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I'm gonna chop you up into little tiny pieces! …and not eat you.
~ Taokaka

Taokaka is a character from BlazBlue. She previously fought Felicia in the 9th episode of Death Battle, Felicia VS Taokaka.

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Death Battle Info (Official)


  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 93 lbs.
  • Descended from Genetically Engineered Weapons
  • Guardian & Vigilante
  • Incredibly Stupid


  • Total of 12 Retractable Razor-Sharp Blades
  • Speed-Based Combos
  • Expert Air Control
  • 'Dancing Edge' Drive is Extremely Fast


  • Uses Instinctively
  • Uses for Special Attacks
  • 3 Powerful Fast, Distortion Drives
  • Astral Heat
  • Limited Amount Available

Death Battle Info (Fanon)


  • One of the most frail combatants in BlazBlue with few defensive options
  • Immensely stupid and childish
    • Befriended Ragna despite trying to assassinate him
      • This is primarily because Taokaka thinks that 'Rawgna' and Ragna are two different people.
    • Extremely rude and can be annoying at times.
      • Enjoys groping women (seeing boobs as toys).
      • Gives her best friends sometimes insulting nicknames; 'Lacking Lady' for Noel, 'Boobie Lady' for Lichi.
    • Explosive and hyperactive [1]
  • Frequently ends up hungry as she doesn't carry around money on her journeys.
  • Naps frequently


  • Tao's real face has never been seen officially. The writers of Blazblue confirm that Tao's face is hidden under a constant shadow; mainly under her hood. Even her swimsuit retains the same hood: keeping her face hidden.