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Tetsuo Shima (島鉄雄, Shima Tetsuo) is the main antagonist of the anime/manga series, Akira.

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  • Losses: 0
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Initially beginning as a naive member of a biker gang in the squalor of Neo-Tokyo, very early on Tetsuo crashes his motorbike whilst attempting to avoid a mysterious child in the road. This event causes his latent psychic abilities to manifest; these powers rapidly grow, and very quickly he becomes an almost unstoppable force that even he himself is unable to control. Tetsuo is very emotionally unstable, suffering from an acute inferiority complex and a need to prove himself to others.

Death Battle Info

  • Name: Tetsuo Shima
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 162cm
  • Weight: 47Kg
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 29th July
  • Occupation: Gang Member(former), Akira

Powers & Abilities

Psychic Powers

  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Teleportation
  • Telekinetic Flight
  • Elasticity
  • Feral Mind
  • Telekinetic Force Field
  • Regeneration
  • Matter Absorption
  • Possession
  • Absorption
  • Big Bang Inducement
  • Vacuum Adaptation
  • Telekinetic Pressure
  • Mechanical Constructs
  • Accelerated Growth
  • Superhuman Strength


  • Shattered the moon in half, causing massive tsunamis, sudden violent storms and meteor showers.
  • Flew into space in seconds twice.
  • After completely losing control of his psychic powers, he nearly destroys the Earth.
  • Deflected incoming lasers.
  • Isn't affected by sub-zero air.
  • Survived multiple hits from a huge orbital assault laser.
  • Uninjured from a plane crash.
  • Survived a point blank missile explosion.
  • Traveled straight into the orbital assault laser shot without taking any damage.
  • Fast enough to teleport in front of a flying jet.
  • Teleported several city buildings.
  • Travel lightning speed.
  • Able to detect the presence and life force of others.
  • Created a new universe with Akira and Akira's friends.


  • Arrogant and short tempered at times.
  • There were times where he can't control his powers.

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