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You should rally your companions rather than mock your superiors.
~ Sub-Zero to Kung Jin

Sub-Zero is a character from NetherRealm Studios' video game series, Mortal Kombat.

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Kuai Liang is the young brother of the previous Sub-Zero Bi-Han, codenamed Tundra, taking up his brother's name and uniform after he was killed by Scorpion during the events of Mortal Kombat. While an assassin in the Lin Kuei, his moral consience about the clan's doings, including automation, drove him to defect from the clan.

Both during his exile and after returning to the clan, Sub-Zero has always come to the aid of Raiden and the heroes of Earthrealm whenever needed. After defeating Sektor, Sub-Zero became the Lin Kuei's new grandmaster and strives to reform the clan as a force for good.

Death Battle Info


  • Real name: Kuai Liang
  • Height: 188 cm | 6'2"
  • Weight: 95 kg | 210 lbs
  • Occupation: Lin Kuei Grandmaster, former Assassin
  • Original Codename: Tundra
  • Younger brother of Noob Saibot (formerly Bi-Han)
  • Descendant of Cryomancers
  • Scar over right eye given to him by Kano
    • Cause in the original timeline unknown
    • Given by Kano with one of the Kamidogu Daggers in the MKX: Comics

Fighting Style

  • Shotokan
    • Karate style
    • Long stances that enable powerful movements and strengthen the legs
    • Strength, power, speed, and efficiency over slow and flowing motions
  • Dragon
    • Shaolin Boxing style


  • Ice Weapons
    • Can create daggers, icicle-like swords, and hammers
  • Kori Blade
  • Created by freezing water vapor
  • Strong enough to withstand attacks

Special Moves

  • Ice Blast
    • Blast of ice that freezes opponent
    • Enhanced version is a beam of ice
  • Slide
    • Slides across the ground and knocks over opponent
    • Can be followed up with twin palms, uppercut, or projectile
  • Frost Bomb
    • Creates ice ball, then smashes it between his fists, damaging close opponents
  • Ground Ice
    • Freezes the ground, causing opponents to slip or get stuck
    • Radius can catch multiple enemies
    • Can knock enemies into the air
  • Ice Clone
    • Frozen statue of himself that freezes opponents on contact
    • Can also be thrown
  • Ice Shaker
    • Wave of cold air that freezes those around him
    • Can freeze multiple attackers
  • Ice Shower
    • Ice projectile that falls onto enemies
  • Ice Pillar
    • Ice that travels underground, then freezes and suspends opponents in the air
  • Cold Shoulder
    • Shoulder charge
  • Tombstone Teleport
    • Turns into ice and teleports behind opponent
  • Icy Counter
    • Freezes himself, then counter-attacks against physical attacks
    • Does not counter low attacks or special moves
  • Ice Nugget
    • Creates nugget of ice in the air that falls onto the opponent
    • Unblockable
  • Frost Hammer
    • Forges ice hammer, then slams it into foe
    • Can be performed in mid-air
    • Can bounce the opponent
  • Barrier of Frost
    • Creates barrier or shield in front of him that freezes foes that touch it
  • Frozen Aura
    • Creates armor-like layer of ice, reducing damage


  • Snowball Grenade
    • Throws ice blast that makes opponent explode
  • Ice Shatter/Overhead Ice Smash/Freeze Slam/Ice Kick
    • Freezes opponent, then shatters them
  • Frosty!
    • Breathes icy breath that freezes opponent, then they fall and shatter
  • Spine Rip
    • Rips off the opponent's head and their spine
    • Taken from his older brother
  • Skeleton Rip
    • Rips out the opponent's entire skeleton
    • Learned from Kano?
  • Freeze and Throw
    • Freezes opponent, rips off head, then throws it and shatters the body
  • Below Freezing
    • Freezes their legs, shatters them, then stomps on their head
  • Have an Ice Day
    • Freezes opponent's lower body, then rips off upper body
  • Spinal Smash
    • Rips out spine and skull through chest, then freezes opponent and shatters them with spine
  • Chest Cold
    • Freezes middle of opponent's abdomen, shatters the frozen part, exposing the spine, then grips spine, snaps it in two, then holds up the body by the spine and rips body in half.
  • Bed of Ice
    • Freezes surface behind opponent, summoning many ice shards, kicks opponent down to the shards, stomps down on the body, then raises more shards of ice that pierce the opponent's eye and body


  • Deep Freeze (MK9)
    • Cold Shoulder, then stabs through opponent with bare hand, freezes liver, and headbutts
  • Deep Freeze (MKX)
    • Freezes himself (and opponent if they are right next to him), then catches opponent off-guard with a quick punch, then pulls out their entrails, freezes them into a sharp icicle and thrusts it into the opponent's eye.

Ice Ramps

  • Allows for faster travel
  • Can still attack while riding on and creating ramps

From Defenders of the Realm

Dragon Medallion

  • An artifact that gives increase his powers
  • Enhances owner's power to near omnipotent level
  • Requires more agile,strength,speed, and discipline to control power
  • Possibly accelerates physical age

Ancestral Armour

  • Increase Durability


  • Defeated Cyrax, Ermac, Reptile, Sektor, *Goro, *Kintaro, and Noob Saibot
  • VS Scorpion win-loss record: 2-1
  • Defeated Hotaru with Kenshi
  • Aided in defending Earthrealm multiple times
  • Reformed the Lin Kuei
  • Settled his feud with Scorpion


  • Defeated by Kabal and Sindel
  • Overwhelmed by Smoke and Noob together
  • Killed in the Battle of Armageddon by Baraka

Alternative Versions

Cyber Sub-Zero

When Raiden altered the MK timeline, Smoke was saved from cyber-transformation, but Sub-Zero met this fate instead, turning him into a Lin Kuei cyborg.


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