A wish came true... A dream became a reality...

This is set to become an actual Death Battle. Check out the Death Battle Wiki’s page for it here

Thor VS Wonder Woman
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Vital statistics
Air date 16th October, 2017
Written by Bigthecat
Directed by Bigthecat
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Thor VS Wonder Woman is a What-If? Death Battle.


Marvel vs DC, two mythological warriors battle in a fight to the death. It's the Mighty Thor up against the Princess of Themyscira.


Boomstick: Powerful warriors, champions of the Gods...

Wiz: Despite wielding an incredible amount of power, these two heroes spend their days defending mankind and bringing justice to the world with their deadly weapons.

Boomstick: Thor Odinson, the God of Thunder.

Wiz: And Diana Prince, the Wonder Woman.

Boomstick: He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick!

Wiz: And it’s our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!


Wiz: In the Marvel Universe there exists a process called the Ragnarok cycle which has caused many of Marvel’s god like figures to be reincarnated several times including Thor, one of these previous Thors was said to have red hair instead having blonde hair like the current Thor does.

Boomstick: Speaking of Modern Thor can we please move on to him, I can’t get my head around this Ragnarok cycle!

Wiz: You can’t get your head around a lot of things Boomstick

Boomstick: WHY YOU LITTLE!!- (Wiz Interrupts)

Wiz: ...The current Thor was born the son of Odin the All-Father of the Asgardian race and Gaea the Earth Goddess and was raised along with adoptive brother Loki who grew jealous of Thor and began in his plots to kill his brother.

Boomstick: Having a much longer lifespan than the average human Thor would live for centuries until he was tricked into fighting the Allied Forces in World War Two by Adolf Hitler, but after learning of the Nazi leaders’s corruption he refused to aid him and left the conflict.

Wiz: Soon after this Odin decided that his son had become too arrogant and made Thor surrender his hammer to him, erased his memories and sent him to earth with the identity of a crippled medical student called Donald Blake in order to teach his son humility.

Boomstick: Blake had to care for his injured leg but despite this he became a successful physician and learned to care for other people. Seeing this Odin lured Blake to Norway where Blake would stumble upon a mysterious cane that turned out to be his trusty hammer Mjolnir Blake would transform back into Thor and regain his memories as the Thunder God.

Wiz: With his new change in attitude Thor would decide to use his ablites to defend humanity and would eventually join the Avengers where he fights alongside other Superheroes against a variety of deadly threats.

Boomstick: Thor is incredibly strong being able to lift 1 million tonnes, one-shot the Abomination, knock out Namor with a single punch when the Sea King had been recently hydrated by a big storm, destroy planets in his battle with Gorr, threw a planet out of orbit and formed a Black Hole by accident with just his fists.

Wiz: He can swing his hammer at the speed of light, fly across galaxies at incredible speeds and has caught beings like the Silver Surfer off guard with his speed. He is also completely bulletproof, has survived the flames of Hell, been inside the Core of the Sun and survived, been hit by a Nuclear Missle and has shrugged off hits from the likes of Sentry, Scarlet Witch, Havok, Thanos and a Anti-Matter fused Electro.

Boomstick: Thor has ridiculous stamina and endurance being able to fight opponents for several months without tiring, resist the torture of Gorr the God Butcher for 17 days and fought off enemies for forty days and forty nights. He also has mastered several modern martial arts along with several Asgardian fighting styles to the point of being able to box Captain America to a standstill.

Wiz: His weapon of choice is his powerful hammer Mjolnir given to Thor by Odin and enchanted so those the hammer deems worthy can wield it. Thor can shoot lightning at his opponents, he can also manipulate and control the weather and can cause major storms, tidal waves, avalanches, blizzards, earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions whilst wielding the hammer.

Boomstick: But that’s only a fraction of what this thing can do! Mjolnir can fire energy blasts as well as absorb and redirect energy blasts, form protective forcefields around the Thunder God, create wormholes and portals to other dimensions, can manipulate and transmute matter and allow Thor to travel through time.

Wiz: The hammer can also manipulate an opponent‘s soul, absorb the life force of other beings, turn Thor invisible and intangible and negate the energy sources of opponents, Thor once used this ability to temporarily cut off the Juggernaut‘s ability to use the mystic energies of Cyttorak to make himself invulnerable allowing him to defeat the giant thug. Thor can produce massive outbursts of energy from the hammer, with the Anti-force attack he can release an energy blast capable of destroy planets, the Thermo Blast is another planet busting energy explosion and with the God Blast Thor can create energy blasts capable of destroying beings such as Galactus who was forced to flee for his life upon being faced with the attack. Also as we’ve previously stated Thor’s hammer was forged out a dying star and when stars die they become dwarf stars, the smallest portion of which weighs a least a million tonnes meaning that the hammer has considerably powerful strike force.

Boomstick: Thor also has Megingjord the belt of strength which doubles his already ridiculous strength and stamina. Without his hammer he can still fire energy Blasts and lightning and create hurricane force winds just by breathing really hard.

Wiz: He also has Superhuman senses, being able to see objects that are beyond the edge of the solar system with the naked eye and hear cries from the other side of the planet. He also has a healing factor which has enabled him to heal broken wrists in a matter of hours and allowed him to regrow missing or damaged organs. He can also can access the Warrior’s Madness which enables Thor to increase his strength and stamina tenfold but it can have a negative effect on Thor’s sanity so he prefers not to wield it unless aboustely necessary.

Boomstick: Thor has taken on the likes of Thanos, Silver Surfer and Galactus, outmatched the Hulk in their clashes and has nearly killed him, accidentally blew off a chunk of the moon whilst in the middle of a battle, can destroy Adamantium and can survive a Supernova.

Wiz: However, he is also quite cocky and arrogant and while his healing factor allows him to regenerate damaged organs he cannot regrow lost limbs.

Boomstick: But with his strength and badass hammer Thor is one formidable warrior who you would not want to cross paths with!

Thor: All the power of the storm, from all the world, flows through my veins, and can be summoned by mine hammer at any time, wherever it is. A lightning storm in Japan? Mine. A hurricane off the coast of Barbados? Mine again. A brace of tornadoes in Kansas? Aye...mine. All that might, all that destructive force, mine to command. Channeled and guided through the mystic might of this hammer, guided right at thee!

Wonder Woman

Wiz: In 1200BC the Greek Godesses gathered the souls of all women who had killed by men and placed them in mortal bodies on the mysterious island of Themyscira, this group of woman would become known as the Amazons and would train on the island to become great warriors.

Boomstick: However the Amazon queen Hippolyta longed for a child and since there weren’t any guys around the Gods told her to go to on a trip to the beach to gather some clay and mould it into a child. The Gods then came together to give life to the mould and Hippolyta named the child Diana.

Wiz: When she was born the Gods gave bestowed upon Diana incredible powers, she was given great strength and endurance by Demeter, great speed and flight by Hermes, wisdom and courage by Athena, the ability to wield fire by Hestia, a hunter’s heart and the ability to communicate with animals by Artemis and great beauty and a loving heart by Aphrodite.

Boomstick: The point about great beauty couldn’t be more accurate I mean look at those Bre-(Gets slapped by Wiz’s Robotic Arm) Aah, what the heck Wiz!

Wiz: ...When she reached adulthood the Gods decided that the Amazons needed to send a great warrior into the world of man, to decide who this warrior would be, a tournament was held but Hippolyta forbade Diana from participating in it.

Boomstick: Being the devouted young woman that she was, Diana decided to take part in the tournament anyway and disguised herself so that she wouldn’t be caught and easily won the contest.

Wiz: After being given special gifts by the Gods Diana left her island home and set off for America as the Champion of the Gods Wonder Woman, where she would join the Justice League of America and face off against a variety of powerful foes.

Boomstick: She’s is definitely one of strongest heroes on the planet capable of destroying Green Lantern Constructs with ease, being able shatter asteroids with a single punch, punch an opponent all the way to Pluto with a tenth of her strength and is Superman’s regular sparring partner.

Wiz: Speaking of Superman she’s fast enough to keep up with the Man of Steel and is also fast enough to keep with the Cheetah who can keep up with Flash Level speedsters, can deflect trillions of particles of the Shattered God who is able to travel the universe in a short amount of time, fight on par with Zoom and fended off attacks from The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Plastic Man, Black Canary and Batman while being blindfolded.

Boomstick: She can shrug off extreme temperatures, hellfire, the vacuum of space, Superman’s blows and heat vision, take hits from Doomsday, was able to survive attacks from Ares whilst he was practically omnipotent in his realm and took hits from Zoom who once hit her with 3 Infinte Mass Punches.

Wiz: A single Infinte Mass Punch hits an opponent with the force of a Dwarf Star so to survive 3 of these punches is no mean feat!

Boomstick: Diana is one of the Amazons most skilled warriors having mastered nearly every weapon on the planet and is a master of unarmed fighting styles, hell Batman himself once said that she was the best melee fighter in the world. She’s also a master tactician being a highly capable military commander and alongside Batman and Martian Manhunter is one of the Justice League’s best tacticians.

Wiz: Among the most famous of Wonder Woman’s equipment is her Lasso of Truth, which has Infinte length and forces opponents to tell the truth if they’re tied up by it. It can also heal Diana, destroy an opponent’s soul, allow her to summon the Fires of Hestia and incinerate opponents with it, and can be used as a whip. It also is incredibly tough as beings like Superboy-Prime have struggled to break it and it is able to pull around the Sun without being disintegrated.

Boomstick: She also wields her sword which is able to cut the electrons off of an atom and damage Kryptonians like Superman and her shield has been able to tank hits from Darkseid and Doomsday.

Wiz: She can summon a second shorter blade to aid her in combat which has all the properties of her normal sword, she can also use her tiara as a boomerang to attack multiple opponents and while it may not look like much the tiara is capable of cutting Superman’s throat so it packs a real punch. Diana is also able to put on the Gaunlets of Atlas which increases her strength tenfold.

Boomstick: And least but not least she has the Bracelets of Submission, indestructible bracelets which allow her to block and deflect incoming projectiles, they’ve even been able to reflect Darkseid’s Omega Beams before, she can also use them to channel Zeus’s Aegis Lightning and blast it towards her opponent‘s.

Wiz: She has Enhanced senses, having telescopic vision and super hearing, she can also teleport herself and others around easily, can fly fast enough to keep up with Superman and has a healing factor, able to recover from grevious injuries in a matter of minutes.

Boomstick: Diana is also able to go Super Sayain by tapping into the Godwave a powerful energy force responsible for the existence of the Greek Gods, while this greatly increases her power and ablites and gives her a fancy glowing aura, she can only use it for a short amount of time and will go insane if she uses it for too long.

Wiz: She has accomplished some pretty impressive feats having defeated the likes of Achilles and Hercules, tangled with the likes of Orion, Genocide, Mercury, the White Demon and Zeus, killed Ares the God of War and the immortal god Cottus, held her own against Amazo who has the powers of the entire Justice League and for a time became the Goddess of Truth.

Boomstick: But...She does have her fair share of weaknesses, she is vulnerable to sharp objects and weapons, is a close ranged fighter rather than a long ranged one and while she can wield the Gaunlets of Atlas they can drive her into a frenzy and make it hard for her to control and increased strength.

Wiz: But with her equipment and fighting skill Wonder Woman will always be willing to defend the world no matter what threat comes her way!

Wonder Woman: I've done more killing in these darkling depths than I ever dreamed possible… and frankly I can stomach no more!!

Pre-Death Battle

Thor vs WW Set

Wiz: All right, the combatants are set let’s end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Death Battle

In Asgard Thor was enjoying a party with his fellow Asgardians and ruling the kingdom while his father was attending to other matters when the doors to the large room swung open, looking towards the doors Thor saw an armoured female figure slowly flying through them and towards the ground, the figure then walked towards him.

Wonder Woman: Greetings Thor, God of Thunder I am Diana, Princess of Themyscira and I have been sent by the Greek pantheon to deliver your hammer to them.

Thor: You will do no such thing, Mjolnir is my alone to wield!

Wonder Woman: If you deny the will of the Gods I will be forced to remove your hammer from your possession!

Thor laughs and looks back towards the Asgardians observing his conversation and then looks back towards Wonder Woman again.

Thor: If you wish to challenge me let us fight outside of here, I do not wish to let our dispute harm my people!

Wonder Woman: Very well, I will respect your request

Thor flies out of the room and Diana follows him, flying in the air Thor charges up his hammer as he sees Wonder Woman with her sword drawn and moving towards him, the two warriors ready to clash.
Thor vs WW FIGHT

Thor’s hammer and Wonder Woman’s sword hit each other with considerable force, Thor then moved his hammer towards Wonder Woman again as she blocked the strike with her sword, Thor tried to hit Diana again but she blocked the strike with her bracelet and kicked Thor in the chest attacking him with her sword. The lightning from Mjolnir crackled as Thor blocked every strike, the two moved through the sky at a steady speed as they exchanged strikes.

Diana moved closer to Thor punching him in the arm and gut while quickly dodging strikes from Mjoinir, as Wonder Woman moved to dodge a strike from the mighty hammer she was struck in the gut by Thor’s fist and knocked back through the air. Diana recovered quickly and looked in Thor’s direction seeing Mjolnir hurtling towards her she managed to pull out her shield and block the attack, the hammer returning to Thor’s hand as he quickly grabbed it and shot a bolt of lightning at Diana who intercepted it with her shield.

Wonder Woman flew towards Thor, attacking him with her sword again with Thor blocking her strikes with his hammer trying to force her sword away from him but she continued her assault, her precise strikes giving Thor a hard time, he concentrated his energy as Thunder could be heard from behind them, lightning began to appear from the clouds moving downwards, flashing quickly and then disappearing again. Suddenly a blot of lighting moved down towards Diana striking her in the back the blast not having much effect on her but distracting her long enough to be met with two strikes with Thor’s hammer and knocked back.

Thor: You fight well fair Diana, but my power is far beyond thee!

Wonder Woman: Don’t underestimate me God of Thunder!

The two fly towards each other Wonder Woman putting her shield away and just engaging Thor with her sword, expecting her to attack him with the weapon once again he prepares to raise his hammer but is hit with several quick punches and kicks across the abdomen, moving quickly he fires a blast of energy towards her but she deflects it, the blast hitting him in the face leaving him open to a swipe from her leg knocking Thor to the side. Thor fires another bolt of lightning Diana deflecting it away harmlessly with her bracelet however she is soon struck in the chest by Mjolnir recovering quickly she dodges Thor’s strikes and attacking him with with her fists whenever an opening was presented. As the two exchanged attacks they flew through the air moving back towards Asgard Thor tried to launch several bolts of lightning towards Diana who dodged most the attacks however she was struck by a lighting bolt that caught her off guard momentarily incapacitating her, Thor moved his hammer to strike Diana who looked towards him swerving out of the way of his hammer just in time and striking him in the chest a strong punch knocking him back.


Thor went flying through an Asgardian Tower, the green structure falling to pieces as the Thunder God slammed through it managing to stop himself as he neared a courtyard he slid on the ground as he stopped himself, looking up he saw Diana flying towards him raising her sword to strike him again.


Hammer and Sword locked as the two warriors tried to push their weapons towards each other Thor’s hammer continuing to crackle.

Wonder Woman: Don’t push me too far Thor I don’t want to do this!

Thor: You dare to challenge me thou shall face the consequences

Thor breaks out of the struggle summoning a bolt of lightning down towards Diana who flips back to dodge it Thor then fires several blasts of lightning towards Diana whilst moving closer to her who dodges them the blasts damaging the Asgardian buildings causing pieces of rubbles to fly in several directions. Thor moves his hammer towards Diana the weapon clashing with her sword moving his hammer towards her she moves her head to the side slashing Thor’s arm and kicking him in the side.

Diana ran towards Thor charging at him with her sword Thor barely managing to block her attack before moving his head to headbutt her causing Diana to stagger back before he swung his hammer at her again which she blocked with her shield. Thor swung his hammer several times trying to break through her shield but she managed to defend against each of his attacks before striking out with her sword managing to slash Thor across the side of his chest.

Thor: Gah!

Thor lifts himself into the air and continues attacking Wonder Woman with Mjolnir whilst she defends with her shield and counters some of his blows with her sword, he increases the striking speed of his blows forcing Wonder Woman to concentrate all of her power on holding up her shield the shockwaves rippling through her arms causing them to ache in pain. Thor moves his hammer in an upwards direction disarming Diana of her shield which lands across the other side of the courtyard. Thor launches his fist towards Diana who is hit in the shoulder and is knocked back, he flies towards her attacking her with a combination of hammer strikes and physical blows which she does her best to defend against using her hand to hand combat skills.

Seeing a large statue nearby, Diana moves her head with such force that her tiara goes flying off her head and towards the statue cutting the bottom of it causing the rest of the statue to fall towards. Thor spins his hammer rapidly in front of the falling statue causing it to disintegrate into thousands of molecules, Thor continues to spin the hammer causing some of the molecules to reform into massive boulders that fall towards Diana who either slashes them into pieces or destroys them with her fists as the remaining boulders hit the ground beside her.



Diana then leaps into the air matching Thor’s attacks from his hammer with her sword as the two battle above the courtyard, as Diana prepares to parry a strike from Thor he punches her in the gut which he shrugs off and responds by kicking him in the leg the two warriors beginning to exchange physical strikes as well as weapon strikes. Diana manages to bypass Thor’s defences knocking him into the air with an uppercut and then raising her fists and bringing them down causing Thor to plummet towards the ground.



Thor hit the courtyard decimating it upon impact along with some of the nearby buildings creating a shockwave across Asgard. Thor then gets up and attacks Diana again with his hammer pushing her further and further back towards the damaged side of the courtyard, now backed up against a wall Diana begins to defend against Thor’s strikes with her Bracelets blocking most of his attacks however she is caught off guard by a punch to the chest that sends her flying through a damaged wall.


An Asgardian Hall

Wonder Woman lands into the same hall she entered earlier in a heap as the other Asgardians stare in shock at her they then see Thor flying towards Diana at high speeds who punches him the neck creating a shockwave that begins to damage the hall as Thor and Diana clash once again the Asgardians flee the room.

Thor: You dare come in here and harm my people with your power, thou shalt know my wrath!

Wonder Woman: You have done that yourself by continuing to fight me, if you would simply surrender your hammer to me we wouldn’t be having this conflict!

Thor: I shall never surrender Mjolnir to you!

With that remark Thor slams Wonder Woman into the air and then throws a large table at Diana who cuts it in two with her sword Thor charges up his hammer firing a lighting bolt at Diana who is struck by it and knocked back. Thor then fires a large energy blast towards Diana who deflects it but is then met with Mjolnir being tossed towards her blocking the hammer just in time with her arm the hammer flying back towards Thor’s hand who throws it again the hammer spinning through the air and moving towards Diana who deflects it again. The hammer is knocked away and bounces off the wall coming back to hit Diana who deflects it away with her sword the hammer continues to bounce off the different walls of the hall as Diana continues to reflect but the strength of the hammer proves too much and she is knocked to the side by a blow from the mighty hammer and falls to the floor damaging it.

Thor flies towards Diana firing a blast of lightening from his hammer which she sidesteps preparing to block Thor’s attacks with her bracelets, Thor moves his hammer towards her which she blocks, leaping up and attacking Thor with a volley of punches and kicks whilst he punches at her with his fists. The God of Thunder increases the striking power of his hammer putting Diana on the defence whilst she tries to offbalance him with her kicks the two bring their weapons up to fight each other once again as their weapons collide


Diana looks up to see her sword in pieces moves back slightly in shock.

Wonder Woman: Dang it!

Thor smirks at Wonder Woman and moves his hammer towards her at alarming speeds but she dodges punching him in the chest and slashing him across the face with the broken edge of her sword. Grunting in pain Thor places his hand on his wounds, seeing the blood.

Thor: I may have underestimated your strength Diana, but thou art have nothing left to fight me with!

Wonder Woman pulls out her Lasso of truth and holds it in her hand.

Wonder Woman: You are mistaken!

Diana leaps at Thor striking out with the lasso only for him to block it with his hammer, Thor then blocks another strike from the lasso shooting a bolt of lightning at the weapon but Wonder Woman moves it out of the way just in time the bolt striking the wall and causing a large char mark to appear afterwards. Diana swings the lasso round again grabbing a large table with it and tossing it at Thor who casually disintegrates it with a bolt of lightning. Wonder Woman then uses the lasso to grab and lift a large green pillar and throw it at Thor who smashes it with his hammer however is suddenly struck by a blow from the whip knocking him off guard before being struck a few more times by the deadly weapon.

Thor manages to block another blow from the whip with his hammer and yells as he charges it, firing multiple bolts of lightning at Diana who manages to dodge them the different bolts bolts varying in size and scorching and damaging the walls. Seeing that this attack has failed Thor rushes towards Wonder Woman hitting her with his hammer several times and knocking her towards the ground where she lands on her feet Thor flies back to the ground where Wonder Woman fires a blast of Aegis lightning at him, but Thor quickly creates a forcefield blocking the attack.

Wonder Woman: What, How did you just casually block the lightning of Zeus?!

Thor: Mjolnir grants me a variety of ablites thy mind would not be able to comprehend

Wonder Wonder charges at Thor kicking him in the gut and attempting to strike him with her lasso but he grabs the end of her lasso pulling her towards him and moving his hammer towards her.

Thor: You face the power of a God!

Thor unleashes a Thermo blast that decimates the hall and a large portion of Asgard as the camera rotates to outside of Asgard a massive explosion is seen.


Wonder Woman is seen being blased outside of Asgard her amour damaged and her body covered with bruises and minor wounds, Thor flies out of Asgard his armour also damaged from the flying debris released from the explosion and is his face having small cuts on it.

Thor: Your still standing after that mighty blast!

Wonder Woman: I have fought a variety of foes in my time Thor and your attack is among the weakest I’ve faced

Thor: You will not utter such blasphemy at me!

Thor moves his hammer towards Wonder Woman who summons her second sword and moves it to block Mjolnir.


Thor moves his hammer back and strikes at Wonder Woman who continually blocks Thor’s attacks with her sword and lasso the two moving through the sky at amazing speeds as they exchange strikes, blue, yellow and gray flashes could be seen colliding with one another as the two warriors continued to battle flying lower and lower until they reached a tall mountain range.

A towering mountain range

Thor and Diana broke out of their struggle staring at each other intently as Diana’s wounds began to heal along with Thor’s although his were healing at a slower rate. Thor shot another blast of lightning at Diana who deflected it away the blast hitting a nearby mountain. Diana attacked Thor with her sword trying to bypass Thor‘s defences but he intercepted every single attack and hit her in the chest with his hammer absorbing some of her life energy, Diana froze and Thor raised his hammer in a downward motion hitting Diana in the chest and sending her plummeting towards the ground.


A massive crater formed as Wonder Woman hit the ground getting up quickly and dodging a lightning bolt as Thor flew towards the ground and charged towards Diana who blocked his hammer strikes with her sword and lasso. Massive clouds began to appear around the mountain range blocking out the bright sun and beginning to release the sound of thunder. Heavy snow fell from the clouds as a strong wind blew through the gorge, Thor and Wonder Woman continued their clash seeming evenly matched in their exchange of strikes but Thor started to gain the upper hand and knocked Diana’s sword out her hand.

Thor: Ha my sheer skill is no match for thou’s own!

Wonder Woman twirled her lasso and smirked at Thor

Wonder Woman: I haven’t been disarmed of all my weapons just yet

Diana moved her lasso towards Thor who blocked it and fired another bolt at Diana who deflected with her lasso and struck Thor with it, her lasso began to glow with fire as she twirled it around but before Thor could say anything he was struck by the weapon and burned by it before being hit by it a second time. Seeing that he was distracted Diana tied up Thor with her lasso and began to toss him about knocking him against the ground causing minor craters to appear as the snow continued to fall at a rapid pace and the thunder clapped. Thor tried to break free but he was unable to, thinking quickly he grabbed the lasso channeling a bolt of lightning through it and electrocuting Wonder Wonder causing her to let go off the lasso allowing Thor to get out of it.

Diana grabbed the gaunlets of Atlas and put them on grabbing the hilt of Thor’s hammer as he tried to bring it towards her

Thor: Your strength has drastically increased Diana

She nodded her head and struck at Thor with her fists her strikes being extremely powerful but more sloppy and not as precise as they were previously, lifting her arms and staggering at having to wield the power of the gaunlets she ended smacking Thor sending him flying through a mountain demolishing it.


Diana grabbed her sword flew towards Thor however he released an Anti-Force blast knocking Diana back into the sky and decimating the mountain range.


In the sky Diana assessed the fresh wounds she had recieved on her body and grabbed the lasso of truth her wounds quickly healing as she was restored to full health. She saw Thor flying towards her at lightning speeds.

Thor: Your pretty stubborn aren’t you Diana!

Thor raised his hammer to strike but she blocked the strike with her sword


Wonder Woman: I’ve trained as warrior for a considerable amount of time Thor as you’ve already seen it is unwise to underestimate me!

Thor laughs and spins his hammer causing several bolts to appear from the large clouds, Thor and Wonder Woman exchange strikes as several bolts strike towards Diana who manages to deflect every single bolt into the surrounding area with her bracelets whilst blocking several strikes from Thor’s hammer. Thor summons several bolts of lightning concentrating them into a single large bolt that strikes Diana in the back.

Wonder Woman: Aah!

Thor then smacks Diana with his hammer several times knocking her back. He knew that to truly finish off his opponent he had to unleash his true power tapping into the Warrior’s Madness.

Thor: Thou now faces my true potential!

Seeing this Wonder Woman utters a quick prayer to the Gods and a yellow aura appears around her as she tapped into the Godwave and placed her sword and whip on her back

Wonder Woman: You now face the true power of the Greek Panethon!

The two collide at each other the shockwave causing huge cracks to appear in the earth Thor swings his hammer at Diana who catches his hammer tossing him to the side however Thor flies back towards Diana the two exchanging blows as the camera zooms out showing the two combatants as yellow and blue streaks colliding with each other as they fly across the planet several times. The camera zooms back in showing the warriors exchanging attacks at a rapid pace Diana hitting Thor with physical strikes while he hits her with a combination of Hammer and physical strikes. Attempting to overwhelm her with several hammer strikes she blocks the attacks punching Thor in the gut and chest, kicking him the face and then sending him flying back with a kick to the chest.

Thinking things through Thor decided that the power of the Warrior’s Madness was too risky for his sanity and deactivated it, he knew that Wonder Woman still wielded incredible power that he couldn’t deal with in his regular form but he had a solution.

Wonder Woman: You will be at my mercy if you face me without your full power

Thor: Thoust is too overconfident in one’s own ability I cannot be betean!

Diana smirked again

Wonder Woman: Allow me to challenge that statement

Wonder Woman moved towards Thor who launched a bolt of lightning that she easily shrugged off continuing her advance on him he tried to strike her in the face with his hammer but she blocked the attack with her arm and punched Thor in the chest denting his armour and causing him to cough up blood. As she moved to finish him Thor placed his hammer on her chest cutting off her connection to the Godwave.

Wonder Woman: What how can this be?

Thor flew towards Diana charging up the power of his hammer and preparing to release it in a massive blast of energy.

Thor: You will fall to the power of Thor Odinson!

As Thor releases his power in the Godblast attack Diana raises her bracelets the power of Thor’s blast hitting her bracelets and travelling back towards Thor’s direction. The camera zooms out as a massive explosion is seen that spans the size of the northern hemisphere.


As the camera zooms back towards the two combatants the land is seen to scorched the mountains reduced to rubble by the sheer power of the blast, Thor staggering on the ground with deep wounds on his chest, shoulders and cheek. Wonder Woman stands up her body covered with bruises and minor cuts from the blast however she wasn’t as badly wounded as Thor was

Wonder Woman: Your badly wounded Thor, it would be wise for you to surrender your hammer to me

Thor: No I will not yield to the likes of you! FEEL HEAVEN’S WRATH!

Thor summons a huge amount of lightning and releases it towards Diana in a massive blast which she deflects into the ground with much effort but she is knocked back slightly by a sudden strike from Thor however she runs back meeting and blocking his hammer strikes and physical ones with her own physical strikes and punching him in the chest with considerable force causing him to drop to his knees.

Thor: Uarrgh!

Thor summons a huge bolt of lightning towards Diana who grabs her sword and prepares to throw her sword towards Thor’s chest however she is struck in the back by the lightning causing her to throw the sword in such a way that it goes flying towards Thor’s neck, cutting off his head.

Thor’s body drops to the floor and Diana’s eyes fill with tears she didn‘t want their conflict to end this way but she sighed deeply and looked towards Thor’s body.

Wonder Woman: You were a worthy opponent Thor son of Odin but I shall now give your scared weapon to the Gods!

Wonder Woman then picks up Mjoinir and flies off towards Olympus.



Boomstick: DANG! That was intense!

Wiz: This Fight was extremely close but Diana ultimately takes this for a number of reasons. When examining their strength while Diana has accomplished feats of breaking Green Lantern constructs, contending with Superman’s strength, throwing opponents to Pluto with a small amount of her strength and being able to shatter asteroids, Thor’s feats of destroying planets from his struggles and creating black holes with his fists are more impressive meaning that Thor gets the edge in terms of strength.

Boomstick: In terms of speed Diana takes it, she’s been able to fight on par with Zoom who easily contends with the Flash in terms of speed, who is much faster Thor and can react to the particles of the Shattered God that were able to cross the Universe in seconds as well as deflect them making her speed far greater than anything Thor can contend with.

Wiz: Durablity Wise, their both pretty even Thor having taken hits from the likes of Sentry and Thanos whilst Diana has tanked Infinte Mass Punches from Zoom, and attacks from Superman, Doomsday and Ares.

Boomstick: Both were pretty matched in terms of hand to hand combat, however Diana holds a slight edge due to her using her hand to hand combat skills more often than Thor does, Diana was also more intelligent and tactical than Thor which meant she was always one step ahead of him in terms of strategic thought.

Wiz: However her arsenal is what really enables her to take this match up as she can counter everything Thor throws at her. Her Bracelets of Submission and Shield could deflect Thor‘s lightning and elemental based attacks and if she was badly injured she could just quickly touch her lasso and she would be completely healed.

Boomstick: But Wiz, Thor can absorb the life energy of others with his hammer so couldn’t he just quickly absorb her lifeforce so that she wouldn’t be to heal herself?

Wiz: It would be quite difficult for Thor to do this as Diana’s superior speed would make it quite hard for him to get close to her in order to use this ability.

Boomstick: Diana’s bracelets have enabled her to deflect the likes of Darkseid‘s Omega Beams and attacks from the Olympians so this meant they would be to deflect even the strongest of Thor’s attacks including the Godblast.

Wiz: Since it was powerful enough to make the likes of Galactus flee for his life at the sight of it, it would definitely be strong enough to severely damage Thor to the point of allowing Diana to easily finish him off. Thor’s healing factor wouldn’t be much help as it can take several hours to regenerate from grevious wounds and isn’t as potent as the Hulk‘s or Wolverine‘s healing factors.

Boomstick: Thor just wasn’t heading to victory in this battle!

Wiz: The Winner is Wonder Woman.

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