Street Sharks Battle Royale is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.





John Bolton is the smartest and oldest of the four brothers who enjoys creating inventions. He has taken up most of his knowledge and skills from his father. He is also an avid pool player. When transformed into Ripster, he becomes a great white shark and the leader of the street sharks.


Rips out metal doors with a kick.

Throws Streex through concrete wall.

Bends a tank gun.

Sends Streex flying through some metal.

Rips out streetlight.

Breaks pillar in half.

Eats through metal door.

Rips out fence.

Holds Haxx's drill tail and pulls him in.

Crushes container from the inside out with his sheer body mass.

Eats and swallows a car with a single bite.

Lifts and carries a huge block of concrete.

Runs through wall.

Lifts large bucket full of liquid.

Catches car thrown at him.

Lifts and throws car.

Flips truck. And I doubt it was the forklift that did this.

Speed & Agility

Jumps from a really tall building.

Deflects Killamari's poisonous arrows with his fists.

Swims through building.

Jumps out of the ground and on top of a truck.

Dodges lasers and the Mecho-Shark's attacks.  

Swims fast enough through the ground to create a shockwave that slices the Mecho-Shark, a machine made out of a material stronger than any titanium alloy.


Treats Slobster like garbage.

Creates an Anti-Venom out of some herbs for Killamari's poison, which can take down any of the Street Sharks within minutes.

Traps Killamari with a metal cable and turns air conditioner into dust with a punch.

Stops this guy's sneak attack.


He's got a special cue stick which can shoot a pretty powerful energy blast. Powerful enough to leave huge holes in the ground and strong enough to vaporize pool balls.    


Robert "Bobby" Bolton Jr. is a level-headed, cool and self-proclaimed ladies' man. When transformed into Streex, he becomes a tiger shark, named after the purple streaks on his body.


Bites missile out of its trajectory.

Ties tank gun like a knot.

Jumps through blimp.

Bites electric fence.

Makes a big flying vehicle spin like crazy with a single hand.

Punches out a large piece of rock.

Stops a speeding car with his jaws.

Speed & Agility

Proof he's the fastest Street Shark.

He's way faster than most racing cars while swimming underground.

Sends Ripster flying.

Avoids several lasers.

Dodges several tanks shooting at him.

Does some flips in the air and kicks a T.Rex in the face.

Outruns a car and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  


Makes a handglider out of bones, feathers, grass and sticks.


A pair of rollerblades which allow him to go even way faster than racing cars, moreso than before. They also have jet boosters to make him go even faster.  


Clint Bolton is the laziest of the Street Sharks, but enjoys boxing and appears to have some talent with mechanics. When transformed into Jab, he becomes a hammerhead shark and uses his head as a battering ram.


Weighlifting several tons.  

Punches big hole in the ground.

Eats two guns and two batons.  

Crushes rugby ball.

Throws Slash through wall.

Eats through blimp.

Punches missile out of its trajectory.

Runs through wall.

Headbutts tower.

Rips out tree and uses it as a bat to knock Repteel out cold.

Juggles with Moby Lick and eventually gets the upper hand. And for the record, Moby Lick is crazy strong.   

Uppercuts tank and makes it flip upside down.

An electric attack from a creature that has absorbed most of the USA's electricity only pushes and annoys him.

Speed & Agility

Catches laser-proof missile and crushes it.

Dodges a Mecho-Shark's attacks in mid-air, grabs its gun and makes it shoot itself.

Teases two Mecho-Sharks to shoot him and ends up making them shoot each other. Also jumps out of the ground and does a frontflip just to show off his awesomeness.


Juggles three dudes.

Showing off some of his boxing prowess.


Has a paralysis device. He rarely uses it, though.

Big Slammu

Coop Bolton is the strongest and youngest of the four. When transformed into Slammu, he becomes a bull shark/whale shark hybrid and his most prominent maneuver is the "Seismic Slam" in which he may shake or crack the ground with his fists.


This counts more or less as how strong his mind is, as he doesn't allow himself to be taken over by a mind control device made by Paradigm and breaks free in just a few seconds.

Breaks I-beam in half with a bite.

Holds and throws helicopter.

Knocks down tree by running into it.

Lifts the ground.

Lifts all of this rubble on his back.

Speed & Agility

Blocks Killamari's arrows at short range with a nearby table within microseconds.

Busts through a tree without losing pace.

Dodges, wrecks, lifts and flattens tank.

Seismic Slam

Brings fence down.

Cracks the ground in half.

Takes down a large rocky structure.

Messes up the ground.

It can send people flying into the sky. Or the ceiling.  

Even things that are travelling underground get tossed outside of the ground.

Even with just one hand, the seismic slams are pretty destructive.

When both hands together slam into the ground, the cracks become a lot bigger.

He even managed to destroy a virtual world, a whole building and a castle with some of these seismic slams. These abnormally powerful ones are sometimes referred as the "Seismic Slams 9,5". No idea if the number means anything, but if it were to be put in the Richter scale, Slammu's attacks are some of the strongest earthquakes of all time.   


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