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The Predator
is the title trophy hunting alien of the Predator series of movies and comic books. It more specifically refers to an alien race known as the Yautja or Hish-Qu-Ten. They also appear in the Alien vs. Predator franchise. A Predator fought against Prophet in the 16th episode of DBX.

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History and Culture

Yautja culture centers on the hunt. The highest ideal among them is to single-handedly stalk and kill dangerous life forms; the more dangerous, the better. After making a kill, a Yautja hunter will typically take a trophy off of his[1] victim, usually its skull or skin. A hunter keeps a trophy collection, and is measured by how large it is, and how dangerous the prey was.

Yautja hunters have been visiting the planet Earth since at least the dawn of history, having interacted with ancient civilizations around the world. However, though humans have often been hunted, they are not the preferred prey. Instead, Xenomorphs (Aliens) are the preferred prey, with humans sometimes being used as hosts to incubate new Xenomorphs.

Depending on the prey, Yautja hunters sometimes operate alone, and sometimes in teams. Sometimes Yautja hunters must stand on their own, and live or die through their own efforts, while other times the group hunts together and cooperatively.

The Yautja concept of hunting is different than that of many human hunters. A human hunter, even one hunting for sport, often tries to make the kill a clean one, causing no unnecessary suffering to the prey. Yautja hunting, on the other hand, seems to be more of an exercise in power. They prefer larger and more dangerous prey when they can get it, and they like to cause fear in their prey, demonstrating their superiority over their victim or victims.

A quarry that succeeds in overcoming and killing a Yautja hunter is sometimes shown respect and presented with a trophy by other, watching Yautja. However, even when this happens, the prey is not necessarily left alone thereafter, but can become a nearly continual target for a seemingly endless stream of Yautja hunters.

The Yautja maintain a "safari" world where they will take particularly dangerous prey and hunt them at their leisure.

Death Battle Info


The Yautja are an extraterrestrial species of intelligent humanoids. Adults typically stand 7’ tall and taller and weigh over 500lbs. They have reptilian-appearing skin, arthropoid mandibles, and fangs. But they do not have noticeable noses. Another distinctive feature is their fleshy, dreadlocks-appearing appendages, which hang hair-like from the sides and back of their heads.


  • Has effortlessly torn out a person's spin along with their skull
  • Can outrun machinegun fire
  • Thrown Xenomorphs around like ragdolls
  • Survived being shot point blank in the face by a shotgun
  • Has kicked over a military truck
  • Survived a beating from an Xenomorph Queen
  • Held his own against the characters of the Mortal Kombat roster which include his fellow horror icons




If the Predator appeared in Death Battle, who would it fight?

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  1. While there are female Yautja, they are very rarely seen. They are larger and stronger than males, with broader hips and mammary glands. While more dangerous than males, the females rarely, if ever, go on hunts.

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