Team Rocket VS Arukenimon and Mummymon is a What-If? Death Battle featuring the trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth from Pokemon and Arukenimon and Mummymon from Digimon. This page was created by Timpack and is his his twelfth written Death Battle. The next battle is Captain Hook (James Hook) VS Captain Hook (Killian Jones) while the previous one was Puss In Boots VS Reepicheep

Team Rocket VS Arukenimon and Mummymon
  • Goldmaster1337
  • Timpack
Season 1, Episode 12
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Air date October 16, 2016
Written by Timpack
Directed by Timpack
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Pokemon VS Digimon! These 2 franchises have been on war with each other for ages but this time the villains will take the spotlight. They might not be the strongest but they have definitely proved to be nuisance toward the heroes of the franchises. Will Jessie, James, and Meowths incredible durability and team of pokemon be able to defeat Arukenimon and Mummymons combined power?  


Wiz: Throughout space and time, there are many times when just being alone won’t help you survive and achieve your goals. This why there are so many teams of extraordinary people like the Justice League, the Avengers, the Z-Warriors, and more. It works either if you’re a hero or villain. A good team can almost accomplish anything they set their sights on.

Boomstick: Or they just get in the way of each other and fail due to their incompetence. You forgot that last part Wiz.

Wiz: I didn’t forget but you’re right and this brings us back to the never-ending feud between Pokemon and Digimon. We have had the heroes of the franchises confront each other in battle but now it is the villains turn in a clash between 2 teams of quirky and (sometimes) competent villains.

Boomstick: Get ready you’re “Pokemon VS Digimon” shields because this will be getting rough real fast. If you don’t have one, I pity you.

Wiz: These 2 teams have often been compared to each other in their respective fandom but the time has finally come for them to face each other in a battle to the death.

Boomstick: Jessie, James, and Meowth, The Infamous Trio Of Team Rocket

Wiz: and Arukenimon and Mummymon, The Digital Creations Of Yukio Oikawa.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Team Rocket (Jessie, James, and Meowth)

This battle was written before the release of the Sun and Moon anime so this battle will only include feats and pokemon from the 1st generation to the 6th generation of the anime (Kanto to Kalos)

Wiz: The world of Pokemon is a very peaceful place. Most humans and pokemon live in harmony with each other. Sure there are a couple of exceptions to the rule but for the most part, it is a good place to live in

Boomstick: Except for the fact that evil organizations try to play god by utilizing the power of the legendary pokemon all the time. What do they want to achieve with this power do you think? World domination of course like almost every other villain in existence.

Wiz: One of the most well-known of these organizations is Team Rocket. Led by the nefarious Giovanni, Team Rocket began to collect or steal as many rare pokemon as possible in their quest for world domination. They even experimented upon pokemon and tried to create their own. There are also several rumors that they have killed pokemon in the past.

Boomstick: They sound really threatening but I often question Giovanni sanity at times. Did he really think he could trick a clone of one the rarest pokemon in all of existence to do his dirty work forever? He really should have seen Mewtwos betrayal coming. He was lucky that the only thing he lost was his castle of a house in the process. However the most puzzling of his decisions comes from the fact that he let in a certain trio into Team Rocket.

Wiz: Don’t ask me Boomstick. The biggest mystery though is why he still keeps them around after all these years. The trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth is famous for all the wrong reasons after all.  

Boomstick: Wrong reasons? WRONG REASONS? That’s just an understatement of how pathetic these guys are. They have been hunting a yellow rodent for more than 900 episodes now and they still are no closer to catching it than they were at the beginning.

Wiz: Yeah they aren’t the best of agents of a criminal empire but they aren’t that horrible honestly. Let’s start with looking at each of the 3 members respectively to properly explain this mindset

Boomstick: You have a point Wiz. Jessie isn’t that bad looking. Also she actually has the best connection to the organization out of the trio.

Wiz: Jessies mother, Miyamoto, was actually high ranking member of Team Rocket. Even though she was very good being bad, she still cared a lot about Jessie. One day however changed everything for both of them. Miyamoto disappeared searching for the legendary Pokemon Mew and was presumed to have died in an avalanche. Jessie being 5 years old at the time was put in a poor Foster home because of this.    

Boomstick: That’s so sad. Now I know why she was never mentioned in the anime. This is just too depressing for a children’s show.

Wiz: It gets even worse as sometimes Jessie had to eat snow simply to survive because of the lack of food.

Boomstick: That’s even worse. If I ever meet the person who created this backstory, I shall teach him some manners.    

Wiz: Eventually Jessie enrolled at Pokemon Tech a couple of years later where her bad luck showed its face once again. She got the worst score in the history of the school alongside another student. That student was James and the two eventually became friends. They even dropped out of the school together and joined a bicycle gang for some time. Years later, they reunited with each other as they became teammates alongside Meowth after having joined Team Rocket.   

Boomstick: That’s now how I remember their first encounter. Are you sure you’re not mixing this up with something else Wiz?

Wiz: What you must have watched was probably the special “Training Daze” which explained how the 3 became a team. It however has been deemed non-canon by most of the fandom because of its many continuity errors.

Boomstick: So there are 2 different backstories for how they meet? My head hurts already. Anyway, Jessie is often referred to as the leader of the trio mainly because James and Meowth are usually too afraid to disagree with her. Why you may ask? She has even worse anger management than the Incredible Hulk and that’s saying something.

Wiz: Her fury is indeed very scary. If something really annoys her or if someone insults her appearance, Jessie becomes a force of nature that no one in their right mind would want to be near.  When in her rage mode, Jessie has been known to actually throw herself at other pokemon and defeat them with ease. It is how she caught her Seviper after all after it bit off a chunk of Jessie’s hair.   

Boomstick: Poor snake. Her lack of anger control does have its disadvantages though. It can cause Jessie to get very reckless and take too many risks in battle. I wouldn’t want to meet her though when the she starts seeing red.

Wiz: While Jessie is mostly known for her violent outbursts, she has several other things going for her as well. She has had many different jobs before joining Team Rocket like being a model or working at a TV station. Her most useful one however is that she was a nurse in training at one point. She failed her graduation though because the school was for Pokemon and not humans but she probably still have some of the skills needed to treat wounds and heal injuries.  

Boomstick: Jessie also got second place in the Queen of the Princess Festival contest and has even won a lot of her contests legitimately. It’s a bit too girly for my taste but it is better than having no achievements to her name.

Wiz: Jessie is indeed skilled but like any trainer, she would be helpless without her Pokemon. While she prefers Poison-type pokemon, she has had many other pokemon types as well in her arsenal.

Boomstick: She has however released lots of her Pokemon like her Arbok and Dustox as well as accidentally trading a couple of them away like her Lickitung. This Team Rocket grunt really needs to stop losing the few pokemon the trio actually has managed to catch over the years. She does have a couple of cool looking ones left though like the Bug/Flying pokemon Yanmega, the Poison-type pokemon Seviper, the Ghost/Grass pokemon Gourgeist, and lastly the Psychic-type pokemon Wobbuffet. That last one looks pretty silly but it is still one of Jessie’s most powerful pokemon for a reason.

Wiz: Wobbuffet is often referred to as the fourth member of the trio because of him always coming out of his pokeball and also often taking part in the Team Rocket moto every episode. He has earned this position though mainly because of his ability’s. He does not have any offensive moves but he is still a good battler nonetheless.

Boomstick: With moves like counter and mirror coat, this blue thing can basically absorb almost every attack coming toward him and redirect it back at his opponent much stronger than before. Jessie’s Wobbuffet even knows bide which is kind of impossible since a Wobbuffet should be unable to learn this move.  

Wiz: This pokemon is definitely powerful. Jessie’s Wobbuffet has defeated pokemon like Hitmonlee, Machoke, Primeape, and Golem. He has even been able to reflect back attacks from legendary Pokemon like Articuno.  

Boomstick: Mirror coat and counter does have its limits though as it was once unable to redirect back a hyper beam from a Tyranitar. Jessie’s other pokemon has lots of advantages and disadvantages as well.

Wiz: Gourgeist cannot be hit by physical attacks but is sometimes a bit too childish in battle, Seviper is pretty intelligent and can use his Haze ability to give the trio the time to escape but has still lost almost every battle it has taken part in, and Yanmega is strong enough to halt Pikachus thunderbolt with sonic boom and is very quick in battle but she still isn’t the strongest of pokemon.

Boomstick: Yeah Jessie and her team pokemon does have their flaws and strengths but luckily they are not alone. It’s time to talk about the second member of the trio: the rich boy James.

Wiz: Growing up with a very rich family, James had a pretty good life. After a while though, he started resent everything around him because of how snobbish every person he meet was and that he had to follow all these rules as well as being forced to take part in activates which he did not care for. Eventually he ran away from home after a certain incident.

Boomstick: He definitely has some screws lose. He was super rich, lived in a huge mansion, and could literally buy anything he desired but he left it all behind because he didn’t like being rich? If I had it that good as a child and could bough myself a tank anytime I wished, I would never have run away. Such a weirdo James is.   

Wiz: While he was unhappy with his life, it wasn’t until the incident I mentioned earlier that he had enough. James was engaged to a girl named Jessebelle and while he was at first wanted to marry her; he changed his mind once he saw how controlling she was and ran therefore away from home to get away from her and his parents.

Boomstick: Controlling doesn’t fully explain how much of a nuisance Jessebelle is at all. The only reason she wanted James was to control him and make him do anything she said. She also looks like Jessie for some reason but at least Jessie treats James as an equal most of the time.

Wiz: After having run away, James eventually joined enrolled at Pokemon Tech and the rest is history. Jessie was definitely much nicer to him than both his parents and Jessebelle.

Boomstick: It should be noted though that his past still haunts James to this day. His parent’s actually once faked their deaths so that James would come to the funeral so they could force him to marry the Jessie look-alike. Now I kind of get why he left in the first place. His parents are freaking crazy.

Wiz: It has affected him in other negative ways as well. He is well suited in following commands so he can be pretty submissive at times following Jessie’s and Meowths commands without question. He is also has the most conscience of the group and is also pretty emotional at times.  

Boomstick: He is the exact opposite of Jessie in certain areas although he definitely does have a mean streak as well just like Jessie. He has also proven very talented in contests for some reason after he was once forced to cross-dress as Jessie when she was sick and unable to take part in the latest pokemon contest. To Jessie’s frustration, the audience liked James more than her.  

Wiz: The past isn’t all bad though as because of his constant lessons as a child; James is pretty knowledgeable. He knows more about pokemon types and abilities than Jessie and he even has a handheld computer with him at all times with pokedex functions. Other areas he excels in is sports and activities such as Pokeringer and Orienteering.

Boomstick: It has also allowed him to connect much more closely with his pokemon. Sure Jessie has a good relationship with all her pokemon, especially Wobbuffet, but they have nothing on James and his pokemon. They freaking throw themselves at him all the times with affection not caring if they hurt James or not. He really must be immune to spikes and teeth by now.  

Wiz: Their method of showing their loyalty to their trainer might seem unorthodox at times but they truly are very loyal to James mainly because he treats them like family. This stems from the fact that James did not have many friends as a child and therefore connected a lot with the pokemon around him instead.  

Boomstick: It unfortunately makes him extremely depressed when he is forced to leave any of pokemon behind and because of him releasing, trading, and giving away his pokemon as much as Jessie; this happens a lot. He is freaking useless in battle for some time after these incidents. The few he has left in his arsenal is the Psychic/Fairy baby pokemon Mime Jr, the Grass-type pokemon Carnivine, and the Dark/Psychic pokemon Inkay.

Wiz: Like Jessie’s team of pokemon, these 3 have their strengths and weaknesses as well. Mime Jr knows mimic which allows it copy attacks but he is not used very frequently battle mainly because he is still a baby, Carnivine has shown enough strength to take down Rhydons and Mamoswines as well as having several strong grass moves but has similar faults to Jessies Seviper, and Inkay is powerful enough to defeat a Manectric and can also blind opponents by shooting ink from his mouth but he himself can be distracted by delicious food.

Boomstick: He isent the only one. Is it lunch time yet? 

Wiz: You really test my patience sometimes Boomstick. Its not lunch yet so get your head in the game.   

Boomstick: Ok! Inkay also kind of scares Jessie and Meowth at times. I completely get where they are coming from though since the little guys evolution Malamar is freaking terrifying. They actually meet a Malamar with plans of world domination by using hypnosis to control every living thing. Let’s talk about the 3rd member of the trio now as I don’t really want to talk about the pokemon equivalent of a horror villain anymore.

Wiz: Meowth was once a normal pokemon who lived in the pokemon world’s version of Hollywood where he was part of a gang of Meowths led by a Persian. One day he met a female Meowth by the name of Meowzie and he immediately fell in love.  

Boomstick: She however rejected him because he was poor and she had a rather wealthy owner. In response to this, the cat taught himself the human language and walk just like a human to get on her good side. A bit too extreme for my taste but love does make you do crazy things sometimes. Not that I know this from experience mind you.

Wiz: Sure you don’t Boomstick. Love also can make you heartbroken and this did happen to Meowth as Meowzie was disgusted by his change and called him a freak. Beyond angry, Meowth decided to become the richest “freak” in the world and eventually joined Team Rocket. 

Boomstick: There he replaced Meowzie with Giovanni as he became the Team Rocket leader’s favorite. He basically replaced love with power which is a good decision in my book. Love is overrated.

Wiz: You’re not talking from experience yet again Boomstick?

Boomstick: Shut up Wiz. Eventually Meowth was replaced by a Persian and therefore demoted and ended up with Jessie and James. Didn’t stop Meowth from fantasizing about Giovanni whenever he could to such a degree that is downright creepy.

Wiz: Completely agree with you there. Also according to Meowth himself, he is terrible in battle because he had to sacrifice his battle abilities to be more human.

Boomstick: This is complete bullshit if you ask me as Meowth has several times shown that he is a badass. With his signature attack fury swipes he has defeated Barrys Empoleon, blocked the move hidden power, taken out a group of Team Plasma Grunts and their Liepards in less than a minute, and even defeated Ash's Infernape and Staraptor, Jessie's Seviper and Yanmega and Dawn's Togekiss with the power of “love” all at the same time almost. Unable to battle my ass.

Wiz: He also knows bite, scratch, and debatably Night Slash. He has never been shows using that last move but he has claimed that he knows how to use it.

Boomstick: The cat pokemon can use his claws for other things as well. He can open locks with them and withstand hypnosis by clawing himself in the face. He is also agile enough to land on his feet after having been hit by a gust attack and he even has some resistance toward mind control. I really dont know why he dont think he is good in battle.

Wiz: What Meowth maybe is trying to tell us that he isn’t very experienced taking part in pokemon battles as he doesn’t actually take part in combat very often. As many times as he has shown to be very proficient in battle, there has been a lot of times where he has failed epically as well.  Basically he’s inexperienced and this explains his win-loss record. 

Boomstick: Another reason might probably be that he prefers to stay back and let his teammate’s pokemon battle for him. If he’s forced into a fight though, he is not afraid to cheat to achieve victory. He defeated Brocks Onix with a waterbucket for freaking sake during a pokemon battle. That’s so against the rules and I love it. Who cares about rules when you can win. 

Wiz: Speaking about cheating, Meowth is also great at tricking people into doing what he wants. It has sometimes blown up in his face though mainly because his of his ambitious and conniving personality.  

Boomstick: Fighting and deceiving his opponents is however not what Meowth is most known for. That would be designing and building most of the giant robots that Team Rocket has used throughout the years. Seriously how do they have enough money to buy all the materials needed for these things?

Wiz: I don’t know Boomstick. They are usually to far away from the nearest Team Rocket base to have them sent over so Meowth along with his teammates help must have built the majority of the mechs themselves. The speed of how fast they can build these weapons of mass destruction is equally as perplexing.

Boomstick: They once rebuilt one of their mechs from scratch after it had been eaten by a Gible only a couple of hours ago and improved it to the point that it could not be defeated the same way again. These guys are proving much more competent that I thought. Maybe they aren’t that big losers after all. 

Wiz: The trio definitely has lots of feats to their name to support this. They are experts at creating disguises and setting up pitfall traps. They have even managed to momentarily catch legendary pokemon like Zapdos and Cresselia. It should be noted though that most of these feats come from planning beforehand. Most of their gadgets and machines are usually mostly immune to electricity and some of the attacks from the pokemon they are trying to catch.

Boomstick: Other gadgets and transport devices they have in their possession is an endless amounts of pokemon shaped submarines, a small drone mech to spy on people, jetpacks, and a balloon which shows Meowths big ego to the world.  

Wiz: Some of their best feats come from when they went to Unova. Due to Giovanni trusting them with an important mission, they became determined to please him and in response; they took their job very seriously. For most of their time in Unova, they were more competent in battle and showed themselves being very stealthy and athletic. They even once did a backflip down from their balloon and onto the ground wearing trenchcoats and holding metal suitcases. This proves that if they ever start to take things seriously all the time; they would be terrifying opponents in battle.

Boomstick: What everyone remembers the most though about the trio is their ridicules durability. They have been blasted with electricity, fire, beams of energy, attacks from legendary pokemon, and much more. They even have survived explosions that that are powerful enough to send them into the atmosphere and the fall back to the ground 900 TIMES AND COUNTING. This is not natural at all.

Wiz: Most humans in the pokemon world like Ash Ketchum have much higher durability than the average person but the Team Rocket trio still outclasses all of them easily.

Boomstick: Even the movies show the trio doing impossible stunts. Jessie, for example, stopped a Dragonite with just a frying pan in the first move and was dragged down into a lake ensnared by a forest golem and did not drown in the fourth movie.

Wiz: For all these strengths however, there is a reason why they lose almost every single episode of the anime. Their greatest enemy is themselves. Their clumsiness has cost them victory many times and will probably continue to do so in the future.

Boomstick: They also have really bad luck to blame as well. Even when they are so close to winning that they can see the light at the end of the tunnel; they are foiled in the end because a random trainer or pokemon appears and saves Ash, their equipment starts to malfunction for some reason, or them forgetting important details at the last minute. Basically their loses are not always their fault exactly.   

Wiz: Their pokemon and Meowth are also vulnerable to many different kinds of attacks due to the type of pokemon they belong too. They of course are super strong against certain elemental types as well.

Boomstick: I take back what I said before. They really aren’t that pathetic. There is a reason why the trio has survived in the hearts of the fans to this very day and I kind of get why now.

Wiz: Yeah they may not look like much but don’t underestimate the trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble!

James: Make it double!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Jessie: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Meowth: Meowth! That's right!

Arukenimon and Mummymon

Wiz: Trying to achieve ones dream is something that everyone has tried at one point in their life. Some succeed while others fail unfortunately. Failing can create something very dangerous; obsession. This mental condition causes chaos wherever it appears and in Yukio Oikawa case; it almost destroyed the entire world.

Boomstick: As a child, Oikawa and his friend Hiroki Hida, father of the second generation DigiDestined Cody Hida, managed to connect to a digital dimension parallel to their own through playing a videogame because of anime logic. The 2 spent so many hours communicating with the beings on the other side of the screen that Hirokis father forbade them from playing videogames ever again and tried to separate the boys. Stupid old man. Who really wants to be in real world when you could talk to giant talking monsters through your TV?

Wiz: That’s exactly what Oikawa and Hiroki thought so they made a promise to one day find a way to travel to the digital world together. Tragedy struck though when they entered adulthood.

Boomstick: You all can probably guess what happened. Hiroki died leaving a depressed Oikawa to curse his friend for “breaking” their promise. This is just depressing. Can we skip too the part where we introduce the joke villains of the franchise now?

Wiz: Not yet. In his grief, he watched as the original DigiDestined went back to the digital world to defeat the dark masters begging from afar to be allowed to go with them. A certain digital vampire noticed the crying Oikawa though and possessed his body as a result.

Boomstick: Myotismon really have more lives than a cat doesn’t he? How many times has this guy died and found himself a way to revive himself? Of course he sets out for world domination every time this happens. He is a cool villain but enough is enough sometimes.  

Wiz: Unaware of Myotismon influencing his every action, Oikawa came up with the idea of weakening the borders between the worlds so that he could fulfill his dream and go to the digital world. He couldn’t do it alone however so he combined his DNA with some data to create his own 2 digimon lackeys.

Boomstick: He probably didn’t expect though that they would take the form of a spider lady with a nasty temperament and an idiotic mummy. This is Arukenimon and Mummymon; the villains, aside from the Elvis Presley-monkey, that no one can take seriously.

Wiz: Arukenimon is by far the more threatening of the duo because of her abilities but they are both powerful combatants capable of handling themselves in a fight.

Boomstick: Because of how they were created, Arukenimon and Mummyon have the ability to change forms. For some reason they spend most of the time in their human forms but when things get serious; they transform into powerful Ultimate-Level digimon.  I get why Arukenimon stays in human form a lot because some of her abilities are exclusive to that form but Mummymon doesn’t have any and his human form looks more like a poor disguise to hide his digimon side.

Wiz: It’s probably because he is in love with his partner to the point that he constantly takes the abuse she sends his way and still tries to impress her any way he can. She obviously does not think the same way about him and only keeps him around because of his few uses.

Boomstick: The idiot really should take the hint already. I definitely would not want to get on this spider lady’s bad side especially when she starts playing her flute.   

Wiz: With a special flute which she can only use in her human form, Arukenimon has the ability to control all nearby insect digimon. She can control legions of them at the same time which she demonstrated when she sent an army of bugs to attack the DigiDestined during their confrontation in the Giga House. Because of inhabiting insect-like qualities, it can be assumed that she can control anything that’s an insect whether it’s a digimon or not with her flute.

Boomstick: I hate bugs. If I was allowed to bring my flamethrower with me wherever I go, I would incinerate them all. No one is stealing my food on my watch. The spider-human hybrid has something even more terrifying than controlling bugs though in her human form.  

Wiz: This ability is called Spirit Needle. By plucking out strands of her hair and then sending them flying into the air, she can convert any nearby Control Spire into artificial digimon. These black towers originated from the Dark Ocean and have the power to weaken the barrier between the human and digital world. Arukenimon and Oikawa tricked Ken Ichijouji into building these around the digital world during his days as the Digimon Emperor.

Boomstick: These artificial digimon comes in a variety of different forms.  First we have the very tiny Thundermon who can shock his opponents with spheres of electricity that that contain 10 million volts, the Scyther knockoff Snimon who fights just like said pokemon with the added ability to send energy attacks from his sickles, the Greek inspired Minotarumon who has a robot arm which can create earthquakes, and Golemon who is durable enough to survive being bombarded with several attacks from Armor-Level digimon. These are however only the digimon that can be created from turning 1 Control Spire. If you combine several at the same time, you get a much more awesome fighting machine.

Wiz: By fusing 10 Control Spires you get an Ultimate-Level digimon while using 1 only creates a Champion-Level. Arukenimon can even create a Mega-Level digimon by combining 100 Control Spires. We won’t probably see her use that many Control Spires in this fight though

Boomstick: Arukenimon might not be the smartest mon but she is not dumb. There is no way that she would recreate another BlackWarGreymon and have it blow up in her face once again. Also if she indeed tries to do it during this battle, both teams would be completely obliterated in less than a minute and that’s no fun.

Wiz: Luckily, Arukenimon has more than enough powerful Ultimate-Level digimon in her arsenal to replace BlackWarGreymon with. These include Okuwamon, Blossomon, Mammothmon, and Knightmon. Knigtmon is arguably the strongest of these due to being covered in Chrome Digizoid armor and there are not that many things that can pierce through this metal. It also carries a huge greatsword in combat that can cut almost everything in two.

Boomstick: The others also are very powerful. Especially Mammothmon who’s size alone gives him an advantage in battle. Okuwamons pincers are strong enough to freaking clip though diamonds with a hardness of 10 with ease and Blossomons vines allow it to ensnare its opponents without any problems.

Wiz: All of them can be destroyed however with enough force. They are not real digimon so when they take enough damage and their true form starts to show; it will only take a couple more hits to destroy them. The stronger the digimon, the longer it will take to break.

Boomstick: The combination of Spirit Needles and Control Spires might be Arukenimons most effective weapon but she has much more to offer in combat thanks to her digimon form. Its appearance certainly is enough to scare away any opponents with its ugliness. 

Wiz: Taking the form of a giant red spider, Arukenimon gains many spiderlike abilities like being able to climb up any surface and gain fast reflexes in combat. With moves such as Spider Thread, where she releases razor-sharp wires from her hands, and Acid Mist, where she spews a greenish cloud of acid from her mouth, one won’t be able to squish this spider so easily.

Boomstick: Doesn’t mean I can’t try. With my flamethrower as well as taking advantage of her personality, I could squish that spider bitch anytime.

Wiz: That you could take on an Ultimate-Level digimon and not get completely owned is very doubtful…  

Boomstick: Hey!

Wiz: You do have a point in one being able to exploit Arukenimons personality. While she is powerful and intelligent, she also has an incredible short fuse and is extremely arrogant. She is definitely much more aggressive in battle when she is angry but she is also prone to making silly mistakes. Because she sees everyone as beneath her, which includes her partner, her pride has often caused her and Mummymons schemes to fail.

Boomstick: That however isn’t the worst of her weaknesses at all. Remember that time she was beaten by a large can of bug spray. That was just embarrassing to watch. It was though also very entertaining to see a villain being put in such a humiliating position and it proves that I indeed can beat her Wiz.   

Wiz: Highly doubtful still but Arukenimon is indeed vulnerable to stuff that spiders and other insects really hate. Take electricity to example. All insects are very susceptible to electricity and Arukenimon is no different.  She was once after all paralyzed after being electrocuted by the DigiDestined in the Giga House and this gave Paildramon a perfect opportunity to defeat her.

Boomstick: Arukenimon can definatley take a lot of punishment but that is still nothing compared to what Mummymon has had to endure.  

Wiz: By far, Mummymon is the more durable of the duo. While both has fought the Digidestined and their DNA Digivolution digimon many times and survived each encounter, Mummyon has also survived Arukenimons temper tantrums whenever she gets really annoyed because of his constant flirting.

Boomstick: Once she even tossed him of a cliff and sent him spiraling to the ground really fast. Most people would have broken several bones but Mummymon got up on his feet like as if it was nothing. This however isn’t the impressive part though. That he was in his human form during this whole incident and did not even flinch as he hit the ground is. I kind of envy that idiot mummy right now.

Wiz: Eh Boomstick you know he has the IQ of a toddler right and his goofy personality proves it. He also always tries to impress Arukenimon instead of focusing on defeating his opponents during battle. This duo teamwork really isn’t good at all. It’s terrible even.

Boomstick: You have to give the guy some credit Wiz. He did come up with the idea of destroying the Destiny stones after all. He is also a rather good cook and owns a Jeep that he drives around the digital world. His digimon form is equally as strong as Arukenimons even with his tiny brain. Arukenimon keeps him around for a reason.

Wiz: His digimon form, taking the shape of a mummy, indeed has some skills that benefit the duo in combat. He can ensnare his opponents in bandages with Snake Bandages and attack at close-range with his claws. His gun “Obelisk” fires blasts of ectoplasmic energy that looks like electricity for some reason.

Boomstick: He has one more ability in his arsenal that unfortunately he did not get to use against the DigiDestined because of dumb censorship.  

Wiz: While it might be hard to believe, Mummymon is actually a necromancer that can summon the spirits of the dead to aid him in battle. Something like that would not be tolerated to appear in a children’s show even if I kind of wished it was.

Boomstick: Of course it would. Undead zombie digimon equals awesome TV after all. It would kind of make the duo too OP though if you factor in Arukenimons Spirit Needle ability.

Wiz: Even if you take away Mummymons ability to summon the dead, they are stronger together than alone. Their teamwork isn’t very good like I mentioned before but their combined power is certainly enough to overwhelm most foes.

Boomstick: When you realize that they have survived being blasted by a mini Terra destroyer curtesy of BlackWarGreymon and being bitchslapped by Daemon, one of the Seven Great Demon Lords, you know that these guys are really hard to kill even if said digimon only used a fraction of their strength against them.

Wiz: Some of their other impressive feats are from keeping their balance on top of a car while fighting the DigiDestined and their digimon partners at the same time and also managing to manipulate a bunch of kids into the back of their truck under orders from Oikawa.

Boomstick: Pedophile Digimon much? Anyway, this brings up one the duos main weaknesses. They are just henchmen after all and they only follow Oikawas orders most of the time. While Arukenimon came up with some good plans for defeating the DigiDestined and weakening the border between the worlds, she literally becomes Oikawas bitch when the planning moved to the real world and their creator started to come up with schemes of his own. Why they do not just kill him and become their own masters is beyond me. 

Wiz: Their lucky they didn’t as the spirit of Myotismon would certainly have killed them for trying. He indeed did kill both of them when he was strong enough to leave Oikawas body and became MaloMyotismon for all their failures with the excuse that he was simply testing his new powers. So while Arukenimon and Mummymon can survive an encounter with a Mega-Level digimon, they really are not powerful enough to even be a slight challenge for them.

Boomstick: Mummymon did try as he started to see red after MaloMyotismon killed Arukenimon right in front of him. If it had been anyone other than MaloMyotismon, he might have stood a chance. Poor idiot; he and the spider lady did not deserve such cruel deaths.

Wiz: Very true. For being the joke villains of the franchise, their deaths might just be the most violent and cringe worthy deaths in the history of the franchise. Especially Arukenimons.

Boomstick: So they allowed torture and disintegration on the show but not zombies? Lame.

Wiz: Nevertheless, Arukenimon and Mummymon have proven to be formidable foes against the DigiDestined and the forces of good.

Boomstick: Doesn’t stop them from being ridiculed by the rest of the fandom though as well as being the laughing stock of the franchise.  

Mummymon: Waiter?        

Tapirmon: Need something, sir?

Mummymon:Tell me my good man, what is this delicious soup made of?

Tapirmon: Lots of noodles.

Mummymon: Well I know that! What else?

Tapirmon: Even more noodles.

Arukenimon:This isn't getting us anywhere at all—this guy's got noodles on the brain. I want to talk to your manager!

Tapirmon: Of course.

Digitamamon: I'm the owner, Digitamamon. What's the problem?

Arukenimon: That stupid waiter wouldn't tell us what this delicious soup is made of.

Digitamamon: Sorry, it's a secret recipe.

Mummymon: What?

Digitamamon: If I told you my recipe, it wouldn't be a secret anymore, now would it?

Arukenimon: What insolence! Do you have any idea who are you talking to, buster?

Digitamamon: More guests?


12 intermission

Wiz: All right, the combatants are set, it's time to end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Death Battle!

Somewhere in the digital world:

On the sandy plains of the digital world, a certain female human/digimon hybrid was getting very frustrated. The DigiDestined had once again managed to destroy a large amount of Control Spires even with her and Mummymons intervention.  It had gotten to the point where not even an artificial digimon made-up from 10 Control Spires had been able to slow them down at all. They had been forced to retreat so they would not end up like those Control Spires. With all this taken into account, it was no wonder Arukenimon was venomously coming up with strategies in her mind to make those brats pay for what they had done.

Her partner in crime Mummymon was doing nothing to calm her nerves unfortunately. In fact he was doing the complete opposite; he was driving her crazy. 

Arukenimon: Stop your fiddling and get over her! We need to come up with a way to destroy those pesky children once and for all.

Mummymon: That’s what I am doing my lovely Arukenimon. With this device, we will be able to defeat them once and for all.

Arukenimon just sighted at this and mentally cursed their master for pairing her up with this idiot. The device Mummymon was currently tinkering with was made up by spare parts from their Jeep and remains of destroyed Control Spires. The device looked like several scrap parts put together and probably the only thing it would manage to accomplish was to blow up in Mummymons face. Arukenimons really hoped this would happen soon so that she could get some peace and quiet.

It wasn’t her day though. Just like she predicted, the device blew up sending Mummymon flying backward into a large dune of sand but what happened next made her raise an eyebrow in annoyance. Mummymon would definitely be her undoing one of these days.

Arukenimon: If you’re plan was to create a black hole and trap those cursed kids in a pocket dimensions, I admit that your brain isn’t all made of bandages but……………….. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO ACTIVATE IT RIGHT HERE AND NOW AND RISK US GETTING TRAPED INSTEAD YOU SORRY EXCUSE FOR A MUMMY?”

The worm hole that had appeared right in front of them was slowly sucking in everything around it. Arukenimon had to grab on to the Jeep to avoid disappearing into it herself. Mummymon unfortunately didn’t have the same luck on his side as he was flying toward the black hole screaming loudly.

In any other case, Arukenimon would have let the idiot pay for his stupidity but he still had his uses and the boss would probably not be happy with her if she left Mummymon to his fate.  That’s why she, with great reluctance, grabbed Mummymons arm at the last second. She immediately regretted it afterward.

Mummymon: You saved me my lovely Arukenimon. You actually saved me so that must mean that some part of you love me!

As Mummymon tried to lean in for a kiss, Arukenimon began to see red and completely forgot what was happening around them. Without thinking, she let go of the Jeep to punch Mummymon so hard in the face that he was starting to see stars. At once, the vacuum of the worm hole started to drag the two toward it.


Their journey to who knows where came to an abrupt end though as something came out of the wormhole and impacted so hard with the duo that they were launched through several large dunes of sand before coming to a painful stop with one of the few rock formations in the area.

Mummymon was slowly coming back to his senses and immediately realized that Arukenimon would surely let out her anger out on him for this little mishap. He loved her very much but Arukenimons rage was nothing to joke about. Luckily for Mummymon, Arukenimon had her eyes set on another prey.

Arukenimon: Someone is going to pay for this. No one ruins my beautiful image and gets away with it unscratched.

Her eyes scanned the nearby area for the culprits but due to the huge amounts of sand that had been thrown into the air because of their hard impact with the ground; all she could make out was the dark shapes of 3 figures some distance in front of her.

Mummymon also noticed the figures and at once demanded them to apologize. They were the cause of his lovely Arukenimon being distressed and that was something that the digimon/human hybrid could not allow to continue.

Mummymon: Apologize right now to my lovely Arukenimon or be destroyed whoever you are.

Their response was so ridiculous that even Mummymon was dumbfounded by their course of action while Arukenimon rage was replaced with extreme confusion and bewilderment.  

???: Prepare for trouble!

???: Make it double!

???: To protect the world from devastation!

???: To unite all peoples within our nation!

???: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

???: To extend our reach to the stars above!

???: Jessie!

???: James!

???: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

???: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

???: Meowth! That's right!        

As the little sandstorm began to subside, the duo got a good look at their enemies as they finished their motto. They certainly didn’t expect a couple of people with weird hair colors and stupid uniforms or a talking cat.

Arukenimon: Oh just what I needed; more clowns in my life.

Mummymon: It wasn’t that bad my love. Maybe we should have our own little motto.

As Arukenimon started to give Mummymon the beating of a lifetime, the trio in front of them was just now realizing where they were and that the duo in front of them was not the twerps that they were after. It wasn’t that surprising though. It was the Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket after all.  

Currently Jessie was using James as her way to relive some of the anger burning within her.

Jessie: That’s not the twerps and why are we in a dessert all of a sudden? I hate getting sand in my shoes.

James: Last thing I remember was something colliding hard with our balloon and everything becoming dark before waking up here. Maybe the twerps managed to see us from afar and sent an attack our way before we could do anything that made us crash here.

Jessie: That really isn’t the twerps style and I don’t remember seeing this much sand from the air. Why does this always happen to us when we have a fool-proof plan to finally catch Pikachu?

James: See it from the bright side Jessie. At least we are all in one piece.  

Just as James said that, he realized his poor choice of words. Jessie was currently drenched in sand after that little sandstorm hit them. Even Jessie’s hair was filled with sand so James let out a nervous laugh as he backed away from Jessie who was looking at him like a predator about to attack.  

Jessie: You were saying James?

During normal circumstances, Meowth would have felt relieved that James was being exposed to Jessie’s fury and not him for a change but he was to occupied with looking over the damage done to their balloon and its cargo. The balloon was pretty much a wreck but the largo cargo it had been carrying underneath was fine by the looks of it. Which was to be expected of course. He had built it with some help after all.  

Meowth: Knock it off you 2. Our secret weapon is still in one piece so we should be able to leave this place soon enough. I would appreciate a helping hand though with removing this net so that we can get out of here.

Jessie at once stopped strangling James but as his hopes grew that he would escape Jessie’s anger for the time being unharmed; she lifted him up into the air threw him at Meowth who jumped out of the way at the last second.

Jessie: You heard him James. Go and give Meowth some help.

James: But….

The stare that Jessie sent his way immediately sent a shiver down his spine and caused him to turn around immediately to help Meowth get rid of the net around their latest mech. The cat pokemon did the same thing feeling Jessie’s stare moving on to him.

The team rocket grunt smiled at this. Even if she saw the 2 as her best (and only) friends, she really did get a kick of showing them who was the boss time to time. Right now it was an excellent way to express her displeasure with their current predicament.

Jessie: I’m thirsty, surrounded by sand, mad at those twerps, and disgusted by that old hags fashion sense. This really is not what I call a good day.

At the mention of being called an “old hag”, Arukenimon immediately stopped kicking Mummymon in the face repeatedly and replied with a nasty comment of her own.

Arukenimon: Old hag? Your fashion sense also has a lot to desire. Where did you get that haircut? It looks like something out of a bad anime.

Seeing Jessie’s face going red, James and Meowth stopped with what they were doing and ran as fast as they could away from Jessie to hide. When she was this mad, one really did not want to be in her proximity.

Jessie: At least it’s not grey like yours granny.

Mummymon did the same once he realized what was going on. Arukenimon was definitely prepared to kill someone with that look in her eyes. He almost felt some pity for the human.

The 2 females just stared at each other for a long time with their best death glares until as if an invisible bell had been rung; Jessie and Arukenimon charged at the other signifying the beginning of this Digimon/Pokemon battle.  

  • FIGHT!
  • FIGHT!

Jessie threw the first punch which Arukenimon ducked under before retaliating back with an uppercut to the face. She might not be in her digimon form at the moment but she was still strong enough to teach this hag a lesson. This would be an easy victory or so Arukenimon thought at first until she realized that her punch hadn’t even seemed to faze Jessie in the slightest. In fact, the Team Rocket grunt looked more annoyed than hurt.

Before the human/digimon hybrid could comprehend what was happening, Jessie was upon her with fists of fury. She first hit Arukenimon so hard in the stomach that she fell on her knees before following up with a kick to the face that launched the human/digimon hybrid backward. Feeling very ticked off over that a regular human had managed to get the better of her, Arukenimon got up on her feet and tackled Jessie to the ground.

Both of the women landed on the ground with a thud where they proceeded to roll around in the sand trying to get the upper hand over the other. Neither was willing to give up so they punched scratched, head-butted, and elbowed the other as much as they possibly could. When Arukenimon however managed to rip out pieces of Jessies hair, the Team Rocket grunt ended the stalemate by taking out a frying pan out of nowhere and slamming it so hard into Arukenimon that she was sent flying through the air before landing painfully in the sand. Jessie then charged at her with fiery aura around her. No one touched her fabulous hair and got away with it.    





As the two continued sends insults and knuckle sandwiches toward each other, James and Meowth were observing the fight from afar. They had seen Jessie angry before but never like this. Her opponent must have really angered her for this to happen.  

Meowth: I haven’t seen Jess this mad since Seviper accidently tore a chunk out of her hair. I still have nightmares about it.

James: You’re not the only one Meowth.  I kind of feel sorry for Jessie opponent. She stands no chance.

Mummymon: Thanks for the concern but my Arukenimon won’t go down that easily. That human female though very much reminds me of her especially when comparing their temperaments. It’s kind of scary when you think about it.

James and Meowth literally jumped as they heard the sound of Mummymons voice besides them. Apparently they had all chosen the same hiding spot without realizing it. 

Mummymon: Sorry if I scared you but this is the best hiding spot I could find. One really doesn’t want to be in my loves vicinity when she gets this riled up.  

James took a couple of steps away from their unexpected guest warry of what this newcomer was capable of. The lady that Jessie was currently brawling with was strong enough to survive her wrath so it was probably a good idea to get away from Mummymon as fast as possible. Unfortunately for James, Meowth just had to get back his bearings and open his mouth at that exact moment.

Meowth: That old hag is nothing compared to Jess. She might be able to take some punishment but in the end; she will be squashed like a bug. We are mighty members of Team Rocket after all so scram if you don’t to end up like your loser of a girlfriend.  

The cat pokemon at once realized that his plan had failed miserably as instead of running for the hills in fear like he had expected, Mummymon was sending a terrifying glare at him. His bumbling self was completely gone and it looked like he was about to strangle Meowth or worse. The worst was yet to come however and it definitely caught both Team Rocket agents by surprise as Mummymon started to “change”


The sudden transformation into his digimon form made James and Meowths eyes widen expediently and let out a shriek of fear before running as fast as they could from the digimon/human hybrid. Mummymon immediately raised Obelisk and released several streams of ectoplasmic energy after the 2 as he chased after them.




As Meowth started one of his many Giovanni fantasies, James stopped running and turned around to face the incoming Mummymon. He wasn’t sold on Meowths plan but it was true that the boss would reward them greatly for catching this new pokemon so James removed 2 pokeballs from his belt and threw them up into the air.

James: Carnivine, Inkay; Come on out and attack with Bullet Seed and Psybeam.

Inkay immediately went to work and sent a Psybeam Mummymons way while Carnivine did his usual thing instead of attacking. James really should have seen it coming by now.

James: Not me Carnivine. Your target is over there.

The Psybeam collided with Mummymon so hard that the digimon/human hybrid lost his footing and fell to the ground. Before he could get up on his feet, Carnivine appeared right in front of him and hit him with a close-range swarm of Bullet Seeds to the face.

James: Alright good job Carnivine! You too Inkay.

Their celebration however was put on hold when Mummymon got up on his feet and grabbed Carnivine by the throat before slamming him into the ground hard. The grass pokemon would also have gotten a taste of Obelisk if it hadn’t been for Inkay hitting Mummymon yet again with a Psybeam causing him to lose his grip on Carnivine.

Mummymon: That stung a little. What are you two anyway? You don’t look like any Digimon that I have seen before.

James: Inkay, cloud his vision before you attack him with a combination of Vine Whip and Bite Carnivine.

Before Mummymon could move out of the way, a large stream of ink curtsey of Inkay collided with Mummymons face binding him. This gave Carnivine the perfect opportunity to send the mummy flying backward with Vine Whip before letting his teeth deep into Mummymons right arm. It didn’t really hurt but Mummymon was really starting to get annoyed by these two strange creatures attempts to stop him from hurting the ones that called his Arukenimon an old hag.

Mummymon threw Carnivine off him before wiping the ink away from his face. He could already hear his opponent calling out new instructions to Inkay and Carnivine to follow but this time he was ready. The next Psybeam he evaded with ease before grabbing the incoming Vine Whip and using it to throw Carnivine high into the air.

James: Carnivine!

Mummymon: You seem upset so let me give you some bandages.

The Snake Bandages worked like a charm. Before James could give out a new command, he found himself strung up like a mummy unable to talk or move around. With James out of the way for now, Mummymon set his sights on Inkay. Before he could blast it with Obelisk, a barrage of Bullet Seeds rained down from the heavens upon him. Mummymon looked up and came face to face with a very angry Carnivine.

As the two furious pokemon charged Mummymon for attacking their master, Meowth (who had just stopped thinking about Giovanni) approached his mummified comrade and used his claws to cut through the bandages.

Meowth: Why is it always me that have to save your skins when we are in trouble. Can’t you handle anything yourselves?

James: Your free to switch with me Meowth.

Suddenly Carnivine and Inkay came flying into James sending the trio backward hard into the sand leaving Meowth alone. Sensing movement behind him, Meowth turned around and meet the gaze of a very angry Mummymon. He gulped and stepped back a couple of feet. There was no way that he could talk his way out of this one.

Meowth: I’m so happy at the moment that I have 9 lives because I will probably lose more than half right now.

Mummymon: Wrong! You will lose all of them.

Meanwhile as Meowth was about to get the beat down of a lifetime, the brawl between Arukenimon and Jessie was getting more and more violent. Jessie had several bruises on her body but she just kept coming at Arukenimon who was getting more and more annoyed with her situation.  There was no way that a human could take this much punishment and still keep going Even if she was currently in her human form at the moment, she should have been able to take this bitch down easily.

Arukenimon blocked Jessie’s latest punch and tried to counterattack but to her surprise; Jessie dodged by jumping over it and her with such maneuverability that Arukenimon didn’t have time to dodge the kick to her face as the Team Rocket grunt landed on the ground behind her.

The impact caused momentarily dizziness but that was all Jessie needed to charge Arukenimon with a barrage of punches and kicks that the digimon/human hybrid was unable to dodge.

Jessie: Beg for mercy old hag and I’m might put this all behind us. You don’t want your already monstrous image to be even more ruined don’t you?

As Jessie was preparing to finish this battle with a final blow, something snapped in Arukenimons mind. If this bitch wanted to play rough, then she would play rough too. For embarrassing her and hurting her pride, Jessie deserved the worst kind of punishment imaginable. She took the punch head-on and head-butted Jessie with as much force as possible.


At first, Jessie though she was hallucinating as her opponent started to change right in front of her but this though immediately exited her mind as Arukenimons new spiderlike form released a large cloud of green smoke from her mouth at her.

Jessie: What the…...?

Arukenimon smiled as Jessie cried out in pain as her Acid Mist descended upon the Team Rocket grunt. Once again however to Arukenimons annoyance, the human’s incredible durability saved her as she quickly regained her bearings and got away from the Acid Mist as quickly as she could.

The sudden transformation had caught Jessie off-guard but now that her mind had gotten over it, a plan was taking shape in her head. This creature must be an all new pokemon and if she captured it and brought it back to the boss; she would become famous. This was an opportunity she was not going to miss.

Arukenimon: Give up human. There is no way you can defeat me as I am now. Accept defeat and meet your maker.

Jessie: Sounds appealing but I have another idea. Seviper; use Haze

Now it was Arukenimons turn to be baffled. How in earth had that snake creature fit in that small metallic sphere that her opponent had thrown into the air and what the hell was that device? She was about to let out another cloud of Acid Mist from her mouth in response when Seviper coughed up endless amounts of smoke that started to spread over the entire battlefield.

Arukenimon: Curses! I can’t see anything through this darn smoke.

Seviper could however and Jessie knew this. She might be momentarily blinded as well but that did not mean she couldn’t give her pokemon orders. With some luck, she would be able to take down Arukenimon easily and secure herself in the Team Rocket hall of fame.

Jessie: Now attack with Poison Tail before she can recover Seviper

The attack impacted hard with Arukenimon stomach but she bit through the pain and tried to grab Seviper by the tail before it could hide itself under the cover of the smoke again. She couldn’t make it in time but Arukenimon didn’t have to wait long for another Poison Tail attack to come heading her way. This time the digimon/human hybrid managed to make out the glowing purple tail through the smoke and grabbed it just as it was only a couple of inches away from her face. It burned her hands but she wasn’t about to let this annoyance get away a second time.

As the smoke was starting to disappear, Jessie regained her sight and saw her pokemon being in a lot of trouble at the moment. She didn’t look very upset however. In fact, the Team Rocket grunt was smiling as the wounds received by the Poison Tail attacks was starting glow purplish

Jessie: She is poisoned and weakened now Seviper. Finish this off with Wrap followed by a Bite.

Seviper quickly broke free of Arukenimons hold to her surprise and then proceeded to wrap around his prey as quickly as possible. Arukenimon tried to break free but found her strength being drained away slowly. She would enjoy breaking this snake in two once she got herself free. As Seviper was about to bite her with its fangs, he was meet with some Acid Mist to the face causing it to lose its grip.

Arukenimon: Get off me you dumb snake!

The snake pokemon found himself being thrown off but not before managing at least tear his fangs into Arukenimons arm. The digimon/human hybrid let out a load shriek and Jessie saw this as her opportunity to act so she quickly took out an empty pokeball and threw it at Arukenimon. What happened next caused Jessies jaw to drop to the ground.

It hit Arukenimon in the face but other than that; it fell to the ground with a thud. The pokeball had not done what it was supposed to do. Did this mean that the creature in front of her……..was not a pokemon? Jessie suddenly got a very bad feeling about this whole situation. Especially as she saw the terrifying smile forming on Arukenimons face as human/digimon hybrid started to laugh.

Jessie: What….are you?

Arukenimon: I’m Arukenimon and if that was the best you could come up with, you aren’t really worth killing at all. Since you have caused me so much trouble however, I believe that I can make an exception.

With that, Arukenimon charged at Jessie ready to tear her to pieces. Seviper tried to jump in the way to protect its trainer but she simply just swatted him aside easily like an insignificant fly with Spider Thread. Jessie backsteped out of the way at the last second and activated her jetpack to escape Arukenimons clutches and fly into the air.

Jessie: That was a close one. At least whatever that thing is can’t get me up here.

Arukenimon: Think again missy.

To Jessie’s horror, Arukenimon ran forward and jumped up into the air after her. The digimon/human hybrid would have been able to reach her if something hadn’t come out of nowhere and collided so hard with Arukenimon that both the perpetrator and her fell down to the ground.


Jessie had to hand it to Meowth. At least he was using his big head to his advantage for once. 

Her opponent however wasn’t as amused by this. Meowth was lucky that he got his bearings back first and got out of Arukenimons way just in time to avoid being slashed in two.

Meowth: I take back what I said before. This creature is definitely much more terrifying than Jess has ever been.

Jessie: Did you say something just now Meowth?

Meowth gulped as he turned around to see Jessie landing besides him and giving him the stink eye. Before the cat pokemon could utter out a word to defend himself, he noticed Mummymon out of the corner of his eye approaching. He immediately hid behind Jessie’s legs while Seviper put himself in front of its trainer defensively. Before the mummy could attack however, Arukenimon ran at him from behind launched him into the air with a good uppercut to the face leaving the Team Rocket members baffled.

Arukenimon: Mummymon! There’s got to be a good reason for why you just threw that cat at me or you get to see my Acid Mist very closely.

Mummymon: Sorry about that my love. I kind of used too much power on him when I attacked him with my Obelisk sending it flying into the air for some reason.

As the two digimon started to argue with each other, Jessie and Meowth slowly started to back away from the pair. They were seriously over their head here so they needed to retreat and come up with a plan to bring these things back to the boss.

Jessie: No sudden movement now Meowth.

Meowth: Don’t worry. I am more worried about you giving us away.

Jessie: You little…..!

Just then James along with Carnivine and Inkay joined the group unaware of them trying to sneak away.

James: Why are you two whispering?

Jessie and Meowth: BE QUIET JAMES!

The Two Team Rocket member immediately realized their mistake and put their hands in front of their mouth but it was too late. The digimon/human hybrids turned their heads to find the source of the loud noise and at once as Arukenimon laid her eyes at them; she kicked Mummymon hard between the legs causing him to fall to his knees in pain before running toward the trio.

Arukenimon: You stupid Mummy! You almost let them get away. If they escape, I’m blaming you.

At the sight of the two digimon/human hybrids coming toward them, the Team Rocket Trio and their pokemon did the only sensible thing that they could come up with; they ran as fast as they could away their pursuers. Arukenimon increased her speed to the best of her ability with Mummymon trying his best to catch up behind her but for some reason, these pests were equally as fast as they were durable.

Eventually, she lost track of them as they disappeared after running past a rather high dune of sand. Arukenimon would have explode in anger if it hadn’t been for the fact that she wasn’t alone. To her right stood a group of 6 wearing long trench coats and had fake mustaches on their faces.

Arukenimon: Hey you over there! Have you seen a woman with a terrible fashion sense, a cat walking on 2 legs, a weirdo with blue hair, or 3 strange creatures come running past here?

Jessie (Disguise): Who are you calling…….!

Before the one closest to her could answer, one of strangers pushed its comrade to the ground and started to laugh nervously. Arukenimon raised an eyebrow at this but did not comment. These were not the ones she wanted to kill after all.

James (Disguise): No we haven’t. maybe they ran toward those cliff formations over there?

Not wanting to waste any more time with these idiots, Arukenimon took off toward said destination. A lightbulb then suddenly went off in her brain and she almost felt like slapping herself in the face. How had some lousy disguises and fake mustaches managed to fool her of all people?

Seeing that the gears in the spider woman’s brain was starting to work overtime, the disguised group of humans and pokemon slowly backed away and turned around to run away as fast as they could possibly muster only to find their exit route blocked by Mummymon.

Mummymon: No one makes a fool out of my Arukenimon.

Arukenimon: Finally, you manage to do something useful Mummymon. Now let’s vanquish these pests so we can go back to planning the how to defeat those Digi brats.

Mummymon fired his obelisk while Arukenimon coughed up another dose of Acid Mist. Seeing no escape, the Team Rocket trio began to hug each other fiercely as the closed their eyes and waited for the inevitable.

James: It has been nice knowing you all. We’ve had a good run. It’s just a shame that we never managed to catch Pikachu.

Meowth: Seems like we are about to blast off for good.

Suddenly one of Jessie’s pokeballs opened itself on its own accord as if its inhabitant had sensed the trio’s dangerous predicament. The stream of ectoplasmic energy and the acid cloud was almost upon them as something materialized in front of the trio. As if a switch had been activated, the two attacks suddenly did a 180 turn back toward their senders.

Arukenimon and Mummymon: What the……?

More they were not able to utter before the attacks collided with them causing Arukenimon to let out a loud shriek as the acid cloud enveloped her and Mummymon to be momentarily paralyzed and unable to move. The trio’s savior turned around to face them and then proceeded let out its signature phrase.

Wobbuffet: Woobbuffeet!

The trio let out a breath of relief as they were for the moment safe. Jessie even went up and pated Wobbuffet on the head for his good work. She couldn’t even count how many times Wobbuffet had saved their skins in the past with its Mirror Coat and Counter moves. The other two knew this to be true as well.

Jessie: Your antics actually did something good for once. Thanks a lot for the save Wobbuffet.

James: We still don’t have a way to capture whatever those things are.  I really don’t see a way for us to get out of this situation without being destroyed in the process.

Getting tired of hearing James whining, Meowth ran up and scratched James face with a Scratch attack. Had they really forgot what they had been about to do before all this started? His partners could be so stupid sometimes. Not that he would ever say that in front of them especially Jessie.

Meowth: Stop being such a crybaby James. Did you already forget about our secret weapon?

A lightbulb suddenly lit up as Jessie and James realized what Meowth was hinting that their next move should be. They quickly recalled their pokemon and headed toward the remains of their balloon. It was in this moment though that their opponents were getting back to their senses.

Jessie: Wobbuffet keep those two busy while we prepare to show them the true strength of Team Rocket.

Wobbuffet: Woobbuffeet!

As the 3 Team Rocket members disappeared into the distance, Arukenimon was giving Wobbuffet a death glare. His ever happy facial expression was making her even more furious. This blue thing had managed to redirect her attack back at her and now stood in her way from erasing those pests from this world. It was time for her to get some sweet revenge.

Mummymon was also looking forward to some payback as the Paralysis started to wear off. He immediately fired another round of ectoplasmic energy at Wobbuffet which the pokemon easily redirected right back at him again. Mummymon did manage to avoid being hit this time though.

Arukenimon: Do I really have to do everything around here by myself? Stand back you buffoon and let me handle this annoyance.

Mummymon: That angry expression really suits you my love.

Ignoring Mummymons flirtations, Arukenimon let out several Spider Threads from her hands toward Wobbuffet. Seeing as it could redirect energy attacks; maybe it couldn’t do the same against physical attack? This hypothesis proved to be a failure as Wobbuffet redirected all the Spider Threads and soon Arukenimon found herself being hit in the face by her own attack nine times in a row in quick succession.

Mummymon: Those scars on your face doesn’t make you any less beautiful in my eyes my dear.

Arukenimon: You really love to test my patience today Mummymon!

Wobbuffet: Woobbuffeet!

The pokemons cheerful voice immediately transported Wobbuffet to the top of Arukenimons most annoying list. To her, it sounded as if it was mocking her.

Arukenimon: Okay that’s it. I’m taking this blue annoyance down right now.

Mummymon: Wait for me my dear. I also have a score to settle with it.

The sight of the 2 digimon/human hybrids charging at him didn’t seem to worry Wobbuffet at all. Mummymon fired Obelisk several times as he was running which Wobbuffet directed all back at him. It did keep it however from noticing Arukenimon approaching ready to attack with her pincers. She was launched backward however just as she was 3 meters away from completing her objective.

Seeing his love being launched backward, Mummymon extended his claws and slashed them across Wobbuffets face. The scratch marks however did not appear on the pokemons face; they materialized on Mummymons face instead. This didn’t stop Mummymon from trying again though and as a result; more scratch marks appeared on his face.

Arukenimon joined the fray once again and together they attacked with a combination of Spider Thread and Snake Bandages and surprisingly it made contact with Wobbuffet sending it sliding backward. As they tried it again however, they found out the reason why their latest attacks had hit its target very painfully as Wobbuffet was currently using the move Bide.

Wobbuffet: Woobbuffeet!

The resulting wave of energy collided with the 2 digimon/human hybrids so hard that they were launched into the air. They quickly however regained their balance and landed on their feet and would have charged Wobbuffet again if Mummymon hadn’t noticed something very peculiar.

Mummymon: Is it night already? I didn’t think we had been fighting that long.

It was indeed much darker outside than before but it was not due to nightfall. It was as if something was currently preventing sunlight from reaching them and as Arukenimon turned around and saw the perpetrator; she groaned loudly.

Arukenimon: This day just keep getting weirder and weirder.

Next thing the two knew, a robotic foot came down from the heavens and squished them like bugs. Said foot belonged to a giant robotic meowth with a large R on his forehead. Inside its control room sat the Team Rocket Trio piloting the mechs every move.

Meowth: Take that you losers. Don’t mess with the mighty Team Rocket!

James: Are you sure their finished though? I looked through my Pokedex a second time and found nothing on what they really are. They might still have a couple of aces up their sleeve.

Jessie: Don’t be such a downer James. There is no way that they survi…….

Suddenly a familiar stream of ectoplasmic energy collided with the Team Rocket mech causing it almost to lose balance and fall to the ground with a heavy thud. Meowth just barely managed to prevent that from happening on the inside. Down on the ground stood the very bruised but still kicking pair of Arukenimon and Mummymon.

James: I hate being right.

Mummymon released yet another stream of ectoplasmic energy at the mech but this time Meowth activated the mechs defense mechanisms which would make it invulnerable against electricity. It to Meowths shock however did not work at all as the robot was blasted backward.

Meowth: What’s going on? I thought you idiots installed the anti-electricity defenses already.

James: We did so I don’t know why it isn’t working. Let’s see if the rocket launcher works though.

With the click of a button, The Team Rocket mechs left hand turned into a massive rocket launcher. It then fired a barrage of rockets at the pair below. Arukenimon quickly got out of the blast radius with her spiderlike agility while Mummymon managed to destroy the majority of projectiles with Obelisk.

Arukenimon: Pathetic! Do they seriously think this metal monstrosity is going to save them? I will crack it open like an egg and crush them.

Mummymon: It’s not going to be easy though my dear. That rocket launcher is going to be a problem and it’s not like we have the means to create an army that can take care of it for us.

Arukenimon was about to whack Mummymon for stating the obvious when she realized something. The idiot had actually come up with an excellent idea without knowing it. She immediately transformed back into her human form and removed several strands of hair from her head. Mummymon looked at her questioningly before he realized what she was planning.

Arukenimon: Spirit Needle!

Team Rocket prepared themselves for an attack as they saw Arukenimon throw strands of hair into the air. When nothing really happened, Jessie started to burst out in laughter quickly followed by her teammates. Arukenimon just replied with an evil smile on her face. There was quite a large amount of Control Spires in the area around them after all.

The ground suddenly started to shake violently ending the trio laughter immediately especially as their eyes caught something big moving toward them in the distance. Meowth became very pale as the reality of their situation dawned upon him.

Meowth: We really should have gotten out of here when we had the chance.

The behemoth heading toward the battlefield was a Mammothmon and he was not alone. An Okuwamon and Blossomon was walking besides him on the right while a trio made up of a Minotarumon, Golemon, and Knightmon was accompanying him on his left side. Hovering above him was a Snimon and Thundermon. The group of artificially made digimon only had one thing on their minds; vaporize the ridiculous looking mech and its pilots from existence.

Arukenimon: Go on my pets and destroy those fools.

The first Control Spire digimon to make a move was Thundermon. Moving at incredible speed, Thundermon threw 2 Thunder Balls at the Team Rocket mech. The thunder attacks however just bounced off the mech and back at Thudermon. The Control Spire digimon was instantly vaporized as its own attacks collided with it.

Meowth: Now the defenses against electricity kicks in? Better late than never I guess.

Jessie: Less talking and more destroying. If we can take out 1 one of those freaks, we can take care of the rest as well.

Snimon was up next as it fired several pink crescent energy beams from its sickles at the mech. Meowth immediately fired several rockets in response. The energy beams and rockets collided in the air causing several explosions. Snimon however gave the trio no time to recover as it launched another barrage of attacks almost immediately after the first one.

The Team Rocket mech would have responded with another swarm of rockets if it hadn’t been for the ground suddenly starting to shake violently, curtsey of Minotarumon, causing the trio to momentarily lose control of the mech. As a result, the robots left arm exploded taking the rocket launcher with it.

Meowth: Rocket blaster offline! Switching to Blast Cannon.

With its main weapon system disabled, Meowth activated the mechs secondary weapons. The robot’s right arms transformed into a large cannon which it pointed at the nearest Control Spire Digimon. Snimon managed to dodge the incoming cannonball while Minotarumon caught the one coming at it easily with a grin on his face.

Meowth: So you like to play ball huh big guy? Let’s if you like explosives equally as much!

The cannonball exploded in Minotarumons face sending it sliding backward in pieces. The Control Spire digimon was now down two members. This did not sit very well with Mummymon.

Mummymon: You pathetic weaklings! Is it really that hard to take down a machine?

Arukenimon: Why don’t you get out there and help instead of screaming in my ear?

Mummymon let out a loud scream as he was kicked through the air and the collided painfully with the mechs right foot. He wasn’t the only one below the mech however. Currently Golemon was trying to break the robot’s feet with a couple of punches. James however had the perfect idea to deal with this.

James: Lets send these insects flying!

With the flick of a switch, the mech raised its right foot and slammed into Golemon and Mummmymon so hard they were sent flying. They both collided with Snimon and Okuwamon sending all 4 crashing to the ground. Arukenimon facepalmed at this. Good help really was hard to find these days.

Team Rocket on the other hand was celebrating. These fiends were nothing compared to their mechanic wonder. They would win this battle, capture the 2 shifters and give them to the boss, and then receive the fame and fortune that they deserved. When Knightmon walked up to the mech and unsheathed its greatsword, the trio couldn’t help but chuckle.

Jessie: How cute! That one believes he can defeat us with that puny sword.

Meowth: Let it try. There is no way that a mere sword would even scratch the paint of this mech.

Knightmon however proved them wrong just a couple of seconds later. At first after Knightmon had swung its sword, nothing happened. Then to trio’s horror, both of the legs and the remaining arm broke off the main body and fell limply to the ground.

Jessie, James, and Meowth: What the………?

Before the trio could react, what remained of the mech were ensnared by Blossomons vines. As the vines started to crush the mech from the outside, the remaining Control Spire digimon went in for an attack. Knightmon prepared to swing its sword again while Okuwamon and Snimon were dive-bombing from the air. On the ground, Golemon was preparing to unleash its Sulfur Plume as Mammothmon was readying to charge the trapped mech with its tusks.

Jessie and James were furiously clicking every button they could find but most of the mechs systems had gone offline. Except one that Meowth accidentally activated by touching the wrong button.

Meowth: Uh oh.

Jessie and James: What?

Meowth: It seems I accidently turned on the Self-destruct mechanism.

Just as the Control Spire digimon was about to turn the Team Rocket mech into scrap metal, it exploded creating a giant mushroom-cloud in the process enveloping everyone around it. Arukenimon was too preoccupied with not getting caught up in the blast radius that she did notice 3 small figures shoot into the air and disappear


Eventually the blast cloud started to disappear revealing a huge crater where the mech had just been. Surrounding it lay the remains of several of the Control Spire digimon. Snimons sickles, Golemon arms, and Blossomons vines could be found among these remains. The only one that seemed still conscious and not dead was Mummymon who was currently buried under several layers of sand.

Luckily for him, the tip of Obelisk was pointing out of the sand making it rather easy for Arukenimon to find him. She let out an annoyed groan as she reached down into the sand and grabbed him by the head before quickly dragging him out of the sand and throwing Mummymon hard on the ground.

Arukenimon: I really can’t trust you to do anything can I?

Mummymon: At least those annoyances are gone now Arukenimon. Let’s celebrate with a romantic dinner.

Right after he had said that, a sudden loud shriek from the above saved Mummymon from Arukenimons wrath. As the 2 digimon/human hybrid looked up, they could make out 3 small screaming forms crashing down amongst some cliff formations in the distance

Arukenimon: Learn to keep your mouth shut you dumb mummy. Go and get the Jeep so we can finally destroy those fools.

Mummymon immediately got up on his feet and ran as fast as he could toward where they had parked the Jeep. There was no reason to make his dear Arukenimon mood worsen even more.

Meanwhile at the crash site, Meowth and James were groggily getting up from the ground while Jessie was applying some First aid and bandages on their wounds. Normally they would have allowed them to heal by themselves but considering their current situation, that was no longer a luxury they could afford.

They were doomed. Most of their pokemon were badly hurt, their mech were no more, and they had nowhere to run. It felt as if everything was stacked against them. Meowth however was not about to give up just yet.

Meowth: It’s a sad day when some of Team Rockets greatest members give up all hope. We are Top members of Team Rocket right? Of course we are since the boss believes in us. Otherwise he wouldn’t have trusted us with the Unova operation.

The memory of the boss actually trusting their judgement and acknowledging them as true members of Team Rocket caused Jessie and James confidence to skyrocket through the roof. They maybe could win this battle after all.

Jessie: You are right Meowth. How could we ever forget that we are some of Team Rockets finest.

James: Lets show those losers why Team Rocket shall one day control this world.

With that, Jessie, James, and Meowth stood up and high-fived each other. They may be at a disadvantage at the moment but there was one thing their opponents didn’t understand; the true power that Team Rocket possessed.

Meowth: That’s the spirit. Now who’s with me to end this little conflict once and for all.

Jessie and James: We are!

Wobbuffet: Woobbuffeet!

The trio literally jumped as Wobbuffet appeared behind them. How he had gotten there though they had no time to think about as the Jeep carrying Arukenimon and Mummymon came crashing through the nearest rock formation followed by some of the Control Spire digimon that had not been turned to dust; Okuwamon, Knightmon, and Mammothmon.

Mummymon: Nowhere to run eh? Accept defeat and be destroyed.

Instead of backing away in fear like Mummymon expected, the trio took a couple of steps forward with a serious look on their faces. It was as if he was staring a couple of completely different people from before as all traces of their previous self’s had disappeared. Getting tired of these people being a pain in the ass to both him and Arukenimon, Mummymon jumped out of the Jeep and charged at the trio alongside the 3 remaining Control Spire digimon.

Jessie: Seviper, block their sight with Haze and Gourgeist, aim a Shadow Ball at the mummy.

James: Carnivine, attack the remaining 3 with Bullet Seed.

The released pokemon immediately did as their trainers commanded. Seviper blocked the incoming digimons sight with Haze giving Gourgeist and Carnivine the perfect opportunity to attack with Bullet Seed and Shadow Ball. Gourgeist attack really didn’t slow down Mummymons advance much but the Bullet Seed attack definitely caused the Control Spire digimon to go after Carnivine instead of the trio. Exactly like James had expected them too.

James: Now use a Combination of Vine Whip and Bullet Seed to keep them occupied while Jessie deals with the leader Carnivine.

Mummymon was beyond annoyed now. The constant Shadow Balls to the face was really starting to get to him and this dam smoke wasn’t making things any easier. Suddenly some of the smoke dissipated revealing Gourgeists location. Quickly, Mummymon jumped forward with his claws raised for a surprise attack. Jessie just smiled at this. It was time to spring her trap.

Jessie: Gourgeist, don’t dodge his attack and stay still.

Gourgeist did as she was told and didn’t dodge the attack. Not that it would have made any difference anyway as Mummymon found his claws pass through her body to his surprise.

Mummymon: Huh? How did……..?

Jessie: Attack with Dark Pulse now that he is vulnerable.

The attack caught Mummymon off-guard and stunned him long enough for Seviper to whack him with a Poison Tail attack from behind sending him falling to the ground. The digimon/human hybrid quickly rolled out of the way Sevipers next attack and got up on his feet to find Gourgeist making a small victory dance. Mummymon knew he wasn’t very bright but that thing was clearly making fun of him.

Meanwhile, the Control Spire Digimon was having a hard time actually landing a hit on Carnivine. His small appearance and fast reflexes allowed him to avoid Mammothmon and Okuwamons attack as well as being cleaved in 2 by Knightmons sword. His attacks didn’t do enough damage though so James reluctantly released another of his pokemon to help out.

James: Mime Jr, Come on out and use Mimic.

Right as the baby pokemon materialized, Carnivine barely avoided being frozen solid by Mammothmons Freezing Breath. Witnessing the attack, Mime Jr immediately mimicked it and released a similar attack Mammothmons way. In just a couple of seconds, Mammothmon was completely covered in ice taking him out of the fight.

James: Good work! Let’s take down the other 2 as well.

As the 2 remaining Control Spire digimon had a rough time catching Carnivine and Mime Jr, Mummymon was having an equally hard time getting around Jessie’s pokemon and attack the trio directly. Every time he actually got past Seviper and Gourgeist and managed to fire Obelisk at them, Wobbuffet easily positioned himself in front of the trio and redirected the attack back at him.

Finally, Mummymon decided enough was enough. He managed to catch Seviper by the tail and throw him at Wobbuffet. As the psychic type was momentarily distracted, Mummymon used the opportunity to fire Obeliskt at Jessie, James, and Meowth. To his frustration though, they easily dodged the stream of ectoplasmic energy by jumping over it as if it was nothing.

Mummymon: Not fair! Stop moving around.

Arukenimon, who was still watching the fight from where she was sitting in the Jeep, looked rather embarrassed over her partner and creations performance. She was about to join the fight herself just Jessie decided to call out her last pokemon out against Mummymon.

Jessie: Attack with Sonic Boom Yanmega.

The sudden appearance of the bug pokemon halted Arukenimon in her tracks as a wicked idea formed in her head. She quickly took her flute out of her pocket and grinned maliciously at Jessie. Revenge would finally be hers.

As the sound of the flute started to wash across the battlefield, Jessie noticed something strange about her Yanmega. Instead of attacking her opponent, Yanmega had turned around and was giving Jessie a look that made the trainer uneasy.

Jessie: Yanmega what are you d……….?

Before she could react, Yanmega released a barrage of Sonic Booms her way sending Jessie crashing into a nearby cliff formation. She was knocked into unconsciousness in the process. Seeing this, Seviper and Gourgeist made a mad dash for their trainer but it was futile. They were disintegrated at a molecular level by Obelisk just a couple of seconds later curtsey of Mummymon.

James and Meowth: JESSIE!

Hearing James terrified scream, Carnivine forgot about his opponents in front of him for a moment and turned around to see what had gotten his trainer so spooked. That was a big mistake as the grass pokemon was immediately bisected from behind by Knightmon.


As if something broke inside of him, James fell to his knees and looked down on the ground with an empty look in his eyes. Meowth was equally as shocked but as Okuwamon came charging at them with his pincers; the cat quickly grabbed James by the shirt and dragged him out of the way just in time to avoid being killed. Wobbuffet however was sent flying.

Unfortunately, this separated them from the still unconscious Jessie who was completely unaware of Mummymon standing above her with Obelisk just a couple inches away from her face.

Arukenimon: What are you waiting for? Finish her off already Mummymon.

Mummymon: With pleasure. She is going to get exactly what she deserves for humiliating you my dear.

James and Meowth could only watch in horror as Jessie’s body was bombarded with streams of ectoplasmic energy to the point that her body was starting to break down. With one last blast, Jessie’s body exploded scattering her body parts throughout the battlefield with a rain of blood.

Meowth: …………………………………………..! That’s it! No more Mr. nice pokemon!

With a roar of fury, Meowth launched himself at Mummymon with Fury Swipes. No one killed his friends and got away with it. The attack completely caught Mummymon by surprise as he found himself being launched backward by the sheer force of the attack.

Meowth wasn’t finished yet however. He quickly followed up with another barrage of Fury Swipes to the stomach causing Mummymon to cough up blood. The digimon/human hybrid attempted to slash at Meowth with his claws but the pokemon easily ducked under them and sucker punched Mummymon in the face causing severe dizziness.

Mummymon: I must be dreaming otherwise there wouldn’t be an army of you dancing around my head Arukenimon.

The still brainwashed Yanmega swopped in for a sneak attack with Steel Wing now that Meowth was distracted but Meowth simply blocked the attack with his claws before knocking Yanmega out with Fury Swipes.

Meowth: Don’t think I didn’t forget about you traitor!

With Yanmega out of the picture, Meowth went in for another attack against the still dazed Mummymon. He was forced to cancel it though and parry Arukenimons Spider Threads that were traveling toward him at high speed. Arukenimon herself appeared only a couple of seconds later now in her digimon form once again.

Arukenimon: So the kitty finally has come out to play huh? Prepare to feel pain that you never knew existed.

As Arukenimon released another couple of Spider Threads Meowths way, a very pissed Wobbuffet positioned himself in front of him and redirected the attack. Arukenimon bit back a curse as her own attack sent her sliding backward. She later had move out of the way quickly as Okuwamon came charging at Wobbuffet and then found itself flying backward nearly crushing Arukenimon in the process.

It seemed that with their creator in trouble, the 2 remaining Control Spire digimon had completely forgoten about James and Mime Jr for now and started to focus their attacks on Meowth and Wobbuffet instead. Knightmons sword however gave Meowth an idea on how to even the battlefield.

Meowth: Hey Tinman! I bet that toothpick of yours in only for show. It was probably only a fluke that it destroyed my mech. Want to test that theory?

Answering the challenge, Knightmon swung his sword at Meowth generating a blast of energy in the process. What it hadn’t realized though was that Meowth had placed himself right in front of where Okuwamon was getting back on its feet. Meowth simply sidestepped at the last second and watched with satisfaction as Okuwamon body started to dissolve in black particles.

Knightmon went in for a second swing but Meowth had already anticipated that.

Wobbuffet: Woobbuffeet!

Instead of slamming into Meowth, Knightmon found itself split in 2 instead due Wobbuffet timely intervention. Just as Meowth had planned it.

Meowth: That’s for destroying my robot idiot.

The surrealness of the situation was really getting on Arukenimons nerves. These buffoons were proving even more difficult to defeat than the digi-brats. At least the most infuriating of them was already gone but the ones remaining were still going strong. One however was currently separated from the others to Arukenimons delight.

James was still sulking on the ground with Mime Jr standing beside him looking worried. He had not at all noticed that Arukenimon had snuck up on him while Meowth and Wobbuffet had been busy. All he could think about Jessie and Carnivine.

Luckily for James, Meowth finally noticed the danger his teammate was in.

Meowth: James watch out! Old hag spider behind you.

Arukenimon was about to tear James apart when she heard Meowths voice. Her eyes twitched as she turned around and let out a furious reply. What was with all these dam nicknames today?


This immediately made James aware of reality again and Arukenimon realized this but it was too late then. James back-stepped out of her reach as Arukenimon lunged after him. She did manage to grab something else though and that would be Mime Jr.

Seeing another of his pokemon in mortal peril, an angry expression appeared on James face. Arukenimon noticed this and proceeded to harden her grip on Mime Jr. This was the last straw as James took action and called Inkay out of his pokeball. He would not allow any more of his closest friends die on his watch.

James: Inkay, Use Psybeam.

The psybeam hit Arukenimon with such force that she accidentally let go of her grip on Mime Jr. Angered, she let out another cloud of Acid Mist from her mouth toward Mime Jr. James immediately ordered him to use mimic to copy the attack. The two clouds of green mist collided in midair negating each other.

Inkay released yet another psybeam at Arukenimon but time it was blocked by Mummymon who jumped in front of Arukenimon. He was no longer dizzy but he was definitely looking for some payback.

Mummymon: Let me take care of these fiends for you my love. Me and the cat have some things to discuss.

In his thirst for revenge, Mummymon had forgot something very important; Wobbuffet. The psychic pokemon redirected yet another stream of ectoplasmic energy back at him. Mime Jr helped out as well by using mimic to send another of Mummymons attacks back at him.

There was another thing he also forgot about as he jumped to the side to avoid being hit. Mummymon realized it too late as the 2 streams of ectoplasmic energy impacted with Arukenimon instead of him.

She was blasted through 6 or 7 rock formations before coming to a halt. She did not get back up to Mummymons horror.

Meowth: Alright! One down and one to go. Even without Jess, we are one awesome team.

James: I guess so. Let’s take down the remaining one in the name of Jessie shall we?

As James and Meowth started to gloat over their victory, Mummymon was still as a statue as his eyes traveled over Arukenimons unmoving body. He couldn’t believe it. Arukenimon was gone. His sweet Arukenimon was no more and it was these dumb humans and their pets fault.

The digimon/human hybrid felt something snap inside of him. He turned around to face the Team Rocket members and their pokemon and if looks could kill; they would have all died on the spot.


James and Meowth couldn’t help but shudder at Mummymons furious expression as he ran toward them readying to fire Obelisk. James had a feeling that he might meet Jessie rather sooner than expected.

James: Looks like he is royally pissed off now. You know what to do Wobbuffet.

Expecting Wobbuffet to easily repel the attack as he had done before, James and Meowth were caught off guard as the psychic pokemon was having trouble actually redirecting it. The sheer intensity of the ectoplasmic energy was much higher than before and with Wobbuffet already exhausted from using Mirror Coat and Counter many times in a row; it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise that the attack collided with Wobbuffet head-on causing him to fall limply on the ground.


With Wobbuffet taken care off, Mummymon released another steam of ectoplasmic energy at James and Meowth who dodged by jumping to the side. Their sudden confidence that they actually could win this fight was quickly disappearing. Maybe it was time they thought about their own survival than the boss approval.

James: Meowth, maybe it is time to call for a quick retreat. Inkay; cover our escape with…………?

As James was about call a tactical retreat, he noticed something. Inkay was nowhere to be seen. The sudden lack of one of his pokemon soon however were overshadowed by Mummymon finally reaching their location. Meowth found himself knocked though the air as he attempted to attack with Fury Swipes while Mime Jr was turned into a bloody mess on the ground as Mummymon stepped on him with prejudice.  

The loss of Mime Jr caused James brain to shut down for a couple of seconds and that was all Mummymon needed to grab James by the throat.

Mummymon: TIME TO DIE!

Meowth saw James predicament and tried to stop Mummymon but was futile. By the time he managed to reach them, Mummymon had already snapped James neck and thrown his limp body on the ground. He gave Meowth an evil grin as the pokemon tried to process what had just happened.

Mummymon: Don’t be sad. You will be joining him shortly.

James and Jessie were both dead along with the majority of their pokemon. If Meowth had been a normal pokemon, he would have begged for mercy. Meowth was no ordinary pokemon however and his mind was already coming up with a plan to avenge his teammates deaths.

Meowth: You can try but your aim is probably as bad as your dead girlfriends. She was an old hag after all.

This got exactly the response from Mummymon that Meowth had been hoping for.


The digimon/human hybrid fired Obelisk at him but Meowth dodged and ran as fast as he could away from his furious opponent. Mummymon immediately took chase after him. Their little cat and mouse game came to an end as Meowth stopped running right in front of a rather large cliff formation.

Thinking that his prey had finally given up and accepted its fate, Mummymon lunged at him determined to avenge his love. Meowth however summersaulted over him leaving Mummymon to collide with the hard rock wall headfirst.


A small rock suddenly fell from the skies and impacted with Mummymons head. Looking up, he saw several lose pieces of huge rocks on top of the cliff. When Meowth picked something up from the ground and threw it upward toward the cliff's peak, Mummymons eyes widened as he realized what the pokemon was planning.

Meowth: Looks like you are about to be buried alive sucker.

Mummymon tried to get out of the way but was soon enough buried in a sea of large rocks falling from the sky. After 5 minutes had passed and no signs of movement could be seen, Meowth chuckled. The battle was finally over.

Meowth: That was pretty rough but it seems my nine remaining lives saved me in the end.

The remaining member of Team Rocket turned around to go and bury Jessie only to freeze in his tracks. In front of him was Mammothmon and on top of it sat a very bruised but still alive Arukenimon looking down at him.

Arukenimon: I am lucky that you don’t have 10 lives then.

Before Meowth could even attempt to move out of the way, Mammothmons right foot came down hard on him ending once and for all the legacy of the infamous Team Rocket trio.


Arukenimon smiled with satisfaction as she leapt of Mammothmon and saw the remains of Meowth laying on the ground. Finally, she could go back to planning how to best deal with the DigiDestined. First however she had to get her hands dirty and find her buffoon of a partner under a thick layer of rocks.

She did find him after a half-hour of searching sleeping like a baby as if he hadn’t just been hit full force by a rockslide. Instead of waking him up and then proceeding to beat the crap out of him, Arukenimon simply dragged him by his foot back to the Jeep. She was tired enough as it was.

Arukenimon: Next time you plan on creating a worm hole, don’t.

- Wobbuffet wakes up to find himself surounded by the remains of Jessie, James, and their pokemon.

- Arukenimon drives the Jeep into the horizon with a still unconscious Mummymon unaware of Inkay stowing away in the backseat devouring their rations.


Boomstick: Seems like Team Rocket has blasted off for the last time. I kind of feel sorry for them though. The way they went out was a bit gruesome even for my taste. At least they put in some very impressive work

Wiz: Arukenimon and Mummymon definitely earned this victory but this battle was nowhere near a stomp for the digimon side. In fact, Jessie, James, and Meowth held most of the advantages in this battle surprisingly enough. Definitely not what you’d expect from a team that loses every episode.

Boomstick: Don’t believe us? Team Rocket are far more experienced and intelligent than the digimon duo as well as having the better teamwork of the groups. This becomes rather clear once you realize just how many crazy schemes the trio has come up with. Arukenimon might be the more intelligent of the digimon duo but even her schemes pale in comparison to what Team Rocket has come up with.

Wiz: With this in mind, you can see how the 2 groups differ. Arukenimon treat Mummymon as an annoyance most of the time and don’t take him seriously. Team Rocket however for the most part are best friend. They may argue with each other but they have often gone out of their way to comfort each other in times of need. They trust each other and is therefore able to use their strengths and weaknesses much more to their advantage then the digimon duo ever could.

Boomstick: There’s another reason also why the loser trio managed to push back Arukenimon and Mummymon somewhat and his name is Wobbuffet. When you add him and the trio’s insane durability along with their team of pokemon, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Wiz: Yeah Jessie, James, and Meowth were definitely far more tenacious than Arukenimon and Mummymon but……….

Boomstick: No Wiz! Don’t say it!

Wiz: …..….sometimes, tenacity only prolongs the inevitable.

Boomstick: Dam it Wiz! You just had to reference Goku VS Superman. Now the comments section won’t just be filled with angry Pokemon fanboys but salty Dragonball Z fans as well.

Wiz: It is a good comparison though. Team Rocket had most of the cards in the favor during this fight but the ones that they really needed to win was where the digimon duo excelled.

Boomstick: These 2 factors are strength and durability. Strength is pretty obvious since the 2 are Ultimate-Level digimon and as most digimon are more powerful than the majority of pokemon excluding the legendary pokemon; there was no way that Team Rockets ragtag team of pokemon, that freaking loses almost every single battle they take part in, would be able to harm the digimon/human hybrids.

Wiz: The only one that was actually a threat was Wobbuffet due to knowing Mirror Coat and Counter. He however has also lost a lot of his battles and his ability’s does have certain limits in what they can reflect.

Boomstick: If a Froakie can get around the blue weirdos moves, then a spider lady and mummy should have no problem doing the same.

Wiz: In terms of durability, it is a bit closer. Team Rockets durability might be legendary in the pokemon world but Arukenimon and Mummymons is nothing to laugh at either. They have survived several encounters with the DigiDestined and has fought Paildramon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon to a standstill. Surviving attacks from BlackWarGreymon and Daemon is also very impressive.

Boomstick: The trio is mostly just human and would therefore eventually fall to Arukenimons and Mummymons combined power. Jessie would be the first to go because of being the most aggressive and reckless of the group while James would survive a bit longer for being more level-headed. His emotional personality would eventually be the end of him though. Meowth would be the last to go due to being slightly more durable and intelligent but his ego eventually led him to his doom.  

Wiz: Now we know we haven’t gone much into detail with the mechs and Control Spire digimon yet and that is because depending on the situation; the teams wouldn’t normally have access to them in the heat of battle. A Team Rocket mech might be able to destroy a couple Control Spire digimon depending on what its weapons are and Wobbufet would also be able to defeat some of them as well but this all depends on what digimon Arukenimon choses to create as well as how many.

Boomstick: Basically these 2 factors can create many outcomes but since most Team Rocket mechs can be destroyed with only a couple of hit as well as the Control Spire digimon giving the digimon duo a numbers advantage; it is safe to say that most of the time Arukenimon and Mummymon would still come out victorious.

Wiz: Whether Jessie, James, and Meowth has access to a mech or not leads us to the most important reason why they lost this battle. Based on what kind of pokmon they are after, the Team Rocket trio build devices and mechs that will give them an advantage in battle as well as setting traps like pitfalls. Basically many of the trio’s best feats comes from a lot of preparations and planning ahead.

Boomstick: This basically means that the 3 were unable to achieve their fullest potential in this battle as combatants are not allowed to have knowledge about each other as well as there being no prep time before the start of a fight. Though even if they were allowed prep time, their overconfidence and sheer clumsiness would probably have attributed to their downfall anyway. How they can be confident that they will catch Pikachus every episode is beyond me with their track record.

Wiz: In summary, Arukenimon and Mummymons overwhelming power gave them this victory. Jessie, James, and Meowth tried their best to take them down but in the end; it only delayed the inevitable.

Boomstick: Seems like Team Rockets pokemon weren’t “Pokevolved” enough to win this battle.

Wiz: The winners are Arukenimon and Mummymon.

X Winner Arukenimon and Mummymon

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