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TY is the main playable protagonist of the TY the Tasmanian Tiger series. He'll appear in a future What-if? Death Battle.

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Death Battle Info


  • Species: Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Weight: Unknown


  • Zoomerang
    • Has a built-in telescopic sight and the longest reach of all boomerangs
    • Can zoom in on far away objects
    • Is very useful for allowing Ty to snipe large groups of enemies from a distance to avoid large brawl
  • Megarang
    • Can target up to 3 enemies in a single throw
    • Homes in on multiple enemies
  • Zappyrang
    • Shocks enemies into submission
    • Can be used to jump-start old equipment such as broken-down generators
  • Deadlyrang
    • On impact, sends up a big mushroom cloud explosion that sends anyone caught up in it to the great beyond
    • Has a larger range than standard boomerangs
  • Kaboomerang
    • Able to throw two of them in a graceful figure-8 pattern
    • Explodes when they collide
    • Can bust metal crates
  • Multirang
    • Multiplies the number of boomerangs Ty can throw
  • Flamerang
    • Can melt ice, create fireballs on impact and burn away spider webs
    • Can also burn the bats of Skinks
    • Able to harness the power of Fire Thunder Eggs
  • Infrarang
    • Lets Ty see things he wouldn't normally be able to see
    • Reveals hidden objects, spies and even fake ghosts
    • Flies a lot farther than Ty's average boomerang
  • Frostyrang
    • Can put out fires, freeze enemies and create ice stepping stones in water
    • Able to use energy from Ice Thunder Eggs
  • Lavarang
    • Can burn objects and obstacles
    • Also creates a large spurt of lava on impact and burns up any enemy in the splash radius, reducing them to a pile of ash
  • X-rang
    • Reveals hidden objects
    • Can also reveals Madame Mopoke's secrets in the Mini-Map
  • Omegarang
    • Able to ricochet between enemies
  • Lassarang
    • Allows Ty to latch onto special hooks and swing across chasms and gaps
    • Can also spin enemies into the ground
  • Lassorang
    • Works like a lasso as it's name implies
  • Smasharang
    • Is stronger than the standard boomerang
    • Can bust through doors, walls, even metal creates
    • Appears to be made of some sort of rock
  • Chronorang
    • Can affect the time field around enemies
    • Slows down whatever it hits
  • Aquarang
    • Works like a regular boomerang, but can be used underwater
    • It's hydrodynamic design lets it slice through water like a normal boomerang flies through the air
  • Freezerang
    • It's powerful icicles instantly puts the deep freeze on enemies
    • Can even put out blazing inferno
    • Like the Frostyrang, also can form stepping stones of ice on water
  • Thunderang
    • Can stun enemies with a burst of thunder
    • Sends out a concussion wave that knocks enemies to the ground
  • Warperang
    • Upgrades the Lasharang's low-tech rope with a Trans-Dimensional warp coil, allowing Ty to swing from rings
    • Can also target special crystals to teleport through fences, onto high-up platforms, etc.
    • In combat, drill enemies into the ground
  • Doomerang
    • The most powerful boomerang in Ty's arsenal
    • Is a essentially guided missile that can be controlled by Ty



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