Swampert is a starter Pokemon from the same title series.

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Swampert is the final evolution of Hoenn starter Pokémon Mudkip. It evolves from Marshtomp at Level 36, which evolves from Mudkip at level 16. It is a Water/Ground type and stands at 4'11" and weighs 180.6 lbs. It can Mega Evolve with the help of a Swampertite, which increases its height to 6'03" and its weight to 224.9 lbs.

Death Battle Info

  • Name:- Swampert
  • Species:- Mud Fish Pokémon
  • Type:- Water/Ground.
  • Weaknesses:- Grass
  • Resistances:- Fire, Steel, Rock, Poison
  • Immunity:- Electric


  • Earthquake:- Swampert creates a massive quake in the ground, damaging all surrounding opponents.
  • Muddy Water:- Swampert floods the surrounding area in murky water that may lower the victim's accuracy.
  • Mud Bomb:- Swampert hurls a ball of erupting mud at the opponent, blinding them and lowering accuracy.
  • Hammer Arm:- Swampert smashes its arm into the opponent, dealing heavy damage and slowing even himself down.
  • Mud-Slap:- Swampert slaps the opponent with a mud wave, lowering accuracy.
  • Tackle:- Swampert rams its opponent.
  • Growl:- Swampert growls at its opponent, lowering their attack stat.
  • Foresight:- Swampert identifies the opponent, removing their immunities to Fighting type attacks, including Normal type ones.
  • Rock Slide:- Swampert unleashes an avalanche of rocks to make his opponent flinch.
  • Take Down:- Swampert rams the opponent and does some damage to himself.
  • Bide:- Swampert gathers up two turns' worth of energy, before unleashing twice the damage his opponent dealt to him in that time frame.
  • Water Gun:- Swampert sprays the opponent with a blast of water.
  • Protect:- Swampert defends himself from an opposing attack. The more this move is used in a row, the less likely it is to succeed.
  • Endeavor:- Swampert thrashes until his opponent is beaten down to the same amount of HP as him.
  • Mud Shot:- Swampert fires off a blast of accuracy-dropping mud.



  • Torrent:- Boosts the power of Water-type moves when Swampert is at less than 1/3 of its HP.
  • Damp:- Prevent explosions from taking place in Swampert's presence.

Mega Swampert

  • Swift Swim:- Swampert is twice as fast in the rain.