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~ Spinal's signature laugh

Spinal is a character from the video game series, Killer Instinct.

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 3
  • Draws: 0

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From the Killer Instinct Wiki

A legendary warrior over 2000 years ago, the thing now known as Spinal has been torn from the peace of death by Ultratech's cell regeneration experiments. Trapped in the new world, he has no choice but to obey orders despite his reluctance, and to make things worse, he begins to suffer tormenting flashbacks to the ancient life he can never quite remember. After the awe and wonder he inspired when first unveiled to the public this year, Spinal finds himself in the shadow of Ultratech's latest creations (Fulgore, Riptor, etc.) and, filled with resentment, he sets out to prove his worth.

Death Battle Info


  • Age: 651
  • Height: 5'6
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Resurrected by UltraTech, Gargos, and Mask of the Ancients

Arsenal & Abilities

  • Cutlass
  • Shield
    • Buckler Shield
      • Can retract a large spike from center
    • Kraken Shield
      • Magically enhanced
  • Teleportation
  • Can conjure skeletal hands, arms, and skulls
  • Curses
  • Limited telekinesis
  • Limited shape-shifting and replication

Move Set

  • Dive Kick
  • Sliding Kick
  • Skeleport
    • Sinks into ground, then rises elsewhere
  • Power Devour
    • Holds out shield, stops melee attacks and absorbs projectiles
  • Searing Skull
    • Fires green skull from shield
    • Can be enhanced to curse opponent and drain some of their power
  • Unknown name
    • Fires six waves from shield
  • Skeleskewer
    • Swings cutlass downward with great force
  • Soul Sword
    • Swings sword upward twice, launching opponent
  • Flame Blade
    • Swings blade upward as it emits fire
  • Bone Runner
    • Runs forward
  • Bone Shaker
    • Dashing shield bash

Agent of Chaos

  • State that grants greater power to Spectral Skulls
  • Allows Spectral Skulls to bounce across the field until they hit their mark
  • Allows Spinal to absorb his own Spectral Skulls to recharge
  • Ends when fifth projectile is created or Instinct Mode expires

No Mercies

  • Skeleton Grab - summons skeleton to pull opponent underground
  • Shield Stab - slashes at foe twice, emits a large spike from his shield and stabs three times
  • Summons two hands, hold them in place, giant skull falls and crushes foe
  • Levitates opponent into air, then breaks neck

Feats & Faults