star wars vs sonic the hedgehog. witch overpowered, rage filled, no shit taking, anti-hero with the title of

Starkiller vs shadow-0

ultimate will reign supreme in the arena. will it the force wrecking ball or the black blur?


Deadpool: the ultimate's. they're really cocky, powerful, and no shit taking anti-heroes. so we're making two fight

scythe: shadow the hedgehog, the ultimate life form

soul: and Starkiller, the ultimate force user. I'm soul

Deadpool: I'm Deadpool

scythe: and I'm scythe, and it's our job to analyze their weapons armor, and skill to find out who would win a death battle.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Deadpool: fifty somthin years ago mate, Professor Gerald Robotnik created shadow the hedgehog aboard the space colony ARK. to be the ultimate life form. however shadow was also ment to be the key to finding a cure for Gerald's granddaughter and shadow's best friend, Maria Robotnink.

soul: then the government killed everyone on the ark except shadow and Gerald. that's right, they shot a kid. damn.

background and info


shadow (base form)

  • name: shadow the hedgehog
  • age: he doesn't
  • Height: 3' 3"|100cm
  • Weight: 77.2lbs|35kg
  • Bio-Engineered Ultimate Lifeform
  • Possesses Black Arms DNA
  • Nearly Indestructible
  • Martial Arts Skills

scythe: after this shadow was put in suspended animation for 50 freaken years, and when he woke up he vowed revenge. he gathered the seven chaos emeralds and brought the to the ark. and then something called the biolizerd showed up and almost destroyed the planet, but shadow stopped it with Sonic's help

Deadpool: WHY!?

soul: because he remembered he promised Maria he'd protect earth.

scythe: shadow draws his power from the chaos force, a never ending pool of power. shadow can safely tap into bits of its power, like with his chaos spear ability, where he charges up a yellow energy attack, than shoots it at his foes.

soul: he can teleport and slow down time with chaos control, the shadow heal allows shadow to heal himself. he also has incredible strength, can run near the speed of light, and survived a fall from the moon

Deadpool: damn

scythe: Well, it wasn't exactly the moon, but Shadow survived a fall of about 200,000 miles.  By the time he hit the ground, he was falling at a rate of over 6,000,000 feet per second.

Deadpool: HOT DAMN!!!

scythe: also, Shadow wears two inhibitor rings, which restrict his access to the chaos force to maintain control. Should he remove them, his power increases immensely, but is somewhat uncontrollable and quickly tires him out.


  • physically enhanced
  • chaos control
  • chaos spear
  • chaos arrow
  • chaos lance
  • chaos blast
  • shadow heal

soul: then there's the chaos blast, a huge explosion which annihilates everything around him in seconds.

Deadpool: the chaos blast is easily shadow's most powerful ability, destroying everything in it's path.

scythe: shadow also gains power from the chaos emeralds. and should he collect all seven, he can turn into super shadow.

Super shadow by den255-d7niiqy

shadow (super form)

super form

  • unlimited power
  • huge strength boost
  • flight
  • far faster than light
  • turns gold
  • invincible
  • only lasts a few minutes, with a few exceptions

scythe: super shadow is nearly unstoppable. he's millions of times faster than light, completely invincible, one thousand times stronger, and has unlimited access to the chaos force. along with this he gains flight.

soul: but super shadow isn't perfect, while possessing godly power, the form only lasts a few minuets. he's also kinda cocky, and never get's serious until absolutely necessary, witch has put him in some life threatening situations.


  • cocky
  • super form only lasts a few minuets
  • doesn't get serious till he needs to


  • defeated sonic a few times
  • battled silver to a standstill
  • defeated the biolizard
  • teleported the space colony ark
  • survived a fall from orbit
  • defeated black doom
  • defeated mephilis the dark
  • held his own against solaris

scythe: shadow has defeated some powerful opponents. he's defeated the biolizerd, mephilis the dark, black doom, and even sonic. you know, the main character of the fucking franchise.

Deadpool: he's not someone you wanna mess with

soul: agreed

mephilis: you must realize now you cannot hope to defeat me with you limited power

shadow: so you say

mephelis: it's futile, the world will betray you. why fight at all? why risk you life for those who will persecute you later.

shadow: if the world choses to become my enemy, i will fight like i always have.

shadow is show removing his inhibitor rings, and gaining a massive power boost.


scythe: the galaxy was in peril, the sith where i control. the empire held it's iron grip over everything.

soul: get to the fucking point

Deadpool: darth vader killed a jedi and took his son.

soul: oh...damn

scythe: well...okay ya that's about right. anyways for years this boy, who's name was Galen Marek, was trained in the ways of the sith. and he was given the code name: Starkiller.


starkiller (tfu 1)

background and info

  • name: Galen Marek
  • age: unknown, we think about 17 or 18
  • height: 1.85 meters (6' 1")
  • weight: IDK
  • has two lightsabers
  • alias: force wrecking ball, ultimate force user
  • possibly a close of himself

Deadpool: being trained by vader has it's perks. he can use TWO lightsabers, witch was probably inspired from me. also he's the force or whatever it's called.

scythe: the force allows Galen to use push people away with force push, zap them with electricity using force lightning, crush everything with force crush, lift things into the air.

soul: the force repulse is basically a poor mans chaos blast, also he can control the weak minded with the jedi mind trick.

weapons and powers

  • two lightsabers
  • force push
  • force throw
  • force lightning
  • force dash
  • force crush
  • jedi mind trick
  • force sense
  • force repulse
  • telekinesis
  • force furry

scythe: Starkiller is a quick footed warrior, his force sense enhances all his senses. he can also throw his lightsabers.

Deadpool: and remember fokes: lightsabers cut though just about anything.

scythe: the there is starkiller's trump card: the force furry

soul: the force furry briefly gives starkiller's force powers a HUGE power up to the point where he can turn a few stormtrooper's into ashes.

scythe: Starkiller has taken down multiple jedi, including jedi council member shaak ti.

soul: he's killed rancor's, the rancor eating gorog, and even darth vader, TWICE!!

Deadpool: he's also defeated the emperor, and used the force to pull a star destroyer down from orbit.


  • defeated a few rancor
  • killed the gorog
  • defeated general ramn kota
  • killed shaak ti
  • defeated marris brood
  • defeated darth vader twice
  • defeated the emperor
  • pulled a star destroyer out of orbit


  • cocky
  • force furry has a really short duration
  • force furry utterly destroys his physical condition

soul: he's not without flaws though. he's really cocky, his force furry doesn't last to long. and to top it all off he get's really fucking tired after using it. but that doesn't make him less awesome right?

scythe: defiantly

Darth vader: I have taught you well, but you have much to learn.

Starkiller: I have nothing left to learn from you.


scythe: alright the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all

soul: it's time fore a death battle

(secret impearial base)


Shadow sped though a secret impearial base, sticking to the shadow's as he looked around. Shadow ducked behind some crates as two stormtrooper's passed.

Stormtrooper: did you hear what lord vader did you that ninja guy?

Stormtrooper 2: ya, feel kinda bad for him.

Shadow looked at the dead body of a cyborg, lying on the floor with a Kitana next to it. Shadow sighed, seeing that as a waste of human life before speeding off. He needed to find something before he was caught. Starkiller saw Shadow and threw a lightsaber at Shadow. Shadow rolled under it and turned around, growling at Starkiller who caught his saber.

Starkiller: your coming with me.

Shadow: and if i don't?

Starkiller: you die.


Shadow rushed forward and tried to punch Starkiller, who force pushed shadow back. Shadow jumped off the wall and started shooting chaos spears, witch Starkiller reflected. Starkiller force pushed Shadow though a wall and walked though the hole. Shadow got up, and was force pushed though another wall. Shadow sighed as he glowed red.

Shadow: chao-

Starkiller just force pushed him though another wall.


In a fit of rage Shadow rushed forward and punched Starkiller before blasting him with chaos spears. Starkiller got up and threw his lightsabers at Shadow, who rolled under them and kicked Starkiller.

Shadow ran up and spin-dashed Starkiller before jumping into the vents and spin-dashing away. Starkiller dashed after him, only for shadow to burst out of the vent and kick him. Starkiller hit the floor and dropped his lightsabers.

Shadow rushed forward and punched Starkiller in the face, only to be zapped with force lightning. Shadow kneeled over in pain only to blast Starkiller with a chaos lance, creating a big explosion. Starkiller powered up and used the force repulse to throw Shadow and some stormtrooper's back. Starkiller turned around and contued zapping shadow with force lightning. Growling, Shadow rose up and used his chaos blast.

Shadow: Chaos...BLAST!

Starkiller flew though a few walls, hitting the floor of the hanger as he grabbed his sabers and activated them. Shadow walked thought the hole and removed his inhibitor rings, laughing as they hit the floor.

Shadow: I'm the worlds ultimate life for, SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!

Shadow suddenly revealed he had found another lightsaber somewhere, and activated it. Shadow lunged at Starkiller and swung the green blade of his lightsaber at Starkiller, clashing with his red blades.

Shadow swung his saber to counter a attack from Starkiller, the sith growled in anger as he force pushed Shadow away. Shadow landed on his feet and swung his saber again, countering another incoming saber attack from Starkiller.

Starkiller: DIE RODENT!

Shadow was pushed back by a force push, Starkiller then using the force to crush the lightsaber in Shadow's hand. Shadow smirked, and Starkiller realized how he may have fucked up. Next thing he knew he has getting punched in the face and slammed to the ground with a bloody nose. Shadow laughed again and placed a foot on Starkiller's back.

Shadow: Hmf. i was expecting more from someone called Starkiller.

Shadow was suddenly hit with a force repulse, and launched back a bit.

Starkiller stood up, sounded by a blue aura. The force furry. Starkiller picked Shadow up and slammed him into the floor, then the walls, then the ceiling. Shadow growled and glowed golden, using the chaos emeralds to transform into super shadow.

Shadow rushed at Starkiller and froze time using chaos control and punched Starkiller, launching him thousands of miles into the air. Shadow chuckled and teleported above Starkiller and launched him back to the ground. Starkiller looked up, with his force furry had ended and he was exhausted. Shadow rushed down and slammed Starkiller into the ground again before muttering two words.

Shadow: chaos blast.

And with that the entire building was engulfed in a bright red light. When the blast ended Shadow had reverted back to his base form. He walked over and put his inhibitor rings on, looking around the crumbling base.

Shadow: mission completed, returning to base.


Shadow is shown teleporting back to a G.U.N. base.

Darth Vader is shown cloning another Starkiller.

post fight


scythe: shadow and Starkiller where a well made match. shadow couldn't get in close, but Starkiller had trouble getting close. Starkiller's force powers where troublesome, but shadow has delt with similar people before.

Deadpool: starkiller's force furry was able to overwhelm base shadow, but it's shorter time limit and strain on the body causes the form to pale in compassion to super shadow.

soul: Starkiller also had no counter to shadow's chaos powers, and he has almost no hand to hand combat training.

advantages and disadvantages


  • +stronger
  • +faster
  • +more durable
  • +better stamina
  • +super shadow >force furry
  • +chaos energy > the force
  • +unpredictability
  • +has delt with similar foes
  • +better hand to hand
  • -force furry over powered his base form
  • -weaker sword skills


  • + better sword skills
  • + force furry > basé shadow
  • -physically weaker
  • -super shadow >force furry
  • -never delt with someone like shadow
  • -weaker hand to hand

soul: looks like galen will stay-

Deadpool: -in the SHADOWS!

scythe: the winner is shadow the hedgehog.

The winner is shadow the hedgehog

next time

soul: next time on death battle!

"with this body, I can do anything"

"sense when where you the one in control?"

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