mario VS Popeye

Mario VS Popeye

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie) VS The Flash
Sonic vs Flash Request
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 7/18/17
Written by BangJang96
Directed by BangJang96
Episode guide
Previous Next
Android 18 vs. Captain Marvel Firestorm vs Human Torch
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Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie) VS The Flash is a What-If? Death Battle created by BangJang96. The Flash in this battle will be Barry Allen, facing off against comic, or Archie Sonic.


Sonic the Hedgehog VS DC Comics! The battle between the speedsters begins! Does Flash have what it takes to beat the speedy blue sensation, or will Flash eat Sonic's dust?


(Cue-: Invaders- WWE Theme )

Wiz: Since its creation,speed has been defined by many things. Science, olympics, games of tag, or...

Boomstick: Breaking the human limits comic book style!

Wiz: And these two speedsters definetly fit the mold.


Boomstick: Archie Sonic, the fastest thing alive!


Wiz: And The Flash, the fastest man alive.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win A DEATH BATTLE.

Archie Sonic

(Cue-: [1] His World- Sonic Theme- 2006 )

Wiz: The year was 3220. A war that would change the Earth as we know it, was among our people. It was known, as the Great War. A war between mobians and humans over who would populate the planet, out broke and-

Boomstick: And resulted in tiny fucking animals kicking our assess, and sending us to dwell in the depths of outer space! Take that, science!

Wiz: As strange as it was, the mobians had succeeded in dominating the planet. Although he grew up several years of his life in Mobotropolis peacefully, the King had realized that the Great War had not been going well for them, so he sent all of the children to the sanctuary in the Great Forest called Knothole.

Boomstick: Oh yeah and prooooooobably the wrong time for a cute little hedgehog to enter the world.

Wiz: Ogilive Maurice Hedgehog wa-


Boomstick: OGILIVE? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Ahhhhh that sounds like the name of an ol' drunk uncle drinking beer and using shotguns. Maybe I should change my name to Ogilive...

Wiz: Ok, as funny as it is, he soon eventually earned the name Sonic, through multiple showcases of his immense speed.

Boomstick: Yeah, turns out this guy was BORN with speed, without any kind'ave background as to WHY he got it. He should've joined Professor X and became a mutant hedgehog! I'm sure he'd love it.

Wiz: A hedgehog THAT fast wouldn't even need a mutant school, Boomstick.

Boomstick: Okay. Anyway Sonic was born to the happy couple of Bernadette and Jules Hedeghog, who...oh wait thats later.

Wiz: Prior to the end of the Great War, Sonic returned to his home city, Mobotropolis once the Great War had come to its end, but it was at the wrong, wrong time...

Boomstick: You see, humans aren't going to just let a couple of fucking rodents and animals take over their home world. So they sent Sonic's forever iconic nemesis...Dr. Robotnik. Once he got there, he straight-up launched an entire robot invasion on the entire city, renamed it Robotropolis, and OP! Here it is! Are you ready? Cause guess what?

Wiz: Sonics parents were killed...weren't they?

Boomstick: Close, but no. Instead, they were turned into one of Robotni- err...Eggman's robots in the end. But hey, better be a robot then dead, right?

Wiz: Right, and after that traumatic experience, Sonic was no surprisingly an orphan, and was raised by his Uncle Chuck for the rest of his childhood.

Boomstick: Fortunately, the mobians didn't give up just yet. The Freedom Fighters fought vigorously against the tyranny of Dr. Eggman, and certainly held their own, but it wasn't long before they were defeated.

Wiz: With the loss of the Freedom Fighter's Colonel Tig Stripe having fallen into the hands of Eggman, Sonic, and his other mobian friends formed the new Freedom Fighters in inspiration and remembrance of what the original cast had done, and started tackling with Eggman, to end his ruling iron fist over Mobius.

Boomstick: And who says hedgehogs can't fight? With natural-born speed, you'd think just running is all it takes to stop a couple of robots, but Sonic harnesses speed to enhance is massive strength and durability, with the famous Homing Attack or the Spin Dash, to take out robots with spikey hedgehog quills!

Wiz: Hes not just strong enough to annihilate robots, but also phase through them. Sonic's grown to the point where he can phase through entire solid objects, with or without someone holding his hand.
Yesyesyesyes (1)

Boomstick: Someone like his WOMAN! HA!

Wiz: Ugh, Sonic is also strong enough to create mere shockwaves with his bare fists, and is apparently strong enough to beat up his own...shadow?

Boomstick: Still not as absurd as Damian Wayne beheading a tiger as a toddler...

(Cue-: Silver's Theme )

Wiz: Agreed. And Sonic's no slouch when it comes to sheer power either. Due to being an embodiment of chaos, Sonic wields the power of the chaos emeralds, thus granting him the famous technique, known as Chaos Control.

Boomstick: With Chaos Control, Sonic is able to teleport, bend space and time, and essentially warp reality, bad. Its much different from the way I warp reality, which involves-

Wiz: Sonic also can harness water manipulation, and can throw water balls at enemies without hesitation. And with Sonic's crazy strength, there also comes his crazy speed. Hes fast enough to run, even when time is at a complete halt, thus making Sonic giving Sonic some sort of minor immunity to this time manipulation. And with Chaos Control's ability to bend space and time, at some points he doesn't even need it, as his own speed has been proven to disrupt the space time-continuum, and while he was fighting on par with Dr. Eggman.


Boomstick: And it seems he just has to run to get things done. Like this one time when he was outrunning Metal Sonic, the poor robot could not keep up with him, and he melted like Frosty the Snowman, because Sonic's TOO FUCKING FAST!

Wiz: So fast, hes even fast enough to run through the entire multiverse twice, in a single day, while searching for his home world apparently.

Boomstick: Yeah yeah yeah, enough about his speed. Don't forget about how durable he is! So durable, hes able to tank hits from the likes of an evil Super Sonic, Scourge the Hedgehog, and Knuckles the Echidna. And on some occasions, along side with Mega Man, the two heroes have fought off the likes of Dr. Robotnik on many, many occasions.

Wiz: And lets not forget he tanked the Ultimate Annihilator, a weapon created by Dr. Eggman that can bust entire zones away. While maybe not aiming it directly toward him, he ended up hitting Sonic, and destroying the zone...and Sonic remained completely unscathed.

Boomstick: But his speed, strength, and durability are just the cherry on top. When Sonic has not one, not two, not three, but SEVEN Chaos Emeralds, he becomes the all-powerful, zone-busting...Super Sonic.

Wiz: Being the frosting of the cake, Archie Sonic completely boosts his strength, speed, and durability, making Base Sonic look like complete child's-play as he is also confirmed to be invulnerable. Hes powerful enough to tank hits from the high-tier reality warper, Enerjak, and even fight on par with him, and-

Boomstick: Pummel him! Fuck yeah! And in Super form, Sonic has harnessed the energy of the Chaos Control, to recreate the entire Multiverse along with Mega Man. Now, what could've caused that? Wizzzzzz?

Wiz: At one point when Sonic and Knuckles were enemies, they both achieved their super forms, fought each other, blah blah blah, and clashed at incalculable speeds, thus destroying an entire zone with their speed alone. Now if we dig deeper into this speed feat, lets examine the speed that was required for this feat. Sonic's mass here was about 35 kg. Now we take the force applied in Newtons, making it 2.5450135e+42(2.5 tredecillion mt) = 1.064833648e+58 N, leaving us with M= 35 kgs, F= 1.064833648e+58(10 648 336 480 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000) N, leaving us to find A left. Continuing to use the physics calculator leaves us with A= 3.0423818514285714e+56 m/s/s the speed of-

Boomstick: *drooling noises*

Death of Locke

Wiz: -light is 299 792 458 m / s. So 1.0148293e+48c(c=light speed) is Super Sonic's acceleration here, or 1.0148293 Quindecillion times the speed of light. But lets not forget that Knuckles applied force too, so we take his mass which would be 40 kg, and compare it to Sonic's kgs and see the percentage of their mass, and their mass combined, which would be 40kg/75kg = ~53% for Knuckles, and 35kg/75kg = ~47% for Super Sonic. So all and all, Sonic's speed in this feat with the combined speed and effort of Knuckles, was 476.96977 Quattuordecillion times light.

Boomstick: Uh, I hate to be a party pooper, but wouldn't that make his speed calculable?

Wiz: But would you still consider it fast?

Boomstick: Yeah.

Wiz: Then it doesn't matter if its calculable. Moving on. As great as both Sonic and his Saiyan form are, he isn't your average Gary-stu.

Boomstick: While he has no...exploitable weaknesses, Sonic's attitude about almost anything is kind'ave fucking bitchy. Hes shown to be cocky, and very arrogant at some points, giving the open for anyone to do God-knows-what to him.

Wiz: But just because his attitude is bad, does not mean his abilities are not. Archie Sonic no doubt about it has been at it for years, facing off against the deadliest foes, and truly making himself, the fastest thing alive.

Your too slow!

The Flash

(Cue-: Superhero )

Wiz: Metropolis is high-flying with Superman. Gotham City is crawling with a Batman. Star City has a Green Arrow. Central City is home too...

Boomstick: The Flash! AAAAAAAAAAH! But before he could even become the Flash, he was...Barry Allen. On one happy day when Barry was walking home, he got home, finding out that OOPSIE! His mom was murdered. Big surprise, am aright? Yeah, now that you think about it, Barry really couldn't do much even if he got there in time to save her. I mean, hes not the god-damn Batman for all we care.
Kek (2)

Wiz: Not to mention his mother was murdered by Barry's soon-to-be enemy, the Reverse-Flash.

Boomstick: And that fucker can erase people from existence, so hands off Barry! Anyway that sucks, because Papa Allen was apparently and wrongly accused of the murder, and was sent of to a life-sentenced jail. But to be fair, you can't really trust an eleven year old kid's thoughts on what HE saw, so....

Wiz: From that day forward, it was Barry's goal. Barry's dream, to find out what happened to his mother, and to free his father from prison, and became a forensic scientist and CSI cop for the Central City police. But unfortnately, he was too late and "Papa" Allen died in prison, before Barry could solve the mystery. 

Boomstick: But Barry didn't give up yet. He still did everything he could, to find out what happened to his mother. Little did he know, he'd find out the truth VERY soon...and then would fuck up a timeline, kill Bruce Wayne, make Aquaman and Wonder Woman go to war, kill Shazam, kill Mera, make Cyborg taller, make Batman THOMAS Wayne, and so on. Yeah, good job Barry!

Wiz: And on one stormy night, Barry was struck by lightning, and Barry fell into a rack of chemicals. and surprise surprise, he survived. Because comics...!

Boomstick: And when he awoke from his sleep, Barry was granted with the ability, well..abiliTIES, to push himself past the human speed limit, and become...The Flash! AA-

Wiz: No. None of that. Shame on you.

Boomstick: pooper. 

Wiz: It did take a while to get use to Barry's new granted abilities, but the more he discovered, the more powers he gained. Some of these powers include superhuman speed, to point out the obvious, strength, and durability. 

Boomstick: Ugh, I'm sick of the "Ohnbggk; strength aihfiaofa durability" shit. Flash is defined by his speed. And at least Flash has other super cool abilities to make up for! Like the ability to phase through solid objects, something that can break organs, or go through Green Lantern constructions...oh here's one: strong enough to phase to an entire separate universe!

Wiz: He can also make vortexes and tornadoes, that can send opponents away in a powerful, and are strong enough to redirect explosions. Flash can also run so fast, that he can go through time and travel through different dimensions. He also has access to time manipulation, but its kind'ave complicated...


Boomstick: You see, Time Manipulation is suppose to stop time, but Barry used it to move time forward, and uh...yeah. And when Barry gets a boo-boo, hes got a healing factor that can quickly heal wounds and scars on his body, but I don't see how he gets those very often...and when Flash needs more speed to gain a quick boost, whether hes stopping his past self from altering a timeline, or trying to immobilize someone, he uses the speed steal, and gains the kinetic energy from another person, and permanently immoblizing them. No, like legit...they can't move. Can I make a sex joke now? 

Wiz: No. Flash gains these superhuman abilities through the quasi-mysterical energy, also known as the Speed Force. This separate dimension was created the instant Barry gained his powers, and he didn't know it, plus its above space and time. And to make it even more absurd, he can drag people into the Speed Force, and fight them there, giving Barry the home advantage. And not only that, but he has complete and total mastery over the entire Speed Force itself, and can even use it to resist body possession. And lastly, the Speed Force is able to run through Barry's mind, and calculate an infinite number of possibility in any given scenario, such as the time when Flash obtained a Green Lantern ring.

Boomstick: But lets not forget, the Speed Force can grant him the all-powerful...Infinite Mass Punch. A punch that managed to put the hurt on Superman, and can shatter multiple solar systems just like that, all packed into one solid punch. Think about how many times he can do it per second...jesus! 

Wiz: And as the creator of the speed force, he can tap into it more then any other speedster, and use it outside of the DC Universe, something all the other speedsters would love to have... 

Boomstick:vNot to mention he PRODUCES more and more speed force with every step he takes, and without it, God help every speedster...Can-

Wiz: No.

Boomstick: I'm gonna at some point.

(Cue-: Running )


Wiz: We certainly can't ignore Barry's many accomplsihments with the help of the Speed Force. I mean, its REALLY hard to ignore some one who can go over the speed of light, which would be over 6,700,000 mph. And I mean, WAY beyond that. So fast, that he can manage to tangle with the Reverse-Flash on a daily basis, and even once achieved white lightning while fighting him.

Boomstick: I'm not following...

Wiz: A speed force users kinetic energy can possess one of three colors. If you have red/yellow energy, you have a good connection. If you have blue energy, you are going really fast. If you have white energy, your a living speed force entity, and Flash can achieve this anytime hes moving at such speeds that make them immeasurable.

Boomstick: I seeeeeee. Can I-

Wiz: Though Flash has proven to show his top speed. In some instances, hes gone as fast as 13 trillion times the speed of light. Other times say otherwise, such as the time Barry explored the entire surface of the universe in mere seconds, in the search of the all-powerful Spectre, and was going at a speed that a hyper-velocity instrument could not measure. Or there's the time he ran through time to outrun the Black Racer...



Wiz: Well, more of an embodiment of death to be precise. To extend to that, Jay Garrick says its a common misconception that death can't run faster then the speed of light. Flash however can go at that speed, and even greater, meaning Flash has immeasurable speed at his disposal. So all in all, Flash has no defined "top speed".

Boomstick: Can I make a sex joke now?

Wiz: Ugh, NO. Hes durable enough to survive hits from Darkseid, and a flick from Superman, which sent him flying into a hot dog stand...not sure how impressive that is actually.

Boomstick: Hes fast enough to perceive events in less then an ATTOSECOND! A FUCKING ATTOSECOND! Thats about zero zero zero zero zero zero

Wiz: ...math and calcs have something to say about that. That's exactly 0, seconds. 12 attoseconds is the shortest measurable period of time to count. In a single second, light can circle around the Earth 7.5 times, in a single attosecond, light would barely move from one end of a molecule to the other. If Flash is able to perceive the world in that speed, even light would appear frozen to him. One attosecond is to a second what the size of an atom is to the size of the entire planet, times 100. And lets not forget, he said less.Not only can he think fast, but TYPE fast, being able to use the Justice League computer in which he called it "slow" which processes one hundred thousand trillion calculations in a second.

Boomstick: Hes broken the time barrier, the reality barrier, the sound barrier...Wiz, can I make a sex joke now?

Wiz: NO! And at this point, he moves so fast that everything around him is at absolute stillness. Light sometimes can appear to be frozen to Flash when he needs too, or want too. 

Boomstick: And when he wanted to stop his past self from altering the timeline, somewhere in between his search, he was encountered by Bart Allen, his grandson, and was given a complete speed boost, using Bart's speed he gained from the speedsters Bart stole their speed from. Using that speed, he rebooted the entire DC Universe, and when he and Doctor Manhattan were recreating the DC Universe, it kind'ave warped reality and...Flash was still there. And Flash proves hes no stranger to not one, but two reality warping scenarios, such as when Darkseid took over the universe, and Barry Allen simultaneously kissed Iris, to make the Speed Force become immune to the Anti-Life Equation, a reality warping ability that can manipulate the will of others.

Wiz: To conclude it, Flash has gone at incalculable, and calculable speeds on separate occasions, thus making his speed in the end...incalculable. Infinite. And when it comes down to physical strength, Flash is no slouch either. was also strong enough to knock a planet off its axis, when trying to fight The Spectre, whose the spirit of vengeance for the Omnipotent Presence. And hes even destroyed the physical, and spiritual embodiment of the Black Racer. The same Black Racer that managed to harm the Anti-Monitor, twice. Hes also stro-


Wiz: Yes, and survived a kick from him. All the way to MARS! But, lets not forget, the time when Flash ran so fast, he broke the Anti-Monitor's canon and saved the multiverse from total construction. But with the cost of being trapped into the Speed Force.

BoomsticK: NOW, can I make a sex joke?

Wiz: I'll regret this...go ahead, Boomstick.

Boomstick: Flash is fast? Well, thats what Iris said.

Wiz: BOOMSTICK! I- WHA- PF- WE- DE- UGHHHH THATS- mmmmmmmmmmmm, why do I even bother...

Boomstick: Wiz, think about it. It makes perfect sense. The fucker is faster then LIGHT!

Wiz: Goddammit Boomstick, now you've corrupted all the minds of our viewers...and myself.

Boomstick: Oh, don't be such a baby its not like I've done worse.

Wiz: Are you sure?

Boomstick: I'm sure....

"Monkey Witch!"

"Like the finger beam, haha, talk about getting finger blasted, am I right?"

"I always thought it was of...well..."


Wiz: ...guess this is your worst. Kudos to you. Back on topic,we hate to say this, but Barry isn't exactly a Gary Stu. Hes rather cocky, and likes to head-rush into situations, and doesn't really think things through, despite being able to think way faster then humans.


Boomstick: Wiz, with great power,comes not-so-great attitude. Not to mention his connection with the Speed Force can be interrupted, and can make Flash loose focus, though its mostly speedsters who do that. And hes always messing with the timeline, all because the tragic loss of his mother, and then he goes and gets Batman, Shazam, Aquaman, Cyborg, Superman, Wonder Woman, Grifter, Reverse-Flash, Captain Atom, and Mera dead...all in a few days.

Wiz: Also, Flash is a victim do I put this...bad writing. A character THIS fast and THIS powerful would be able to solve all the worlds problems at this point, and instead hes stuck fighting guys with guns and a telepathic gorilla...?

Boomstick: Yeah, and he can probably be Santa Claus too! But what Flash has done for just a guy who can go fast really makes it more imaginable to see what you can do with speed alone. Flash time and time again has been proven worthy of serving the title as, the fastest man alive.

Stay put. I'll be back in a Flash!

Pre-Death Battle


(Cue-: Invaders- WWE Theme )

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Lets end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: ITS TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death Battle

It was an average day in the Central City. Birds were chirping, cars were rolling down the streets, the wind was blowing, the buildings were busy. Just up ahead, the roads were blocked. There were cop cars, a news van parked by the side of the road, and a broadcasting set up. Lois Lane was there, broadcasting the news nationwide. But what was going on?

Lois Lane: This is Lois Lane of Metropolis, here live on the sight of Metropolis, where a heated battle taking place between the Justice League's own scarlet speedster, The Flash, and his arch rival, the Reverse-Flash. From our view, they're racing around the entire globe as we know it, causing more then just collateral damage, and God-knows if they know what is going on.

A broadcasting camera zoomed in on the scene. A nearby street block was visible, and all anyone could see were a yellow and red streak chasing each other back and fourth, and back and fourth, destroying the environment around them.

(Cue-: CW Reverse-Flash Theme Song )

From the point of view of The Flash, he was running around the entire surface of the world, over a trillion times, in single seconds, chasing after the Reverse-Flash. Reverse-Flash kept him on his toes, as he destroyed everything in his path. Barry struggled to get to him, but pressed forward, and reached out to grab him. He barely missed, as Reverse-Flash looked back at him and smiled.

Reverse-Flash: Catch ya later, blueberry!

And suddenly, before Central City's eyes, the same roadblock that showed their battle started to form a blue, swirly portal that opened up. The portal destroyed the environment around it, and everyone took cover. The camera still pointing at the portal, a yellow streak went straight into a portal, with a red streak following close behind it.

Everyone in Central City was confused, some people panicked, and Iris West was making her way to the crowd to see what was happening. She came right as Flash disappeared, and became worried.

Lois Lane: I can't believe my eyes! It looks like the two speedsters have tooken the fight elsewhere, and apparently are now running through time doing who knows what. We all hope that The Flash will make it out alive, and stop this madness! This is Lois Lane from Metropolis, thanks for watching!

Iris West: Run Barry, run...

From a first person view, the time stream where Flash outran death was shown. It was blank, and quiet. Swirling with energy. Just then, a swirling portal opened up and out came Reverse-Flash, with Flash right behind him. They streaked across time, and were locked in a midway battle. Flash attempted to punch Reverse-Flash, but got his fist caught and thrown the other direction. He quickly got up, and delivered the favor, by punching him in the back, and punching him all around his body. Then he thrust-ed himself backwards and spun around, and threw a lightning bolt at him. Reverse-Flash got stunned by it, and fell to the ground.

Barry raced into the front, unaware Reverse-Flash had gotten up sooner then expected. As Barry had a cocky smile and ran forward, he was unaware that Reverse-Flash had quickly gotten to his feet. Literally.

Reverse-Flash: Whoopsie daisies!

At that moment, Reverse-Flash tripped Barry. As Barry fell backwards, Reverse-Flash spun around, and kicked Flash into the time-stream, watching him disappear into the white and blue energy.


Flash felt himself being thrust-ed into another dimension. Fortunately, he did. At that very moment, the Greenhill Zone was there. It was peaceful, and quiet. Knuckles was flying in the sky, watching over the Greenhill zone. He heard a very strange noise, and he looked to his left. He saw some sort'ave swirly, blue portal open up. Knuckles flew over to the sight gently.

The portal opened up, and threw Flash out of it, making him fall to the ground. As he got up, he looked puzzled. He had no clue at all where he is, or where Reverse-Flash was.

The Flash: I?

A voice: You are in our territory, intruder.

The Flash: Huh?

Flash looked around, only to see Knuckles standing there with his arms crossed.

Knuckles: Who are you?

The Flash: Who are you?

Knuckles: Don't you pull that on me, tough guy. I want answers...

Knuckles levitated above Flash.

Knuckles: now.

Flash got in his ready stands.

Meanwhile, Archie Sonic was running through the Greenhill Zone at light speeds. He looked around and smiled, as he saw no harm or anything that was causing trouble. But as he kept running, he realized he dashed right by some nasty conflict. Sonic turned around, and ran back to the scene.

(Cue-: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance- It Has To Be This Way )

As he looked from about 20 feet away, he could see Knuckles fighting a human in a lighting-red suit. As he got closer, Knuckles fell right beside him. Knuckles struggled to get up.

Sonic: Whats going on here?

Knuckles: I don't know who he is, or what he wants. But hes dangerous...he attacked me, because I wanted to know who he was.

Sonic understood, and rushed over to Flash.

Sonic: Who are you? And why did you attack my friend?

Flash: Your "friend" was going to attack me. I had to defend myself. I don't want any trouble. I'm just-

Sonic: Don't get snippy with me. You'll regret it...

Sonic and Flash were locked in a glare-off.

Flash: Prove it, tough guy!

Sonic and Flash raced at each other at incalculable speeds, as the speed fight to settle it all was about to begin. FIGH-

Deadpool: Whoopsie, sorry comin through here. Uh, mind if I fix this thumbnail? Its Season 4 after all, so I'm just cross out thissss and add thissss. All better! Continue~

Yeyflashwins (1)

The speedsters clashed at each other in a heated clash. They raced back to their positions, then sped back at each other again. From a view up above, it would look like a blue and red streak clashing at each other. They clashed, and clashed, and clashed. In between each clash, you could see the struggle in trying to damage one another in the two. Suddenly, Sonic flew up into the air.

Sonic swiftly attempted to punch Flash down from above. As he raced towards him, we go to Flashes point of view. In his eyes, he saw a speedy blue hedgehog slowly coming at him. As Sonic was about to punch Flash, Flash dodged the punch with ease. Sonic got to the ground, and then dashed from behind, and kicked Flash in the back.

Flash felt stunned by the attack, and Sonic rushed up and started punching and kicking him. Flash finally reacted, and caught Sonic's punch midway. He returned the favor, and gave Sonic a beat-down mercilessly. He punched him and kicked him, and it wore Sonic out.

Then, Flash created two tornadoes with his hand, and sent him flying into a ramp.


Sonic's sheer weight brought the entire ramp down on him. When the dust cleared, Flash saw Sonic lying on the ground. He was alive, but he was also unconscious. Or so he thought...

After that, Flash felt safe that Sonic had got what he deserved.

The Flash: Not as tough as I'd think you'd be. Catch ya later!

Flash dashed off into the distance. But little did he know, Sonic wasn't down yet. Sonic got up, brushed the dirt off of himself, and ran off into the distance to find Flash.


Flash was dashing around the world, while simultaneously talking to himself.

Flash (to himself): What universe did Zoom take me in this time? Because I just got attacked by rodents. Strange...

As Flash pondered on the thought, he heard something coming towards. It came closer, and closer, and closer and closer. Flash finally turned around, and...


A water ball hit Flash right in the face, and made him stop running. Flash felt the water run down his suit, and he could hear Sonic chuckling behind him.

Flash: Haha, very funny, rodent. Don't mind if I RETURN THE FAVOR!

Flash ran up to Sonic and kicked him in the stomach, then zoomed back to his normal position. Just then, Flash formed a lightning ball in his hand, and threw it the other direction, hitting Sonic. Sonic fell to the ground, but got back up quickly. When he looked back up, he could see another lightning ball hurdling towards his face...

The lightning ball hit Sonic smack-dab in the face, thus knocking him back. Flash charged up another lightning ball, and was about to throw it at Sonic. Sonic getting tired of him, decided to counter it with some water balls.

The two balls of lightning and water clashed at each other, and evaporated. Sonic decided to use not one, but two water balls at a time, and Flash got the same idea. They threw their attacks at each other, and exploded when contacting at each other. The cycle of attacks seemed endless, until one lightning ball plowed through a water ball, and went right at Sonic. Sonic this time, managed to dodge the attack and looked back, seeing it hit a tree.


The tree and everything else around it got obliterated. Getting tired of playing catch, the two speedsters returned to engaging in close-ranged combat. Sonic struck first, as he clashed at Flash, and jumped up and kicked him in the face. Flash reached his arm out attempting to punch Sonic, but missed barely. Sonic then tripped Flash, and punched him in the stomach, sending him 10 meters away at least.

Sonic continued to stop Flash from making his next move, as he kicked Flash down on his back to the ground. Flash got up, only to find Sonic returning to the air again.

Sonic: Lets see how you can handle me when I'm up here and your down there, chump!

Sonic charged at Flash, and Sonic punched Flash in the face. He did a backflip, and punched him again, and continued doing backflips, with a punch or a kick following next. Flash feeling worn out, attempted to jump in the air, and kick Sonic. He got a running start, and leaped up to kick him. Sonic got out of the way, and Flash fell to the ground, feeling Sonic kick him too the ground.

Flash was on the ground, as he could hear Sonic laughing at him.

Sonic: Not so tough when your down there. Huh, Flash?

Flash let out an angry sigh, and got back up, waiting for what Sonic was going to do next. Sonic was still in the air, but he was doing something different. Sonic curled up into a ball, and made a noise as if he was charging up something.

Flash: What in the world?

Flash could see Sonic's next move coming next. As Sonic attempted to do the spin dash, Flash was ready this time. Sonic approached Flash at light-speeds with his Spin Dash. Flash blocked the Spin Dash, and could feel the spiky hedgehog rolling against his arm. Sonic went in a loop, and went at Flash again. Flash continued to block, and Sonic continued to try to break the position of his arms.

Eventually, Sonic broke the Flashes blocking position and Spin Dashed him right in the chest. He attempted to Spin Dash one more time, but Flash began to spin his arms around. In mere moments, Flash had formed two tornadoes in his hands, and launched them at Sonic, sending him and the Spin Dash away.

Sonic in mid-air, he quickly, Sonic got out of the Spin Dash, and kicked Flash down in the ground. Sonic returned to his Spin Dash position, and was ready to finish off The Flash. He flew way up into the sky, readied his Spin Dash, charged his Spin Dash, and hurdled down to obliterate Flash.

As Sonic approached Flash at light-speed, Flash struggled to get out of the ground. And then...



As the dust cleared, Sonic tried to find Flash. He looked all around, and could hear a strange noise. Sonic looked down at his feet, only to find Flash to the side of him. Flash had phased through Sonic's Spin Dash. Then he got up and phased out of his position.

Sonic: Your still alive??!?!??!

Flash: I have my ways, hedgehog. Now are done here?''

Sonic: Its over when I SAY its over, Flash.

Flash saw Sonic pull out an emerald. Sonic threw it up in the air.


Sonic started to bend and warp reality. Flash felt dizzy, as he struggled to do anything against the Chaos Control. Time and space were bending. Flash had felt this happen to him before, but he didn't know what too do.

Sonic saw this as his opening to give Flash what he deserves. Sonic gave everything he got, and used it all on Flash. He punched him, and kicked him, knocked him into things, gave him Spin Dashes...




Flash felt hopeless, as Sonic continued to give him a rough beat-down. Flash gave his best, by attempting to punch the air. It didn't do much, as Sonic continued to blitz him with every punch. He dashed at him, and punched him every time. Flash could feel the stun after stun. Suddenly, before Sonic could punch him, Flash went to the phase where light itself appeared frozen to him. Time was at a complete halt. Flash felt it was safe to leave.

Before he did though, he wanted to finish off this problem once and for all. He went up to Sonic, and readied his hand to phase through his organs. As he attempted to do it, Sonic gave a little wink.

Sonic: SIKE!

(Cue- Sonic Adventure 2- Live and Learn )

Sonic punched Flash in the stomach, and kicked him in the face. Flash didn't know what to do next. He was getting tired of playing games with this hedgehog, and decided he had more important matters to deal with. But he realized Sonic would keep giving him trouble. He was done holding back.

The Flash: Alright you little rodent, you want a fight? Fine! I'm done holding back on you.

Sonic: Give it your best shot, Flash! Your outclassed here!

Flash gave Sonic a dirty glare, as he disappeared in the blink of an eye. Sonic looked around, only to see a red streak circling around him. Flash then grabbed Sonic, and raced away.

Flash had Sonic in his grasp, and took before Sonic could do anything, Flash threw him in front of himself, and then punched him. Then he thrusted forward, and punched him again. Flash gave another punch, and found himself punching Sonic in a nearby lake.


Sonic felt himself back flop into the water, and got splashed on, as Flash dashed away. Sonic thought he was trying to run, but instead, he wasn't. Sonic ran the direction Flash went, but got confused when he saw a red streak circle passed him. Sonic stopped, as he wasn't sure what Flash was doing next.

Flash midway circling Sonic, ran right towards Sonic, and hit him. He continued to do it, and made it look as if Sonic was being attacked by a red streak. Sonic eventually was stable enough to counter it, as he phased right through Flashes attack. Flash was confused, as to why he didn't hit Sonic. He tried again, but and Sonic ended up doing the exact same thing.

The two speedsters once again engaged in close-ranged combat. The red and blue streaks clashed at each other, and slowly changed their position overtime, going further and further backwards, and then finally going back, and clashing again, to the point where they were both at the edge of the lake. Without hesitation, the two speedsters charged at each other, and then...


(Cue- Masked DeDeDe Theme Remix )

Two two speedsters knocked out nearly half the water in the lake, and destroyed almost the entire environment around them. Flash made the next move, by continuing to clash at Sonic, and Sonic countered handily via phasing.

Sonic: You done yet?

Flash: You think I am? Oh no, Sonic...I'm just getting STARTED!

Suddenly, Sonic felt himself slowly levitated in the air, and the next thing he knew, he was in a ginormous red tornado, made by The Flash.

The environment around the lake, was being sucked into the tornado, for convenient reasons. Sonic felt attempted to fly out, but was interrupted by Flash grabbing ahold of Sonic and knocking him into a tree. Flash backflipped onto a nearby tree log, and waited for Sonic to get up.

Flash: You feeling big now, lil' rodent?

Don't doubt me yet, clown!

Sonic and Flash bounced off their floating objects, and clashed at each other. The red and blue streaks clashed at each other once again, and went through a seemingly endless cycle of clashing (to make it look cool obviously). Sonic clashed again, but this time, he didn't clash against Flash. He was confused as to where he went. As he looked deeper in the edge of the tornado, he could see a light red streak circling the tornado.

Then, it started to glow yellow. Specifically, Flash was electrifying the tornado. The lightning was striking all throughout the tornado, and Sonic dodged and dodged and dodged, until one of them finally hit him. Then, Flash stopped in mid-motion, and through a lightning bolt right at Sonic. Then, Flash front-flipped into the air, threw himself downwards, and kicked Sonic with the heels of his legs.

The force was so powerful, it knocked Sonic right out of the tornado. Sonic felt himself bouncing off the water, and...


Sonic fell into the already damaged environment around him. Flash hadn't lied when he said he was done holding back. So, why not Sonic return the favor?

Flash found Sonic, and dusted off his hands.

Good bye, and good riddance, Sonic....

Sonic: No...

Flash whirled around confused, as he saw Sonic get up.

He saw Sonic pull out one emerald. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another. Seven emeralds starting coming out, and began to swirl around Sonic.

At this very moment, the Speed Force ran through Flashes mind, and calculated an infinite number of possibilities of what was to happen when these emeralds came into play. And Flash saw it. He saw everything. Every possibility. Flash had to stop it before it was too late.

Flash: Oh no you don't!"

Flash attempted to swipe the chaos emeralds, but failed too, as they were untouchable, and already in tune with Sonic.

(Cue- King DeDeDe Theme- Drum and Bass )

Then, Flash was knocked back by a blinding light. When things cleared up, Super Sonic was before Flashes very eyes.

Flash: No,...I'm too late...


Flash realized it was too late now. All that was left was too fight.

Super Sonic rushed towards Flash, Flash rushed towards Sonic, and their fists collided, destroying the entire environment around them. Flash stepped backwards a little bit from the big collision. He got back on track, and before his eyes, he could see Super Sonic attempting to punch him right in the face. Without hesitating, Flash phased right through the attack.

Flash returned the favor, by giving him a packed punch, times a lot. Flash punched, punched, and punched Super Sonic...

Super Sonic remained levitating in one place disappointed Flash couldn't lay a scratch on him. Getting tired of being punched, Super Sonic waited for the right time to cut Flash off. Finally, he smacked Flash at the exact time.


It was so powerful, it send Flash farther then he had ever been sent before. It sent him knocking into tree after tree, after tree, after tree. Finally, Flash landed around a destroyed environment.

It snapped to Super Sonic that this was his opportunity to use Chaos Control right on the spot. So he ran on over to where Flash is and...

Super Sonic: CHAOS...CONTROL!

Flash: Not again...

Reality was already being warped, and Flash was struggling to fight his way through the dizziness. Meanwhile, Super Sonic flew way beyond the Earth, and out in space, charging up his final blow against The Flash.

As he raced down to finish off Flash, he hadn't expected for Flash to be prepared. The Chaos Control effects were still in motion, as Flash could see a bright light racing down from the sky towards him. He came closer, and closer, and closer, and...



The punch was so strong, that it made the entire planet start to collapse, and was soon about to be blown to bits. Super Sonic ran outside of the planet, to watch his victory from afar. The planet had finally run its course, and was obliterated. All by the punch of ol' Super Sonic.

He smiled an arrogant smile, as he knew he had succeeded. But he realized some of his friends were on that planet. He didn't worry however, because the technique of Chaos Control was on his side.

Super Sonic: CHAOS...CONTRO-

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw a red streak zoom out of the remains of the planet. The Flash wasn't dead yet. Even he had a few tricks up his sleeve (he phased through it).

Super Sonic being aggravated, sought out to go and finish him, because he destroyed his own planet for nothing.

He followed the red streak in space, and eventually caught up too him. Flash looked behind him, only to find Super Sonic right there.


Flash: A magician never reveals his secrets, rodent.

Flash zoomed off away from Super Sonic, with Super Sonic closely behind him. Super Sonic reached out to punch Flash,and Flash grabbed his fist and punched Super Sonic with it. He punched him with his own fist for a bit, while cockily saying,

Flash: Why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself?

The Flash laughed as he taunted Super Sonic, then used his fist to punch him hard enough to send him away from Flash. Super Sonic angrier then ever, wasn't done with him yet.

Super Sonic couldn't do much from a distance, so he decided to throw a deadly water ball. He charged it up in his hand, and aimed it at Flash.

Super Sonic: Hey Flash!

Flash whirled around.

Super Sonic: Catch THIS!

The water ball was an inch away from Flashes face when he said that, and fortunately managed to dodge it.

Flash: So its a ball game were playing, huh?

Flash summoned a lightning ball, and turned around to shoot Super Sonic. It missed, and Super Sonic threw a water ball at him. It missed. They went on missing each other for a while, until Flash finally hit Super Sonic with a lightning ball.

It didn't do anything.

Super Sonic: Ha ha, that tickled! Any other tricks you got up your sleeve?

Flash: You don't know what your doing, Sonic...

Super Sonic not caring, decided to use a deadlier Spin Dash on Flash. The speedy hedgehog zoomed towards Flash, stunning his back. Super Sonic did a loop, and hit his back again.

Flash could see the Spin Dash in the corner of his eye, and phased right through it. Super Sonic found himself in front of Flash, but he didn't know that. Flash kicked Super Sonic in the back.

It pushed him forward a little bit, and Flash decided to keep punching him.

Super Sonic could feel The Flash trying to punch him. Finally, one punch was strong enough to barely move him.

Super Sonic: Hey, I actually felt that! Good job! Now try to hurt me!

Flash: Bring it!

The two speedsters raced backwards, then raced forwards. Their clashes were too fast to see what was going on, and from a certain point of view, red and yellow streaks were clashing in space.

Now if we zoomed in on the clashes, we could see them punching and kicking each other. The clashes got more and more intense, and soon, they found themselves thrusting right into a planet. Flash looked over at the nearby planet, and after another clash, went right too it. Super Sonic punched the air, and wondered why Flash disappeared so often. Super Sonic barely flinched as he felt another punch in his back, and saw Flash run the other direction to charge another punch up again.

Super Sonic grabbed Flashes punch, and attempted to give him a deadly head-butt. Flash phased through the move, and gave Super Sonic a head-butt. It didn't do much, but it made Super Sonic loose his grab on Flash.

Flash stood there in the planet, waiting for Super Sonic too approach him.

Super Sonic stood there waiting for Flashes next move.

(Cue- I Am...All of Me- Shadow the Hedgehog )

Super Sonic: Whats next, Flash? I'm waiting.

Flash: I'm not going to fight you anymore. You aren't my primary concern anymore. I don't even want to be here. I got kicked in this universe through time by my arch enemy, Reverse-Flash.

Super Sonic: Yeah, yeah. Keep making things up. I don't care who you are, you attacked my friends! And you made me destroy my own planet! I don't even know if some of them are alive!

Flash: Well, that's on you for risking an entire planet just to kill me.

Super Sonic looked at Flash angrily.

Flash: Now if you'll excuse me, I have some time travel to do. Good bye.

Flash zoomed off into this distance. Super Sonic didn't say anything, but he followed him anyway, thinking it was his fault for risking his planet. Just before Flash could go through time, Super Sonic grabbed Flash. Flash being cautious of what Super Sonic was going to do to him, he phased right through whatever Super Sonic was going to do.

Flash and Super Sonic clashed again, destroying the environment around them. The clashes got more and more vicious, and the environment destruction was spreading even farther.

Flash once again disappeared from the clashes, and Super Sonic waited to see what was going to happen next, rather then to go and look for Flash.

Meanwhile, Flash went outside the planet's atmosphere, and he ran all the way to the edge of the universe in mere seconds.

Flash: Its been a while since I've done one of these.

[Scary Music Intensifies]

Flash readied his fist, and ran from the edge of the universe, all the way back to where the planet was. Flash kept running, and running, and running, and running, and as he approached the planet....




The entire planet had collapsed, and exploded in the nick of time. The shock-wave was so powerful, it went through other planets, and the entire Solar System was breaking apart.

Flash saw as the Solar System was collapsing, and was very certain Super Sonic had been dead for sure. Just in case, he went back to the planet, to find his remains.

Flash was right at the same spot where they were fighting. When the dust started to clear, Flash could see a glowing aura standing in one place. Super Sonic was still alive. His eyes were fixed on Flashes.

(Cue- Gourmet Race- Drum & Bass )

Super Sonic: Anything else you wanna try?

Flash: Your the one to talk! Considering you destroy planets without hesitation, and are only fixed on me to make things right!

Super Sonic: You shouldn't be here in the first place!

Flash: I had no choice. But when your friends attacked me, I had to defend myself. And now, you destroyed them all on your own. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some planets to go save.

Super Sonic: Oh no you don't!

Super Sonic went right in front of Flash.

Super Sonic: Once I kill you, I'll just use a good old Chaos Control to bring things back. I don't need YOUR help.

Flash: So be it...

Super Sonic ran towards Flash, and attempted to punch him. Flash dodged, and Super Sonic was all over him. He tried to punch him and kick him, and catch him, but Flash was dodging left and right.

Super Sonic threw out his fist, and Flash caught it, and sent it back at Super Sonic.

Super Sonic got knocked back, and rubbed his face.

Flash winked, and ran out into space. Super Sonic followed him closely, and the two found themselves in a race side by side. But it was no race, per say...

Flash threw out his fist to punch Super Sonic, but he grabbed his hand, and threw him to the side, and then kicked him in the back. Flash turned over, and saw Super Sonic hurdle right towards him. Flash phased right through the attack, and continued running. Super Sonic turned around, and followed him.

The two continued to lay attacks on each other, and found themselves in a whole other Solar System. Flash decided to do a little trick on Super Sonic. He ran to the nearest star, and left Super Sonic in the dust. Flash phased through the entire star, turned around, ran through the star, and gave Super Sonic another Infinite Mass Punch.


The entire star exploded. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Flash led Super Sonic to another planet, ran out of the atmosphere, charged up the Infinite Mass Punch, and threw it back at him again. The planet exploded, and Super Sonic remained unscathed again.

Flash decided to do it again, when Super Sonic least expected it. He circled around the planet, and Infinite Mass Punched him in the back. Super Sonic moved a little, but in the blink of an eye, he turned around and smacked Flash in the face.


The hit sent Flash flying out into space, Flash could see himself flinging away from Super Sonic, but Super Sonic started to come closer to Flash to punch him again. Since he could see him, Flash phased right through the attack, and did a spin kick on Super Sonic. Flash then used his striking strength to continue hitting Super Sonic, but to try to wear him out.

It wasn't working however, and Super Sonic caught him off guard, and punched him right in the back. Flash was hurdling towards a planet, and was falling in the atmosphere. Super Sonic levitated with him as he was falling, and the mid-air battle begun.

Flash dashed towards Super Sonic to punch him, and Super Sonic punched too. The collision made them go backwards, and they started to clash again. Super Sonic did loops in the air, and Flash just went in circles, and the two were striking at each other at incalculable speeds.

Flash cut off the streak, by engaging in hand to hand combat. Super Sonic engaged too, and the two were trading off blows with each other. Every punch and every kick, and every block, and every phase seemed meaningless to Super Sonic, as they did nothing to him. Flash was the only one taking damage, and Super Sonic decided to finally resort to Spin Dash.

Instead of blocking, Flash decided to clash with the Spin Dash, to see if he could get rid of it somehow. Flash went backwards, and rushed forwards and successfully clashed with the Spin Dash.

The clashes went on for a while, and then they found themselves in a struggle, in which Flash was trying to pull apart the Spin Dash, while trying to keep himself from getting harmed by it. In sudden realization that they were still in the air, Flash looked down, and ironically they were near the ground.

Flash managed to remain on his feet, as he watched the Spin Dash fall beside him , and dent a hole through the ground. Flash quickly buried the hole, and was ready for him to come out. His hand was ready to phase right through his organs.

Unaware of what Super Sonic was going to do next, Flash remained in the same place waiting for him to pop out. But he wasn't aware, of that a bump in the ground was moving slowly towards him.


Super Sonic popped out of the ground, and used the Spin Dash right on Flashes back. Flash got stunned, and felt the Spin Dash press against his back. Flash turned around, and resisted the Spin Dash in his hands. He struggled to move his hands the other way, but managed to throw Super Sonic away from him.

Finally, Super Sonic got out of the Spin Dash, and found himself on the ground. Flash zoomed past him, with Super Sonic right behind him right away.

Flash found himself running across an ocean.

Flash: Ugh, I already know you are behind me.

Super Sonic: Actually...

Super Sonic came from the side and went right in front of Flash.

Super Sonic: I'm right here! CHAOS...CONTRO-

Suddenly, everything went white.

Super Sonic: Huh?

Super Sonic found himself running in some unknown place he had never seen before. He kept running, as he looked around. He had no clue what it was, or where he was.


A Distance Voice: Welcome to the Speed Force, Sonic. THE Speed Force.

Super Sonic: What?

Flash: All those tricks up my sleeves, all those abilities, my speed...this is the source of them. This is my home. I control the Speed Force. And here, I have the home field advantage!

Out of nowhere, Flash came up and punched Super Sonic in the back. Then, Flash went around him, and swirled his hand around, creating vortexes wit his arms, and sent Super Sonic up in the air.



Super Sonic regained consciousness, and charged at Flash. But, he was sent back by a white, glowing shock-wave. As the light faded, Super Sonic gazed upon Flash, only to find him filled with the Speed Force. He had achieved white lightning...


Flash jumped up in the air, and kicked Super Sonic into the ground.


Then, he started spinning around him very fast. Super Sonic looked around to see where he could catch Flash off-guard. But he was too late. Flash was already forming a Speed Force tornado.


Using the Speed Force, Flash sent all the ruins/rocks into the tornado. Super Sonic got hit by rocks after rocks. Flash jumped into the tornado, and jumped on a giant rock. Flash back-flipped over to a little rock, then jumped off of it, and punched down the big rock onto Super Sonic.


The rock hit Super Sonic, and crushed him. But since they were still in the tornado, the rock and Super Sonic levitated upwards. Super Sonic phased through the rock, only to find himself getting punched by The Flash again. The punch was so powerful, it sent Super Sonic hurdling out of the tornado.

Super Sonic stopped himself from falling with his feet, and charged up his Homing Attack against Flash. Super Sonic came towards Flash more and more, but Flash was ready. Flash used his arms to make vortexes, and sent Super Sonic the other direction. Then, Flash jumped into the air, and threw his legs out, and kicked Super Sonic out of the Speed Force.


Super Sonic was launched into another planet. He fell on the ground, brutally damaged and hurt. Flash came up to him, and crossed his arms, shaking his head.

Flash: Play time is over, Sonic. Now I've taught you a lesson.

Flash turned around, when he heard a laugh. He turned back around, and saw Super Sonic lying there, laughing. Then, Super Sonic got up, looking unscathed completely.

Super Sonic: You think you actually HURT ME? Ha ha! That's cute. But more holding back, Flash! So buckle up!

Super Sonic rapidly came at the Flash, and attempted to punch Flash in the face. Flash phased through the attack, and sent Super Sonic the other direction. Super Sonic came back, engaging in fast-paced hand to hand combat. Flash struggled to keep up with him, and the two broke out of it. This time, Super Sonic lead the race, and ran out of the planet's atmosphere.

Flash ran to find him, and the two were back to where they started in space. Super Sonic turned around, and dashed towards Flash. Flash dashed towards Super Sonic, and the two started clashing for the last time. The red and yellow streaks clashed and clashed and clashed, doing FTL combat with every clash. Then, the two found themselves completely away from each other.

They were at two edges of the galaxy. Unaware of where each other are, they assumed they were in the same clashing position, and started running. And running. And running. And running...

The two saw each other, and ran towards each other at incalculable speeds. Flash looked around, and could see planets and starts collapsing. Just then, before the two could collide their fists, something happened...

Time was at a complete halt to Flash, and the Speed Force ran through Flashes mind, to calculate just what was going to happen when their fists collided. It was horrible. Flash could see an infinite number of possibilities, all in which involved complete destruction of the universe, and likely universes.

Right as the fists collided, Flash grabbed Super Sonic, and...


A terrifying explosion was heard. The universe had been destroyed. Flash nor Super Sonic were there. All was still, and silent.

Just then, a swirly blue portal was opening on another planet. And in an instant, Flash and Super Sonic were tossed out of the portal, and it closed up. Both Super Sonic and Flash got up, and made eye contact with each other.

Flash: You destroyed your own universe?!?!?!

Super Sonic: You wouldn't have made me, if you hadn't have come here, pal. This is on you! Now I'm going to kill you once and for all!

Super Sonic started phasing his hand.

Super Sonic: Your not the only one who can phase through objects.

(Cue- Final Destination (SSBB) )

Super Sonic threw his hand out at Flash, and Flash phased right through it, making Super Sonic fall on the ground. Super Sonic continued to try to phase through Flash, but Flash would either dodge his attacks, or phase right through it. When Flash phased through another attack, he turned around swiftly and grabbed Super Sonic by the leg, and threw him to the ground. Then, he picked him up and took him to space.

Flash: Lets finish this!

Flash was finally in space, and he threw Super Sonic out.

Flash: Sorry Sonic, but you made me do this...

Flash made contact with Super Sonic, and began to steal his speed.


Flash: I'm stealing your speed, Sonic. Your now immobilized permanently.


Flash took his arms off Super Sonic. Super Sonic stood there. Frozen in time. Stuck there forever.

Flash examined Super Sonic before what he was about to do next. He shook his head in disappointment.

Flash: Welp, can't just leave you here...

Flash then phased his hand, and completely cut off Super Sonic's head. Super Sonic floated in space, lifeless...



The Flash finally managed to go through time, and went through the swirly blue portal. He went back to his Earth, and landed in the middle of nowhere.

Flash was certain it was his Earth, and went to find Central City. But before he could, he heard laughter.

A Voice: Hmhmhmhm hahahaaaaaaa!

Flash turned around, to see his arch enemy Reverse-Flash standing in the shadows slowly clapping.

Reverse-Flash: Gotta hand it to you, Flash. Didn't expect you to pull that off.

Flash: knew?

Reverse-Flash: Oh Barry, of course I knew! I kicked you into their universe! After all, I don't have to be the one to kill you. Also, I've had my fair share of hedgehogs, so why not give you a challenge? There's more of us then you think, Barry.

Flash: I-

Reverse-Flash: Toodle-ooh!

And Reverse-Flash stepped backwards into the swirly, blue portal.

The Flash looked at the ground, confused as to why Reverse-Flash would do such a thing. After all, he just made Flash responsible for the destruction of solar systems, planets, stars, a universe...

Flash sighed and shrugged, and ran off into the distance...


(Cue- The Flash Theme Song )

Boomstick: Aw man, I blinked!

Wiz: With every punch pulled, and every twists turned, this fight truly felt like it could go either way given the circumstances with both combatants, but Flash managed to edge out Base Sonic in strength, speed, and durability, not to mention having a much bigger arsenal before.

Boomstick: In the end, they each had perfectly good ways to counter each other, but Flash had much bigger counters for Sonic, and Sonic was more concerned with the fact that he had nothing to counter Flash, making it a plus one for the scarlet speedster.

Wiz: And when it came down to speed, Flash has proven time and time again to be proven much faster then both Base and Super Sonic, on more then one occasion.

Boomstick: Sure Super Sonic may have reached the incalculable speeds when destroying a whole zone, but we can't forget the fact that Knuckles was there too, making their combined speed 1.0148293 Quindecillion times the speed of light, but Flash may or may not have sometimes been proven to go beyond that.

Wiz: For example, when Flash outran death, Jay Garrick claimed it was a common misconception that death could not achieve light-speed. But since Flash IS faster then light, he must've been moving at near immeasurable speeds, when running through time.

Boomstick: And when it came down to overall experience, Flash in some ways had the upper hand. Not only was he more intelligent then Sonic, but he was also more experienced, and has gone up against people such as the Spectre, and Darkseid, proving he can take a hit from someone as powerful as Super Sonic.

Wiz: Sure, Super Sonic matched Enerjak, and managed to kick his butt, but Enerjak isn't very comparable to the people who Flash went up against, I mean we are talking about the same Spectre that gave the Anti-Monitor a run for his money.

Boomstick: And then came the question is if Flash could outlast Super Sonic. The odd answer, is yes. "But Boomstickkk Chaos Control can warp reality!"

Wiz: But if you had happened to know, Flash has tanked the same kind of reality warping, when rebooting the entire DC Universe with Doctor Manhattan, in which Flash ran through the whole thing, and managed to survive handily.

Boomstick: And there's also the fact that Flash was able to predict almost anything Base or Super Sonic could do, if he managed to know what their doing, and the Speed Force helped Flash realize what tricks Sonic had up his sleeve, giving him the perfect strategies for each given scenario.

Wiz: We can't forget, this is processing events in less then the shortest time frame ever measured, making Sonic a living statue in most cases.

Boomstick: Sure there was the fact that Sonic could move while time was stopped, but time stopping and Flash seeing the world are two completely separate things, making it kind'ave hard for Sonic to lay a scratch on him. And when white lightning came into the game, Flash could move, think, and see faster, doubling Sonic's chances of not landing a hit on him that easily.

Wiz: And in the end, Base nor Super Sonic had almost no counter to Speed Steal. Speed Steal negates any strength and durability any person, animal, or biotic thing could have. Faster then light or not, once your drained, its lights out for you.

Boomstick: I guess you could say unironically that Sonic...was too slow.

Wiz: The Winner, is The Flash.

Untitled drawing (19)

Advantages & Disadvantages

Images (2)

The Flash (Winner)


+Stronger & More Durable Then Base Sonic

+Could Predict His Every Move

+Outclassed Base Sonic Overall

-Weaker AP And Durability then Super Sonic

-Infinite Mass Punch Was Useless Against Him

-Couldn't Lay A Scratch On Him


Archie Sonic (Loser)

+Super Sonic Outclassed Flash

+Chaos Control

+Could Think Almost As Fast As Flash

-No Counter To Phasing Or Speed Steal

-Couldn't Hit Flash If He Had Time To React

-Flash Has Had Experience With People Stronger Then Super Sonic

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