The Thing
But do ya know what it's like to lose yer temper an' then discover that yer as strong as a hundred men?!? Everything breaks when ya touch it... Like the whole world wuz made of cardboard!
~ The Thing

Ben Grimm, referred to as "the Thing", is a character from Marvel Comics and one of The Fantastic Four.

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Born from a Jewish family in New York City's Lower East Side, Benjamin Jacob Grimm won a scholarship to Empire State University alongside his childhood best friend Reed Richards where they met their future enemy Victor Von Doom. Soon after, Grimm enlisted in the SEALs before becoming an unofficial assistant to Reed in an experiment to confirm the evolution on life on Earth was influenced by cosmic rays with the assistance of the Storm siblings. However, it result with Ben being pelted by space debris while fully exposed to cosmic rays compared to the others as he is trapped in a form that ostracizes him from most of society with Reed hoping to find a way to restore his friend to normal.

Death Battle Info

After being subjected to cosmic rays, S.H.I.E.L.D. classifying him as a level 8, Ben's body was the most altered of the Fantastic Four as his entire body composed of an organic rock-like material with greatly increased toughness and density. It also gave Ben Superhuman Strength (lifting a 100 ton fire truck), Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Durability (surviving being hit by a truck while virtually immune to fire), Superhuman Sensory Adaptation, and his aging ceased.

In a fight, before becoming the Thing, Ben is uniquely gifted in the art of hand-to-hand combat that tends to be a rather loose brawling technique consisting of collegiate wrestling techniques, boxing and jujutsu. Ben also has extreme willpower and will not back down from a fight. Ben's military training made him an exceptionally skilled and experienced pilot as well as an astronaut.


  • One of Hulk's sparring partners.
  • While a member of the Fantastic Four, Ben has also been in the West Coast Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Has defeated Namor the sub-mariner in AVX: VS #1.
  • Crushed a truck just by touching the front of the truck
  • Created A Wooden Clubhouse By Using Steel Bars
  • Lifted Up A Rollarcoaster Ride And Used it to stop a waterfall
  • Broke down a Iron Wall simply by pushing it
  • Can Create a cave by punching mountains or rocks
  • Jumped underneath a elevator and lifted it up
  • Trapped Someone In Their Own surf board and threw him away
  • Lifted Three Big Elephants Like A Tower
  • Has Lifted And Carried a Carnival ride Even More impressively Than Venom.
  • Broke A Lion’s Teeth by letting the lion bite his hand
  • Caught A Giant Ape In a Net and wrapped it up in the net
  • Stopped A Train by holding it in the front with his hands which broke the train track
  • Lifted Up a train track causing the rollercoaster to lead to him


  • Can be harmed by Adamantium.