I'm lighter than air. Shots bounce off. I'm doing impossible things without even thinking about it.
~ Kara Zor-El

Supergirl is a character from DC Comics and the cousin of Kal-El/Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman.

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Kara Zor-El was born in the Krypton city of Argo as the daughter of Kryptonian scientist Zor-El and council-woman Alura. During the end-days of Krypton, Alura sent her daughter to Earth to protect her younger cousin Kal-El. However, Kara's pod was knocked off course by Krypton's explosion, sending her ship into the Phantom Zone, where she slept for decades while being suspended in time. By the time she ended up on Earth, found in Midvale by the Department of Extranormal Operations and Kal-El, who became known to the people as Superman. Superman later placed Kara in the care of the Danvers family in National City, promising her cousin to not reveal herself despite a few misadventures. Three years later, Kara finds her calling as a hero known to the public as Supergirl.

Death Battle Info

As a Kryptonian, exposure to the rays of Earth's yellow sun gives Supergirl many of the same powers as Superman with less potency due to their different durations of exposure. Furthermore, she could be rendered vulnerable as a human if she exhaust all the energy her cells amassed.


Powers and Abilities

Kryptonite effects

  • Green - Decreases powers and slowly kills Kryptonians
  • Red - Changes Kryptonians in strange or unpredictable ways
  • Gold - Decreases Kryptonians' powers permanently 
  • Pink - Opposite gender behaviours 
  • Black - Can split Kryptonians into two separate beings, made up of that person's good side and his or her evil side


  • Graduated from Stanhope College
  • Has an internship at CatCo Worldwide Media.
  • Punched Superman on two occasions
  • Caused an earthquake with a casual westle
  • Made Wonder Woman bleed from a punch
  • Able sustain an internal body temperature of 2400 degrees Fehrenheit.
  • Managed to blitz the Flash twice despite him holding back.
  • Vaporizes a tidal wave with a Red blast
  • Can read DNA
  • (Evil side clone) Has greater willpower than Green Lantern (John Steward) after putting on his ring
  • Served with the Red Lanterns
  • Survived taking a Red Lantern ring off
  • Super-Breath must be at least 124.8 mph, which means it's force is that of about 40 psf
  • Heat Vision has nuclear capabilities
  • Saved Lex Luthor's life (though Lex tried to shoot her in retaliation; despite her clearly being bulletproof) [1]
  • Defeated Reactron, Superwoman (Lucy Lane), the Worldkillers, and Cyborg Superman (New 52)
  • Defeated Maelstrom and the Female Furies alongside Superman
  • Defeated Silver Banshee, Metallo, Kryptonite Man, and Parasite all at once
  • Pulled Superman out of the Source Wall with help from four Supergirls
  • Destroyed a moon by flying through it at 99.8% the speed of light
  • Stopped an earthquake by whistling
  • Knocked out a gorilla with a finger flick
  • Shrugged off a nuke
  • Defeated Power Girl twice (New 52)


  • Relatively weaker than Superman due to not having the same time of sunlight exposure or experience as he has.
  • Can be prejudiced towards others like Superboy and Mon-El, though she eventually overcomes that flaw.
  • Vulnerable to Green Kryptonite, Red sun radiation and all other Kryptonian weaknesses.
  • Vulnerable to Godly-magic effects
  • Briefly brainwashed by Darkseid
  • Prone to the attitude of a teenage girl.He

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