Torterra is a starter Pokemon from the same title series.

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Death Battle Info

​Moves (Natural)

Tackle: A tackle, very weak (Physical) [Normal]

Leech Seed: Fires seeds that grow around opposition for as soon as contact is made, it then slowly drains health that Torterra gains [Grass]

Absorb: Steals HP from opposition from a distance (Special) [Grass]

Mega Drain: Better than Absorb

Giga Drain: Better than Mega Drain

Synthesis: Heals 50%, it could heal more or less depending on the Sun's presence [Grass]

Withdraw: Raises Defense, by multiplying his current physical defense by 1.5 [Water]

Curse: Lowers Speed by .66, but raises Attack and Defense by 1.5 [Ghost/???]

Razor Leaf: Fires many sharp leaves at opponent, hits all, and can Critical Hit more often than other moves (Physical) [Grass]

Leaf Storm: Fires a wide ranging blast of leaves, dealing massive damage... at least if Torterra is a special attacker, which he isn't. In the shows, Leaf Storm is more effective than it's video game counterpart (Special) [Grass]

Earthquake: A literal earthquake. Guess what it does. [Ground]

Bite: Bites opposition. 30% chance of flinching [Dark]

Crunch: Far better than Bite, the 30% is converted to lowering Defense [Dark]

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