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Spinal is a character from the Killer Instinct series.

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Battle Record


Death Battle Info


  • Age: 651
  • Height: 5'6
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Resurrected by UltraTech, Gargos, and Mask of the Ancients

Arsenal & Abilities

  • Cutlass
  • Shield
    • Buckler Shield
      • Can retract a large spike from center
    • Kraken Shield
      • Magically enhanced
  • Teleportation
  • Can conjure skeletal hands, arms, and skulls
  • Curses
  • Limited telekinesis
  • Limited shape-shifting and replication

Move Set

  • Dive Kick
  • Sliding Kick
  • Skeleport
    • Sinks into ground, then rises elsewhere
  • Power Devour
    • Holds out shield, stops melee attacks and absorbs projectiles
  • Searing Skull
    • Fires green skull from shield
    • Can be enhanced to curse opponent and drain some of their power
  • Unknown name
    • Fires six waves from shield
  • Skeleskewer
    • Swings cutlass downward with great force
  • Soul Sword
    • Swings sword upward twice, launching opponent
  • Flame Blade
    • Swings blade upward as it emits fire
  • Bone Runner
    • Runs forward
  • Bone Shaker
    • Dashing shield bash

Agent of Chaos

  • State that grants greater power to Spectral Skulls
  • Allows Spectral Skulls to bounce across the field until they hit their mark
  • Allows Spinal to absorb his own Spectral Skulls to recharge
  • Ends when fifth projectile is created or Instinct Mode expires

No Mercies

  • Skeleton Grab - summons skeleton to pull opponent underground
  • Shield Stab - slashes at foe twice, emits a large spike from his shield and stabs three times
  • Summons two hands, hold them in place, giant skull falls and crushes foe
  • Levitates opponent into air, then breaks neck

Feats & Faults



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