Steven Universe vs Frisk

Steven Universe vs Undertale! Which young heroic human(maybe) will come out on top in this amazing season premiere!


Wiz: Humans.... Though not the strongest species, especially in fiction, it has been proven... That sometimes embracing the human side of yourself can lead to amazing things.

Boomstick: Steven Universe, the Crystal Gem's Quartz Hybrid.

Wiz: And Frisk, the Underground's protector and ambassador.

Boomstick: He's Wiz, and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armor and skill... to see who would win... 

A Death Battle.

Steven Universe

Wiz: Long ago, the earth had been invaded by alien creatures that had formed from rock, taking form into beings known as gems.

Boomstick: For some reason they were all girls... Who had no vaginas parts, so what's the point of looking like one?

Wiz: Boomstick, don't be sexist!

Boomstick: I'm not! But seriously, why did they choose a feminine shape?

Wiz: I don't know.

Boomstick: Well, maybe it was so they could make boys...

Wiz: Wait, nonono-

Boomstick: ROCK hard!

(Ba-dum tiss!)

Wiz: GAH!.. Well, anyways, they went to earth so they could suck up all of it's nutrients, using extremely advanced machines, and use them to create more gems, increasing their race's size and power. With this, they could someday rule the entire universe.

Boomstick: Which would mean we would all die! However, after some certain gems experienced and saw the beauty of the earth, they decided that they just HAD to protect it!

Wiz: And this sparked... the Gem War. The rebellion vs the homeworld... the war lasted hundreds upon hundreds of years, since gems cannot age, until eventually, the invading team retreated... but not before leaving behind a few reminders. Including a gem named Amethyst, who the rebels took in as their friend, a gem mirror which was trapping a visiting gem named Lapis Lazuli, and... the cluster. A gigantic amount of gems which were mushed together, hidden close to the center of the earth, so that it may be unleashed, some day, and destroy that planet.

Boomstick: But enough of that, because afterwards, the rebel's leader Roze Quartz met a 20 something year old guy, and they fell in love, aw....

Wiz: Soon, Rose had become pregnant.... But to give birth to this child, she had to give up her gem, her life... to give them life.


Wiz: Um, Boomstick, are you okay?

Boomstick: She... she....... I-I need a moment, Wiz.... I'm gonna go call my mom.... (Sniff)

Wiz: Okay, hope you, uh, feel better!....  When the time came, Rose gave up her life, and died.... well, not really. Rose still exists, somewhat, as a part of the child's gem. Whenever he feels love, that is her, feeling love. And so, on that die, the first gem hybird was born. Bearing his father's last name "Universe", his middle name being his mother's last name, "Quartz", and having been dubbed by his father and late mother.... Steven.

Greg Universe: If every pork chop were perfect...

Steven: We wouldn't have hotdogs!

Boomstick: Luckily for the chubby baby, Rose's 3 besties and her hubby vowed to protect Steven. "But wait, who are these 3 gems?"

Wiz: Well, we can answer you that. They are the Crystal Gems, they'll always save the day. And if you think the can't, they'll always find a way. And thats why the residents of Beach City, which they live in, believe in Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

Boomstick: However, the 3 rock moms knew that there was still tons of shit left by the homeworld they had to clean up. Like corrupted gem monsters, destroyed areas and making sure that those assholes wouldn't come back.

Wiz: When Steven did come to age, he began his training to become a member of the Crystal Gems. This would be excruciatingly hard, pushing Steven to his human and gem limits, with intense fighting, dangerous missions, and defending his own city.

Boomstick: But the creator of the show as like "F*ck that, I'll make him a total adorable goofball who hated hurting innocents and gem monsters, and instead loved hugging things!

Wiz: That's actually what makes Steven, well, Steven! He always tries to resolve an issue before fighting, but if it comes down to protecting his friends, he will do anything.

Boomstick: Yeah, and we mean anything. He has a huge amount of abilities for a.... (searches of Steven's age) 14!? The fuck? HE's 14!?!?

Wiz: Yes, he is 14, as surprising as that may be. You see, one of Steven's powers to accelerate and decelerate his age depending on how he feels. Using this, he can't really die from aging, much like the Crystal Gems.

Boomstick: Speaking of gems, every gem has their own weapon that they summon from their, well, gemstone. Steven got his from Mom Mom... Sadly, it's the freaking girliest little shield I've ever seen.

Wiz: Though it's choice in color and design may be... different, it is none the less extrememly powerful. Steven's shield can be used as any shield can. Defending attacks, and it has survived attacks from city destroying lasers like in the episode "The Return".

Boomstick: It can also Captain America off the walls and hit his enemies, either slicing through them or leaving a pretty good bruise.

Wiz: As it has shown to easily cut through steel and hurt Peridot, who was able to brush off a gigantic machine falling on her and crushing her against the ground.

Boomstick: Next is his bubble abilities, where he is able to create pink bubbles, big or small, to surround objects and trap them in there, unable to be broken from the inside.

Wiz: And when Steven is in true danger, a large pink bubble will surround him and defend him from almost anything. It's able to brush off attacks from gem mutants, harpoons and survive the bottom of the ocean.

Boomstick: And it can reflect attacks and force too! When a bunch of Holo-Lemongrabs tried attacking the bubble, it SOMEHOW bounce the energy back so hard that it killed them! And then remember the harpoon? Yeah, it bounced it back off and sunk a ship.

Wiz: Steven has shown to be able to use Phtyokinesis to create dozens of plant versions of himself that act as bodyguards, doing anything to defend the real Steven, and were able to defeat the Crystal Gems.

Boomstick: He can even levitate, and can increase or decrease the speed he's falling at depending on his emotions, and actually managed to control it the first time he got it.

Wiz: Aside from that, Steven has proven that he can do incredible things with his abilities. He was able to push a gigantic gem monster that no other gem could easily into lava, survive a fall face first from dozens of feet above, survive a ship crash and explosion with his bubble and with help, managed to bubble the Cluster.

Boomstick: However, Steven still has a ton of weaknesses. He's completely unexperienced, has only battled a few times, doesn't like fighting in the first place, is oblivious and sometimes impatient, his powers don't really work under stress and has a difficult job keeping up with the Crystal Gems jogging.

Wiz: But when it comes down to everything, Steven's greatest power isn't his magical abilities, not his strength, not his incredible defense, it is his kindness.

Boomstick:.... Gaaaay.

Pearl: (sighs) What would she think of me now?

(Steven struggles to comprehend her feelings and then hugs Pearl)

Steven: Well... I think you're pretty great.


Wiz: Long, long ago. There lived 2 species. Humans... and monsters. They lived in peace, until the humans realised that if a monster somehow gets their hands on a human soul... They would become a god. So they made the most logical decision.

Boomstick: WAR! 

Wiz: Though not the best choice in hindsight, the humans declared war on monsters, killing hundreds of their species. After a while, the monsters were easily beaten, since their souls are hundreds of times weaker then just one human soul.

Boomstick: So then we used some magic to trap all of the ones that were still alive underground, so then they built a social structure, because what else are you gonna do when you're trapped in hell forever?

Wiz: Hundreds of years later, the King and Queen's son, Asriel, heard a loud scream when he was exploring an area known as the ruins. He rushed to where he heard it to find a human child, laying on the ground. The child had fallen down the mountain above the underground.

Boomstick: Instead of eating their clothes like any goat would, he helped the child up and walked them over to the castle.

Wiz: There, the child was adopted by the king and queen, and all was right. Until...

Boomstick: The child died from illness. But they had one last wish... To lie on the bed of flowers at their village, on the surface, and rest there for all eternity... God, this is dramatic.

Wiz: Asriel wanted to fulfill his adopted sibling's wish, and knew there was only one thing to do. Absorb the human soul... and go through the barrier.

Boomstick: Yeah, see a monster could cross it if they had a human soul, but if they had 7... they could destroy it! And then more war!

Wiz: After going through the barrier, Asriel managed to find a bed of flowers, but before he could do anything, was attacked by the humans, who thought that the prince had killed the human.

Boomstick: And they did EVERYTHING to kill him. Like, EVERYTHING.

Wiz: With the last bit of energy he had, Asriel stumbled back into the barrier, carrying the human. He saw his parents, staring at him in dispair, before he died, his dust bursting onto the flowers that the king had planted all over the floor.

Boomstick: So many feeeeels. So, being a dad, the king got pissed and decided that any human that fell down would die. The queen, disgusted with his actions, left and hid in the ruins, never to be seen again.... How along do we have to keep talking about the plot?

Wiz: Just a bit more. So, after 6 more humans fell down, each of them being killed despite Toriel's effort to keep them in the ruins with her to protect them, and their souls being kept at the castle.

Boomstick: But then, one young human, ambiguous in gender, fell down Mt. Ebott and entered the world of monsters. Gripping their trusty dusty wooden stick, a bandaid stuck to their cheek, and wearing a purple and blue striped shirt with blue pants, set off to try to find a way back to the surface. "What was their name!?" Frisk. Their name was FRISK. Their parents must REALLY hate them!

Wiz: They soon were found by the queen, Toriel, who taught them how to act and spare monsters so they didn't have to hurt anyone. After going through the surface, Frisk told Toriel they had to leave and find a way back. She knew what would happen if they did, so she tried to prevent it, even fighting Frisk! So, the child had no choice... They couldn't figure out a way to spare her! So... They killed Toriel, Ex-Queen of the Monsters.

Boomstick: Are we done yet?

Wiz: Yes...

Boomstick: Thank god! We're done with the backstory! Any how, while exploring the underground and making friends with everybody, they knew that to defend themselves and fight if they HAD to, began collecting some items!

Wiz: Each of the items being previously owned by one of the fallen humans. First to be found was the Toy Knife and Faded Ribbon, owned by the Cyan Soul.

Boomstick: Using the Toy Knife, Frisk's attack is boosted by 3, and the Faded Ribbon increases their defense by the same amount.

Wiz: Next is the Tough Glove and Manly Bandana, the ladder having abs drawn on it, which were owned by the Orange Soul. The Tough Glove increase their attack by 5 and allow them to do advanced combos, while the Mandana increasing their defense by 7.

Boomstick: Up next is the Blue Soul's items, the Old Tutu and Ballet Shoes! The Ballet Shoes increase their attack by 7 and allows them to perform 4 move combos, while the Old Tutu boosts their defense all the way to 10.

Wiz: The Purple Souls' Torn Notebook increases their attacks by 2, and the Cloudy Glasses adds 6 to their defense.

Boomstick: Then there's the Green Soul's Burnt Pan and Stained Apron. Yes, they use a f*cking frying pan and a f*cking book for weapons!... Wait, lemme go see if that works. Hey Craig, wait up, I need you to stay VERY still!

Wiz:... The pan increases their attack by 10 and allows for 4 turn combos, while the apron boosts their defense by 11, and can heal Frisk's HP by 1 every now and then, and the Yellow Soul's Empty Gun and Cowboy Hat increases their attack by 15, aswell as allowing them to perform a five move fast combo, and their defense by 12.

Boomstick: Haha, you fell for it! Dumbass!

Wiz: Care to handle the final weapon?

Boomstick: Sure. The last items are by FAR the strongest. The Worn Dagger increases their attack by 15, and the Heart Locket does the same with defense. 

Wiz: Both of which were owned by the first human who fell down.

Boomstick: They also have a special cellphone created by the Royal Scientist, which allows them to fly with a jetpack and turn their soul yellow, allowing them to shoot lasers!

Wiz: However, that is not the end to Frisk's abilities! You see, Frisk has a special trait called "Determination", and by pushing this to the maximum... Cannot die forever. They will come back to life right after.

Boomstick: And using this Determination allows them to survive some incredibly strong attacks without dying and moving at incredble speeds.

Wiz: They were able to dodge and survive strong blows from Undyne, Asgore and Toriel, who are some of the strongest and most experienced monsters in the underground.

Boomstick: They can dodge lightning, survive gigantic barrages of bones and spears, dodge incredibly fast fire and sword attacks, and with enough determination, were able to beat the king of monsters! Jesus christ, how strong is this kid?

Wiz: We aren't finished! You see, when Asriel died, his dust was spread onto a single flower. Years later, Alphys injected determination into that flower and unknowingly created Flowey, a soulless, evil flower who was actually Asriel, but had lost all positive emotions.

Boomstick: Then, when Frisk was about to spare Asgore lowering him down on enough HP, Flowey killed Asgore, and absorbed all the human souls, becoming god and taking over the entire game.... dick.

Wiz: However, Frisk's determination helped them fight back, and was able to survive hundreds of attacks from this godly being. Eventually, the won with the help of the other souls.

Boomstick: And later when Flowey managed to become Asriel again with the help of all the human AND monster souls, becoming a HYPER GOD, Frisk survived exploding STARS, and gigantic rainbow cannons!

Wiz: Using their determination, they managed to survive his strongest attacks, then finished it off with-

Boomstick: FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS! Waaaaaah! It was so f*cking sad, man! (Starts sobbing heavily)

Wiz: .... Okay then. Anyways, Frisk still has one gigantic weakness. They have NO power without their determination, which yes, they can lose it if things become the absolute worst.

Boomstick: (Sobs)

Wiz: Still, Frisk's determined spirit and ability to befriend almost anyone has always proven to be their stongest ability.

(Frisk and Asriel hug tightly)

Asriel: I don't want to let go...


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. It's time to end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

Steven vs Frisk It's TIme


"Pearl, stop it! He's not doing anything wrooong!" 

Papyrus had decided to go exploring that one day, and eventually found the peaceful and beautiful Beach City. However, they people did not think he was just a happy go lucky tourist with a child following him around.

They thought he was one of those gem monsters who had captured a small human. So, the Crystal Gems, missing Amethyst and Garnet, who had gone looking for Jasper, had sprung into action! Well, Pearl did, Steven tried to explain to Pearl that he hadn't done anything wrong to the child.

"Steven, don't be silly! This... odd gem monster has been up to no good! I just need to find his gem!"

Pearl was observing Papyrus' body, but could not find a gem. She lowered her eye brows, frustrated, and instead dashed towards Papyrus, spear in hand. Before she could attack, however, the child, Frisk, had stood in front of Pearl with a small plastic knife in hand, pointing towards Pearl.


Before Pearl could even comprehend what just happened, Frisk slashed horizontally, cutting through Pearl's chest and poofing her into her gem.


Frisk looked down at the gem, and picked it up. They gave it to Steven and walked away.

"H-hey! You can't just hurt Pearl and walk away! Say sorry, please and thank you!" 

Frisk nodded and walked over to Steven. They looked at them gem in the hybrid's hands, then walked away again. Papyrus had been in the background, completely oblivious to everything that was happening and instead trying to put spaghetti into a donut that Frisk had bought for him.

"HEY! I told you to say sorry!" 

Steven was now slightly frustrated, with Frisk looking back with their regular expression. Steven gulped, knowing that he might have to resort to force.


Frisk nodded, and walked back. They looked at the gem, this time for a minute, then left.

"Um... can you talk?"

Frisk looked back and nodded. Steven now looked very guilty.

"I'm so sorry! I really didn't mean to offend you! But... Peridot and Amethyst say that if someone hurts a friend... You have to show them why that was wrong... So I guess that's what I have to do!"

Steven summoned his shield, looking nervous, and stuck it out in front of him. Frisk sighed and put their knife in front of them. It looked like they couldn't use mercy... yet.

"Here we go..."


Steven ran towards Frisk, putting his shield in front of him and attempting to bash into them. Frisk moved out of the way and Steven fell face first onto the ground.


Steven quickly stood up, turned back and tried to do the same thing. This time, he made contact, but with Frisk's knife instead. Frisk hopped back less then a foot and slashed at the shield, yet all it did...

Was break the knife in two.


If Frisk had eyes, they would widen, but then again, the Toy Knife was one of their weaker weapons. They simply pulled out two boxing gloves, both being pink, then pulled out a pink bandana with abs on it and tied it around their head. They put their gloves on and punched their fists together.


Before Steven could compliment Frisk on their choice in color, the fallen human jumped in the air and pulled her fist up, then launched it down. Steven used his shield to block the punch, but Frisk had a back up plan. They launched their second fist under the shield and into Steven's face, knocking him back a bit.

"Oh geez..."

Steven attempted to get back into a fighting stance, but Frisk had taken advantage of his clumsiness and delivered a strong punch to his face.

"Aw, geez..."

Steven seemed to have gotten a headache from the blow, leading Frisk to deliver another. However, before they could land it, Steven managed to put his shield in front of him, causing a huge shockwave to be sent all through out their body.


Steven took his chance and bashed his shield against Frisk, causing them to stumble backwards. Frisk shook the attack off very quickly and started jabbing at the gem hybrid. The shield had been blocking blow after blow until Frisk changed up their combo and delivered a clean uppercut, going under the shield and hitting Steven in the stomach, knocking the air out of him.

Gasping for air, Steven lost focus and was hit by several jabs to the chest, before Frisk jumped back and turned around, starting to walk away. Looks like the fight was over.

"No! I'm not giving up!" 

Steven was determined to win against Frisk. He was going to win this fight! He was going to wi-


Frisk dashed over to Steven at an extremely fast pace and gave him the scariest poker face you could ever see. Steven yelped, before starting to laugh, with Frisk smiling brightly.

"Okay, that was funny!"

Steven got back in a fighting position, with Frisk nodding. The ambassador attempted to hit the son of Rose Quartz, only to fail thanks to Steven's almighty defenses.

Steven quickly developed a plan and ran backwards, before stopping and throwing his shield all "Captain America" style. Frisk attempted to catch it like a frisbee, but it had been spinning at such a fast pace that it tore through Frisk's gloves.


Steven called, but Frisk was not saddened or angry. They were prepared! They quickly pulled off the Orange Soul's items and instead put on a light blue tutu and dark blue ballet shoes, posing dramatically. Mettaton would be proud.

"I can do that to!"

  • Break time*

Steven asked Frisk to wait for a few minutes, and the red soul nodded. Steven ran off, and in less then a minute, came back dressed in the outfit he had worn in the episode "Sadie's Song", also striking a dramatic pose and summoning his shield again.

  • Break end*

Frisk ran up to Steven and jumped into the air. They shot their foot at Steven's face, who raised up his shield, blocking the kick. Frisk continued kicking, seemingly not tiring out. Still, the weight of Frisk was a bit hard on STEVEN, who began sweating nervously.

"I don't think I can keep this up much longer..."

Lucky for little Steven, Pearl had managed to regenerate and saw Frisk attacking Steven. Knowing to help, she pulled out her spear and smacked Frisk off of the shield, with the child being sent flying back, still no expression on their face.

"Pearl? You're okay!"

"Of course I am, Steven. It was just a toy knife, after all! It doesn't take THAT long. But this might..."

Pearl turned around, eyes narrowing in Frisk's direction, who had been caught by Papyrus. Papyrus let Frisk down and chuckled.

"Nyeh heh heh... It seems it's two on two, eh?"

Papyrus snapped his fingers and created a large amount of bones behind him. He summoned a bone in his hands and ran towards the gem warrior.

Steven and Frisk continued their own fight while their lanky friends did their own thing. Steven rushed at Frisk, pointing his shields sideways in a cutting like motion, who evaded this and delivered several kicks to his side.

"Gee, you're really strong! Better step it up!"

Steven threw his shield to the side, wanting to try out one of his other skills.... But the shield instead bounced against a telephone poll and was sent flying all over the place, bouncing against buildings, lamp polls and trees. Frisk and Steven ducked, both of them scared of it hitting them.

"Unsummon or something!"

As soon as Steven said "Unsummon", the shield bursted into bits of light. Both children stood up and sighed in relief.

"Thank goodness..."

Frisk had quickly thought of an idea, and began pirouetting at an extremely fast speed, all the while traveling over to Steven. FAST. Unknown to the fallen human, Steven also had a plan!


The battle between the two had become a game of cat and mouse, Steven being the mouse. Noticing that Frisk had started to slow down, Steven quickly pulled out a slice of watermelon from hammerspace and began eating it. He swallowed it except for 10 seeds, and he spat them out into a nearby pool.

"Opperation Watermelon Steven go!"

Steven was grinning widely, looking towards the pool in anticapation... But this didn't continue since Frisk had caught up and kicked him in the back of his head.

Becoming dizzy, Steven fell over on the ground groaning. Frisk looked down at Steven, seeing two boxes in front of them. "FIGHT" and "MERCY".

Before they could pick one, somebody tapped them on the shoulder. Being a gentlehuman, Frisk turned around, only to be punched in the face. Frisk stumbled back, and looked at their attacker, who was... a watermelon version of the person they were just fighting? And 9 more of them, too!

So the fight began, with two of the watermelon clones holding Frisk up, and the rest of them punching Frisk repeatedly. Frisk now had more then a few bruises on them, but was not giving up, despite the soulless expression planted on their face.

Frisk used their ballet shoes to kick the two Watermleon Stevens holding them up in their crotches, then simply jumped back. They removed the ballet shoes and tutu, and instead put on an apron and fying pan.

Frisk dashed at all of them and started whacking away, and much to the fruit monster's surprise, hurt A LOT. Some of them attempted to grab them again, but it didn't do any good. Frisk smashed their weapon directly into one of their faces, which, unintentionally, caused a shit ton of juice to burst from their face.

The 9 other creatures screeched and ran away into the water, screaming all the way, with the other watermelon Steven falling on their back, dead.

Steven had managed to get back on his feet, only to see Frisk next to the dead being.

"Watermelon Steven NOOOO! I will avenge you!"

Steven now had a very determined expression, dashing towards Frisk and delivering a strong punch to their face. They had killed one of his creations... One of his friends... Who he never knew.

And this did NOT sit well with him.

"I'm not giving u-"

Steven was interrupted when a frying pan was whacked across his face, causing blood to come out of his nose. Frisk continued doing this until Steven's face was two black eyes, tons of bruises and a nose bleed.


Frisk ducked down and stuck their frying pan under Steven's feet. They lifted it up extremely quickly and with great force, causing him to be sent flying up in the air. 


Steven was now dozens of feet above Frisk, who was looking up at Steven in amazement, since their opponent... was floating in the air.


Frisk suddenly saw Steven's face, and realised they had gone a little out of control. Looking a bit guilty, Frisk waved their hand at Steven, who waved back.

"Can you do this?"

Steven now looked a bit arrogant for a second, but his face changed into shock when he saw Frisk pull out a phone... that turned into a jet pack.

Frisk flew up at Steven, a very determined look on their face, having ditched the frying pan and now having a gun in their hand and a cowboy hat. And also looking a little more... yellow?

Frisk aimed their gun at Steven and started shooting out yellow lasers. Steven yelped and quickly summoned his shield, but the blast only pushed him upwards.

"This is gonna be a loooong fall."

The savior of monsters started shooting several more times, some of them managing to catch Steven off guard and shocking him. Frisk eventually was on the same level as Steven, and had a shit eating grin plastered under their nose.

"Aw crapbaskets."

Frisk started flying around Steven at high speeds, with Steven trying to keep track of their movements, but failing, instead becoming dizzy. Frisk took their chance, Steven not having his shield up, and started firing at Steven, who was paralysed for a few seconds, and ended up starting to fall.


Steven managed to stop, and sighed in relief, then looked up. Frisk was now a few feet above them, grinning triumphantly. They b egan shooting more lasers down from their gun, Steven using his shield to deflect them. Frisk knew that the shield was a huge problem, since that meant they couldn't hit Steven...


There was a gem on the shield... and there was a gem on the boy's stomach...

Frisk thought up a strategy, and flew down at Steven, putting their gun out in front of them. The quartz bearing child put their shield up, only for Frisk to fly right past them. Steven turned his head and body around, shield still on the other side, only to see a laser coming directly at his stomach.

Before he had time to react, the laser hit his gem, causing a massive shock of electricity, the boy screaming in pain. Frisk attempted to shoot again, only to realise it was out of juice. They tossed it away, along with the cowboy hat, and began flyind downwards, landing on their feet. They put on the Heart Locket and equipped the Worn Dagger, then looked up at Steven, who had been falling, his eyes having widened in pain.

Before hitting the ground, Steven's bubble formed around him, and bounced him upwards. Steven, seeing he was close to Frisk, got rid of his bubble and dove down at Frisk, putting his shield in front of him.


Steven made contact with Frisk, who put their knife in front of them, a clash between weapons having started. Steven grunted, trying to force his shield down, with Frisk pushing their dagger back up....

They stayed in this position for a few seconds, before Steven jumped back and tossed his shield at Frisk. It hit Frisk in the head, the 8th human's head starting to bleed, the shield bouncing back to Steven.

Steven bashed it against Frisk, knocking them back, before Steven ran at Frisk and punched them in the chest. The warrior in training then slashed Frisk across the chest with his shield, tearing through their clothes.

Steven ran back a bit, then tossed the shield directly at Frisk...

And it ripped right through them.

Frisk's body was split right in half. Blood came flying everywhere. Steven did NOT think this would happen. He was panicking! He was screaming! He was running around in circles crying. He killed somebody!


But... Then it didn't happen.

Literally, everything went back to as soon as Steven threw his shield, but this time...

Frisk dodged. Steven didn't remember what happened. But Frisk did. They refused to die, when they did. This was the power of determination.

Frisk ran towards Steven, slashing at him with everything they had. Steven managed to block a few of them, but eventually they landed a good solid hit directly in Steven's chest, causing the boy to stumble back on the ground and drop his shield.

Something was different. Frisk was not holding back, they were going all out. They were determined, and Steven could not handle it.

And then...


The determined human had slashed their knife across Steven's gem, shattering it. Frisk looked down at the boy, his eyes filled with...


Frisk had done it.

They had killed Steven Universe.



Boomstick: Oh my god... This is only the first episode!

Wiz: Steven may have held the edge in strength, but in durability, intelligence, speed and experience, Frisk took all of them easily!

Boomstick: Steven barely ever fights against opponents, while Frisk has fougthen god like beings and DAMAGED them!

Wiz: Plus, if Steven somehow DID manage to kill Frisk, they would just come back to life with their determination. Not to mention that Frisk's arsenal, though unable to match up to Steven's shield in defense, is much more versatile and can act much better as a weapon.

Boomstick: You'd have to be a GEMuine idiot to not DETERMINE who would win this fight.

Wiz: The winner is Frisk. 

Frisk is the Winner

Next Time

Boomstick: Next time on Death Battle!