Thrakkorzog is a villain from The Tick.

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An slime-based alien being from Dimension 14B whose goal is world dominion with an army of gelatinous clone-soldiers while fighting his nemesis Mighty Agripp. Ironically, Thrakkorzog uses an apartment across the hall from Arthur and The Tick as a link to his reality.

Death Battle Info

His tongue has a mind of its own and a craving for brains.


  • Created Mucus Tick, who was intended to be the first of an army of Tick clones.


  • His name got mispronounced a lot by the Tick.
  • Being very proper and meticulous, he schedules bouts with the Tick ahead of time.
  • Got kicked out of the Phalanx of Gloom for eating fellow member Toy de Force over an heated argument on whose army is better.

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